IRS on 'Hiring Frenzy' After Supreme ...

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#21 Jul 9, 2012
...and Hello healthcare for EVERYONE!

As much as YOU deny it, it works in dozens of other nations. If it works in dozens of other nations, you just have an inkling that it won't here? Makes sense. You've never addressed why it costs MORE to pay for LESS people here. Nothing to do with that middleman- insurance, right?

And why the shortage of docs? They're just going to go to...Cuba? Or not become docs because they might make $300K a year instead of $200? I doubt it.

As LONG as your employer is going broke paying for you, you're fine. Yesterday a family of 5 that are friends were told they were getting their medical taken away. Obamacare? Nope. Teacher budget cuts. Those greedy union types, you know- that get paid to do something stupid like educate our children. It's not YOU, so it doesn't matter, though. Hope they don't get sick, or mommy and daddy can just sell the house, the car, and all the kids toys to fill the pockets of some bloated insurance company. No big, right BD?

Holland, MI

#22 Jul 9, 2012

BD- It's just so easy.

THIS 2006 report showed a shortage of doctors of 139,000 by 2020.

Well before some guy named Obama took over.'s improved?

LOL- thanks for making this fun.
disco stu

Plainwell, MI

#23 Jul 9, 2012
Ok, youve bitched about Obamas plan, but as usual -- never answered the question Birthy....

"And what is YOUR idea?
Or can you LINK US to someone who you think has the answer for this problem?
Say,....Mitt Romney's plan?

“Life's not fair”

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#24 Jul 10, 2012
even if i gave ideas, clueless Stu, you'd just blow'em off like you have plenty of times.. here's a bone - give help to those that NEED it. don't penalize those that DON'T need it.
here's another. QUIT throwing good $$ after bad with this greenjobs crap. if it were REALLY worth it, private investment would have jumped in and there'd be no reason to have the gov't involved. all of those BILLIONS could have gone to help people pay their medical bills and/or insurance. but it went to some rich fat-cats instead.

but just once Stu, could you answer me how hiring 1,000's of IRS agents is gonna lower the cost of healthcare? just once.

Bonds - you mean countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and the like? yep - the welfare state is working just awesome... check the news on those countries.

sure there are a few countries that are making it work. but they're the size of Michigan (population wise). now multiply by 30. still doable when almost 1/2 the country pays no taxes? raise taxes on the rich? see Denise Rich and what she's doing. her and that guy from Facebook, to give an example or 2. so you're left taxing the "lower 48%" when they leave. that'll go over like a fart in church.

Sweden population - just under 10million.
USA population - 311million.

Holland, MI

#25 Jul 10, 2012
First off....

YOU were talking about Obama. Obama didn't create the bailouts. They were still the right thing to do, although they appear to have been mismanaged.

TO some degree, the green jobs thing- you might have a point. Another way to look at it though- did we need to go to the moon? How many BILLIONS were spent on that? Were you not proud as an American?

I'm not arguing for the welfare state. I'm arguing for an equitable system in which everyone has reasonable access to healthcare without going bankrupt. I don't see that as unreasonable- it's all we have really. If that makes me Marxist, Liberal, Communist Euro-Trash, bring on the insults big guy. If the righties are really about freeing business from costs, then REMOVE that cost. If it means higher taxes, then so be it. At least there will be care...

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#26 Jul 11, 2012
1.) Did I say "bailouts". 2.) They WERE the wrong thing to do regardless of who did them.

Moon-landing? I was a toddler. I had no idea what was going on. Btw. Welcome to NOW. Not the 1960's... we're dealing with NOW.

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#27 Jul 11, 2012
Mismanaged? You talk about gov't regulation.... why were there no stipulations put of the stimulus/bailouts of what the $ was to be used for?(Democrat SUPER-majority voted that junk thru). Mismanaged and not very well thought out to say the least.

Holland, MI

#28 Jul 11, 2012
I can't even imagine the amount of crying if there had actually been a run on the banks. You wouldn't be able to afford the internet- and wouldn't be on here.

Yep, we're dealing with NOW. And that's the problem. History is doomed to repeat if you don't look at the past. Point is, sometimes the gov't puts money into things that are supposed to be for the future. GW talked about reducing dependency on foreign oil. Pushing alternative energies is one way to help that situation, whether you like it or not.

