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Chattanooga, TN

#21 Sep 27, 2010
Greetings, Dr. Bob, it appears these doctors do not wish to respond to your particular posts, why is this? I do believe that is quite rude of them. So, in the midst of this silence and rudeness, here goes the “potential patients”(that would be me) opinion? BTW: You’re right on the mark-as usual: It appears the young esteemed and illusive; Cosmetologist, in Trussville, Ala. Just may have the following education and credentials:

ABMS board certification is; American Board of General Surgery.(2/23/2010 as I believe posted on Nevada’s website ???)

The world renowned “Academy of Cosmetic Surgery” lists him as an Associate member.

Alabama’s Medical Board Examiners website: His License Issued Date: 01/01/2007, Primary Specialty: Surgery, Secondary Specialty: Plastic Surgery (now where exactly does this specialty come from?), Medical School Name University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham, and Medical School Dates 7/00-6/04. No complaints

Nevada’s Medical Board Examiners website: License Type: Medical Doctor : Active Issue Date: 10/26/2009 Expiration Date: 6/30/2011 University of Alabama SOM / Birmingham , AL , Degree\Certificate: Medical Doctor Degree, Date Enrolled:,?, Date Graduated: 6/5/2004, Scope of Practice:?, School: Baptist Health System / Birmingham , AL, Degree\Certificate: Internship, Date Enrolled: 6/21/2004, Date Graduated: 6/22/2005, Scope of Practice: Surgery, General, School: Baptist Health System / Birmingham , AL, Degree\Certificate: Residency, Date Enrolled: 6/23/2005, Date Graduated: 6/22/2009, Scope of Practice: Surgery, General, School: Surgery, Degree\Certificate: American Board, Date Enrolled:?, Date Graduated: 2/23/2010, Scope of Practice: Surgery, General , School: Smith Plastic Surgery / Las Vegas , NV, Degree\Certificate: Fellowship, Date Enrolled: 7/1/2009, Date Graduated: 6/30/2010, Scope of Practice: Surgery, Plastic. No complaints.

Dr. Bob, I was curious how these types were beginning to use the word “Plastic” in their professional medical credentials. Although,“imitation” is truly the highest form of flattery ,this is further intent to confuse the patient population, remember the McDonalds story! I believe you should review these sites: and this one

Chattanooga, TN

#22 Sep 27, 2010
And the fight continues wrote:
Good stuff. This is the kind of banter...and I am happy for you to double check this...I have heard of many Plastic Surgeons who later completed cosmetic fellowships(both sanctioned and unsanctioned) but I have NEVER met/heard of a Cosmetic Surgeon who felt they needed a Plastic fellowship to be better trained before practicing.
Well sir, I double checked just as you asked and here he is: Dr.Lane Fielding Smith, ENT & P.S., plus why did you lie?

Chattanooga, TN

#23 Oct 22, 2010
TooMuchInternetBS wrote:
I have no knowledge of Dr. Pancake or any of his history. So I cannot comment one way or the other. treat their patients with the utmost respect and refrain from judging others lest they be so judged.
In response to “statistical data” regarding cosmetic surgery, I found your comment very interesting, for a few reasons. One-you know damn-well there is no true-data on these types of surgical deaths! You cosmetic types, have it very good-excusive self-appointed boards that have no reason to maintain data! In fact “cosmetic doctors” are indeed contaminating the statistical death data for the true Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive Surgeons. For one reason “Cosmetic Surgery” is not recognized by any professional medical organization, as stated: there is no “BOARD CERTIFCATION” possible. However, there have been enough woman die,( a lot with young children) to warrant some public interest on this matter. Please review the attached link and comment, if you will be so kind…It’s pitiful that doctors are now being charged with “MURDER” by state attorney general’s for their bad cosmetic medical behavior!
Dr Bob


