Cold Case No More: Police Arrest Husband in Heartsong Murder


“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

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#869 Feb 5, 2013
Gang, let's stay on track, because there's so very much to remember.

First, permit me to address motive: I printed and sold only 200 copies of my first book, called “Justice Disrobed.” Bob became a part of it as I championed his cause based upon misinformation from friends. It's now out of print. As an author, I've assured the Heartsongs of my present intention not to pursue this murder with a book. I'd like to give the family peace, but it will only come when the Heartsongs stop orchestrating their smear campaign here. I'm not the murderer. Isn't one murder enough?

Now to the unforgettable case cracker from previous posts in this thread.

“One by one I will answer all your questions and prove to you how wrong Bob Sherin is. He will argue against me, and that's fine, but I can prove everything I write. I will deal with facts not unproven theories.” Suzye Goldstein-Heartsong, Post 790, May 3, 2011.

“To clear your knife theory, on the counter in the kitchen was.a salad bowl, chop sticks , vegetables, and cutting board out, it's in the police testimony, Tony had made a salad for lunch and used the tofu knife for cutting the vegetables up. No needed to find theo knife it was on the counter.” Suzye Goldstein-Heartsong, Post 848, July 6, 2012.

“At around 34 minutes into [Bob's story on] 48-Hours, Bob talks about the Tofu knife ordinarily stored in the drawer, as he maintained it was that day. He contradicts his wife Suzye, who revealed above, the knife was on the counter. The Tofu knife is important, because it’s the presumed murder weapon. After battering Toni’s head on the concrete breezeway, the killer retrieved the knife to finish the job. With an apparent knowledge of anatomy, he stabbed her in the neck so she’d bleed out.” Bob Sherin, Post 862, August 30, 2012.

“... For the first time, Suzye Heartsong says the Tofu knife employed in the murder was on the table, not in the drawer. Since it was missing from the crime scene, only the killer could know this fact … Case closed! Let's give the family peace.” Bob Sherin, Post 854, June 9, 2012.

“Bob I'm actually disappointed you will never release your book because I would really like to read the facts of the case. However, I do understand how that could be hard for Toni's family. I do wish them the best. I loved how you said him knowing meditation helped him pas the lie detector test, and also pointed out the flashes of anger we saw after his victory …“J. Heyen, Post 861, August 29th, 2012.

“Another side of this case never brought out at trial. At the gym where the Heartsongs worked out, Toni had made friends with a young, retired, police officer from New York City. Bob made mention that she could bench press around 140 pounds. Bob too was into weight lifting, because pushing himself too far, he had pulled his right shoulder socket and was due for repair within the week. Jupiter to Delray has turned out, epicenter of international pill mills. Government operations in the past few years, such as Operation Which Doctor, have taken have down the industry, which started in 2000 shortly before Toni’s death. Gyms were the first distribution points. Kingpin of steroid sales, retired, New York cop, Anthony Forgione, now busted, is serving prison time. In his thirties in 2000, Forgione cut a hyper-masculine image and adulation, especially in contests. Did steroids play a part in Toni’s murder? Did Bob push himself into injury
out of feelings of insecurity? Was jealousy a factor in the murder?” Bob Sherin, Post 862, August 30, 2012.
true mind reader3410

