When you call for an Ambulance. I hop...

When you call for an Ambulance. I hope you get a Paramedic on it

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though you should know

Ekron, KY

#1 Dec 15, 2008
Larue County EMS has become a joke and I just thought you should know that when you call for an Ambulance you may get a Paramedic on it and you may not. I know for a fact that they are runing crews with just 2 EMTs and if they need a Paramedic they may be coming from E-town were they live or coming from Green County. Now the county has purchased 2 white ford escapes unmarked that the on call crew can have to take home and respond to calls. I wonder if these vehicles will be taken out the the county with those employees that live in E-town and Green County. Thanksgiving Day there was only one Larue County Ambulance crew on duty for awhile. They had a run and had to call Hardin County EMS to make the next run. Come on people is this the type of Emergency Service you want in your county, even the Director of the service lives in E-town with his girlfriend that also supposedly works at the service full time, at least that is what she gets paid for. Your family member or maybe your life may depend on it. Call your court rep. and let them know that this is unacceptable.
I agree

Centerville, TX

#2 Dec 15, 2008
I agree with you 100% my husband thought he was having a heart attack last year and I called 911 it took them almost 25 minutes to get to my house and I live within walking distance of the head quarters. I could have walked up there an back before they got to my house and they came from that direction. Turns out he wasn't having a heart attack but a stroke and had to be taken to UofL hospital where he stayed for several weeks. My husband has a history of heart attacks and has several stints in his heart they should have come a lot sooner its there job. Sometimes I think you would be better off being your own ambulance. I'm just grateful God was watching out for him or it could have been a lot worse.

Nashville, TN

#3 Dec 15, 2008
I do some work ith them and trust me, it is not only the EMS that is a joke but the sheriff's dept, is also a joke. I am truly scared to ever need to use one of these agencies in a life or death situation.

Vine Grove, KY

#4 Dec 15, 2008
Don't even bother with the sheriff's dept. just call the state police!!

Cave City, KY

#5 Dec 15, 2008
yes it getting bad to have to call 911 i think i well try to make it to the hospital myself i sure in the heck wouldnt want dusty to work on me an the police is a joke to u need to buy urself a gun an take care of the problem urself

Cave City, KY

#6 Dec 15, 2008
i see the shirff bobby an russle an matt driveing there family around an i se them at walmart an every were in the county cars an suv tht is bull they use county gas an probly getting paid to go shoping we need to get to gather an get ride of the problem before it gets worse
who knows

Danville, KY

#7 Dec 17, 2008
First let me say that the color of the escapes are not white, they are blue and silver! Yes, they will be driven to Elizabethtown and Green County if the employee that is "on call" lives in those locations. The vehicles are a privilege to the employees of LaRue County EMS and not to be used for personal use at any time. EMS will NOT have family members or friends in these vehicles. This will be enforced by the Director AND the Court. If you have issues with the police and the use of their vehicles, CALL THEM! The EMS vehicles will NOT be used to respond to 911 "calls" in LaRue County from Green county or E-Town. The Vehicles are for the call crew to drive to the EMS building when the first ambulance is responding to a 911 run. It is public record that the call crew is only paid for eight hours of 24 hours worked while they are covering a "call shift". Any of you willing to work for that??? SO, the privilege of the escapes is so the employee will actually not LOSE money while working for EMS in LaRue County. The employees have been using their own vehicles and gas for years to cover these shifts. The recent gas increase caused all of the employees to basically take a pay cut. They were paying out more than they were making, however not one employee left LaRue County EMS. The service is not a "Joke". It obviously has your attention! If you don't like the "call crew" idea, pay taxes for the ambulance service and you can have two ambulances staffed 24 hours a day at the EMS building. NO ONE is willing to do that! "Say NO to NEW TAXES" I think that is what the people of LaRue County say!!!
The Thanksgiving Day comment is classic ignorance. Ask for a copy of the dispatch log (open record) and you will find that LaRue county EMS had two crews on duty ALL day for 24 hours with three (3) Paramedics on duty! Hardin County EMS was NEVER asked or requested to respond to LaRue County the entire 24 hours. One crewmember had to respond with the first ambulance due to a patientís condition. Another employee (5 on duty now) came in and made another 911 run with the "call crew" Paramedic. Doesn't sound like a joke to me, sounds like team work. Maybe that is where you are getting a little confused due to the obvious lack of information you have. Regarding the ambulances being staffed with (2) two EMT's and a Paramedic responding from E-Town or Green County?? Again you are showing ignorance. LaRue County always has a Paramedic in the county that will respond to 911 calls if they are needed. ALWAYS IN THE COUNTY. You have too much information to not understand EMS-If you were an educated person in EMS you would know that a Paramedic is NOT always needed. EMT's can handle most emergencies, but when they need a Paramedic, LaRue County has one available. Again, NOT from E-Town or Green County. If an ambulance takes time to respond to a 911 emergency, the probability of the situation is that both ambulances are already on 911 runs.(This happends in all counties at times) Your comments sound like they are coming from a disgruntled past employee or maybe someone who wishes they had not left! Good luck.

