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Palm Desert, CA

#1 Dec 15, 2010
Anybody have an Android phone?
Ya' like it?

I've had my hands on a new HTC Incredible and it's pretty neat. It's hard though to get used to after using an iPod Touch for so long. I don't like it yet. Too cluttered still. But I like that you can have much more control over it ( break stuff ) then with an iOS unit.

Haven't tried too hard but still can't browse the local machines with the Android yet.:(

Since: Jan 10

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#2 Dec 15, 2010
$175 Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile on no-contract $25 mo unlimited data plan:

Love it and bought it last month when my jail term with Verizon ended. However it is my first smart phone so nothing to compare it to.

I haven't root kitted it yet, but that is next.

Palm Desert, CA

#3 Dec 15, 2010
Speaking of root kits...
I need/want a capacitor testing doohicky...
and some magic electronic tweezers.

"no-contract $25 mo unlimited data plan:"

Heck ya. Sweet deal John.
I imagine your gonna like all the stuff these phones can do once you get to using it.

Need an auto-pilot after you have a heart-attack up in the air?
Theres an app for that.
Disco Stu

Holland, MI

#4 Dec 15, 2010
HTC continue to innovate and impress me with their android phone line up. Were I not a dyed-in-the-wool mac head, that is the company I would follow.

JG - thanks for your take on the Samsung. My brother-in-law just got out of his contract with the devil and is looking for a good pay-as-you-go smart phone. I have ZERO experience with these and will pass your referal along to him.

Penfield, NY

#6 Aug 3, 2012
Is a 32GB MicroSD card in an Android phone thingy overkill?
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#7 Sep 9, 2012
This is a somewhat neat story.

You recall how I have started to ask at every yardsale I go to if they have any old cell phones to sell? Well I do. Maybe 60% of the time they walk in side and grab some. 99% of the time I buy them. Maybe 5% of the time they come out with an Android phone. I think the most I have ever paid for one of those so far is $10.

I "kept" one for myself. Played with it (used it) around the house for a few hours then never messed with it much. Sold some others. eBay, Amazon, Craigslist... all of'em.
They sell pretty well.

I also buy all those old analog to DTV converter boxes I can find. Normally $2 to $5 is what I pay for those. They sell good too.

I have had two of those for sale for a few weeks. Had a few calls. I'm way out in the country so generally folks that want those boxes are pretty tight with thier money or they have no transportation or they don't feel like spending $5 or more on gas for a $35 thing. I get it.

I go into the cities (Buffalo & Rochester) pretty often (buying them broke TV n yardsales n such). So I tell some folks I can meet them/deliver. A gal called Thursday for a DTV box. Told them I just got back from the city but may be in the next morning too. Maybe we could meet. Yup they said.

About 10 txts later we set a time and a place. I tell them the next txt I send I will be 15 minutes away from that place. I send the last txt. 15 minutes I'm there I tell them. I also just happen to mention/ask... "got any old cell phones you want to sell/trade?" they reply... "I have a brand new Samsung Sprint Vibrant." I told them I can't afford new and laughed. I said bring it. They said the DTV & $20 and the phone is yours. I said bring it. We'll talk about it.

I got to the place and texted them.... After looking up what the heck a Samsung Vibrant was and what it was selling for. Asked how long they would be. 15 min they said. I went to the yardsale up the way that I was aiming for in the first place. First thing that struck my eye was a large Plastic lighted Santa. How much I asked.$5 they said. Sold I said. Also saw the full sized pickup truck bed aluminum diamond plate Craftsman tool box. How much I asked.$20 they said.$20 for both I asked. OK they said. Loaded it all.

Went back sold/traded the $3 DTV box and $15 cash for the Samsung Sprint Vibrant TG-959 Galaxy S.(I also had to buy a $1.50 bottle of water to make change). I wiped and cleared the Galaxy S on the way home (while driving (sorry Stu)(I have to stop doing that)).

The next day I figured I might "keep" the Galaxy S. Why not post /sellmy other "keeper" Android. Not even sure what it was again. Would have to look. Intercept maybe. To Amazon it went.$87 was the cheapest used on on Amazon. Mine was $85. It was 7:15 AM or so. Buy 9:30 AM the Intercept (I think) was in the mailbox on it's way to my newest happy (I hope) customer.

By 1PM or so the Craftsman tool box was in the back of some dudes BADA$$ jacked up extended cab turbo whiney desial Dodge pick up truck.$90 was in my pocket.