Arlington, TN

#872 Feb 8, 2013
he did it

Emmaus, PA

#873 Feb 8, 2013
Suzye wrote:
Just Curious you are much closer than Bob Sherin.
I am Bob Heartsong ex-wife, I lived this and read every piece of paper and edvidence there was, which were over 3000 pages, tapes and interviews
. Bob S. got 100 and some pages, and was at the trail, actually distrubing others, fo I know I was there.
the bottom line is the palm Beach County aplied for 13 million dollar grant for Cold Case Deptment, but they need to prosacute a case, the only good case with a bad investigate and a husband to blame it all on was Robert Heartsong. We meaning Bob and I made a few mistakes, one we hired a lawyer, with out doing any investigaton, we took the first one we met, we were too dumb to know better. Robert should have gotten a lawyer the first time he was brought down to the police department, even if your innocent, don't think that matters, it's nothing like t.v. The truth is not important. In almost the two years Bob spent in jail, one of our lawyers only visited him once and the other one maybe 4 times. I spoke with them many times and kept asking why they weren't asking certain questions, thier reply, long as we win, that's what counts. That is not true, you need to win with the whole truth, it wasn't that all the witnesses lied and some did,(to be honest they couldn't remember 8 years prior, could you or anyone).
Robert and I lost everything we owned, we are no longer together which was just the stress of this whole ordeal. I don't regrett for a moment that I stood by him, I didn't do it because I was his wife, I did it because I KNEW he didn't do it, and we must stand behind our beliefs. It was the worst thing I ever had to go through, and I have had some really bad things happen in my life. This was not my first marriage, it would have been so much easier to run from this. I didn't because sometimes we have to stand and fight for right. And this was my time.
One by one I will answer all your questions and prove to you how wrong Bob Sherin is. He will argue agaist me, and that's fine, but I can prove everything I write. I will deal with facts not unproven theories.
Right now I'm tired, but I will continue with this in the morning.
. Hey consider yourself lucky you got out; there's every chance you would have been his next victim. Seems everyone but you knows he is guilty as sin. A soulless, evil man.

Auckland, New Zealand

#874 Feb 10, 2013
You need to look for old school buddy who got rid of cellphone tower records of the guy.
BobSherin wrote:
Look Suzye, Florida corporate records online don't show directors.
As I posted: Go to CorporationWiki, enter S & S Marketing Services Inc. of West Palm Beach and Bob Heartsong will come up as a Director. Enter Heartsong Companies of West Palm Beach and you, Suzye, show as Vice President. A business owner, you've got to know the officers and directors in your own company, as well as the roles you play in other corporations, such as Bob's and Boss! Continued obfuscation makes your concluding rhetoric suspect.
You can't be that naive to think generalizing about you as successful head of BBB marketing in West Palm excludes your status as an individual company. Do you want me to expound on your 1099 workers expected to keep company hours while not being employees? Be real: You know I understand the S & S operation with your potential earning capacity, so no reason to poke at my complimentary generalizations.
No wonder you've been married and divorced 6 times. You're having trouble at leaving this thread in harmony. Even my best wishes aren't sufficient for you.

Tujunga, CA

#875 Apr 11, 2013
Come on people!" Don't go chasing waterfalls". HE DID IT!!!!! And got away with it!! His kids can forgive him for it!?!?!?!?!? Bob you will have to answer to god. Clear you're countians before you do brother!" God have mercy on you're soul"
And it's people like you, who show your brilliance in type, that scare me.

San Francisco, CA

#876 May 16, 2013
Thi is such a sad story. I just watched Dateline.
Bob Heartsong is free? What an injustice.
My thoughts go out to that beautiful woman Toni'

Bob Heartsong...rot in hell murderer.

Belgrade, ME

#878 Jul 2, 2013
BobSherin wrote:
Off-thread, Tofu knives with rounded tips was raised. Research unearthed different configurations with pointed Tofu knives being usual. This wasn’t an issue at trial or in this thread. To everyone material, the Tofu knife missing from the crime scene was the final weapon presumed to be in the drawer beneath the counter while on it stood visible knives bristling from a butcher block. This thread started on November 17, 2006. Above, on July 9, 2012, for the first time, Suzye Heartsong informs us that the Tofu knife portrayed by both sides at trial as in the drawer was on the counter, a fact only the killer would know. See post 848 by Suzye Heartsong.
I recently watched the Heartsong case on Dateline and the case bothered me long after the episode was over. The one thing that stuck out to me, was when Bob Heartsong mentioned how he was in disbelief over what the murderer did to his wife's face. Questions flooded my mind and I entered a question in to my google search engine; "was Toni's eyes stabbed in murder?". From what I uncovered the answer is yes. My questions led me to this thread; of which I have read numerous numerous posts. Bob's ex wife's post on her statement of where the tofu knife was at the time to the murder chills me. But getting back to my question of wether Toni had her eyes stabbed... I googled that because in the Dateline episode bob stated several times how he loved her it was the first thing he noticed when he met her. Also, a home video shows him zooming in to her eyes and then zooming back out. Then to find out that her eyes where indeed stabbed.....WOW! I also found it interesting how quickly Bob and Toni moved in together! The first day they met! Then married seven months later. I believe that goes to show how quickly Bob makes decisions... How perhaps in a sudden rage he also made a quick choice to murder his wife. And bob's quick relationship after his wife's death is also chilling. Not enough to proof e his guilt but everything together..including the DNA under Toni's fingernail belonging to Bob leads me to believe who is responsible.

