Squirrel slam 2013

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Jan 25, 2013
Disturbing. Nightmarish. Horrific.

North Lakes, Australia

#26 Jan 25, 2013
Please stop this evil practice, noone has the right to take another beings life.. wake up and realise we are all one and what we do to one we do to each other.
Respect Mother nature and the gifts she gives us in her precious animals.
Save the Squirrels

North Lakes, Australia

#27 Jan 25, 2013
The only animals here are the hunters, what kind of example are you teaching your community and children??
Stop this evil now!!
Rocco J Squirrelhead Sr

Batavia, NY

#28 Jan 26, 2013
Me and my fellow squirrel buddies learned long ago that if you move within village and city limits, that you will be protected from hunters and can live happily ever after.


#29 Jan 26, 2013
Hunter wrote:
There is tons of squirrels out there. They are hunted to cull the herd. IM sure a few will get eaten, some mounted. If it keeps the young boys and girls in to hunting for the future I see no harm. Future NRA members and second amendment supporters. The country needs them. Anyone want to put up some recipes for good squirrel cooking? There's tons of squirrels out there. They are hunted to cull the herd. IM sure a few will get eaten, some mounted. If it keeps the young boys and girls in to hunting for the future I see no harm. Future NRA members and second amendment supporters. The country needs them. Anyone want to put up some recipes for good squirrel cooking?
No but maybe I could come up with a nice recipe for sicko Hunter. You NRA d**ks are a dangerous breed, bringing your kids up to cull their school friends because one of them called them a name... You and your kind are raving mad, and should be locked away.

Ottawa, Canada

#30 Jan 26, 2013
The Squirrel Slam is heartless, senseless, cruel and encourages delinquency, animal abuse and a love for guns and violence in children. The prizes include semi automatic riffles,(as if they isn't enough of those around already.) Many of the squirrels being killed are new mothers so this will result in many orphans dieing of starvation.

If the town want to limit the number of squirrels around, don't put food out for them. Their population if based on their food source.

Essex Junction, VT

#31 Jan 26, 2013
Ok, first of all, this has NOTHING to do with hunting. And, sorry to burst your bubble Hungry Jack, I neither voted for Obama nor am I against hunting. I'm also a proud supporter of the NRA and our 2nd Amendment rights, so try another argument. That one is old and over done. Also, please stop perpetuating the lie about 'culling the herd'. What a bunch of bull!! I see what you're saying. You're saying that this is 'feminizing' the event. How so? By teaching compassion? YOU sir, are what is wrong with this world today. This isn't about any of those things. It is about teaching children respect for life. It's about all of the recent events taking place with children shooting children, etc. You're going to take your child out, teach him it's alright to bait and kill something for FUN and then, you're going to give him prizes, maybe even a gun for doing it. Just what kind of message do you think you're teaching your child? What's next? Shooting neighborhood cats and dogs? Meh, people like you see only what you want to see. You have to kill defenseless things to make yourself feel big and strong. I get it. Not impressed, but I get it. Just so ya know....it ain't the size of your gun that counts. Just sayin'.

Essex, MA

#32 Jan 26, 2013
That culling of the herd for a healthier population has always stuck me as a moronic statement and excuse to justify hunting
Hunter do not target the weak and sick, they want the biggest, healthiest animal they can get, to show off
Squirrels do not need population control, they do a good job of it on their own without our intervention
They will have less offspring if food is scarce and the weak and sick are quickly taken out by predators
This slaughter is disgusting, and the people who are teaching their kids this are immoral

Pasadena, TX

#33 Jan 26, 2013
This has nothing to do with politics or gun laws. It has to do with respect for animals and doing the right thing. If you choose to hunt animals, then do so - humanely and responsibly. This "squirrel slam" doesn't seem to be either - humane or responsible. Please reconsider this event - find a responsible way to raise money.

