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Mom in need


#1 Sep 14, 2010
I've had my 3 kids and now realize it's time for a nip and tuck. Some parts just cannot be fixed with diet and a personal trainer. I'm concerned about finding a qualified and caring Plastic surgeon. Can anyone give me good advice?

Chattanooga, TN

#2 Sep 14, 2010
Here are my recommendations. These are “ACTUAL TRUE” American Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, in our fair city. I have never had any need for their services; However, I did have three close friends, who had about $80,000 +/- worth of work completed over two-years ago, by Dr. Vonwerssowetz and are quite pleased with the results. I must say, when I look at each woman now, I‘m in total agreement (it doesn’t appear the work was ever done but their over-all appearance improved). Personally, based on my findings over the past few years, if I did have a need and the doctor’s name didn’t appear on this list, I would not even begin to consider using that doctor, simply to risky!

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), a not-for-profit organization, assists 24 approved medical specialty boards in the development and use of standards in the ongoing evaluation and certification of physicians. ABMS, recognized as the "gold standard" in physician certification, believes higher standards for physicians means better care for patient. This board over-sees: The American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc., who has certified the following M.D.’s in our area:

1.BEAHM, THOMAS MARION-Certified-11/15/1985 - Valid indefinitely
2.BRZEZIENSKI, MARK ANTONY-Certified-11/08/1997 - 12/31/2007-Recertified-12/01/2 007 - 12/31/2017-Hand Surgery-08/30/1999 - 12/31/2009-Hand Surgery Recertified-- 12/31/2019
3.CHASE, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM-Certified-09/08/2001 - 12/31/2011-Recertified-12/01/2 011 - 12/31/2021
4.EYSSEN, JAMES EDWARD-Certified-05/09/1980 - Valid indefinitely
5.KENNEDY, JAMES WOODFIN-Certified-09/18/1999 - 12/31/2009-Recertified-12/01/2 009 - 12/31/2019-Hand Surgery-08/28/2000 - 12/31/2010
6.LABRADOR, DANIEL P.-Certified-05/07/1976 - Valid indefinitely
7.LEECH, MARK HATLEY-Certified-03/27/1999 - 12/31/2009-Recertified-12/01/2 009 - 12/31/2019
8.SARGENT, LARRY ALAN-Certified-11/29/1984 - Valid indefinitely
9.SCANLAND, JEANNE ANDREE-Certified-11/13/1993 - Valid indefinitely
10.VONWERSSOWETZ, ARTHUR JOSEPH-Certified-11/30/1984 - Valid indefinitely

Go here to double check me.

I believe most will have web-sites, just place their name in your search window!
Mom in need


#3 Sep 15, 2010
Wow....80k! I hope I don't need that much work. Thank's for the info. What about Dr. Nease? He has a nice web site and has been voted best Cosmetic Surgeon in the Times Free Press. I called his office and they said he's board certified. They also say he's the best in town. Thanx for any help.

Chattanooga, TN

#4 Sep 15, 2010
Almost forgot this, a most important point: Below is the link to the state site: Tennessee Department of Health. These folks issue the license for health professional who practices in the state, therefore maintains a data base on such. Please verify the license/credentials of whomever you chose. Here you can find Board certifications (not all are ABMS approved however), hospital privileges (those should be double-checked with the actual hospital too) any completed patient complaints, medical schooling etc…

If you see fit, keep us posted on your progress: what doctor you chose & why, planned procedures, outcome etc… I think that would be most helpful, to all concerned.

Ps. I’ve also heard good things, from several people regarding: LEECH, Sergeant & Scanland too, but have not been exposed to their work overtime. BRZEZIENSKI is one of my favorites because he’s willing to speak to this plastics/cosmetic matter publicly and his role as an educator, at the medical school. I simply have no knowledge of the other Plastic Surgeons.
Mom in Need


#5 Sep 16, 2010
I tried to get info from Dr. Brez's office however had no luck. I was passed around through voice messages and once I got a person, they didn't know much. I am seeing Dr. Leech next week as his office was very nice and helpful. His web site is also informative and he is board certified by the ASPSs. We'll see....I'm excited!

