Ghosts in Hinton Area
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Snowshoe, WV

#81 Aug 18, 2010
Sam wrote:
Someone asked where Irish Mountain was, it is right past Sandstone Falls on Southside.
You can also take Broomstraw Ridge Rd in Jumping Branch go all the way out and hit Old Pluto Rd. before you get to the interstate you will see the Irish Mt Rd. sign on your right. That place scared me too, we heard voices and seen lights in the woods. we first thought foxfire but noticed the lights moving like lanterns.

Snowshoe, WV

#82 Aug 18, 2010
I know wrote:
<quoted text>
i know which house you are talking about I know family who lived there and you are right about the bathroom it was very nice but that bathroom would freak me out everytime.
I also know that house I have family that lives there and one was a huge skeptic until he started seeing and hearing things including seeing a man.
he he

Hurricane, WV

#83 Aug 18, 2010
u got mackinerry hospital in prince dont know if u can git back to it anymore but its full active very weird things down there if i think of anymore ill post
my view

Augusta, WV

#84 Aug 19, 2010
Interested and Also Interested, how long have you two been involved in this type thing? Have you heard many stories about unusual happenings? Do you have knowledge of the most common ways people experience the possibly paranormal? If so, please share some of it.

Are you located near the Hinton area or anywhere in southern WV? I am in the northern part of the state now, though I grew-up there. When you get your web page created, I'd like to contact you. I am sort of like a "Ryan" seeking to understand a few things I can't forget.
something to think about

Roanoke, VA

#85 Aug 21, 2010
The Bible says that on the last day of this world that the earth and the seas will give up her dead,,, so does that mean that they walk with us everyday? Think about it...
nimitz ghost

Snowshoe, WV

#86 Aug 22, 2010
Try the old path that goes threw streeter creek, just down ellison ridge first bridge take a right. My girlfriend and I use to sit there, Ive had something shake my car green lights circle. I even had my antenna pulled against the fender and released I watched it happen.Another place is crews cemetary and a old white house on true rd I walked by it and had a feeling to get away so I ran later talked to some older guys they said they use to go up there at night and would hear voices and footsteps
my view

Romney, WV

#87 Aug 23, 2010
Is the path by Streeter Creek near the old swimming place known as "Blue-hole"? What happens in Crews Cemetery that is weird? I've seen it mentioned several times on here, but I've never seen, heard, or felt anything strange there. But then I've always been so focused on memories of my loved ones buried there to be aware of anything else. Back in the 70's there was a house on Robin's Roost (closest to the Jumping Branch end)which was the epitome of the Hollywood haunted house. It was falling down and the windows were broken. It was the spookiest place to ride by after dark. It would have been a great place to go into to scare yourself silly, but it was too dilapidated to be safe. They eventually tore it down and put a small subdivision in that area.

Waterloo, Canada

#88 Oct 8, 2010
Irish Mountain Church wrote:
Church appears open with sign-in book, it's well known as a local Landmark.(just saw on Hinton photos.)
<quoted text>
when I went,I took pictures and there were orbs in them and saw figures of people in the windows .another picture I took from the back of the benches inside showed one side normal and the other blury.
Mary H


#89 Oct 9, 2010
Absolutely fascinating! I purchased some property off of rt 3 right after you cross the bridge and make the right that splits 3 and 20. There are several falling down homes and buildings on the property. Does anyone know the history of it? Does it have a past? Interested(paranormal investigators), if you would like to check it out please do and let me know what you find. I found the town online and fell in love with the beautiful landscape. I have not been there yet, however my son and his wife have. They took their dog because I believe that animals have a better sense then we do about things we cannot and will not see or sense. They found the town adorable and picturesque. Perhaps the foreboding is from all of the sadness from the lost jobs and people that have left from the area. Perhaps that is why there is a sadness in the town. Perhaps from the people left behind to witness what became of the town. I do not know as I have not been there yet. I think however that something so beautiful must be capable of extreme happiness. I do not know if I believe in ghost Per Se, but I do know that the body contains electricity and that electrical currents cannot be destroyed only transferred. Older towns are full of conductors of electricity. Lead is a good conductor and many older homes used lead paint.
Mary H

Kuwait, Kuwait

#90 Oct 9, 2010
Interested wrote:
These are all great stories. We need to write a book! It would definitely sell!
Perhaps this is something that should be pursued. Many of the older people could be a good source of information for the book. If you just take the time to engage them and then listen to what they have to say, you would be surprised by what you hear and learn. This is beneficial to tourism in the town. Another idea would be to organize ghost walks or ghost tours of the area. This is very popular around the fall but many towns do this year round such as Charleston,SC, New Orleans, and Gettysburg. Some of the old places can offer rooms to rent for those who want to spend the night in a haunted place. This is extremely popular with college kids. With the right marketing, this could bring some economy back into the town. Use the web in a positive way instead of the way it is predominantly used such as this site. Most of what you see here is Drugs, corruption, gossip and crime. This is one of the first site that comes up when you Google Hinton, West Virginia. Post more pictures of the beauty. Draw them in with the beauty and keep them coming back with the hospitality.
ghost hunter