#24 Oct 23, 2010
Impacted...thank you for your due dilligence and accurate input. I feel for the future of medicine, not just Plastic Surgery but virtually all specialties will be affected.Reimbersement from insurance companies has gone down every year I have been in practice and overhead and malpractice has gone up!(even though I have never been sued) Socialized medicine is virtually here anyway. Doctors are tired and feel defeated! Our system will soon be run by actuaries who will be part of the large beurocracy and actually making much more than MDs will ever make. Our kids will grow up and aspire to go into health care management as opposed to the noble and altruistic fields we once excelled in. There will soon be a large doc shortage which will be filled by FMGs (foreign medical graduates mostly from Moslum countries like Pakistan) as in the 50s or even care extenders! Liability reform will certainly eventually come and the real loser will be the patients, with their healthcare entitlement. The problem is...each and every person will be "entitled" to basic care, however there will be no one to deliver it. The irony will come when we are forced to travel to Canada for care. So....I guess all this bogus cosmetic surgery crap is just part of the dumbing down of medicine. Unfortunately, I will be of the age soon enough where I will need care.....and this is what I'll get!!!!!!!!

Santa Fe, NM

#25 Oct 31, 2010
TooMuchInternetBS wrote:
Where to start?
@Impacted you sound like a shill for the ABMS plastic surgeons. Do you work in a PS office in Chattanooga. Are you a plastic surgeon ?
What do you think the answer will be folks ?
That's right now you're catching on.
Next, I wanted to respond to your accretions, regarding hospital privileges, mal-practice insurance and those mean old Plastic Surgeons, who have conspired against the poor ever-aspiring cosmetologist! I believe your thought process, is more than a little skewed, twisted and self serving. However, very convenient for any “would-be” cosmetic surgeon!
Fortunately, insurance is exactly why you’re esteemed “double-boarded” colleague, brother otolaryngologist and Academy of Cosmetic Surgery-Fellow,(… any of this sounding familiar…huh?)“The Butcher” Pancake was thrown-out of every local hospital surgical facility in this city, leading the way to his surgically injuring 34 patients and then finally killing himself, all done at his very own private “butcher” shop on Gunbarrel Rd!(ever wonder why he killed himself there?) Hell, he couldn’t even perform a tonsillectomy without a bad outcome! Much less a radical neck dissection (removal of lymph nodes), glossectomy (tongue removal) or hemi-mandibulectomy with pectorals’ major reconstruction (Reconstruction of the mouth) Are you paying attention here Doctor? On top of all his lies, deception, thievery and the pain he caused, Butcher Pancake (also Dr. Boohoo’s good buddy) became a bad otolaryngologist too; he had drifted so far away from his legitimate medical training/practice, he could no longer successfully perform that either! He had become a medical outcast, everyone turned their collective back on him, with the exception of human monetary leaches that surrounded him. He was such a sad soul and very much alone upon his death! Pancake couldn’t even spell those procedures any longer, much less perform them. Can you perform these delicate-sophisticated surgical procedures comfortably? If someone you loved, needed this type surgery, could you do it, would YOU trust yourself or would you seek a brother otolaryngologist, who remained true to his field, practiced his expertise? Have you too, now drifted so far away from your formal training you’re not able to function as a fully trained/current ABMS Board Certified Otolaryngologist? This type behavior appears to be indicative of the level of ignorance and brain-washing seen in “cosmetic surgeon” zealots of all manners, across this country! I found it interesting that when you were pushed, you reverted to your ABMS certified educational requirements as a ENT for a retort and not this weekend warrior cosmetic crap you now preach! You sounded like a real Doctor for a moment! Those surgical procedures you sighted, basically assist people in cancer recovery, right? Helps restore some quality of life. That’s very interesting, because that drives Dr. Bob. He feels that should be the main focus of Plastic surgery as well; but you would say he’s old school fool, right?

