Spider Gates Haunted Places in Leices...

Spider Gates Haunted Places in Leicester Massachusetts

There are 33 comments on the Associated Content story from Feb 28, 2008, titled Spider Gates Haunted Places in Leicester Massachusetts. In it, Associated Content reports that:

Ghost Tales and Urban Legends Spider Gates: Is it a haunted place or a peaceful resting place? There is an old and small cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts which has a reputation for being haunted . via Associated Content

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#1 Mar 18, 2008
I never knew Spider Gates was this famous....

Taylors, SC

#2 Jul 20, 2008
I just want to say one thing about the eight gates of hell... There is no eight gates never was never will be i know because in the 50 years i been going there i have yet to see them...My son said you have to walk around the hanging tree eight times then you will see the way to the gates..I never try it because i know it's B.S. but if you want to try it go for it and let us know if it works and they say (and i would like to know who they are)when you reach the 8th gate you will have been so scard you'll have a heart attack and die and if that was true then how could the story get out if you have a heart attack and drop dead..I also remember in the early 60's there was no gate at the top of the dirt road we drove down there.

Locust, NC

#3 Jul 25, 2008
the actual gates were removed, and in the 60s, the original gate was stolen and they ended up replacing it.

Spencer, MA

#4 Aug 16, 2008
First of all...spider gates does have 8 gates...it's just not as obvious as you would think...the 8 gates are not on the cemetery walls, where one would think they would be. There is one gate at the cemetery itself...but the other 7 gates are the entrances or paths leading to the cemetery...for instance, there is one near the reservoir and one near the woo airport. The 8 "gates" are the paths with the yellow gates blocking entry.

I actually had the strangest experience there. I went with three of my friends...we went around 6:30 and stayed until about 10. we walked the trails during the day light and went back to the cemetery when it got dark. When we were walking up to the first gate leading to the path we saw a black dog. These people drove by us and they asked if it was our dog. We said no...because it wasnt. We got to the gate and the dog was still there, I was terrified because it was some random dog just waiting at the gate. So never the less we proceeded down the path to the cemetery. The dog came with us. When we reached the cemetery we opened the gate and went in. The dog slowly backed away from the gate with its head between its legs ,as if he was scared. he decided to follow us anyways because we were going into the path at the opposite end, which you have to cross through the cemetery to get to. The dog stayed with us for a while until we left to go back to the cemetery. When we re approached it, the dog ran very fast through the cemetery and out the gates...he obviously didn't want to be in there. We went back out of the cemetery and went down another path... all of a sudden I got this strange feeling and a lump in my throat... but we continued on. We reached a spot where the trail forked off and we went down one side first. this lead to the reservoir. We turned around and decided to go down the other fork. We came out at this river, and there was another stone wall on the other side of it. There was tons of graffiti but it was weird because it looked like it had been a form of foundation and there was more on the other side of the river. I took a picture of this and it came out black with alot of white stuff. now i dont believe in the whole orb in the picture crap...but i thought this was really strange considering i took this picture in broad daylight. So we went back to the cemetery and walked down the path on the right. this lead to another road with another gate... finally we went back inside the cemetery. it wasnt a windy night...but we shut the gates to the cemetery walked over to the other side and walked back and they were opened again. anyways we decided we would leave and we were walking back to the car... when we got to the gate blocking the path...the dog was there.!! it was like he met us at the gate...went with us...went back to the gate and waited!! it was very scary this time because it looked like he was going to attack us!! he even growled... when before he was so friendly. It was so strange... like he was just waiting for something and he was guarding the path gate... but thats my strange story!!

Taylors, SC

#5 Aug 18, 2008
I changed my site... http://www.zerooverdrive.net
I see hell

Worcester, MA

#6 Sep 10, 2008
Dont let any fool you the gates are real, the stories are real.

Lenox, MA

#7 Sep 23, 2008
does anyone have an address and/or directions? I really want to visit this place, but can't find it!

[email protected] is my email if you have them. thanks!
bruce wilcox jr

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Oct 5, 2008
spider gates in leicester.mass was a party spot for years always was always will be,we use to go there to scare the ..... out of everyone...cool place
Elise Rutland MA

Worcester, MA

#9 Oct 11, 2008
I went to Spider Gates a few years back on Halloween, I drive by that area at least once a week. But, this particular time we decided to take a walk in it was about 9 at night, on halloween and I had brought a film camera to take some pictures and see if we could get anything on camera. I had taken about 20 pictures the whole time we were there, came home and put my camera on my desk untouched for about two days, then I went to get the camera so I could take the film in it to be developed but the camera had opened leaving all the film exposed and undevelopable. If that was anything maybe maybe not, but that is the only time I have ever gone there.