Spencerport, NY

#34 Jan 26, 2013
Patricia Shear wrote:
I teach small children and am a wildlife rehabilitator. I teach my kids that life is precious. Until yesterday I taught them that firemen protect life. Apparently the Holly Fire Department feels life is to destroy so they can raise money. They capture squirrels so they can be shot and killed in a grizzly bloodfest. AND there are categories for CHILDREN. Isn't there enough gore out there in media land without numbing our children to violence? Putting a gun in the hands of children and telling them it's OK to shoot a defenseless animal for fun and money is WRONG! Does that child have to prepare and eat his/her kill? Bet not. It's not sport and it's not hunting. It's teaching kids to kill.
Evidently you are not familiar with Holley NY. We are community that grows our own food, hunts, fishes, and have done this very sucessfully for 100's of years. This is not the massacre of squirrels, it is hunting which is perfectly legal in NYS, and children as young as 12 can hunt small game
Marian Elavsky

Lake Mary, FL

#35 Jan 26, 2013
Huntingisokay wrote:
Evidently you are not familiar with Holley NY. We are community that grows our own food, hunts, fishes, and have done this very sucessfully for 100's of years. This is not the massacre of squirrels, it is hunting which is perfectly legal in NYS, and children as young as 12 can hunt small game

Just because it is "legal" doesn't make it right. Go ahead and continue to hunt, fish & grow your own food. Just don't make a game of it and teach your kids to respect wild life. I, for one, am totally against this "squirrel slam". It is very barbaric. I thought New York was a modern state, but this makes you look like a backwards community. When I read comments like yours, I start to hear the music from "Deliverence". I am not a tree hugging liberal. I voted Republican, agree with the NRA, own my own guns and believe in the Second Amendment. But I don't believe in senseless slaughter.
Jennifer Meisner

Gering, NE

#36 Jan 26, 2013
meyervw wrote:
I think I will help in the hunt that day too. But for humans.
Actually I think they should have a stupidity hunt, that ought cull quite a few humans.. What an angry person, Liberals, that has absolutely nothing to do with this....Ignorance is not bliss.....
Andrea asks WHY

Toronto, Canada

#38 Jan 26, 2013
Of all the family events to have, why THIS?
Does anyone care about baby season? The State needs to readdress the date for hunting Greys, b/c those of us who take in orphaned babies KNOW they are there, in their dreys, NOW.
So, it's ok to have a boozed up party over shooting a bunch of mother squirrels and leaving the babies to freeze and stave to death, while telling the kids to get in on it?
'Sigh'... So much for a civilised nation...:(
Think of something else, non-evasive, non-violent...and the whole world will be behind the Holley Volunteer Fire Department! You may end up with donations from all over the world for coming to your senses... Think about it...
Teach your Children well

Toronto, Canada

#40 Jan 26, 2013
Hungry Man wrote:
Recipe for Delicious Squirrel Stew. OK First you get out a 7 quart crock pot, Chop up a complete head of celery, a large bag of carrots, 3 white onions,, add chopped or whole garlic cloves to your taste, Cube up about 3 or 4 potatoes (you can leave the skin on or take off to your liking) Take about 5 squirrels that you or your son, daughter have shot and taught themselves how to survive and assuming that gutting skinning and a brief soaking has been done,
Fillet the meat off of the carcass. Put in pot. season with salt, pepper, basil, other ingredients that you may like. With everything in the pot pour in spring water or well water till about 1/2 inch from top. Turn on pot and set to low about 10 hours. MMMMMM MMMMM Make sure you eat some in front of an animal rights wacko or some girlie man Liberal to drive them insane. This recipe also works good with Rabbits, woodchuck, Venison, wild turkey breast, Pheasant and just about any other critter you can shoot and eat. Boapatite
Seriously? Your children have to hunt squirrel to Survive? What ARE you, a Sasquatch? Send your children (and yourself) to a good school, go out and get a JOB, and support the economy of the US... Lord only knows it needs your help!
The issues here are that there will be young squirrels left to suffer, children really don't need to be taught to kill small animals for FUN, and combining booze, guns and children, is just wrong for so many reasons.

Oh, and btw... It's "Bon app├ętit"... NOT "BOAPATITE" (whatever that is...) Trouver un emploi M. Sasquatch!

Batavia, NY

#43 Jan 26, 2013
I have harvested and ate about 50 squirrel so far this winter ! deal with it you bleeding heart obama loving liberals. If your not from holley get your ass of this forum and go cause problems in your own town. Oh and i also have harvested turkeys deer, fox, coyotes, and rabbits. I have also ate the many fish i have caught.

Since: Jan 13

Lake Mary, FL

#46 Jan 26, 2013
Hungry Man wrote:
I would lose respect for the Holly fire department if they gave in to a bunch of anti American nut jobs like you people. How about this, if they decided to pick and choose whose house fire they put out and whose life they saved based on the citidiot morons who are posting on here. That would be wrong and they would never do it. Leave it alone stop trying to change the way people live and forcing your liberal sick ways of life on rural america. Were not bothering you because you suck a d ick or munch a r ug. Were not bothering you because you eat and murder vegatables. Were not bothering you because your abusing your childrens minds with liberalism and socialism. So Pi ss Off . When things break down the world will need some real men around to take it back.
<quoted text>
You need to get a dictionary and look up the words "liberalism" and "socialism". It has nothing to do with this situation. Also, what does "suck a d ick" or "munch a r ug" have to do with this? You are really showing your lack of intelligence. Must be from eating too much squirrel meat. Also if you consider yourself a "real man", you are sadly mistaken.