Santa Fe, NM

#26 Oct 31, 2010
Insurance companies exist for one primary reason; to make money. This is accomplished through risk-management, the insured provides money and the insurer accepts & manages the risk. Actuarial science drives this effort; these folks are responsible for the calculating accrued-liabilities (projected-debt) of any particular insurance company. I don’t care which one it is, who owns it or what’s being insured this is the case. Moreover, the better any insurance company manages its risk-the more profit it makes-it’s that simple. Therefore, the more surgeons, the more surgeries, and the more “almighty” money for all concerned. The primary reason a mal-practice insurance carrier would not cover a surgeon in one of its insured hospital surgical units, is because of risk of losing potential money/profit. Any particular surgeon who brings unnecessary risk into the operating room of the insured hospitals unit, is eliminated or prevented from performing - NO SUGICAL PREVELAGES EXTENDED! Additionally, there is no Hospital surgical-board, possessing the authority whatsoever, to override such a carrier’s decision/policy. Furthermore, every legitimate surgeon, regardless of their true specialty carries mal-practice insurance too. When a surgeon is extended hospital surgical privileges, the carrier of that particular hospital requires that surgeon’s carrier to provide a “Rider” certificate from their very own insurance before he’s allowed to perform within that surgical facility.

This is the exact reason; any potential patient should check hospital privileges of any surgeon prior to surgery. If a surgeon has privileges: not only has he/she passed a board of his peers, met hospital managerial approval and met general insurance requirements. This surgeon has also passed the rigors of two insurance companies, very sophisticated actuarial science efforts, his and the hospitals. Not only do these folks quantify the specific and acceptable educational credentials, experience of an insured surgeon, they also have one of the best collective handles on bad outcomes of surgery, by individual surgeon/procedure too. If a surgeon loses his coverage or is unable to obtain sufficient coverage, it’s a safe bet either a significant payout has occurred or the insurance company has enough circumstantial evidence that one will occur and refuses coverage based on that surgeons high risk behavior. Politics play no-role in this type decision; this is all about cold-hard statistical cash flow!

This is why no cosmetic doctor is allowed to perform cosmetic surgery within the confines of an established hospital’s surgical facility. Simply, a cosmetic surgeon can’t pass these requirements because they perform outside their specialty and the carrier refuses coverage over high risk. In fact when I checked with Gordon country hospital, sometime ago, regarding a certain ENT-ONLY doctor’s surgical credentials, I was told “head & neck only”, now isn’t that interesting! In fact, every time I have checked, any doctor’s surgical privileges at any hospital… it has always matched exactly his/hers ABMS certification only!
Dr Bob


#27 Nov 1, 2010
I only wish that the uninformed had access to this blog as you are right on the money with your facts! All we can do out here is put up the good fight and try do the best for our patients using sound surgical skills and most of all....integrety!
bama girl

Albuquerque, NM

#28 Nov 8, 2010
Dr Bob wrote:
I only wish that the uninformed had access to this blog as you are right on the money with your facts! All we can do out here is put up the good fight and try do the best for our patients using sound surgical skills and most of all....integrety!
dr bob,
i heard you were doing botox at hairbenders on saturday. would like to hear more details about this.

Chattanooga, TN

#29 Nov 12, 2010
TooMuchInternetBS wrote:
Where to start?
@Impacted you sound like a shill for the ABMS plastic surgeons. What do you think the answer will be folks ?
That's right now you're catching on.
Next, addressing what appears to be the most manic & bazaar statement of yours, in my opinion, especially coming from a doctor of all people:“the reason plastic and reconstructive surgeons have such a wide scope of practice is mainly because they were the first historically to claim those privileges”… claim privileges…oh really doctor!

Did Sushruta, Mettauer, Dieffenbachia, Vaidya, Israel or maybe Mr. Gillies, McIndoe, Blair just claim privileges one day too, because it was so easy to do? I would certainly enjoy seeing their reaction to your statement(s) and claims. Please share with us your polished techniques, equipment and staffing regarding orbital reconstruction?(Now-there’s a word: reconstruction…) Have you treated anyone for dexterity and digit function loss? Ok…then just tell us about the last Breast Reconstruction referred to you (There’s that nasty little word again…reconstruction) or mastectomy you’ve performed? You’re a breast expert right? Maybe you can speak to corrective surgery on a Clift lip, pallet or possible tumor removal/reconstruction in the throat you’ve completed?