Chattanooga, TN

#6 Sep 17, 2010
Mom in Need wrote:
I tried to get info from Dr. Brez's office however had no luck. I was passed around through voice messages and once I got a person, they didn't know much. I am seeing Dr. Leech next week as his office was very nice and helpful. His web site is also informative and he is board certified by the ASPSs. We'll see....I'm excited!
Great thanks for sharing.

Chattanooga, TN

#7 Sep 17, 2010
First, understand “cosmetic” anything is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, which is the GOLD Standard for any practicing U.S. medical doctor, period; This single non-for profit organization overseas the entire certification process for all 24 medical specialties (listed below) and their respective sub-specialties.

•Allergy and Immunology (1971), Anesthesiology (1941), Colon and Rectal Surgery (1949),•Dermatology (ABMS Founding Member),•Emergency Medicine (1979),•Family Medicine (1969), Internal Medicine (1936),•Medical Genetics (1991),•Neurological Surgery (1940), Nuclear Medicine (1971), Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABMS Founding Member), Ophthalmology (ABMS Founding Member), Orthopedic Surgery (1935),•Otolaryngology (ABMS Founding Member), Pathology (1936), Pediatrics (1935), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (1947), Plastic Surgery (1941), Preventive Medicine (1949),Psychiatry and Neurology (1935),Radiology (1935),Surgery (1937),Thoracic Surgery (1971),•Urology (1935)

When a medical doctor graduates from a given U.S. medical school, satisfy’s residency requirements and takes their very first board examination, it is done so ONLY under ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties) standards, who then certifies the new doctor has successfully passing their respective medical board examination. Thus, this new doctor now is “Board Certified” in one of the 24 above mentioned specialties. Additionally, this ABMS Board certification alone is what permits this doctor into a hospital’s operating room, providing the surgical privileges relative to their ABMS Board certified specialty. Once upon a time that’s all any prospective patient really needed to understand, basically. This is not so today.

There is NO ABMS “Board certification “for “cosmetic” anything, period; it simply does not exist. Any claim by a doctor to be “Board certified” cosmetic surgeon, this is not possible via an ABMS-Board Certification. When one sees a doctor claiming to be a board certified cosmetic “whatever”, this style “alleged “board certification” is supported by a cleverly constructed private entity, a simple state registered business if you will. Usually ran for a profit with a fancy medical styled name like “The Academy of, Fellowship of, The College of, etc…or “whatever”. I refer to these entities as a “great big doctors club”: merely “be a doctor of any of the 24 medical specialties, and maybe some foreign trained doctors too (God Forbid), pay a fee and be a member!” this is all by design. Each and every doctor I have reviewed (including the dental quacks) has held this style membership/credential up as an indication of a skill level/standard of patient care etc… luring patients into a NON- approved ABMS medical environment, procedure etc… this is one reason why these type of doctors cannot use a hospitals operating room.

Dr. Pancake being the worst offender to date in our area, he was nothing more than an ABMS certified general Otolaryngology, didn’t even hold a subspecialty ticket in Facial and neck Plastic surgery. Then he holds himself up as the cities greatest ABMS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, supported by many and no one did a damn thing to stop him! Many patients and others unnecessarily suffered at this manic- Quack’s hands, he was completely out of control!

In closing when a doctor states I’m board certified one must ask; is that an ABMS Board Certification. Go below type any doctor’s name in and you will instantly see what ABMS Board Certification is held, you may start answering your own questions: (it will require a simple registration)

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#8 Sep 19, 2010
Where to start?
@Impacted you sound like a shill for the ABMS plastic surgeons. Do you work in a PS office in Chattanooga. Are you a plastic surgeon ?

If not, the only other reasonable assumption is that you have been sold a story filled with half-truths and now proceed to spew it forth in the interest of "patient safety."