Sophia, WV

#91 Oct 11, 2010
When i was in high school my friends and i were going out every weekend and looking for ghosts. We went to several places we went to the church on irish mount we also went down south side to a place that had a empty house that was supposed to be haunted. At the church my friend walked over to where the confessional was and when he stepped inside his hair stood on top of his head it was scary because we where in the room with him. And at the empty house we were outside and and it was warm and birds were out and crickets all making there noises and we said if there was anyone there let us know and it became silent it was also scary. If you need help with your ghost hunting let me know i would love to help!!!
ghost hunter

Sophia, WV

#92 Oct 11, 2010
I also believe my 90 year old house my be haunted at first my family did not believe me but they also agree now to. With the houses and buildings in hinton how could they not have a past everybody and everything has a past nothing can exclude there selves from the past!!!!

Waterloo, Canada

#93 Oct 11, 2010
There is a dirt road next to mongos home that is said to be a witch house.when I walked by it last the home looks wore down but a little eary feeling and started to smell something dead.a little further past the home bones were tied to a tree. Not sure if they are still there but gross and a feeling you wanted to go back very quickly away from the house. Was told the witch still visits there and in the past children came up missing.not sure if true but its what I was told.
Scared Silly

Snowshoe, WV

#94 Oct 15, 2010
I use to love to hear ghost stories and I always wanted to go a haunted house. Well several years ago the house on Herman Street was unoccupied. I had heard about the house through out my life so I got the bright idea to sneak into it with my boy friend along with a few brews. But we were not drunk and what happened was terrifying. We had just got comfortable when all hell broke loose. First we heard a voice we thought it was coming from outside but we finally tracked it down to an adjoining bedroom. I really didn't want to go in there but after waiting out in the hall for what seemed like several minutes with nothing else happening we went on in. Just about the time when we decided that we were probably mistaken about the sounds and where they came from I decided to ask my boyfriend if we shouldn't get out of there before we got caught. Just then I felt my boyfriends grip tighten on my hand, he shushed me and said listen. You could hear footsteps coming up the stairs they came down the hallway pasted the bedroom where we were standing and into the bedroom at the end of the hall. The door slammed violently even though the footsteps went right by the bedroom we were standing in you couldn't see anyone walk by. Needless to say it took us about 5 seconds to get the hell out of there. You couldn't get me to go back into that house for any amount of money. I've heard over the years the people that live there now thinks it's great that it's haunted and they feel the ghost watch out for them and the house.
9th Ave Rugrat

Ashland, KY

#95 May 27, 2014
Ace wrote:
don't remember the address. i was a kid when i was there with my parents and the people who lived there were talking about it.
if i remember right it was between 5th and 7th ave's
sorry, not much help. ask around hinton. maybe someone remembers a old woman dieing from smoke inhalation in her house on summers street.
Seems like I remember this back like almost 40 years ago if it's what I'm thinking of. Seems like it was a house on the corner of summers street on 8th avenue. Like if you're going down 8th it'd be the house to the right. Seems if I remember correctly there was also a man who they got out of the house who was in a wheelchair. I lived on 9th & barely remember myself. I left 9th in 78.

Beckley, WV

#96 Mar 19, 2016
Interested: I used to live in a house that I knew was haunted. It used to be a funeral home. The basement and the back two rooms creeped me out the most the adress was 310 7th Ave

Beckley, WV

#97 Mar 19, 2016
I have tons more to tell about
Ghost Girl38

Beckley, WV

#98 Mar 19, 2016
The big white house on summers really is haunted my grandparents lived there and it's haunted by Moody Gwinn she sits up in her bedroom window and rocks in her rocking chair in the evening. Also there is a big green house on Summers it is said to be haunted by a man and his wife the wife beat the he was only about 5 foot he smoked cigars and his wife made him go out side to smoke,rain or shine snow or sleet to smoke and every once in a while u can smell a cigar burning. And the man in meadow creek is real I have seen him and talked to him and so has my grandpa we went into the restaurant that he passed by and asked them about him they said he passed by ever day to try to get his money and when we looked back out he was gone. There is also another house on Summers that my Aunt lived in one day she was cleaning out the attic and she found a book about a haunted house in Hinton it was about the green house I mentioned earlier she read half of it but then she put it back the house is getting to fall down but u may can ask the owner if u could go and get the book. And just last night me and my gradpa were walking his dog and we walked by a house no lights nothing was on, the dog would not dare walk by that house we tried dragging her and everything she WOULD NOT walk past that house so we crossed the street so we could finish walking her then all of a suden the lights flashed on then off and then music started playing out of now where and that house has been empty for years . As well as any the old jail house is haunted too my grandpa was in the cell beside the steps it was like 3 in the morning and he heard footsteps going up and down and up and down and up and down again so he got up but there was none to be seen

United States

#99 Apr 3, 2016
Old pipestem school!!!! I drive by there and see weird stuff..I've heard stories about it being haunted and there is a cemetary behind it...

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