All this surgery can all be accomplished in the one of your certified latest/greatest cosmetic surgical facilities, right? If you happened to snip a 2 millimeter artery or vein, while implanting a bag of saline, suturing this is not an issue for you, right? I don’t like the thought of riding with an EMS tech. to an emergency room, then having to explain to that doctor what has occurred.

Hay, I heard your preferred target audience is a dysmorphic female patient with a rich husband? Is that true?

If you or anyone else fails to follow, I will make my point on a later post! Have a great weekend!

Chattanooga, TN

#30 May 23, 2011
TooMuchInternetBS wrote:
"I've still got to disagree with you however, that the ABMS issue is the safest bet going. At when it pertains to cosmetic surgery, you're going to have to show me some statistics that back up this assertion. I don't believe you'll find any but if you do I'll gladly retract."
As promised, I would keep an eye out on statistical data regarding patient deaths from Cosmetic surgery. This is the best I can find to date...your thoughts please.

“Consider this: 917 plastic surgeons reported 95 deaths in more than 496,000 liposuction cases.(Blood clots, or pulmonary embolisms, are the most common cause of death following liposuction.)
Let’s do a little math:
•That’s roughly 19 deaths per 100,000.
• Death rates for non-essential surgeries are 1 in 100,000.
• Death rates for car accidents are 16 per 100,000.
• Of those who died, up to 75% of them had their surgeries performed in a clinic rather than a hospital. Most of these patients seemed stable and were sent home before complications arose.”

Chattanooga, TN

#31 May 25, 2011
The above numbers were reported by Plastic Surgeons, from 1994-1998! Requested and complied by Dr. Frederick Grazer of Penn State and Dr. Rudolph de Jong of Thomas Jefferson Medical College.

The ASAPS reports a total of 283,735 of these procedures performed for 2009.
Impacted-Great News

Chattanooga, TN

#32 Oct 28, 2011

Nice proactive move for the entire community-The Plastic Surgery Group (made up of real Plastic Surgeon’s-no less.) announced they will build a stand-alone facility next to Erlanger. Can’t wait to see what is planned! I’m starting to feel a little better about this entire situation: you guys going “toe-to-toe” in the marketplace is very smart, along with the recent National-press, regarding bad Cosmetic Surgeon’s, has certainly heightened awareness too.

I wish you much success.

Ps. I’m a little embarrassed, I have never reviewed your website before, just now glanced at it to link it-up here, but I shall review it.

Hell, may even give you- "your very own thread", it is so nice to write about some good local news in the cosmetic feild!

Chattanooga, TN

#33 Oct 31, 2011
I’ve now reviewed most of this site ( )and a large portion of the related Facebook postings too. I wanted to say thanks to, Dr. Brzezienski, for his specific good work! It appears, I’ve been so focused on exposing the bad, I failed to see the good! For this, I apologize.

Side note:(I think most will appreciate it, I got a good laugh!) Several years ago, when I first encountered/learned about Pancake, I was especially appalled by his pitiful behavior in surgery. This bad particular behavior was highlighted, by the way he ran his “so-called” operating room on Gunbarrel Rd.. Showing up in his workout clothes, dripping sweat, no gloves, no mask, his staff having lunch in the room, others coming and going, then patients getting infections etc…etc… made me sick. Absolutely no concern for a sterile field whatsoever. Then, I begin chasing these would be Cosmetic quack’s and saw the very same thing presented on their site too, in their solicitation Pictures/video’s.…No mask, no gloves…no sterile field! So, when I saw the pictures of your suites, everyone dressed appropriately…even the patient, along with the proper operating room lighting… well, those particular pictures are worth a thousand words-no doubt!

Thanks, I’m glad you care too.
wondering too

Kersey, PA

#34 Nov 15, 2011
Has anyone had any experience with affordable botox I was thinking about going there seems like they have a lot of good deals. Wonder how his work looks.

Chattanooga, TN

#35 Dec 5, 2011

Things same to have settled-down a bit regarding cosmetic patient injuries/deaths, Thank God!