Still waiting for Mitt's plan...

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#29 Jul 11, 2012
Pushing? That was a SHOVE! Weren't you the one complaining a few years ago about "coporate welfare"? Tax abatements are 1 thing but GIVING (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)$$ to these "ideas" is a stupid idea. Loans are 1 thing also... but to out-right give them $ is just asking for trouble.

Funny how the majority of these companies that got the money were owned by Obama campaign donators....? Hmmmmm. funny-ineresting not funny-haha..

Waiting for Mitt's plan? Guess that's up to him and his campaign. Why do I care what his plan is? I never said "Mitt's my guy", have I?

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#30 Jul 11, 2012
bonds77 wrote:
Why are there dozens of clinics in Windsor? Because so many in Windsor need all those clinics? Really?
oh, you meant PRIVATE clinics? or just for basic medical services? WELL?
Report: Thousands fled Canada for health care in 2011

"wait times increased 104 percent — more than double — compared with statistics from 1993."

hmmmmm.... i just can't wait for those wait times!!!!! they are SO gonna make my medical care so much cheaper and better.. why we haven't had this before is beyond me...

and this is how it gets cheaper?
"Some of these patients will have been sent out of country by the public health care system due to a lack of available resources or the fact that some procedures or equipment are not provided in their home jurisdiction"
this is just amazing... i SO can't wait for this to be implemented...

in fact it hasn't been implemented yet and the CBO has already established the cost will be DOUBLE what the initial cost was gonna be.... just wait till it's FULLY implemented... it's gonna be SO much cheaper for everyone. um yeah... about that.

Holland, MI

#31 Jul 11, 2012
Are you dopey? Or just ignorant? Or both?

First off, the Fraser Institute is NOT bi-partisan...any more than the Tax Center embraces tax increases.

Secondly, even if the numbers are right, 45,000 Canadians went to the US for care? That's about .1% of the population.

48 Million or so Americans don't have insurance. What's that, 16%?

I didn't say it was perfect. But Ontario wouldn't allow private clinics- but I favor care for all but private clinics for those that want to pay. OF COURSE the best doctors come here- why wouldn't they? Half a mil a year? Hell yeah!

You just keep telling yourself that your employer will cover it. Your day will come...and you'll find a way to blame someone other than yourself.

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#32 Jul 12, 2012
Ah yes... shoot the messenger... good tactic... scared of the facts eh? Sorry.
The CANADIAN gov't is sending their people here because they can't get the care there that they need. That should tell you quite a bit... but alas....

Trust me, I checked into what my employers cover and what they don't. But I know if I want good care, I gotta pay for it. Life's not a free ride nor is it fair (where have I heard that before?).

Holland, MI

#33 Jul 12, 2012
So it's a BIG deal that 45,000 Canadians came over the border. But it's NOTHING that 47 million don't have insurance. I get it.

You're right, the Canadian gov't HAS sent people over the border. I've heard of it before. I also have a mother that has a knee problem that was told to come back "when it gets worse".

I don't care for that. Is that sure proof that THIS system(unsustainable, unfair and overpriced) is better? Nope.

Anything else you need to know about the Canadian system that may or may not be on a right-wing blog?

We could talk about the number of friends who have lost their home because they got sick(0). We could talk about the grandfather that is 91 and had quad-bypass surgery 15 years ago and is in great health(1). How 'bout the uncle that had a brain hemmorage and had million$ surgery, who is fine?(1) The daughter I took to the doctor there and had to pay for the visit that cost $35?(1).

There's more. Let me know if you're interested.
disco stu

Plainwell, MI

#34 Jul 13, 2012
"...even if i gave ideas, clueless Stu, you'd just blow'em off like you have plenty of times.." ~ BirthyDWG

Which means you have NO IDEA of what you think the solution is, but you are POSITIVE(?) that Pres. Obamas plan WONT work.

Which by the way, is 90% identical to what Mitt Romneys solution is -- but he's flying a GOP banner, so his plan magically "holds" water.

No double standard there, huh?