Bob Sherin... I do think that you should release a book on the case. Perhaps it could be enough to stir up the case for a re.trail and put Robert Heartsong in to prison. Toni deserves justice. I do want her family to have peace but how can they with this case not reaching justice?

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#879 Jul 2, 2013

First, quite rightly our system has no double jeopardy.

Your comments on Toni's eyes are on point. Assistant Prosecutor Barbara Burns commented on Toni's sullied eyes in a TV interview, but I don't recall it being raised at trial, probably because without Robert's testimony, there was no foundation.

The best outcome now is to give the family peace. Even the Sorens (Toni's side) want peace at this point, I believe. We all must consider the children.

Maumee, OH

#880 Jul 7, 2013
I stumbled into this thread like others, moved by the story of Toni and after reading some of this drivel spouted here all I can say now are two things:
1, damn wish I could get the time that I have wasted here back, I'd go scrub the toilet or something!
2, y'all at nuts. Go to bingo. Go buy a dog or something, shit.

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#882 Jul 11, 2013
Anon wrote:
I stumbled into this thread like others, moved by the story of Toni and after reading some of this drivel spouted here all I can say now are two things:
1, damn wish I could get the time that I have wasted here back, I'd go scrub the toilet or something!
2, y'all at nuts. Go to bingo. Go buy a dog or something, shit.
No one forced you to read any of the 872 posts on 44 pages here, dating from November 17, 2006. The most knowledgeable people on this crime have posted here, including the Heartsong and Soren families, a 48-Hours producer championing Bob while defaming this poster.

When people feel strongly, animus is understandable. This poster has made mistakes in facts, all of which have been instantly corrected when brought to my attention. This thread is arguably the best thread on any unresolved crime. Sadly, no one on the Heartsong side has admitted or corrected any of their mistakes or addressed the hard evidence, some of which has only been adduced here.

Now it's time to let go, to give the family peace. But as long as posters come in with obvious ignorance or an obvious agenda, I'm going to respond so as to preserve this thread's authenticity.

Mission, KS

#884 Jul 27, 2013
I agree with megan. I believe he is guilty.

Folsom, CA

#885 Aug 10, 2013
Ok, we saw this on TV last night. The two witnesses (lady neighbor and jail house guy) were NOT in any way believable. I did not think the DNA evidence meant much either and am a bit suspicious of the evidence under her fingernail - what size was that sample? Something is really wrong with the evidence just not fitting Heartsong. We were shocked they brought him to trial. Hairs in her underwear unidentified? Footprints of a murderer or sloppy police work? The knife could have been out on the counter. I can go on and on, no matter who murdered her they did not have enough against Heartsong to jail and try him. Period. And, they may have dropped the ball on ever catching the real murderer.

Folsom, CA

#886 Aug 10, 2013
BobSherin wrote:
J Heyen,
Appreciate your kind words. The finger print on the deadbolt was never identified nor were the hairs, including the red beard hair in her pubic hair. One explanation: Toni had shopped at Burdines that morning, supporting the theory, she picked up hairs while trying on clothes.
That is the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard. Both my husband and I thought so.

