Prysmian Cable/dirty things R goin on

Prysmian Cable/dirty things R goin on

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Abbeville, SC

#1 May 31, 2012
Innocent/HONEST men are getting blamed for things they're NOT doing! Innocent/HONEST men are getting fired! Innocent/HONEST men are being BULLIED and asked to step down from their position just so this BULLY can give these higher positions to his family members. This is ALL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! He needs to be STOPPED!

You men on 3rd shift need to stick together (first you need to grow some ballz!!) and do something about it! contact someone OUTSIDE of the Abbeville Plant. Don't let this BULLY get away with it anymore!!! He's nothing but a lowlife piece of shit!
concern citizen

Abbeville, SC

#3 Jun 28, 2012
every dog has it day what goes up must come back down remember the lord is in control
Uneffingbelievab le

Abbeville, SC

#4 Jul 24, 2012
WOW! you don't see this shit in movies.. it's CRAZY! I don't understand how one grown ass man can let another grown ass PUNK bully him. blows my mind! The HR lady went on vacation and the bully wanted to make some changes before she got back from vacation and he did it. The leadman stepped down and this BULLY gave the job to his nephew. I understand the leadman didn't want to be the next one out the door but COME ON! Only you men on 3rd shift can do something about this.. You guys know exactly what's going on there.. SPEAK UP!

When I first heard about this punk bullying the leadman I thought there's NO WAY IN HELL this grown man is going to step down.. NO WAY! I was totally flabbergasted when I heard the bully did it and got away with it.. I can't believe the other men on 3rd shift are doing NOTHING to stop this punk. I'm not saying to go postal or anything like that would be stupid! don't want anyone to get hurt but get his ass fired!! write letters and send them (email or snail mail) to the Lexington, SC plant (google it! contact info is on their website).. or just have one person write up the letter, make serveral copies and pass them out to those on 3rd shift (even those who were fired).. FLOOD the Lexington plant's snail mail/email box...send that same email every morning after ya get home from work ..keep sending it until something is done..or stage a walkout and make sure news crew is there. DO SOMETHING to bring attention to this Abbeville plant and the dirty shit that's going on there.

They can't go to the plant manager for help (pfft! what a joke!).. someone already tried that.

Abbeville, SC

#5 Sep 15, 2012
HOLY SMOKES! I don't know how it all went down (would love to hear the full story) but I did hear all hell broke loose at the Abbeville plant. HELL YEAH!:)

I seriously got goose bumps when I heard the phone lines at the Lexington, SC plant AND at their main office in ITALY were blowing up.. The Italy bigwigs flew here!!! and that's when all hell broke loose.. hahah LOVE IT!!

One of the Italy bigwigs caught the bully cussing out a maintenance man and he was wrote up! ha! sweeet! I'm soooo glad it was one of the Italy guys who caught him.. if it had been someone who works at the Abbeville plant NOTHING would have been done to the bully. I really wish he had been fired though!

Abbeville, SC

#6 Nov 10, 2012
I would like to know how a man can work there for years.. never wrote up for anything, got along with everyone.. worked his ass off! and within months after this PUNK was brought in this man was wrote up 3 times and FIRED!! this man was probably the only one there who didn't kiss the punk's ass. if the punk was wrong this man let him know he was wrong.. the punk didn't like it at all and he wanted this man gone so he did whatever he had to to get this man fired. so many people there know this man was done WRONG!! Oh, and after this man was fired the punk gave the job to his nephew!!

The man that was fired is a wonderful man.. a GREAT father & husband. he has ALWAYS worked his ass off for his family. He doesn't do drugs, he's not a drunk. he & his wife have been together for 29 yrs. I don't know anyone who would ever say a bad thing about this man. Well, except that he's a Steeler's fan. pfft!(aka pittsburgh bumblebees) LOL ;) sorry! anyways... before he started working at Prysmian he had a GREAT JOB at another company but that company ended up closing down.. the operations VP from that company wrote this man a recommendation letter.. Oh! but before all that.. before there was any talk of the company here shutting down this man was offered another job in another state.. it was a new warehouse opening up and they wanted this man to run it.. they offered this man a lot of money and yes he did consider it but the company he was working for here in SC offered him even more money to stay with them. his boss told him they have NEVER done that for anyone before.. so please tell me how does a hard working man go from a recommendation letter to a termination letter? and reason for termination... "poor job performance" THAT'S A LIE!!!! and it's wrong!

now, because of this termination letter this man has had trouble finding a job and has been turned down for any kind of assistance.. this man was told on the phone he was denied assistance because of the letter they received from Prysmian ... this man and his family are about to lose their house all thanks to this PUNK!!!