"...but just once Stu, could you answer me how hiring 1,000's of IRS agents is gonna lower the cost of healthcare? just once." ~ birthyDWG

Since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of The Affordable Care Act, congress has the power to enforce the mandate under its taxing authority - and that job has always fallen on the shoulders of the IRS.

As far as the numbers of agents - the number of 16,000+ that the GOP is throwing around?
That has been debunked by numerous credible non-partisan groups.

"Republicans with the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, which handles federal tax legislation, used the high end of the IRS’ rough budget number to estimate 16,500 employees might be hired to implement the bill.

PolitiFact ruled that Republicans cherry-picked the high number to favor their case. Also, even Ways and Means Republicans acknowledged that the figure could be less than 16,500 new jobs. Their calculations do not take into account the possibility that some of the money would buy things such as desks and office supplies for new workers." ~ politifact link

"This wildly inaccurate claim started as an inflated, partisan assertion that 16,500 new IRS employees might be required to administer the new law. That devolved quickly into a claim, made by some Republican lawmakers, that 16,500 IRS "agents" would be required. Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas even claimed in a televised interview that all 16,500 would be carrying guns. None of those claims is true." ~ FactCheck link

But then again, some people out there just cant seem to accept the FACT that Pres. Obama is a legal US citizen for whatever reasons, so why would believing any other issue be different?

disco stu

Plainwell, MI

#35 Jul 13, 2012
"...if it were REALLY worth it, private investment would have jumped in and there'd be no reason to have the gov't involved." ~ BirtherDWG

Social Security & Medicare/Medicade

Have those run by a private "for profit" company and see where it gets you. Private Investment Companies are all about PROFIT, and rightfully so.

What YOU need never comes into their equation.

“Life's not fair”

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#36 Jul 13, 2012
clueless stu wrote:
you are POSITIVE(?) that Pres. Obamas plan WONT work.
well so far the cost has almost tripled from the initial "quote" and it's not even fully in place.

we have to hire 1,000's of IRS agents. something you have yet to prove that it will save me ANY $. any thoughts on that yet? i know it's a struggle for you.

my taxes are gonna go up, even though i make less than $125,000. wasn't supposed to happen.

i will not be able to keep my insurance. my employer will drop the employees in heart beat and we'll all be on the gov't plan. the penalties to the company will be less than what they'd pay for insurance.

many are being dropped by their doctor because Medicaid is going to be paying even less than they already do. and many more later.

more will happen - it's just a matter of time. but November will change that.. no worries ;-)

btw - i gave you 1 idea. Bonds saw it commented. you - just clueless stu.
disco stu

Plainwell, MI

#37 Jul 13, 2012
" my employer will drop the employees in heart beat and we'll all be on the gov't plan. the penalties to the company will be less than what they'd pay for insurance." ~ BirtherDWG

Then it sounds like your company sees you only as a number, and would have no problem dropping your job to outsource it if it woudld save them a few bucks.

If thats the case, you on borrowed time as it is & youve got BIGGER problems to face -- Like if they lay you off, how WILL you get insurance for your family? Because the first thing Pres. Romney did in office was kill the Affordable Care Act. Meh, I'm sure some charity organization will pay your medical bills should you need them. You know, its not the governments job to provide a safety net for the people.

But not ALL companies are run by bean counters.
There are a lot of businesses here in west michigan (you know, the compassionate christian bible belt) that truely appreciate their employees and will not be jumping ship because it might save them a couple bucks in the short run.

Maybe it's time to start sending out the resumes?
disco stu

Plainwell, MI

#38 Jul 13, 2012
"btw - i gave you 1 idea. Bonds saw it commented. you - just clueless stu." ~ BirtherDWG

And you dont like to repeat yourself, huh?

(It's Clinton's fault. Blame Pres. Clinton for that. Have I told you lately that Bill Clinton is responsable for most of what is happening?)

“Life's not fair”

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#39 Jul 13, 2012
your WHAT hurts Clueless?

Holland, MI

#40 Jul 13, 2012
I'm a little confused.

Right NOW, there are no penalties if your company doesn't give you health insurance.

However, when OBAMA has this bill enforced, all of a sudden, your company will decide that it wants to drop you, to pay a penalty.

Makes perfect sense. gotcha.

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