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#888 Aug 12, 2013
Starting out a believer like you, it didn't take me long to turn 180 degrees. Starting as Bob's Web Master, I stepped down after reading the police report.
Addressing your post, it's clear you have only a passing knowledge of this event, because, for example, the Palm Beach County Sheriff failed to protect the crime scene. Brought out at trial, the shoe prints belonged to their employees.
The jailhouse testimony was hearsay anyway and could have been excluded if the defense wanted to object. The point man in the conversation with Bob was another inmate who talked law and DNA before a court hearing. I was astounded that he wasn't called.
Assistant Prosecutor Burns told me that the primary inmate wasn't credible. So if the primary witness wasn't credible, why did she call a hearsay witness? Something was fishy with the trial, although I believe the jury got it right with acquittal on account of a lack of evidence. Most jurors, if not all, like me, thought he did it.
As to the lady neighbor, she had no reason to testify one way or the other. The trouble with her was fear of Bob, typical in such case. Her fear made her testimony wobble. When she testified at trial, she was wholly believable to me. Even her Husband corroborated that, while he didn't hear the argument, he did hear a scraping sound, which was the tail bed of a truck parked at the premises at around 1 PM, the day of the murder, for a short time.
She was such a crucial witness, Ms. Burns should have taken steps to bolster her testimony by, for example, calling an expert about the psychology of witnesses to murder, which would have explained her wobbling testimony up to and including the trial.
Looking back at your post, I'm suspect that you may be a plant, because the Heartsongs have engaged in plants throughout this thread. Doesn't mean you are one; I have no way of knowing.
One thing you posted made me suspect: That's the knife on the counter. The only time that arose was in this thread from Bob's former Wife, Suzye Goldstein-Heartsong. On the media and in the trial, the tofu knife was said to be in the drawer.
Then, one day last year, in her defense of Bob, Suzye said that we hadn't been "all over the Tofu knife," because it was on the counter. Since it was the only thing missing from the crime scene, only the killer could have known it was on the counter.
Since that discovery, Suzye has been long gone. If you go back and read this thread, you'll learn that on the day of the murder, Bob mis-spoke about where he was on the road, presumably to bolster his alibi.
Witnesses at the Delray job site in no way corroborate his alibi. And that was one of the trial's problems. Employees at the Delray job site gave varying testimony when they thought he was there or his red car was there.
Burns should have illustrated the timeline testimony to develop that window from about 12:15 to around 3 PM, the time when Bob, not Toni as planned, showed up at Delray Mazda. During the material part of that time, Bob's cell phone was turned off.
The DNA sample was small and misrepresented by Burns, who implied Bob's blood was under Toni's finger nail. It took a jury question to adduce the truth. Not so, it turned out, his DNA was there but not his blood, a deciding factor in the verdict.

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#889 Aug 12, 2013
cheri wrote:
<quoted text>
That is the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard. Both my husband and I thought so.
You may very well be right. Let's examine what went into that statement. The police adduced that Toni had made friends at the gym with a retired New York City, Police Officer. The authorities had further learned, according to the daytime gym manager, that Toni's relationship with the cop was not known to go beyond the doors of the gym.

So, in the absence of anything to the contrary, we're trying to preserve Toni's reputation. It is true, on that Tuesday of the murder, Toni visited the gym briefly -- unbeknownst to Bob at the time. For Toni, this was most unusual, since one of her gym days was Monday, when she had worked out there, and not Tuesday.

If you read the latter half of this thread, you'll find another potential motive of why she might have gone to the gym unbeknownst to Bob.

Based on your post, I'm going to delve this further, understanding only too well it is a sensitive subject. Thanks for weighing in.

United States

#890 Aug 12, 2013
Bob, do you have an email? I had a private question to ask.

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#891 Aug 13, 2013
Wow, this almost went by me without identification from Tropix. Yes, let me give it in a way that I know it will get through: BobSherin at

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#892 Aug 13, 2013
I cannot be 100% sure, but this is the retired New York Police Officer, a body builder, with whom Toni had made friends at the gym. To be sure, the relationship is not known to have gone beyond the gym doors.