The best comment you've made above is that there is no ABMS board certification in cosmetic surgery. Then you immediately default to the standard position of plastic surgeons. "Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is ABMS board certified" Because that assures the public of what exactly ???

You do mention to check for hospital privileges and that is a viable method of evaluating a surgeon. However, it implies that all surgeons with hospital privileges are competent and patients can be assured of a safe outcome of their procedure whilst a surgeon without hospital privileges will surely only harm patients. This is also a naive and misinformed assertion that is widely disseminated by the political arm of organized plastic surgery.

Here's why folks. Hospitals use ABMS standards to assure patients of a certain level of clinician competency. They do this by helping to determine the basic standards for training in each of the specialty areas that @Impacted mentioned and then testing the graduates of such programs in order to proclaim them "board certified". Each specialty then has a proscribed set of procedures which are deemed to be within its "scope" of practice. Currently, plastic and reconstructive surgery contains all body cosmetic procedures within its scope. Otolaryngology (ENT) contains a significant amount of facial plastic surgery within its scope. Oculoplastic surgery - a subspecialty of Ophthalmology also considers facial cosmetic procedures within the scope of its practitioners. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery while not an ABMS specialty is an approved American Dental specialty with standards for training equally as high as its ABMS colleagues who work in the same area. It considers facial cosmetic procedures to be within its scope of practice.

So what's the deal with hospital privileges?
The problem boils down to big time politics and has to do with training for procedures that are considered "out of the scope" of the practitioner's original training. Since plastic and reconstructive surgeons scope of practice is basically "everything from the top of your head to the tip of your toes" they get to be the ones in the hospital setting that determine whether a doctor from another field like ENT is qualified to do breast augmentation.(It's interesting to note that the reason plastic and reconstructive surgeons have such a wide scope of practice is mainly because they were the first historically to claim those privileges. The main focus of a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency is reconstructive surgery. Burns, hand injuries, free flap reconstructions etc. And yet as part of their "scope of practice" many plastic surgeons with minimal amounts of cosmetic surgery training are given hospital privileges to perform all cosmetic procedures.)

So now say an ENT surgeon wishes to perform breast augmentation surgery. Ideally, he/she attends courses to familiarize himself/herself with the anatomy of the surgery as well as the potential complications and then performs surgery as an assistant with an experienced mentor until the mentor deems him/her competent. The surgeon then presents their log of cases performed with the mentor as well as their course work to the Section Chief of the department of plastic surgery and requests hospital privileges to perform breast surgery.

What do you think the answer will be folks ?
That's right now you're catching on.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#9 Sep 19, 2010
Request for privileges denied because your training was inadequate because you are not a plastic surgeon and we don't recognize any training you have done. If you want to do breast surgery go back and do a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency (even though you may perform less breast surgery than your log currently show) and we'll happily give you carte blanche "full scope" privileges.

So now you begin to see the origins of the Boards other than ABMS. They are attempts to document a practitioner's training in procedures traditionally considered to be outside of the scope of his or her practice and to then test the practitioner's competence in these areas by the administration of an examination patterned after the (you guessed it) ABMS board examinations. But these exams are fought against by the ABMS tooth and nail as to their validity. They can't chance losing their position as the preeminent authority.
(Holy cow, it's about power and money too ?)

Here's an interesting tidbit. Ever wonder just exactly what's on the ABMS test?

It's a written exam and then and oral exam. No testing of your operating skills whatsoever. You have to have performed a number of surgical cases considered representative of your specialty.

So while the technically marginal surgeons are supposed to be weeded out in residency training, I can assure you that some do not.

And after taking and passing tests their whole life practically, any doctor who cannot pass a board exam is questionable IMHO.

Here's another interesting problem. Impacted refers to Dr. Pancake as "nothing more" than an ABMS certified general otolaryngologist. This is indicative of the level of ignorance and brain-washing seen in zealots of all manner. Check out youtube under radical neck dissection or glossectomy or hemi-mandibulectomy with pectoralis major reconstruction and see what "nothing more " than a general otolaryngologist can do.

