The Life Story of Junkie

Chesterfield, MO

#41 Jul 22, 2011
Im not even from hinton and i love reading your story. it makes me wonder who you are where you have been how are you now. i cant wait to read more. good job! i cant wait to read more.

Chesterfield, MO

#42 Jul 22, 2011
Close tho. im from meadow bridge

Beckley, WV

#43 Jul 22, 2011
I was wondering the same thing. I am from MB,also, but know alot of people from Hinton. Went to Sandstone jr high. Grad. in '87. Your story is amazing!

North Liberty, IN

#44 Jul 22, 2011
I know who wrote:
<quoted text>thanks for the info and to fill ya in Mom was a hardass on us.If dad got on to us we usually ended up with a new toy. So she was pretty hard on us, she would hit us with whatever she had handy I remember when bro pissed her off one winter, and he took a snow shovel to the head. She raised all kinds of hell about smoking weed but keep it between us.She is a wonderful mother she took alot of bull and stress not doing any drugs and now all her kids are into it. and thru this story u will see just a third of some of the stress she had to deal with
That may well be but I'm not seeing any real attempt to shut things down. It also appears that there were/are a number of parents in the area who were either unaware or didnt care what their kids were doing. I dont want to belabor the point and interrupt you story.

Snowshoe, WV

#45 Jul 22, 2011
Yankee wrote:
<quoted text>
That may well be but I'm not seeing any real attempt to shut things down. It also appears that there were/are a number of parents in the area who were either unaware or didnt care what their kids were doing. I dont want to belabor the point and interrupt you story.
Well at first they did try whatever and Im not putting all of that in here, if ya noticed i even left out the cussing he took over the car being towed, but by the time Junkie is 17 they know is a lost cause to bitch a raise hell cause it wasn't going to change. plus my parents still don't know half of what i was doing back than and when I tell them to read this I think they will be highly pissed....But im not going to write til tomarrow around 6 cause I just got off work and had to go pick up the little one and she is not ready for bed yet, and i have to work most of the day tomarrow but I hope yall all stay with me I might have this story finished in a month. but to let yall know by this time in the story Junkie was still an Angel

United States

#46 Jul 22, 2011
Love your story can't wait to hear more. I'm from hinton and I graduated in 2000. I'm wondering who u are myself. But I love your story and can't wait to hear more.
save it

Princeton, WV

#47 Jul 23, 2011
I know I know wrote:
I would write more tonight but I got pissed after writing all of that twice and it didn't post.I can see Im speeding thru it and making it boring but I don't work tomarrow so Ill write thru the day some
This happens to me sometimes when I take too long typing something. So next time copy it before you post it. Then if it doesn't post, you can start over and all you have to do is paste it instead of trying to remember all you wrote and retype it. Your stories bring back some good and bad memories of my younger days. I hope they can make others see what can happen to them!

Snowshoe, WV

#48 Jul 23, 2011
Well back to my story.......Now Junkie was to get his car out of impound,and the parents said u got urself into this get urself out.80 bucks later Junkie was his car back, but running late for school.He gets there around second period he knows Catfish is auto tech because he is supose to be in there too. He pulls in the garage and Catfish comes up cussing about having to go to school, Well Junkie hadn't signed in yet and tells Catfish screw it lets skip, but I got to be back here to get Skunk cause we has to work.They head for beckley with a bag of dope and a bottle of pills, their headed to the mall. Then they pull up beside a mustang, Junkie revs it and off they go, Junkie thinking the only way to beat this mustang is to pass him over 120 right before u get to the mall. Junkie forget about the red light until its to late. He come up on it over 110 and stomps the brakes, i think the car got faster when he did this. Luckly he makes it thru the red light without hitting a car,but had black marks there for over a year. This didn't slow him down, now they about to drop off sandstone mt as fast as they can go. They are smoking a joint but are half way down and cruzing at about 135, not paying a bit of attention Junkie come up on a rig. The truck is only doing about 40 and Junkie coming on him quick. At the last min Junkie looks up and jerks the wheel and makes it around the truck.In a car the size of Junkies they would have went right into the back tires. Now Junkie realized he could have killed him and Catfish not a year after Jay's and his wreck.

