When there is a tragic accident we look to see who in the end could have stopped this accident instead of the cause. The cause was roads not being plowed. Who is responsible for plowing state roads...Department of Transportation...What is the operational plan for each city/town. When I look on cityofutica.com ... click on public works...then click on snow removal...it states Department of Public Works David Short, Commissioner Snow Removal Snow Plowing and Salting: Our city is broken down into 13 major plow routes that basically cover the entire city. When a snow storm does hit, priority is first given to main streets, school areas, and steep hilly streets, with secondary and dead end streets soon to follow. As always, the bulk of the snow plowing/salting is done after 11 pm, with snow plowing/salting crews working continuously throughout the day if the need arises.

What happened to our schools...all three are either on state route 365 or is the access road to get to school(high school)Can anyone provide factual information on the way this all works? Shouldn't this classify route 365 as a priority also. It is also a direct route to get to Rome hospital and two firehouses are shortly right ogg 365. Also is it plowed by county or stste?.Lets find out why the roads were not plowed. Can anyone help?(14 min ago | post #1)