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Since: Jan 09


#1 Jan 7, 2009
What do you think about her.
is she a hoe or what?

“Haters make me famous”

Since: Nov 08


#2 Jan 8, 2009
Well I dont know who you are and they say everyone is entitled to their own opinons. So I guess this is my time to voice my opinon.
Ive known Hanna for about a year or two now and she is like my sister. Sure we've had our ups and downs but who hasnt? I love Hanna to death and she will go out of her way for anyone! I know I said everyone is entitled to their own opinon but you must not know Hanna that well to ask if shes a ho or not!
So, MY answer to your question is HELL NO she aint no ho!

I love you more Hanna =]

Quitman, AR

#3 Jan 11, 2009
Hanna's a cool ass chick. Let anyone around here run there mouth all they want, but Hanna's alright. The whole problem with this town is that every loser here wants to run their mouth behind everyone's back. That's why half the fuckers on this site won't use their real name.... they got no balls

Lexington, KY

#4 Jan 18, 2009
Don't really know her
heard she was a big bitch

“Haters make me famous”

Since: Nov 08


#5 Jan 18, 2009
Blake wrote:
Hanna's a cool ass chick. Let anyone around here run there mouth all they want, but Hanna's alright. The whole problem with this town is that every loser here wants to run their mouth behind everyone's back. That's why half the fuckers on this site won't use their real name.... they got no balls
Get em Blake! You told the truth in that post man!

Brownsville, KY

#6 Jan 26, 2009
hell yes she is,, she is just like her aunt Lisa..
and such a fake

Since: Nov 08

Nashville, TN

#7 Jan 27, 2009
R u talkin about Hanya Williamson?

Brownsville, KY

#8 Jan 27, 2009
NO she is NOT a fake! Shes a REAL chick! Yer just jealous thats all!
And nah Jody Lynn they aint talking bout Hanya its Hanna!
oh yeah and to whoever thinks that shes a bitch well if she was a bitch to you ya prolly deserved it!=]

Bolivar, MO

#9 Dec 2, 2009
um no pretty sure that she is a huge hoe agree with T_Mccandles 100% and no she didn't deserve it hanna is just a back staber who needs to get a real fu**ing life and stay out of other peoples buisness that she dosen't know shit about

Edmonton, KY

#10 Dec 19, 2009
Well i can say i definately cant stand her especially her fake voice. Last time i saw her she had hot pink streaks in her hair that lookd like sh** i mean maybe if she'd actually fix her hair or brush it once in a while it wouldn't be soo bad, and whats up with her nasty tattoos? shes got them everywhere makes her look even more trashy.She starves for attention from any guy i mean heck she did date josh Bottoms right? then goes around braggin that she had sex with all these guys likes shes some hott item when really a guy will fuck anything if they know they can, even if they do look like her lol......oh and blake i'd keep my mouth shut about anything because everyone knows ur ass is gay.
we_speak_4_Hvill e

Buffalo, TX

#11 Dec 26, 2009
Hanna is a two timing whore. She fu**s everything that she can.She must put a paper bag over her head to cover her dog a$$ lookin face.She goes for the guys that drink all the time like bryan hutcherson and Dusti Hattaway. And Dusti wasn't even drunk. She has been with Bryan severval times. She sucked of Jonathan Cruse. She is tryin to get with alot of married men. She runs her mouth about people she don't even know. When asked about it she brings her mom in on it and blames someone else about her own stupid actions. To get to the point she is a Cu*t and she needs to get her own life and stay the hell out of everyones life. She thinks she is hot and is whatevery guy wants! I am here to tell her she makes me want to puck and wouldn't touch her with a 10000000000 foot di*k. She needs to lose about 250lbs then she may find the man of her dreams. But until then she needs to stop tryin.And look at the girls (Jamie and Trish) she runs with they all carry dieses like a rat would. All three of them are trashy. They over do theirselves. Tryin to flirt and get in every mans pants. And for her little cousin Ashley she need to stop flirtin and callin people names and hittin on married men also.

Lexington, KY

#12 Jan 2, 2010
wow we speak 4 hville...u talk alot of sh*t for some who runs there mouth over the computer.....dont b so childish an say sh*t to her face an his name is spelled brian...u dumb b*tch...its noone business what she does...shes never tried to get with anyone whos married so this person talkin all this sh*t must b gail...HATHAWAY hun....learn to spell im not the c*nt u dumb wh*re u are......pretty sure ur the one who thinks that ur gods gift when ur the one who looked like trailer park trash on ur weddin day...i dont even weigh 250 ilbs so how do u expect me to loose it...the man of my dreams is out there i just dont marry the next man who gives me attention like u an neil did...u need to leave "TRISH,JAMIE AND AHLEY" out of ur f*ckin mouth cuz they dont say nothing abt u or ur dumb fugly a** mind ur f*ckin business an move on with ur childish life....
we_speak_4_Hvill e

