Chief of Police J.D. Sanders
not so nice wife

Hobbs, NM

#301 Sep 7, 2009
OK, you are right, I am too stupid to know who is writing any post.
Me again

Hobbs, NM

#302 Sep 19, 2009
Blame it on Carl Mackey and His Racism remarks. He is one P.O.S. I am supprised he doesnt have it out for J.D..........Oh wait he did release him from jail after he was arrested. I dont know why hobbs america is so affraid of Carl Mackey. He needs a good ole fasion ace whoopen...HEHEHEHE

Houston, TX

#303 Sep 28, 2009
The Truth wrote:
It seems the truth may be a little off on some of these posts but they are more accurate than not. While Mr. Sanders does not rent from the owner of the News Sun, he does rent from the Publisher of the News Sun, Mrs. Kathi Bearden who also sat on the the Chief's Interview committee that selected him. He has also helped her son, who has somewhat of a drug abuse problem, out of some run ins with the law since becoming Chief. While every organization, public or private, have their own unique problems the City of Hobbs is no different other than reform seems to be nowhere in sight. Even at the Police Department, it is do as they say, not as they do. The "Chief" has made it known that employees do not cross him or question his policies, written or verbal, without retaliation. It sounds by some of these post that the representation of the employees of the police department feel they are being placed in positions that are better served by attorneys. So, it is well within their right to file whatever they want to just like everyone else can do. For the fact, Sanders is no better. He should have known since applying for a job in New Mexico, he would have to become a certified officer to be a chief in New Mexico. But instead of getting it done, it looks like he is doing the same thing. He has complained and made it known in the paper that he should not have to follow the policy and procedure with the New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Academy to obtain his training. Instead, he has called in some more good ole boy friends and is trying to circumvent the system. He has called upon Mr. Cope to pull strings in high places for him, Mrs Bearden seems to be just publishing positive articles for him and he has even threatened to sue the training academy. But yet, employees that do not agree with his policy and procedures, he just ridicules them and expects them to take it. While he does the same thing to the training academy??? I just do not see the difference, you cannot have it both ways. He probably has spent more time, money and resources fighting this, when he could have directed that effort in meeting the requirements to attend the training academy and be done with it. Especially when the salary of a $100K+ a year job is on the line with a healthy bonus if he makes it four years at Hobbs. It seems if everyone would just open their eyes and be objective to each others views, the truth will surface.
HPD and the community needs a Chief who holds Cope and Bearden at arms length. It's bad enough when the Chief gets too close to the Mayor and Council. HPD's worst Chiefs in the past were those who developed or sought to develop these relationships.

Hobbs, NM

#304 Sep 29, 2009
HFD chief and administration suffering too. They have lost all respect from the workers because they have no backbone. We have one individual facing suspension because he got blood on him in the back of an ambulance. Thats like suspending a cop for getting shot. Its part of the job, its a risk we take. Now the guys are affraid of doing there job because our administration is trying to suspend everyone for the smallest things.
They are now telling us that we cant talk to the commisioners unless we go through them first. What are they trying to do here . And people wonder why the Police and Fire went Union.
Fire Away

Hobbs, NM

#305 Sep 29, 2009
It is called a chain of command sir.

Hobbs, NM

#306 Sep 29, 2009
Hey fire, there has to be more to the story than a cop is in trouble for getting blood on him in the back of an ambulance. And, Fire Away is right, there is a chain of command. If you work at HPD and you jump the chain to talk with a commissioner then you should be in trouble. You are part of a para-military organization and you have to follow the chain of command. Stop working at the PD if you don't want to follow the rules, the you can talk to any commissioner anytime you want to.

That union has sure been good for both police and fire, you guys have lost at every turn. Your union leadership is gutless.

Hobbs, NM

#307 Sep 29, 2009
Hey More. You may need to reread my last post. It was a HFD EMT who got blood on him in the back of an ambulance. Nothing more nothing less. The blood got on a previous cut he had. the pt has a transmitable disease. The EMT reports it and now he is being threatened with suspension because it is gonna cost the city money. Getting blood on u in the back of an ambulance is a risk that we take serving YOU. The Union has helped us out more than you could know and its about to help us out again in this situation. It is unfortunate that it has to come to this. As for using our chain of command, and yes "Fire Away" I know what its called. If they want us to tell them when we are talking to a commisioner thats fine, They cant stop us, Its just a shame that we have to even go to our commisioners.

Hobbs, NM

#308 Sep 30, 2009
I stand corrected Fire, your post was talking about HFD and not HPD. The fire department is not a para-military organization and is much different than HPD. I have a huge amount of respect for the guys at HFD and think that there are way more whiners at HPD than HFD. I can not imagine why someone working in the back of an ambulance would be in trouble for getting blood on their hands but then I suspect that no one gives a crap about what I think.

I do not agree that the union has been good for the cops and firemen. You have had to fight at every turn and usually come out on the loosing end. Unions have been horrible for this country, look at GM if you don't believe me. Your union is no different. Always wanting more, always willing to do less, always fighting about every issue.

I also think you are sadly mistaken if you think the current commission is going to help you. They will listen, tell you they understand and then turn their back on you. Several of them have made it clear that they have no use for the unions but they will play the game to make it look as if they support the cops and firemen.

It seems to me that if HFD is so horrible and the chief has no backbone then you should go to a different fire department. Why work at a place that makes you so miserable?