Please consider this an alleged and tentative posting looking for more compete commentary on those closer to either one or both of the people. This body builder had spent time in prison for selling steroids, which sales started in gyms just before Toni was murdered. He died young, likely from steroid use.

Not something yet fit for television, I know this is an uncorroborated post, but maybe it will commentary from others. Here's what I just found:

FORGIONE - Anthony C. of Greensboro, NC, suddenly June 12, 2013. Beloved father ofChristian Anthony. Loving son of Louis & Irene Forgione. Devoted brother of Jay Forgione (Lynn), Cheryl Forgione and JoanneForgione-Salata (John). Cherished uncle of Nicole Forgione, Kristen Summers and Raymond Andrews. Anthony was an avid body builder, nicknamed Pretty Boy. His love for life was God, family and his body building family. He was a professional in the sport as well as a gentleman. He was loved and respected byeveryone in the sport he competed in since he was 16. He was a veteran of the Air Force as well as a former police officer with the NYPD and the Boca Raton P.D. Reposing Saturday 2-4:30 & 7-9:30 P.M. at the Powell Funeral Home, Inc., 67 Broadway (Rt. 110), Amityville. Military Honors 7:30 p.m. with funeral services to follow. Cremation will be private. - See more at:

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#894 Aug 18, 2013
Anthony C. Forgione November 29, 1964 to June 12, 2013

“Heartsong Crime Uncovered”

Since: Oct 07

Fairway Estates, Florida

#895 Aug 19, 2013
Southeast Florida was, before the U.S. government moved in, the pill mill capital of the U.S. Anthony C. Forgione, who died at 48 in June 2013, was a kingpin of steroid sales. Boca Raton neighbors reported an influx of visitors at his home, people who would wait for hours yet depart the moment Forgione arrived. The Boca Raton police fired Forgione in 2003 for lack of attention and steroid sales

Steroids happen to be both scourge and savior for police. This is meant as no disrespect, because police everwhere tend to feel better prepared for their demanding work when armed with steroids.

When Toni met Anthony Forgione at the gym, his steroid business was prospering. It was a time when both Bob and Toni had taken up weight lifting. Bob reported that Toni could press 140 pounds. Bob had ripped his right shoulder socket and was due at the surgeon's office for repair the week of Toni's death.

A week before Toni's murder, Bob was rebuffed when he suggested a merger with Peter Sutton, a concrete contractor. Bob reported that he left the house that day in his red Expedition and felt like committing suicide.

Toni's friendship with Forgione was reported to the Palm Beach County Sheriff during an interview with the day, gym manager. At the time, the Sheriff's department had to be aware that some of its officers were buying steroids from Forgione.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff, unbelievably, never followed up in interviewing Forgione, who would have known Toni's state of mind better than most everyone.

That Tuesday, the day of the murder, Toni withdrew $5,000 from the Bank of America and she visited the gym for a short time, unbeknowst to Bob. This was her second straight day at the gym, unusual for Toni. She did not stay long enough to work out, so what was her purpose?

Did the withdrawal have any connection to the purchase of steroids? Did steroids have anything to do with the murder?

Psychiatric complications of steroid use include manic behavior and psychosis including hallucinations and delusions. Aggressive behavior is common and is often known as "roid rage."

Since much of this post is connecting certain facts together where the predicate has been elusive, I enlist the Board's help in guiding me if anything posted is in error. This is, I hope, a starting point to more detail from readers. 48 Hours, this is not established material for TV.

Assistant Prosecutor Burns never raised the Forgione angle of this case, which supports Suzye Heartsong's charge that the Palm Beach County Sheriff was going after DNA money regardless of case against Bob. When an agency stays away from an area that promises a bonanza of evidence, there's got to be some reason.

Federal government grants to pursue cases with advancing DNA technology was, no doubt, Palm Beach

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