Abbeville, SC

#7 Nov 16, 2012
the guy mentioned in the post above.. the one that was fired.. he wasn't the only one who was wrote up.. some of the guys got on the company computer and saw that every guy on 3rd shift had TWO write-ups.. one more and all of 'em would have been fired.. I don't know who they went to about this (supervisor..plant idea).. but they was told everyone's write-ups would be cleared/deleted.. everyones was cleared..well, all of 'em except for one guy.. that's right..the guy that was fired!!! They left his 2 write-ups. Who was in charge of deleting the writeups?? The bully!??? The supervisor!?? The plant manager!??

This guy went to the HR woman.. told her what the BULLY was up too.. she did NOTHING! he went to the plant manager and told him.. he did NOTHING! This guy has friends at the plant.. they went to the plant manager!(I do love how these men have been behind the guy that was fired since day one.. all of them know this guy was done wrong) One of the a-holes that was behind this man getting fired told one of the fired man's friends "We messed up when we fired <fired man's name>".

It's not right these a-holes are getting away with this!!!

The company this guy worked at before Prysmian, the one that shut down (mentioned in post above) an old friend/boss from that company contacted the guy that was fired and got him a job at the company he's working at. THANK GOD! but it might be too late to save his house.. he went months with no job which means he couldn't make a mortgage payment. here it is almost Thanksgiving & Christmas coming up and this man and his family could be forced out of their house because of A BULLY AND HIS LIES!!!!!

This man has no idea I'm telling his story.. I have wanted to tell it for months but he was against it. He's not one to start sh*t with anyone. now that he's about to lose his house I'm not keeping my mouth shut! I'm telling it because I'M PISSED OFF! I want EVERYONE to know what's going on at Prysmian (used to be Pirelli Power Cables & Systems) I want EVERYONE to know what kind of a-holes are running the place!

I think someone from corporate needs to come in and "CLEAN HOUSE"!!

Asheboro, NC

#8 Dec 12, 2012
Red dogg

United States

#9 Jan 29, 2013
I was once a prysmain cable employee there is a lot of bulsht I train a man on my job an they laid me off my supervisor was a fat sorry as redneck when obama won they said nothin but whites in the house im going to let the man in charge witch is the good lord handle it
Red dogAg

United States

#10 Jan 29, 2013
There is one puc chris singletary an jim3897
good bye

Fairburn, GA

#11 Apr 18, 2013
I worked at the Abbeville plant for many years it used to be a great place , i wish the union had stayed because of the crap that's going on this plant has never care about its people and what the have been exposed to . many good people put there life's into tis place and u have a few that ruin it for all the best thing for this plant to do is closed they care about no one. other than mr Kelly there not a good management person ever been in this plant ...bring back MR KELLY
tell it

United States

#12 Apr 24, 2013
They r so black and white out here now I witness a young black male get called the n word and nothing was done and most of us white guys like to call the blacks bow some even say boy wow nice cover up I'm against it black or white we all men and equal in God eyes
What is going on

Lexington, SC

#13 Jul 27, 2013
What is going on with this plant?
big country

United States

#14 Aug 27, 2013
What is going on wrote:
What is going on with this plant?
I truly feel for all of you folks at abbeville.I worked at the lexington facility for many years and some might know me from my handle. I agree it used to be a great company to work for.until prysmian took over.they took my former pum to abbeville thank god he was a punk rc when thhey built the tower since he has went to general and I know they are glad. A lot of dirty things happened since. I have been assaulted 2 times by team leaders nothing done had to finally sue to get anything done annd won my lawsuit.don't trust anyone believe me and have witness if not brain farts will happen a lot.

Lexington, SC

#15 Mar 25, 2014
Why not call a union and see if they can help.

Charlotte, NC

#16 May 22, 2014
Its about the same at the Claremont site as well

Hilton Head Island, SC

#17 Dec 6, 2014
Support our small businesses this Christmas season!
building blocks

Starr, SC

#18 Dec 18, 2014
Got bad things on third shift ppl drinking doing drugs really disrespectful to the business and the individuals which obviously have no self desire towards ethics doing what is correct by their employer, team value of work is a positive tool and strongly needs to be utilized getting the best ppl in the right position based on results and desire of dedication would benefit the company more than keeping someone employed due to relationship or the liking of a person this is not what is the most positive statement for the company, step up to plate, it is a new time to begin again, prosperity is at the hands of its leaders without strong positive leaders failure is going to be inevitable and this should not happen

Anderson, SC

#19 Feb 18, 2015
I have a family member who works here and they have noted that the scrap is up, quality is down, and that there is a plant that has recently opened in the US who now has the abilities to do what they do there in Abbeville....someone in Lexington needs to listen or else, customer are going to take their business elsewhere and another plant will close up in Abbeville. If everybody else is seeing this why doesn't anybody else take note. Management obviously needs to be overhauled!

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