Essex Junction, VT

#48 Jan 26, 2013
Hungry Jack, you're a funny boy, but I wouldn't quit my day job if I were you. I actually come from a large family of hunters. Card carrying members of the NRA and defenders of the 2nd Amendment. I have six brothers and a dad who have hunted their whole lives. The difference between THEM and you, is that they have respect for wildlife. They don't take more than they need, they eat what they kill. What they don't do, is teach their children to kill indiscriminately. I know that's a big word, but it means to just kill anything they want to for fun.

I understand that it goes against your stereotyping philosophy, but again, I didn't vote for Obama, I don't hate hunters, I support the NRA AND the 2nd Amendment. Go ahead and wrap your tiny little mind around that, k? It's not about HUNTING. It's about you being a knuckle dragging neanderthal. We've evolved. I'll type this slowly so that even you are able to understand it, I don't CARE if you hunt.

I care that you're taking small children out and teaching them it's ok to slaughter defenseless animals in some ridiculous display of "manly" bonding and rewarding them with guns. By the way, I've got a GREAT son who isn't afraid of his own shadow, nor yours. He also doesn't need to torture and murder defenseless creatures to feel like a man, but hey, whatever gets you through.

Essex Junction, VT

#49 Jan 26, 2013
Oh, and one thing I know is that when redneck neanderthals can't have an intelligent argument with people smarter than they are, they start cursing and being vulgar. Doesn't it hurt when your knuckles drag the ground that way???
Leila Kirkland

Brandon, FL

#52 Jan 27, 2013
Hungry Jack wrote:
You are a Liberal anti gunner Obama loving socialist. You say you are not against hunting? BS ,that's what this is. These game or food source animals go with the seasons. If its good they produce more than necessary, If it gets bad they die off from starvation or disease. The Hunters keep them in balance. The cars that hit them help to by removing the stupid ones. Nature consumers the carcass, Flies, scavengers, even the soil benefits from the death of a road kill or the taking and gutting in the field. You liberals and your Meddling have made this country weak. I fear for the future when woman like you raise sons who are afraid of their own shadow and cower to oppression and tyrants. We live in world of wolves. Don't be a sheep.
<quoted text>
Well I feel sorry for you if you are a wolf. Cause there are people out there that are treating wolves the same way. So if they weren't having this squirrel slam how many would be out there bonding with their child? How many big ole hunters would be slamming them varmints? If I had to guess I would say maybe a third. So how can you say its not for money or guns? Oh and by the way I also support the 2nd Amendment. I cant stand Obama and I'm not a liberal either. NRA has my vote. What the people with your mentality can't seem to grasp, that hunting is not what has us upset it's the fact of teaching your children that it's ok to kill for money or prize's which in this case is guns. Now before these guns are raffled off are they going to do background checks on the people that bought the tickets? I mean to buy one of these guns you have to pass a back ground check. Im sure if you look up assassinate it would be killing for money or prizes. So in a sense its teaching children that it's ok to kill for no reason. I'm sure someone will eat them but that is not the point we are trying to get across.

Clinton, MA

#53 Jan 27, 2013
What bothers me the most is that it took you people seven years to let this squirrel slam bother you. Do your research, it is squirrel season therefore squirrels will be killed with or without this event. You state squirrels are having babies...take this up with DEC they make the seasons dates. Children must be 12 years old to hunt and must have a hunting license. Children are not able to win guns at the event the fire dept follows the regulations. Where I come from you are raised to respect guns and hunting. Did anyone do research to see how many of the people that have committed murder have ever hunted. Have anyone of you ever researched the chain of life and why there is a hunting season (over population). People are putting rude comments on here telling people to get jobs to buy their food maybe if we all could be on food stamps we could eat good. Do not classify hunters as murders hunting has been a way of life for hundreds of years. Think twice before you eat that next steak, pork chop, fish filet...it was killed just for the sole purpose of food. The squirrels killed at this event are eaten and or donated. It seems the only reason this concern is being raised is due to the new gun control laws passed this year. Its all about control.

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