Kemah, TX

#2397 May 27, 2012
I remember all of the families would gather flowers and travel to the cemeteries to decorate the graves this weekend. Walking around to read the names on the markers revealed the history of the community and family ties. How sad it is that many have no idea where their ancestors are buried. I know where to find the gggggrandfather who served in the War of 1812, the gggrandfather who was the confederate soldier...others remain lost as markers were nonexistent or sunken.

Elkhart, IN

#2398 May 30, 2012
AD for the farm supply store up the road came. As I browsed through it, I saw a small ice cream churn only 60 bucks!!!

Brought back memories of my Gram making ice cream and us kids fighting to get to lick the paddles. We made more ice cream in the winter time as the ice was free(G) Humungous icicle always formed on one corner of the barn and we were warned to stay away from it.

Later, when out kids were little we got an ice cream churn(didnt pay $60 for it tho) Once my wife decided to put in some strawberrys. never gave it a thought but those things got hard as rocks!

Later on everyone got tired of cranking so we splurged and bought a churn with an electric motor to do the work. That lasted a couple years until the salt water got in the motor and the thing was prone to 'bite'

Now when we want ice cream we just run get a cone with the curly thingy on top(G)
River Ridge

Elkview, WV

#2399 Jun 5, 2012
I notice that the school wide reunion of Talcott School is taking place this weekend at the 4 H Camp. I would have thought it would have generated a few comments on here. Maybe after the event we will see a few. I have a connection or two with the talcott High School of years ago. I enjoyed those years (even then) and especially enjoy remembering them now.

Princeton, WV

#2400 Jun 5, 2012
I haven't seen anything pertaining to it, so wonder how many others aren't aware. I didn't know anyone at Talcott, and the funny thing is, in the 50's, Talcott seemed a long way off...I guess it's because we didn't have cars and get to run around in other areas much. Someone mentioned that they're attempting to have an "all 50's" reuinion of Hinton High School toward Fall, and I guess it'll depend on how many responses they get to it.

Orange, VA

#2401 Jun 7, 2012
i remember when you husbad stated home with you and kids didert go off with thoes w----- .them wrer gooder days

Princeton, WV

#2402 Jun 9, 2012
This is as good time as any to wonder what the "Topix" friends are doing...never could make any sense of, or know what to do with a Saturday, so the computer comes in handy. I don't enjoy working out in the sun, and don't know about you all, but the mosquito bites I've had so far are more like 'major' poison spreading wounds! Either something has mutated or we're undergoing a result of some sort of 'germ warfare', using the mosquitoes as kamikaze weapons...I'm getting me a mosquito bazooka!!! Haven't heard from Mel for a while, or Art either...figure Judy's busy with family and making the most of Summer before the S--- word comes up. River Ridge, if you have hay, I know what you're doing, and if you don't, you're still probably outside working. Hope you're all well!

Elkhart, IN

#2403 Jun 9, 2012
Lea, I've just been sittin back waitin for some one to start something(G) We had some extremely hot days and than the past week has been pretty nice. Now i see we are in for another hot one tomorrow. Open the windows on the shady side of the house and turn the ceiling fan on high(G)

Nothing exciting to report other than I fell and broke my glasses(BUMMER) The new ones are giving me fits!
River Ridge

Logan, WV

#2404 Jun 9, 2012
yep, we got hay. did about 12 acres today and will do more on monday. Most enjoyable job on a farm is getting the hay in if everything is working, most hated job on a farm if nothing works right and the weatheer is even against you. also attended (briefly) the Talcott Reunion. saw some people I hadnt seen in many a year. They sure had aged (in my opinion).

Princeton, WV

#2405 Jun 13, 2012
And just what were you doing while everyone else was aging...I know how you feel-it's hard to believe we're as old as we are, and don't feel like we are until we meet up with others we haven't seen for a while. Will you get another cutting of hay this season if the weather stays reasonable? I'll hold off on my "snow dance" this early Fall, but I want to tell you that I'm truly sick of the mosquitoes and flies, not to mention that everyone around is talking of snakes everywhere, and the first snake I see, I'm going to an apartment. OTHERWISE, I love the country...especially love small towns, no matter how small or how rundown, because they're definitely a 'dying breed' and they have a "past" to them that the big cities can't claim.