Now tell me that a surgeon that is trained to do these these major dismantling and reassembly procedures cannot learn to do a simple face-lift or breast augmentation. Seriously ?

Don't misconstrue my take on this to suggest that I am defending Dr. Pancake or others. There are good and bad doctors within the ranks of all the specialties noted here. None has a lock on virtue and ethical behavior.

However, I would hope that one could see by now that the the politics behind this situation would also carry over to the media handling of the deaths and other untoward events. In the same way that Impacted has been indoctrinated, so has the media. The facts that ABMS board certified plastic surgeons have patient deaths and complication rates similar to if not higher than these other specialists performing cosmetic surgery is either swept under the rug by their plastic surgeon run malpractice insurer(that's right they run the malpractice company that insures the majority of their ranks so what are the odds that they settle quickly with large sums and contracts that forbid the injured parties to speak to anyone about the settlement) or somehow made "acceptable" because he was ABMS board-certified and so couldn't possibly have been at fault. Just business as usual.

Folks, the secret is this, cosmetic procedures are the least technically difficult surgeries (with the possible exception of rhinoplasty) of all the procedures these doctors train to do. That's why it's easy for any of these guys to transition to cosmetic surgery and that's why so much B.S, about competency and ongoing attempts to convince you that Board certified plastic surgeons are the only good safe practitioners of this craft.

So how is the poor unsuspecting public to pick the good surgeons from the bad ? It's tough. Board certification in their primary specialty shows that they have completed a program that had standards for training and that they were smart enough to pass a written and oral examination.


Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#10 Sep 19, 2010
Hospital privileges for the procedures is fraught with politics as shown above. There are very good plastic/cosmetic surgeons that have dropped their hospital privileges. Why ? They have busy cosmetic surgery practices. They want to do their face- lifts and go home. Hospital privileges usually means the doctor has to be on call from time to time. They don't want to be called to the Emergency Room at 3 am to sew up some drunk who got in a bar fight when they've got a full slate of surgery in the office the next day. They want to be able to give those patients their best and not be bleary-eyed from the night before. So they withdraw from being on staff. These surgeons should have arrangements with the hospital and other medical colleagues to admit their patients in the event of complications that can't be treated in the office.
Talk with other patients, try to get a feel for the doctor's local reputation with patients. Check out the office. Ask questions. Take your time. Look at pictures of the procedure you are considering. Like buying a house or a car, this is a decision process that should be given it's due diligence.
Its not those papers hanging on the wall that are operating on you. It's the human being whose name is printed on them. You should have a good rapport with the doctor and staff and feel comfortable. All your questions should have been answered to your satisfaction without attempts to side-step them or stand only on credentials.
Finally, my above-stated points are not meant to diminish or demean the necessity for ABMS boards in attempting to provide a consistent and high level of training and then testing the graduates and conferring "board certification". It is imperative that we should continue to strive for high standards and that an organization such as ABMS should be in existence to allow for some set of uniform standards to be held up for the protection of the public. If you read the ABMS literature regarding "board certification" you will find no assurances to the competency of surgeons. And this is as it should be. We are human beings. We will strive for perfection and always falls short. Medical errors have, do and will continue. The risk of surgery can NEVER be 0%, no matter the surgeon's credentials or hospital privileges.
My problem is with ill-informed people such as @Impacted seeing things in only black and white, having little real knowledge of the particulars of a situation other that what they have read in the paper or on the internet (because as we all know, reporters are infallible, have no agenda, never either willfully or unknowingly perpetuate someone else's agenda and are the fountains of knowledge about all things that matter) and then holding themselves out as an authority on the subject and having the audacity to advise others.
You sir or madam are as guilty of "quackery" on these boards as the doctors you accuse.

