deserve to see justice

Bluefield, WV

#1 Oct 16, 2011
so the piece of crap is finally in jail? its about time. guess it took mercer county to really do something. if the dumbass would have stayed in summers county he would have never been caught. they were told where he was staying and still never went to pick him up. hope he gets some real time this time. at least he will pay for what he has done to certain people one way or another.
thank god

United States

#2 Jan 7, 2012
Thank god his sorry ass got sentenced to 29 years .... that's one less pathetic loser on the streets robbing everybody .... now if u could do the same to the rest of 90% of summers county we might make a dent ... lol
U too

Beckley, WV

#3 Jan 7, 2012
thank god wrote:
Thank god his sorry ass got sentenced to 29 years .... that's one less pathetic loser on the streets robbing everybody .... now if u could do the same to the rest of 90% of summers county we might make a dent ... lol
the 90% I'm sure with a comment like that you are included. LOL

Princeton, WV

#4 Jan 10, 2012
did he really get 29 years? and where can i read about this or verify this information? please

Princeton, WV

#5 Jan 10, 2012
thank god wrote:
Thank god his sorry ass got sentenced to 29 years .... that's one less pathetic loser on the streets robbing everybody .... now if u could do the same to the rest of 90% of summers county we might make a dent ... lol
Can you please tell me how you know this and tell me where i can verify it? I would love to know if this is true.
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Richlands, VA

#7 Jan 16, 2012
Go to the jail mugshots and type in McBride. I think most of his family is in there.
thank god

United States

#8 Jan 21, 2012
Yea he got 29 years federal time it will b a long time before he sees the outside world again thank god ..... And no im not part of the 90% i don't live in summers county i might have exaggerated on the 90% a little bit its a figure of speech but my opinion is they need to start with the first house on left on pipestem creek and and go from there not all people on the creek but there's alot of them there that needs to b cleared out ... then start on true road and clear them out and that would be about half the problems delt with right there ....

Bluefield, WV

#9 Jan 22, 2012
I had read in the paper his hearing wasnt until April I hope the info you are providing is accurate. And by first house on pc, i assume you mean his mothers. That would be a good place to start.

Elizabeth, WV

#10 Jun 15, 2012
anyone can go to the hearings. why not go? But for your information, he DID NOT get 29 years!!!!
And furthermore, what do you think is going on at Pipestem creek at his mother's? She happens to be a law-abiding citizen who cares about her son deeply. How dare you insult her and her family this way. If you need to know so much aout Michael and his affairs, you should contact his mom since you know where she lives and clear all this bull you are spreading about her and her family. In fact, I demand it! You are maligning her good reputation.

United States

#11 Jun 16, 2012
good rep.... ha ha ha ... u must be out ur fu**n mind .... I have known the whole family for years .... know all this for a fact .... Michael deserves to be under the jail and his mom needs to be right beside him .... once he does his time in wv ... he will do a lot more time in va for taking stolen guns across va line .... so it will be long time before he sees freedom..... the crime rate in summers county has went down 90% since his ass got locked up ... he had his hands n every robbery in summers ... mercer ... etc.... if u don't believe that ... then u have issues .... or ur close family ....and jus taking up for him .....

Capon Bridge, WV

#12 Jun 16, 2012
As for her good rep...I don't think getting fired from the job because you are so messed up that you pass out at work is a very good rep. Her children learned it somewhere. Look around town and see Suzie being a cheap whore and always so messed up she can't walk. And her son is following in her footsteps. All of her grandkids have been taken by the state. So when you say her good rep it makes me laugh. Really LAUGH!!! Apples do not fall far from the tree.
just so u know

Houston, TX

#13 Jun 17, 2012
Michael is a good person with a great heart. Everyone makes mistakes. Drugs gets the best of people n changes them. No he didnt deserve to get that much time. But everyone on here running their mouths karma is a b**ch. U will get yours too.

United States

#14 Jun 18, 2012
wait u say he didn't deserve to get that much time .... so u think everything he did to people as far as stealing there shit .... is ok .... I'm tired of hearing the excuse about drugs.... drugs makes u do this and drugs makes u do that .... that bullshit .... I'm a recovering pill addict..... done them for 15+ years and not once did I break in somebody's house for a pill ..... I worked for everything I got..... anyway ask the family on pipestem creek if he has a heart.... comes in there home while the power is out and they are gone trying to take care of there family ... comes in there home like a week before Christmas.... and opens all there gifts .... takes what he wants and the cuts up and breaks everything else.... rips up the couch .... pours alcohol out everywhere and strips all the copper wire out of the heat pump and then leaves it in the yard ..... yea .... has a heart my ass ..... I hope he rots in prison .... he is a sorry piece of shit ..... that deserves everything he has coming .....
just so u know

Kissimmee, FL

#15 Jun 18, 2012
And u will get yours too!!! Everybody on pipestem creek isnt as holy as they act. Poor them frauding every way they can.
think bout it

Millersville, MD

#16 Jun 25, 2012
I think u r all retarded!..I've known him 4 yrs..yeah he messed up n was on drugs pretty bad...but tht is no reason 2 bad mouth his family and everybody else on the creek!! Most work hard just like I do!! I'm no addict but I understand tht it does change people I've seen it first hand! It get control of u n won't let go very easy! I'm not in the family either so b4 u run ur d*ck sucker get ur sh*t strait! Everybody makes mistakes n anybody can change! I bout bet my life if ur baby girl was suckin d*ck 4 dope it would b diffrent story out ur mouth!! I guess u r perfect n have never made a mistake in ur life!? By the way this post goes 2 everybody tht thinks he is worthless n needs under the jail!! And he got 18 mo fed time 4 his crime!! Look it up it public record... you people show ur ignorance by bad mouthing a family u kno just enough about 2 make a dumbass coment about!...I hope u understand tht u r not any better than him!! U have shown tht by the things u have all written....burn n hell n have a great day wh*res!:)
happy daze

Tazewell, VA

#17 Jun 25, 2012
my what a charged subject lots of colorful language like reading a script for Jerry Springer.If there were a vid slice bet there would be chairs hands/fists flying. (classic)

United States

#18 Jun 28, 2012
ok so he he got 18 months fed time .... what u dont understand is when thats over with .... hes goin straight to va .... to do 25+ years.... so so it will be a long time before he gets out ....

Bluefield, WV

#19 Feb 13, 2013
I am praying he gets more than 18 months and for anyone who thinks he has a good heart, you must be on better drugs than he was. He is a physically emotionally and mentally abusive person who destroyed two wives and his own daughter. He will never change. And as far as his family and their good name. Well there's nothing bad about that family that can be said that isn't true. The only ones who are worth anything have disowned the others. I hope god keeps Michael in jail and away from te people he has destroyed because lord knows he has no business being around his kid.

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