Princeton, WV

#2406 Jul 12, 2012
Don't know what to say..guess we could let this die out, but like I've said before, facebook is popular for most, but I enjoy our Topix sessions more, and miss them. We're all talking about the same thing in this part of the country, and comparing stories, so it'll take a while to get back to normal. Only about 16,000 out now, but yesterday and today I saw more utility trucks then we had seen all along...drove up to Renick for blueberry picking and saw well over 50 trucks in that distance alone. These men are exhausted, burnt to a crisp, sleep deprived, and lonely for their families...the workers and volunteers helping people out also deserve all the praise they can get. We have a lot of jets fly over, and are used to the sound, but now everytime we hear that roar, for a while we'll run screaming inside and dive under the bed (I need to lose weight so I'll fit)! Don't know if any of you were affected, except River Ridge, and maybe it skipped him too...let us know.
River Ridge

Saint Albans, WV

#2407 Jul 12, 2012
Lea, you are right in your praise for the folks who turned out to help during all this. Most noteworthy in my neighborhood was the volunteer fire departments. they tirelessly delivered water to the elderly, made sure they had ice (when the fire dept had it) and served meals to those not able to cook our of their fire station. I hope their efforts are not forgotten when they have a fund drive as they always have to do. And yes it affected me here on the back forty. our poweer was out a total of nine days. we got along ok though. cooked outside, took showers from a hose hooked to a barrell and sat in the shade a lot. Of all the trials of the nine days the heat was the worst. there was no way to escape it except to sit quietly in the shade and drink a lot of water. It will be a story worth telling in a few years. I was also amazed at the people who were not in the least prepared to go even a day with out power or ice or food. I guess it is a geneerational thing.

Princeton, WV

#2408 Jul 12, 2012
I can agree with everything you said EXCEPT ONE, and yes I guess it's because I wasn't prepared for it...after three days, I would have walked 5 miles for ICE. All the liquids were hot by then, and it was easy to fix coffee or hot tea on the gas grill, but oh, for ICE. We finally heard that MonPower and Lowes joined forces to hand out ice and water in the parking lot, so we did get one bag of ice, and it was the BEST ice on earth! We don't have a generator, and the borrowed one fizzled out in no time, so yes, that's our first preparation item for the next crisis. Well, did you (like me) think of all the reasons why you might prefer this to happen in one season instead of another...we've been without heat in the Winter and didn't suffer like we did last week with no way to get cool. I can't imagine what some went through, who were older (than me), very young, in poor health, and no where to get outside and breathe at all. One thing good came out of it for me...I can take ice cold showers now, and not blink an eye!

Charleston, WV

#2409 Jul 12, 2012
Just received news from facebook--Art past away last night--arrangements pending--Prayers to his family.
River Ridge

Saint Albans, WV

#2410 Jul 12, 2012
Of course I never met Art, however by the way he talked and the people he referenced I am sure his wife and he both knew my granddad when he lived on Big Creek. He (art) was from a different age where we measured a person by what he said and how he said it, how he took care of his family and what he thought of his neighbors in good and bad times. People like that are not easy to find in the generations that have followed Art's generation. Art is in good hands now I am sure.

Princeton, WV

#2411 Jul 12, 2012
Oh, I wish we could have 'talked' to him more on here lately...he seemed to enjoy Topics so much, and he seemed like a native of Hinton, with the interest he had in the area. Really hate that he's gone!

Fort Wayne, IN

#2412 Jul 13, 2012
i too never met Art but because of our communication with him on topix felt as though I did know him.My heart is very,very sad this morning after hearing this.

Point Pleasant, WV

#2413 Jul 13, 2012
I will also miss Art even though we had never met-I felt like I knew him--I will miss his humor-he always seemed to see the bright side of everything-he had just turned 89-I hope I have the same outlook on life when I reach that age-He had posted to me on Sat wanting to know how bad we got hit by the storms--he said his breathing was getting so bad he could hardly walk across the room-but his daughters were coming in checking on him and Ginny every day-Man,did he love Ginny-was always worrying about her.I feel so bad for her-God Bless her-they wer3e so lucky to have each other.

Princeton, WV

#2414 Jul 14, 2012
I'm sure that Linda knows the site, but if anyone else wants to send condolences to Art's wife, the site is .

Point Pleasant, WV

#2415 Jul 15, 2012
Thank you Lea for posting that-I was going to--tried all day yesterday to get online but since those awful storms our power and internet is very touchy-sometimes I can get online-other times nothing-I never want to go through anything like that again.Here in Beckley--where I live we thought it was bad until the next day when I went off the hill and seen what Harper Rd. looked like--I came home and told Ron--we got none of the bad-we had one tree down on our hill.No power for 4 days--that was being lucky too because we had places that didn't have power for almost 2 weeks.Art would have just told us---we have to toughen up!! I am going to miss him.

Montpelier, VA

#2416 Jul 17, 2012
Thanks to all of you, Art enjoyed the time he spend with you. We are will miss him. I got to meet him when he & his daughter came down a couple years ago. Yes, he was just like you all said.

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