United States

#10 Oct 18, 2008
i am familiar with the cematary and the stories i have gotten to it many times it is wicked secluded and the cast iron gates went missing before my first visit in 1981 new gates were instaled a few years after be fore warned this spot is way out and if anyone gets crazy and needs an ambulance it will be a long wait before the days of the cell phone you would have no ambulance period so be carefull

United States

#11 Oct 18, 2008
yes amanda from holliston the cemetary is to the right of the service road on the secluded side of the worcester airport runway looking toward spencer i just wrote yoy 4 paragraphs on it but could not enter them cause im new to the computer

United States

#12 Oct 18, 2008
amanda dont go alone make the first tripwith plenty of daylight to spare you need compass and arial map get to tatnuc square ask the locals at any breakfast restraunt how to get up the hill to the service road that runs parralel to the airport runway they will direct you in once you are on the road and confirm airport property to the left look to the right side for dirt roads there may be more than one the one you want has a steel barricade this is where you part company with your car and follow the dirt path on foot about half a mile and your there things do go bump in the night be safe i would not go on halloween there may be competition

United States

#13 Oct 18, 2008
the urban legend as it goes was huge gossip in the early seventies covering 30 to 40 towns that circle worcester amanda from holiston i have the directions you request it is painfull to describe i only know of one way in there are many others you willbe on foot the last half mileso be sure your cell phone is charged and dont go alone even in daylight it is on the secluded side of the worcester airport runway facing the town of spencer it is secluded trust me some graves date back to early 1700 i have only been there twice and this is the best i can describe it as i dont now st names so i think you get to tatnic square on the outer end of mill st heading out of town ask the locals how to get to the service road that runs the whole length of the airport runway on quote the seclued side they will lead you up a hill your on the edge of paxton heading northwest and swing around abrubt south once you are certain your gonna be parell to the main runway heading south toward rochdale bring compass and map travell service road looking oppasite runway you will see a dirt road to the right on a drop off leading to lower ground there may be more than one dirt road you gotta pick the right one on my last visit it was blocked by a 20 foot horizontal swinging barricade that was locked out here there are no street signs you are in the woods here is where you part company with your vehicle and you are on foot get around the barricade and walk straight down the dirt road heading now towards spencer you will walk about a half mile if my memorie serves me and you are there make your first trip early in daylight if you want to go at night like the ghost hunters and the thrill seekers save it until you know the terratory things do go bump in the night in these secluded areas i hope i have been helpfull amanda in holliston be safe

Boise, ID

#14 Oct 26, 2008
the origanal gates as i have said went missing to prove this there are existing photos of the stone pillars devoid of hardware here is my theory the gates went missing early seventies dont quote me on the dates rival motorcycle gangs were operating in worcester county one member of which gang i dont know went in with a oxy acetalene torch and cut the hinges on the gates photos plainley show evidence and planed to display them at thair local club house during mounthly mettings job done

Boise, ID

#15 Oct 26, 2008
here is evidence that if you are familiar with stone and iron work and you can acsess the web site i was just on that provides dozens of photos of the stone pillas close to the hanging tree out front you can plainly see the origanal top hinge is located to high on the pilla to be practical for the new gates the photos will prove this the hinge evidense leans toward a heavier and much taller gate im guesing eight feet do study the photos

Boise, ID

#16 Oct 26, 2008
i know where the origanal cast iron gates are reputed to be acording to something i herd this is what unfolded the thief afiliated with the biker gang did sucesfully display his cast iron gates in the meeting house for a couple of months and gained some positive leverage with the leader and then word came down that the police were reqesting a warrent to serch the clubhouse for stolen goods the man in question loads the cast iron gates into the back of a pickup truck and speeds off

Boise, ID

#17 Oct 26, 2008
if you study the photos no one can denie the existing hinges could only be positioned to acomadate a much taller and heavier gate the hinges plainley dont match well the direction the desprate indavidual at the wheel of the pickup was heading in was straight toward lake quinsigomond on the shrewsbury worcester line rumor has it he dumped the origanal gates into the water and they reside forty to fifty feet down

United States

#18 Nov 3, 2008
Went there this yesterday actually...found it VERY easily, but I did have a general idea of where it was before hand. It's pretty secluded, although the dirt/grass road that leads right to the front is VERY worn down and easy to find. Its only blocked by a big yellow Cattle Stockade off of one of the streets and the path is very noticable so without saying exactly where it is, keep that description in mind if you decide to go there. I'm one of the people thats grown up hearing all about it...all the stories and creepy things that supposedly happen out there and so on. I honestly have to say, I didn't find anything about Spider Gates creepy or scary, it was actually a pretty nice Cemetary. I was surprised that I only saw 2 beer cans around the property, considering it was Halloween weekend. It was cool just to go there after all the hype Ive heard throughout my life, but I did expect something, anything, to be odd, and it just really wasnt. Im going to go back at night next time, and Ill have to post again! Any graveyard is a little weird at night...
mikespringfieldm a

Manchester, NH

#19 Mar 17, 2009
I use to go there alot and honestly no scary hauntings. I grew up in leicester. I mean it was kind of funny. I think the remote location might give it that haunted feeling.

United States

#20 Mar 21, 2009
It is haunted! Spider Gates was a hangout in the 70's. If you wanted to skip school (like we did) this was the place to go. Friends would hang out and party for the day at the gates!

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