Santa Fe, NM

#11 Sep 19, 2010
“Wow” that’s exactly what I said the day I figured out Pancake was a complete QUACK!
Welcome to the “party” your only three years late! I gave you that “check-mark” for your posting, it was wonderful, loved it. Well written, informative and long over-due! Congratulations.

First, I have never held myself-up as an authority on any of these matters discussed, on any thread! I have never worked for any medical entity whatsoever at any time, nor do I plan to do so. I, nor any family member or friend, benefit’s in anyway by my personal assertions/opinions on these matters. In fact the exact opposite has occurred but that’s not relative. I assure you I’m a simple layperson.

For the past three years, I’ve posted, well over 100,000 words on these subjects and read ten-times that, for only one reason, what Bruce Pancake represented in this community. I noticed you didn’t spend any time on that particular subject. Please do not attempt to apply the “exception” rather than the rule; we have several examples to pull from. He was allowed to bring complete disgrace to the entire medical community, including, each and every Plastic Surgeon in our city and no one tried to stop him! It occurs every day throughout our country today.
We shall cast that aside for now, with your approval of course, and continue this discussion, should you so be inclined to do so.

You know exactly why I took that particular positioning with the ABMS issue; it is the safest bet going. Additionally, do not try to blame the Patients lack of interest, as most do, after all who brought you into this world? The drunk in the emergency room needs his head sworn up and the bad doctor needs to be stopped, equally. This entire issue is about public trust and awareness, well documented in an oath I believe you took.

As I stated you maintain excellent points throughout your posting, I have a lot of respect for that and you stepping forward. Thank you.
Dr Bob


#12 Sep 20, 2010
I believe You (Dr. Nease) need to increase your medication (bipolar). That was a bit much even for you. These are the typical talking points for the non cerrtified surgions I believe. Is it true that you are now mentoring other non-plastic surgeons yourself in the same techniques that you have learned from "weekend" courses so that they also may become "board-certified" cosmetic surgeons? And the most important reason to have hospital priv for these "easy" procedures is so that you will be able to admit patients in the case of complications so they will have the best and safest of care....not because of concerns over lack of sleep you may experience sewing up someone in need in the wee hours! Currently, others of us take care of your complications.

Chattanooga, TN

#13 Sep 20, 2010
I recommend Christopher Chase. I have used him and he is wonderful. He is in with Dr. Von's group:

Chattanooga, TN

#14 Sep 20, 2010
Dr Bob wrote:
I believe You (Dr. Nease) need to increase your medication (bipolar). That was a bit much even for you. Currently, others of us take care of your complications.
Just picked-up on the “manic” comment, great sense of humor! It appears this may become a sub-specialty of Otolaryngology…at least in our fair city!
And the fight continues