My Galaxy has been unlocked, rooted once so far and upgraded. Gotta root again now. Gotta learn how to flash roms now.
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#8 Sep 9, 2012

I sold the gajillion watt Sony AV-R that cost me $140 or so and another $120 in raised electricity rates. F THAT.
Sold it for $260.

And I threw in an HDMI cord and an old set of rabbit ears for the guys old Verizon HTC Pocket PC thingy.
That should net another $50 or so.
(or is it gross?).
Either way... it pays to ask.

Plus the guy knows of about 4 cracked/broken TVs.
This could get even more lucrative.
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#9 Sep 9, 2012
Realized I left my specially bought prized premium 32 GB MicroSD card in shipped off Android yesterday.

Wrote to customer asking if they might return said SD card.

Called customer in reply to her reply e-mail to tell her my shipping address.

She sounded like a cutey. Bought the phone for her Grandma. Hope she likes it I said. Thanks for sending my cherished and somewhat sorta missed 32GB MicroSD card back to me I said.

Albion, NY

#10 Sep 10, 2012
Crap this thing is now blazing fast with a new ROM (properly) installed. Last night I went to bed so fed up and HATING this thing and ready to sell it. I think I might keep it for a while.
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#11 Sep 11, 2012
It took nearly 2 days solid wasted/learning nearly bricking the thing many times.
But I did it.
Backed up data/apps/settings, flashed custom ROM, restored data/apps/settings. Happy.
I'm gettin' the hang of this Android shtuff.

But now it'll be a shame to sell this phone.
But on the other hand... selling an $18 doohickey for $180 or so is pretty good in my book.
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#12 Sep 12, 2012
I learned something today.
the Android does speech to text.

you folks are in for a treat.
I don't have to type to post anymore

I can just talk.

Would anybody like to buy my 64 gigabyte ipod touch fourth generation?
I don't think I need it anymore.

capital I like my Android device ?
dot dot dot

buffet King humbug
Liberty bloop bloop
I want bubble Bob about BAM boom
Zian LLC

Albion, NY

#13 Sep 12, 2012
oh by the way false alarm on that 32 gigabyte S D card thingy it was here at the house the whole time.

now it's in my samsung vibrant.

instead of Siri we can call it big dumb white guy.
cuz it doesn't do capital letters.
or periods top



Zian LLC

Fairport, NY

#14 Sep 26, 2012
I do believe I'll be needing a Nexus 7.
Zian LLC

Fairport, NY

#15 Sep 30, 2012
F the Nexus 7.

I'm more of an Asus Transformer kinda guy.
Zian LLC

Fairport, NY

#16 Oct 4, 2012
I got the Asus Transformer TF101 :-)
I also got ripped ;(

It still peeves me everytime I think about it.
(gotta stop thinking)

I still like it though... mostly.
I have a Jelly Bean Cyongen ROM on it.

I think I'd rather have something smaller.
Bigger than a phone (how'd I do Dave?)
Smaller than this thing or an iPad.
7" or so would be nice. I think.

I'll get over it.
(gotta stop thinking')
I should still end up making money after all is said and done (and sold).
Oh yeah... gotta add $9.99 to the amount to recoup.
So that'll be $200 plus $20 (8 busted a©€£¢ phones) plus $20 (cracked 37" TV) plus $9.99 (screen protector).
To get back to whole.
(Should I also include gas, tolls & MickyDs?)
Accounting is hard.

Still a little miffed.
KARMA mother F-er.
(You'll get yours).
(I got mine? lol).
Zian LLC

Fairport, NY

#17 Nov 8, 2012
Hello from my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.1.
And I do mean new. Brand new.

It's neat. But I gotta root it soon.

Merry Christmas Ian.
Thanks Me.

Fairport, NY

#18 Oct 24, 2013
Come to papa baby.

Fairport, NY

#19 Oct 25, 2013
I ROMed it.

CM 10.2 4.3

It's neato.

Fairmont, WV

#20 May 14, 2015
Tasker baby!!!
I'm FINALLY getting the hang if it.

I can now send a Txt to my phone from an icon on the home screen of my tablet and have the phone start video recording hummingbirds feeding at the homemaid Great Value instant coffee container hummingbird feeder surreptitiously.

Pretty F-ing nifty if ya' ask me.
Dog eating in background... Priceless.

How do you impress yourself?

Fairmont, WV

#21 Jun 17, 2015
M baby!!!

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