I am just glad that Ernie is working on that whole dog and cat issue. I feel safe knowing that such a high ranking fire official is thinking about dogs and cats and not thinking about better ways to serve the tax paying pubic he works for. What does he make a year to solve such important issues?

Hobbs, NM

#309 Sep 30, 2009
More, I would have to partially agree with you about Unions, I do think that GM suffered greatly because of the Union and I am sure there are many more. In our case(HFD) we had firefighters that qualified for WIK and Food stamps prior to our Union because of pay. Dont get me wrong, we do the job because we love it, and its obvious because the pay still is not great which is even more obvious because 90% of fireman work more than one side job, the other 10% are either married to sugar mommas or are Chiefs (or Chief dog catchers) But back to Pay, A mand should be able to make a living as a professional, and I would consider everyone of my coworkers professionals because we go through countless hours of training. You ask why I dont leave if im not happy, Well the answer is that I am happy where i am at. Just because im happy doesnt mean that i dont have issues with the way things are going. Which is another way the Union has helped us and hurt us. We have been able to stick up for ourselfs when they try to force these rediculous punishments for doing our job, in the other hand i think the reason for the rediculous punishments is a retaliation process the management is taken because of previous issues we faught and won.

I also agree with you whole heartedly when it comes to what you say about the commision, They love to tell you what you want to hear, but unless it is gonna benifit them and/or pad there pocket, they could care less.

Oh yeah, The Chief Dog Catcher (Ernie) Makes very good wages, Cant remember exact figures, But I kinda feal sorry for the man, He promotes to Asst. Fire Chief only to be put over environmental and the Dog Pound. I really get along with him and i feel bad for the guy.( you never know, he may be happy doing what he does)

Hobbs, NM

#310 Sep 30, 2009
in case you havent figured out, I cant type or spell for $h!t. LOL
HoNeY fEiLd HoLiDaY

Hobbs, NM

#311 Oct 19, 2009
There is a time and place for everything and the time is not now for a day off when you get exposed to something doing your job and the place should never be at a fire dept. when you are doing your job trying to save lives. If our punishment is based off of monitary value then where are all of the suspensions for the Chief, Bat. Chief, Training officer,and other peps that were responsible for vehicles that were damaged in the recent commercial fire or is the managment only going to hold the whole monitary value honey field holiday policy acountable when it is most convient for them.
Standing Up

United States

#312 Nov 3, 2009
Ernie is doing a great job and part of that job is the environment department. He is earning his pay just look at the work involved. Go down to the dog pound and take a look, it is not a small operation and then look around town at all the improvements that you can see because of the work that he has done with the enviroment department. Getting rid of the rat infested houses is making a big different. He is a dedicated man and I'm glad that he takes his job seriously and just doesn't complain about what has been assigned to him.

The city manager and the Chief are prime examples of people who just take the money and give nothing back.
Educate Yourself

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#313 Nov 9, 2009
SOOOOO, has anyone heard that Sanders got himself all set up to ride the bike instead of make the run (to become a certified officer for the State of New Mexico, which he IS NOT) and he didn't even bother to show up to do that! Great leader.....

Hobbs, NM

#314 Nov 12, 2009
Are you as sure of this post as you are everything else you have posted? Educate yourself might be a very fitting handle.
Sven Dracule

Duluth, MN

#315 Nov 22, 2009
Hobbsan and embarrassed wrote:
Has anyone noticed that our police are dressing in kakee shorts and tops with their guns etc..I swear they bought their uniforms from the Reno 911 guys.Everyone is going to think our policemen and the department are nothing but a joke.Who was the wise man that decided this was ok?
I drove through Hobbs a little over a year ago and saw an officer wearing tan shorts. He also had facial hair. Just didn't look professional. Looked to me like something out of a Hollywood movie. Regarding the facial hair, I wondered at the time how he would fare if he had to put on a Scott Air Pack. Well, he wouldn't fare well so he'd have to call for someone else to solve the problem and do his job.

Hobbs, NM

#316 Nov 22, 2009
Sven Dracule wrote:
<quoted text>
I drove through Hobbs a little over a year ago and saw an officer wearing tan shorts. He also had facial hair. Just didn't look professional. Looked to me like something out of a Hollywood movie. Regarding the facial hair, I wondered at the time how he would fare if he had to put on a Scott Air Pack. Well, he wouldn't fare well so he'd have to call for someone else to solve the problem and do his job.
Ha ha ha ha, that is pretty funny. The Hobbs cops really do look like the guys on Reno 911 now. Of course they are way more progressive now that they can grow facial hair, wear shorts and look like Lt. Dangle.

Hobbs, NM

#317 Nov 22, 2009
Captain Donnie Grahamdangle.
No Fear

Hobbs, NM

#318 Nov 26, 2009
People don't worry about the Hobbs police department. It looks like the state police have set up shop in Hobbs. I see more state police in Hobbs than I do roaming around Albuquerque. but again maybe the ABQ PD knows what they are doing and doesn't need the State Police to babysit them.
random pilot

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#319 Dec 8, 2009
Curious wrote:
Why do you care if you live in Superior Arizona?
If you are so concerned with where he lives I guess its a good explaination of why Hobbs in run like it is!
ready for change

United States

#320 Dec 24, 2009
Soap wrote:
Captain Donnie Grahamdangle.
The day Grahamdangle leaves, the entire HPD can start to heal.

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