Birmingham, AL

#15 Sep 20, 2010
Good stuff. This is the kind of banter that needs to be shown to the public. First off I have to disclose my bias. I am a Board Certified General Surgeon and will soon be Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery. And no I am not Dr. Nease though I met him in Orlando and think he is one of the most competent and caring Cosmetic Surgeons I have ever met. I have always wanted to practice in Aesthetics and had originally planned to do a Plastic Surgery Fellowship not knowing there was an alternative. After much research I learned that a Plastic Surgery Fellowship, which is now standardized to three years of training, is focused very little on cosmetic surgery. Every Plastic Surgery fellowship interview that I attended only one or maybe two months were dedicated to cosmetics. Average case load, after speaking with all of the current fellows, was in the range of only 30 cases total in aesthetics! They spend the vast majority of their training learning about major wound care, flap reconstruction, hand surgery, burn/trauma care, craniofacial abnormality recon., and treatment of many soft tissue conditions in general. Interestingly if you asked many of the plastic fellows they almost all uniformly said they were either somewhat or mostly interested in just cosmetics. I then learned of the AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) and found that they had standardized fellowship training that was dedicated entirely to training in Cosmetic Surgery. After much thought I decided to go this route and have been very pleased. I completed 750 cases in one year! I am very competent in both body and face aesthetics and have had great results. Unfortunately there still exist a fair bit of conflict between Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons. Though I respect the field of Plastic Surgery they are losing this fight the very reasons I cited above. I do agree that the field of cosmetic surgery needs more regulation because their are some who have very little training in Cosmetic Surgery. For example their are many Family Medicine/ER physician/Internal Medicine/etc. doctors who did nothing more than attend weekend workshops on certain procedures and then label themselves as cosmetic surgeons. The Plastic Surgeons and SHOULD fight these physicians but then they unfortunately try to group in everyone who labels themselves as Cosmetic Surgeons into that pot. While I agree wholeheartedly with fighting physicians without formal surgical training, fighting Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons who have completed a year Cosmetic Fellowship is a losing battle. Ultimately the conflict is fueled by one Though they know that fellowship trained Cosmetic Surgeons can operated circles around them compared to when they finished their plastics fellowship, they still keep the fight going because they want to be the only surgeons doing cosmetic surgery...and thus increase their chances of having a successful practice. For those who aren't physicians who are reading all of these posts I say to you don't believe anyone of us. Do your own homework and I'm sure you will come to this same conclusion. In closing just remember this and I am happy for you to double check this...I have heard of many Plastic Surgeons who later completed cosmetic fellowships(both sanctioned and unsanctioned) but I have NEVER met/heard of a Cosmetic Surgeon who felt they needed a Plastic fellowship to be better trained before practicing.
Dr Bob


#16 Sep 20, 2010
Well Well Another James White. In other words, a general surgeon who barely finished GS training and could not make it in the field...thus "I think I'll become a cosmetic surgeon". And yes, our profession does a poor job of policing their own, which I blame on the legal profession as we would be infringing on your "right" to make a living. As you have so correctly stated...becoming "board certified" in Cosmetic surgery is a farce as this is open to any MD who has completed an internship in ANYTHING! You must be proud. My real summation is that you tried to land a fellowship in PS, however were rejected. So you decided to go the route of many others who dont quite measure up. And yes, we do cover virtually all areas of PS during our fellowship years, however the emphasis is whatever you make it. Most of us serve our time in the field where we are despartely needed, such as trauma reconstruction, cancer reconstruction, etc and only gradually migrate into cosmetics. However you money hungry high level marketeers just decide it's time to denegrade the profession and bypass the standards....just because you can! You say you've done over 750 cases? Who did you train with.....other non plastic surgeons like yourself of a significant expence I might add. Real Plastic Surgeons would welcome each other into their offices if they wanted to better themselves at a new procedure, at no cost! I do hope your malpract carrier is not the same as mine, as I don't want our premiums to go up....that is IF your carry MI. Good luck to the poor souls in Trussville, who have been your guinea pigs while you learned. I guess its time to move to a real city as Dr. Nease is, since now you think you know how to do these procedures.

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#17 Sep 21, 2010

I have no knowledge of Dr. Pancake or any of his history. So I cannot comment one way or the other. It sounds to me from your post and your screen name that you or a family member was impacted as a result of interaction with either this surgeon or another. I'm guessing it was not a good impact and if this is the case, I am sorry.

I've still got to disagree with you however, that the ABMS issue is the safest bet going. At when it pertains to cosmetic surgery, you're going to have to show me some statistics that back up this assertion. I don't believe you'll find any but if you do I'll gladly retract. You may find data that's exactly the opposite. I'll see if I can dig it up but I ran across a paper awhile back that showed that the highest incidence of complications and malpractice litigation in cosmetic procedures was amongst ABMS board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

The marketing of the ABMS and its members as the only bastion of patient safety when it comes to the practice of cosmetic surgery is a concept that is promoted primarily by plastic surgeons. And they promote it widely and heavily. You believe it as do many others because it has been sold very effectively. A portion of every plastic surgeon's dues in their professional organizations is ear-marked for the political arm of plastic surgery which also includes marketing. If you'll notice carefully, it's not the ABMS itself that is self-promoting. It is the plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are touting their ABMS board certification as if it somehow confers the ability for them to be the only ones that do not have complications and deaths.