Sheridan, AR

#13 Jan 2, 2010
Look her bi*ch her last name aint Hathaway. And I know for a fact u didn't hit on Neil right in front of Gail. She didn't look like trailer trash on her wedding day. The only one that did was u and ur who*e of a friend Jamie. Tell Ashley that she needs to lose Neil and Gail's numbers and stop callin and texin them. The only reason u call me a cu*t is cause I speak the truth that u r a cu*t. Good guess but this aint Gail. Its one of her good friends. She don't thinks she is Gods gift to men. She just knos how to act which ain't like a who*re. Neil and Gails weddin looked really nice. It was a country little weddin. If u didn't like it u should had left. Her and Neil was bein nice and asked u to come but they didn't want u there. Oh sorry u weigh 249 so lose 100lbs then. Gail married Neil cause he is the one she truely wanted to be with for so long. When me and her went to the horsesales she always told me that one day she would marry him. She wouldn't had married her first husband if she wasn't pregnant. She never cared about him y u think she left him. She went to fufil her dreams. Which she did. U just hate her cause u wanted Neil first then this girl from Etown comes and steals him from u. I would be mad to but never run my mouth about them and put them down like u have done Gail and Neil. Then only reason I brought Ashley and Trish and Jamie in all this was cause Gail said they r slowly tryin to make their way in to try to break Gail and Neil up. I have been there when Ashley has called and texted. That shit is for the birds. Y u think Gail doesn't want to more to Hodenville? Cause all the shit this little own is causing and they don't even live there. U need to be the one to move on with ur childish life and leave Gail and Neil the hell alone. Lose there names out of ur fuc*in mouth. Do everyone a favor and stop the drama bullshi* and grow up. Thats y everyone don't like bein around u cause the drama that u bring with u. Grow up and get ur facts straight befroe u start asumin who it is!
we_speak_4_Hvill e

Sheridan, AR

#14 Jan 2, 2010
Ashley even told me that she was goin to the horse sale in SmithsGrove to try to get a shot with Neil! That didn't work cause Gail was there. I heard all about it.
i _speak_4_me

Lexington, KY

#15 Jan 2, 2010
wow ur dumb c* wonder y u an gail are freidns ur both f*ckin stupid...u call me a wh*re but if u thought abt what u just wrote abt me bein a wh*re an then gail only gettin married cuz she got pregnant wow whos the wh*re there...u have no reason to call me a wh*re bi*th u dont even kno me pretty sure that i dont even weigh 200 ilbs so guess again...ashley dont have a phone so theres no way she can call text neil an all this sh*t im pretty sure that i didnt want neil i coulde do better then him so y would i have pretty sure that i havent said anything abt neil or gail an BULLSH*T BULLSH*T BULLSH*T....BLAH BLAH BLAH....thats all i pretty sure i can say what i f*ckin want its a free country...this sh*t gettin old real fast.....b*tch gett ur f*ckin facts stragiht an stop runnin that d*ck sucker an move on....
we_speak_4_Hvill e

Sheridan, AR

#16 Jan 3, 2010
Gail ain't a who*e. She was stupid for marryin at a young age but she done what she thought was best. She was young and wasn't goin to be able to support a child alone. She was lookin out for her son. Gail has had a hard life and she has finally got someone to treat her good. Can't u all leave well enough alone. Ashley was callin from her moms phone. She still does. U didn't want him. I hung out with u and Neil for a while now and u wanted him. U was way to jealous when he brought Gail out and u met her. U really got jealous when u seen the big ring Neil got Gail when she showed it to all of us. So just leave her be!

Erlanger, KY

#18 Jul 15, 2010
well i kno hanna. real well as a matter of fact and i can tell you that she DID in fact like niel. i witnessed her txting and calling him. and she DID get mad when Gail came into the picture beause she knew that she had no chance. not that she had a chance in the first place...
she DOES brag about all the men she has been with. and if you talk to any of those men about that... they will all tell you that it was a mistake or just a bad lay. ask them if you don't believe me.
as for her mother... she is trying too hard to be cool. she is a nasty Bi*ch who needs to stop trying to be one of the kids in hodgenville and grow up and take care of her family and quit trying to get every guy to fu*k her daughter.

Glasgow, KY

#19 Jul 15, 2010
it doesnt matter who had or has liked who. everyone knows that neil and gail are together, and so what if she tells people who she has had contact with, if you don't like it, dont talk to her or go around her. and as of a matter-of-fact, she has a terrific boyfriend and loves her life. but if some said it was horrible or a "bad lay" sure doesnt have a problem calling her back several times (as i know of). and her mother is just down with earth and no, her mother doesnt try to get hanna to screw anyone. if that was the case, there would be more guys that you would know of if she "brags". she is trying to live her own life, why do you torture her? and really, who is to say what's the right way to live, didnt human write what supposedly is right? rethink your situation.
i know

Vine Grove, KY

#20 Aug 10, 2015
rob wrote:
hell yes she is,, she is just like her aunt Lisa..
and such a fake
she's a ho just like all the friends she hangs out with!!!

Atlanta, GA

#21 Sep 11, 2015
i know wrote:
<quoted text>
she's a ho just like all the friends she hangs out with!!!
No kidding all the chicks she hangs out with are nothing but fat nasty slu+s

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