Snowshoe, WV

#49 Jul 23, 2011
They make it to school bout 15 min before the bell, and they just realized Catfish can't get on the bus because he left school in the middle of the day without signing out. So now they got to fit all 3 of them in a 2 seat car,they put Catfish in the middle on the console. It is to tight , only way he can ride there is if he takes out the sunroof and rides with his head sticking up,try and dodge the bugs Catfish. Now they get in town and behind the buses waiting on the light, So Junkie decides to go up third and beat the buses thru the light. He goes around a bus and hits 3rd, but pulling up to the bottom is Officer CokSucer in this K-9 unit. Junkie cut him off and Coksucer sees Catfish looking at him over the hood of Junkie's car, there pulled over. Well Junkie was his dope hid but forgot about the half a joint in the ash tray.Skunk notices that he don't have his dog in the car.Now CokSucer had them out of the car searching Catfish and Skunk,Junkie looks into the car and see's the joint. He pulls some change out of his pocket and reaches in for the grab. He gets it and smashes in his hand and drops it,CokSucer come rushing over what u pick up, Junkie opens his hands and says the change that fell at of my pocket in my seat.Since Junkie smashed the joint in his hand, U can smell the weed Catfish is smelling it from the other side of the car, CokSucer sees a funny shaped butane lighter that has a pot leaf on it. Guess bout this time he smells the weed,"look what I found ur bowl". He goes to smell it and hits the button and burns his nose hair. They all laugh, Officer says I just get my dog over hear and rip this yellow p.o.s apart.Skunk not thinking says u don't have ur dog with u. Without asking he starts searching the car throwing everthing into the middle of 3rd ave, but didn't find nothing,Only if he knew what was in that car.

Snowshoe, WV

#50 Jul 23, 2011
Well is not 6 months after Junkie gets his car,he was saved his money just to put into it.He has a buddy that tints windows, he takes it up there and ask how much.He tells him 120 for the back both sides and a strip across the front, Junkie than asks how dark can u tint it. His buddy says don't worry I hook it up,after about 2 hours he goes and picks it up. He did hook it up, he tinted the windows so dark u couldn't see in it with ur face pressed to the glass.Than the strip on the front window went from the top and was only 7 in from the bottom and just as dark. Now Junkie can do whatever, whereever without being seen,He can sit in the garage at school and do pills and smoke cigs without the teacher seeing.Next Junkie wants loud exhaust, he has the mufflers cut off and with a rear engined car that didnt leave much exhaust,so its loud.Junkie lived on a one lane curvey back rode, and now he is smoking a joint and flying so he can hear how his car sounds. He comes around a curve and loses it, it spins around twice and hits the side of a tree. Luckly he hit the tree, if he didnt it been bout a 50 ft fall. He is almost in tears now just put all this money in this car and now its totaled. Junkie moves the car off the tree and gets out to look at the damage. It bearly has a scratch, now Junkie feeling cocky,"Now thats how u drive" he screams. He gets home to show off his car to his dad, Dad looks at it and said It will be tore up in a month.Well that night Junkie gets off of work and heads for the store everybody hangs at. Up the mountain he came in behind a blue ford festiva. The guy see's Junkie coming up on him fast and takes off. To this day I have no idea what was in that car but I couldnt catch him. Well half way up the mtn Junkies car starts knocking and losing power, not 24 hours of putting money in his car he just blew the motor. He gets it home and its knocking bad and smoking, Dad walks out I told u and now u going to make everyone of those payments and ur not getting another. Well Junkie takes it to school the next day to check it out in auto tech, today Junkie got alot more weed than he been bringing and was being stupid he didnt even have it hid. The shop teacher walks up to Junkie as we working on his car,and say's "Junkie u better hid ur dope the police dog is searching cars in the parking lot today" joking. Junkie looks up at him and tells him I do have weed and it sitting right here in ur shop. Teacher gives him a weird look and walks toward the class room, on the wall beside the door is the phone he uses to call up to the front desk. Junkie is in a panic he gets in the car and grabs his weed and put it in the trash. Teacher walks back over to him and says' I just signed u out now get that sh!t off school property now. Junkie takes off and hids his stash at work he didn't wanna risk driving his car that much cause its bout to throw a rod. Junkie buys him and teacher lunch and heads back to school....

Snowshoe, WV

#51 Jul 23, 2011
Just want to know if yall are getting bored with this yet, Im trying to get to the good parts now, maybe at the end if any of u wanna give a name or email address I will find u on facebook or send ya and e-mail but u got to be female,single,very pretty and good with kids,im joking but see how many of u stick with it, and thanks for the support and for ur time it means alot thanks again

Oak Hill, WV

#52 Jul 24, 2011
Definately not bored.... Check in everyday to see what's new. LMAO. I'm sure I know you. Just can't figure it out.

United States

#53 Jul 24, 2011
Not bored. Check topixs everyday for ur story. U got me hooked like I'm readin a good book.

Beckley, WV

#54 Jul 24, 2011
Definitely not bored. I've been checking Topix everyday to see if you have posted anythong new. Awesome story!

Beckley, WV

#55 Jul 24, 2011
meant "anything"

Chesterfield, MO

#56 Jul 24, 2011
Love your story. not even close to bored. cant wait for more.

La Plata, MD

#57 Jul 24, 2011
I like this story!

Oceana, WV

#58 Jul 25, 2011
sounds like you could be my son,his story is much like yours,happy to report,hes clean for a year now

Beckley, WV

#59 Jul 25, 2011
Don't leave me hanging! Write some more!!

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#60 Jul 25, 2011
Quite interesting.


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