This doesn't mean that I think that all plastic surgeons are poor cosmetic surgeons. On the contrary, many are gifted exceptional men and women. But ABMS plastic surgery board certification is not what makes for an exceptional surgeon and I find the efforts of organized plastic surgery along this vein to be at best misguided.

By the same token, there are many exceptional and gifted surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery who have ABMS board certification in another primary specialty and who have acquired their cosmetic surgery training after their residency.

And yes, I think if the surgeon in question does not have ABMS certification in a surgical specialty or certification by the ABOMS (American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)which certifies dental surgeons, then with few exceptions they should not be doing invasive surgical procedures.

Here's my take FWIW. Good and bad people will always exist and they will be found in all walks of life. It is not appropriate although it is exceedingly common to paint all members of an organization with the same brush. People must be judged on an individual basis - it is the only way to prevent or minimize punishing the good along with the bad.

In cosmetic surgery as well as others, the complication rate and death rate will likely never be brought completely to zero. Human beings will always be fallible and will always err. Bad things will happen to good doctors as well as to bad doctors. And some doctors, either unwilling to face this stark reality of what they do for a living or for purely financial reasons will attempt to take the moral high ground by claiming that their training, board certification, etc. is the best and hang their hat there.

Others who have lived a little more fully and gained a little more wisdom and perhaps seen a little further into the looking glass will educate and equip themselves to the best of their knowledge and ability, treat their patients with the utmost respect and refrain from judging others lest they be so judged.


#18 Sep 21, 2010
I like what he's saying! You dont have to be a real plastic surgeon to do breat implants. I hear it's really easy. Also, I would think it would be cheeper too! How can I call your office for a consult. Do I have to go to sleep...I'm pretty tough. Let me know ASAP!

Chattanooga, TN

#19 Sep 21, 2010
For the record, I’m not a reporter either, just concerned citizen, who remains in total astonishment/shock of the incredible circumstances that produced Dr. Bruce Pancake. This provided my initial motivation. However, after analyzing Pancake’s great adventure, discovering his credentialing lies, his butchery of Patients, his greed, steroid abuse, mal-practice complaints the individuals he surrounded himself with/enablers and the complete & total lack of concern by anyone at all, among other items. I decided to educate myself a bit.

This has led to this particular thought of mine: Any state licensed medical holder, who had knowledge that Pancake was operating, so far out of his “scope of practice”, injuring patients, over sheer greed for ten-long-years, is guilty of breaking their respective medical oaths, for starters. Adding further insult to injury, the State Board of health, drops all pending mal-practice charges then “sweep’s” this entire medical- disaster under the “rug”, like it never happened. The current medical structure enabled Pancake and subsequently me too; neither should subsist.

Now, since he committed(3 years ago this month), suicide and I’m still alive and able, here we are! So sir, my indoctrination: was not by any Plastic Surgeon, I have not been sold a story, I don’t spew-forth, I’m not ill-informed, I have no hidden agenda, I’m not a zealot, nor ignorant and I’m not even part of the problem. I sir, I’m your very worst nightmare, a potential patient who is trying their very best to understand, how the top 3% of the intelligence in our society-Doctors, have reached the point, that injuring a patient by practicing your craft is not longer a concern.

If it’s not too much to ask, go here and briefly read how one of your “brothers” conducted himself. If that gets any of your attention, then please go to the first page and read forward. Re-educate yourself from a potential patient prospective. Fair warning: its a little terrifing.

Begin at post #289, please.

Now that I have answered your accertions, I will respond to the real questions you raise, from my prospective of couse.

Fair warning: it’s a bit terrifying.
Dr Bob


#20 Sep 23, 2010
So....Trussville Cosmetologist, why suddenly silent? Don't be offended but do tell us who you are so we can be on the lookout for you. We also might want to check your background and education since you're proud of what you've done.

Tell me when this thread is updated:

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