Cave City, KY

#8 Dec 17, 2008
sounds like to me u guys want to taxs us to death u just got a new place new ambulances i see u guys parked at ur homes to just like the shierff
who knows

Danville, KY

#9 Dec 17, 2008
EMS has NEVER asked for a tax! The comment was made in regards to the remarks made about the call shift. READ the comment!

Cave City, KY

#10 Dec 17, 2008
i think we need a new crew for ems an shierff office time for a change an really need to get rid of some of the fire fighters trouble maker think they are above the law

Nashville, TN

#11 Dec 17, 2008
every one knows that larue co's emergency workers (firefighter, ems ,police, etc) are only knock-offs any way. I bet every time one of the fire fighters hears a call on th rdio thier little dicks get hard.

Ekron, KY

#12 Dec 18, 2008
You need to get your facts right. I know for a fact that Hardin County EMS on Thanksgiving Day made a run in Larue County because Larue Co. didn't have a call crew on duty and the first out crew was on a run. Check it out fall with injury on Old Sonora Road.

Plus, you are going to tell us that there is a Paramedic on duty in Larue County 24 hours a day to make runs or back up the double EMT crew. I think you need to quite sugar coating it. There is only one full-time Paramedic that lives in LaRue County. The rest lives in Green County and E-town. So if the first out ambulance is on a run and a run comes in a few mins after they go out or after 10 at night. The people of Larue County will be waiting 20-30 for an ambulance

Gallatin, TN

#13 Dec 18, 2008
Facts: 1.One paramedic lives in LaRue county
2. The Only time two EMT's have been together have been with a paramedic IN THE COUNTY! Check and see if you are so concerned! That is not sugar coating anything, just the facts. The Thanksgiving day comment can only be true if both EMS crews were gone on 911 runs. They were both staffed that day, again with a total of 3 paramedics. Open up your small mind up a little and think-"Were both of the LaRue county trucks making 911 runs"?? If they were then the on duty crews would NOT know if Hardin County came in to make a third run! If that is the case then fine..but why make statements that they only had one ambulance??? What are you after besides trying to make trouble hiding behind a blog with uneducated statements?

Vine Grove, KY

#14 Dec 18, 2008
well well.. I was a fire fighter and emt for 6 years in hardin county. I now live in hodgenville. I had an emergency two weekends ago and the LCSO, HCP, and KSP where at my house with in 4 minutes. Kudos to them and as for the ems. you are not the only family that lives in larue co. so if there has been calls before you and all of the crews are out then yes its gonna take a little while for someone to get there. that goes for any city. sometimes it gets busy. I'm not sure if the fire dept has an AED or not but that would be something to look into. As for the fire fighters from what i have seen the fire department has alot of young people on there that i have seen make several mistakes. they couldnt even put turnout gear on right! also i have seen fireman out with scanners and two way police freq. this is against the law.

Hendersonville, TN

#15 Dec 18, 2008
person wrote:
every one knows that larue co's emergency workers (firefighter, ems ,police, etc) are only knock-offs any way. I bet every time one of the fire fighters hears a call on th rdio thier little dicks get hard.

As a spouse of a fire fighter I resentyour comment. They deserve a little respect fot the time they put in. Not only respoding to calls But also the time in training. Their family events that are interrupted. to make a call when someone house is on fire or someone is in an accident.

Nashville, TN

#17 Dec 18, 2008
i think everyone should respect the emergency services in this county, you are only running your mouth because you have nothing better to say, wait until your 8 month old stops breathing or your husband or wife is in a bad wreck and the people you are bad mouthing are there to help them, they put their lives at risk on some of these runs they make most of the time for people they don't even know!

United States

#18 Dec 18, 2008
You have to take into consideration WHERE that ambulance was responding from. Just because there is a HQ or fire department nearby, it does not mean that the ambulance or fire truck is always there. There are multiple runs that can be called in at any given time. You live next door to HQ, but was the ambulance there? Was the second ambulance on a call? Was the closest available coming back to the county from HMH? To claim that these hard working individuals are lazy is horrible. EMT's and Paramedics are underpaid, they do a job not many could do. How many people can deal with death, injury, illness and being totally unappreciated on a daily basis? Next time you have an emergency, I hope everyone of you who had a horrible remark to say remembers that when SOMEONE comes to your aid. Remember when they come to your aid who the "knock-offs" are.

Nashville, TN

#19 Dec 18, 2008
I'm sorry that offends you, however, these departments do need to have many issues addressed starting with attitudes. I know of EMT's who refer to themselves as Gods and treat dispatchers like shit. The firefighters walk around like they are some bad asses when they are really just total rejects trying to impress girls. I'm not trying to be mean but the thing is, is that most of them are ass holes on top of there stupidness. And as far as trying to defend the ambulance EMT's, Paramedics (or who ever may be responding) by saying that they could be coming back from a previous call from HMH or whatever is completely irrelavent when someones ife is at steak and minutes DO matter. Knock-offs!!!!!!!!!!

Cave City, KY

#20 Dec 18, 2008
i agree person they should be alot of the firemen gone an get real ones in there same for ems pat helm an dusty think they r all that an are very rude i think we all should get togethere an goto the mayor or who every and get ride of firemen ems and the sherrifs officers that are not doing there jobs
Get a life

United States

#21 Dec 20, 2008
Until you work in this career, don't throw stones. These people do wonderful work with little support.

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