So, I wanted to share some humor today! Above you’ll can read comments regarding your marketing picture of a “sterile-field” during surgery, complete with the proper lighting. As opposed, to these “doctors’ of cosmetology” promoting an “unsterile field” in their marketing efforts-no lights, no gown, no scrubs, no gloves, no mask etc…you know Pancake style standards! Now, I can’t find those pictures anylonger…wonder what in the world happened to those “PICS”?????? Good thing I’ve got a copy.

Wonder if we will see gowns,masks,gloves,scrubs and proper lights in the next set of pic’s????

Chattanooga, TN

#36 Dec 14, 2011 I love the graphics!

Chattanooga, TN

#37 Jan 6, 2012
TooMuchInternetBS wrote:
I have no knowledge of Dr. Pancake or any of his history. So I cannot comment one way or the other. I've still got to disagree with you however, that the ABMS issue is the safest bet going. At when it pertains to cosmetic surgery, you're going to have to show me some statistics that back up this assertion.
Well, my good Doctor, what do you say about this little issue? 300,000 woman, now walk around with a fuel-additive in their body, by the hands of “Greedy Cosmetic-Quack's” from all over the world. Do YOU suppose this might have a little influence on those statistics you say don't exsist? Who will you blame for this one?

Please, you or any of your buddies, I beg for a response?
Ethically Obligated

Chattanooga, TN

#38 Jan 13, 2012
Impacted here: No surprise, the un-trained/-ethical/greedy-lit tle “Cosmetic Quacks” run/hide/make dumb excuses and the “real-McCoy’s step up! Ethics are indeed at the very root of this global issue. Always has been: in our city, throughout our country and the world, change is on its way!

Dr. Fazel Fatah, an ABMS Board Certified, PLASTIC SURGEON, stated:

“The French Poly Implants Protheses (PIP) implants - given to 40,000 women in Britain including about 3,000 after cancer surgery - were priced so low they were "too good to be true," said, president of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons and a member of a government-commissioned investigation panel. "My personal view is the clinics which originally profited from these implants have an ethical and moral obligation to these patients. The implants are not fit for purpose; they are not fit for use in humans. Regardless of the rupture rate, they should be taken out because the silicon is not of medical grade" The real Plastic surgeon said….

Now this worthless man, Mr. MEL BRAHAM, who owns 31 UK-Cosmetic Chop-Shops, among other assets. Implanted 13,0000 of these woman with cheap dangerous PIP implants and said this: "I mean this is a massive problem created by the government's agency and they must accept moral responsibility, and they must do something for patients." Braham stated.

He employees many, many of the UK’s ”Academy of Cosmetic Quackery” graduates but relies on his nurses to perform the initial cosmetic surgery consolation and Patient after care,, among other seedy-little medical cost-cutting measures, such as buying these cheap implants. ...

Dr. TooMuchInternetBS, still disagree the ABMS is not the safest bet going???
The Educated Respond

Chattanooga, TN

#39 Jan 18, 2012
Impacted here:

Patients should “expect” to have the implants removed upon request - and clinics “have an ethical and moral duty of care to offer these patients treatment without charge”.
It also advises GPs on how to ensure patients with different symptoms receive appropriate care.
The document is endorsed by the Association of Breast Surgery (ABS), British Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS), British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), Federation of Surgical Specialty Associations and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Anyone notice the absence of the word Cosmetic?

Read more:

Chattanooga, TN

#40 Mar 26, 2012

“And here's the thing- each time some idiot eye doctor or ER doctor injures or disfigures a patient doing liposuction on them, it puts a stain on not just that doctor, but on all practitioners (even the legitimate ones) of the procedure. The patient often develops the opinion that liposuction is bad or dangerous- or worse, that all plastic surgery is bad and dangerous. This behavior damages my profession, and all reputable practitioners of it. Heart surgery would be much more dangerous too- if you were stupid enough to let me (as a plastic surgeon) do it on you. And if I could talk you into letting me do it in my office under local anesthesia, the law could not stop me. Hospital credentialing systems (put in place many years ago to protect patients from having surgery performed by a doctor not trained to do it on them) prevent these doctors from performing aesthetic surgery in their ORs- So the only way these untrained doctors can perform these procedures is to do them in their offices”

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