The Life Story of Junkie
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#548 Mar 21, 2012
Please be advised to all the readers of the message, I was notified that these recent messages appear to be directed to me. I do not know these people who claim to know anything about me. I have not ever met them in my life. I am going through a bitter divorce and this appears to be a result of that. Apparently victimization and continued hurt seems to go on and on from the person I have loved dearly and thought I would spend all my life with. Tears are shed for every act of cruelty and meaness. I will however continue to always put my son first and do my very best to always help oand honor my profession with total dedication. For anyone interested, there has been a law passed to allow victims of these sites to seek damages for defamation and related emotionally damaging postings.
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#549 Mar 22, 2012
sad mom wrote:
Please be advised to all the readers of the message, I was notified that these recent messages appear to be directed to me. I do not know these people who claim to know anything about me. I have not ever met them in my life. I am going through a bitter divorce and this appears to be a result of that. Apparently victimization and continued hurt seems to go on and on from the person I have loved dearly and thought I would spend all my life with. Tears are shed for every act of cruelty and meaness. I will however continue to always put my son first and do my very best to always help oand honor my profession with total dedication. For anyone interested, there has been a law passed to allow victims of these sites to seek damages for defamation and related emotionally damaging postings.
Finally something from you that is true. You don't know me or my brother, yet this makes the third time you have went on a public website and tried to cause me trouble. I have given you every opportunity to talk to me in person, and ask me any question that you feel you need answers to. To this day I have not spoken to you in person. I have tried to make you understand that us getting along would be in the best interest of all involved, especially your son. Still you bring it to a public forum. I have not ever defamed you, I unlike you do not make stories up out of malice. We both know that I know what I am talking about. I just don't understand why we couldn't sit down and talk like adults. You are the one that started this on the "Junkie" topic. A real professional would have called me, introduced themselves and we could have went from there. You on the other hand kicked in a door thinking you would find myself and my kids. When you seen that we were not there, you ripped up my 5 year olds pictures, tried to burn my clothes, and even took her little pink cups. I have never started anything with you on the internet, and I don't make up stories. Although your last lie about me being pregnant was kind of funny. Let's just stop with this back and forth, and I will again recommend that we talk in person. As for my past relationships, they are none of your damn business.

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#550 Mar 22, 2012
Im going to say this one time and Im done with yalls school girl drama.I do apologize for my last comment Not to you Renea but to the folks that enjoys reading my story.For you, You need to read up on defamation it means somebody says or publishes LIES about somebody that can cause them harm. Nothing I said was a lie. I could have said alot worst but I didnt. I dont have a problem with you I could be standing right beside you and not even know it was you.U was the one that started it and now u wanna play victim cause you never figured I would have know it was you and called u out. Im done with the drama. Y dont yall do this meet up somewhere like the park and talk about it, since u wanna put it out for the public. Just stay the hell off of my thread it does not concern you or my sister So on that note Im going to finish my story before it becomes to much drama and I just end it here.

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#551 Mar 22, 2012
Well back to it....Junkie and May are still together but they now it is over.So Oneday May goes to work than brings Junkie the car at lunch. When he gets back from dropping her off. Mom and Sis is there, they wanna pick up the baby and keep her for a few days. Well Junkie lets them, that would help out so he could work threw the day instead of having to wait til May gets home.Well after they leave Junkie heads out in the car. The first place he goes is to burger king to talk to Jess and Tiff.Well as he walks in Jess is walking outside,she tells Junkie she is getting off of work but dont have a ride.Junkie tells her he will take her home but she forgot to tell him she was staying in brushfork.Well Junkie tells her it might take longer to get there since he was having car problems.Well they head to her house but takes there time.They stop at the lake so the car would cool down. It was the half way point to her house. Well after two hours they head on to her house,Junkie notices the car is losing power. So when they get to her house they hang out til the car cools down and Junkie can add more water.He fills up a few jugs and heads home. He still has a few hours before May gets off so he takes his time.When he goes to leave, he starts the car. Jess says it's shooting water out of the exhaust. Junkie knows he done blew the head gasket but he could fix it, so he heads home.On his way he calls May and tells her the car is broke and she needs to have her mom come get her since she was coming over anyway.Well as he comes to a huge hill he knows the car is getting hot.He tries to hit the hill fast since the car had no power.He makes it almost to the top when the car cuts out and wont start back.When he gets out of the car he pops the hood, thats when the black smoke starts rolling out.Under the hood is a huge fire. Junkie panics and grabs the jugs of water in the car and puts the fire out.It probaly cracked the engine block but at least the fire was out.He was still 20 miles from home, so he puts a note on the door to the driveway he left the car and starts walking.After tring to hitch hike and not being picked up he calls one of his friends.She didn't have a ride but told him she will send somebody to get him.After walking another 4 miles his ride shows up. The guys are so high they can barely hold there head up, but Junkie gets in.They make it to princeton after almost hitting 3 cars. As they pull up the the light the guy is so messed up he dont even realize he has bumped the car infront of him and is pushing them into the middle of the intersection.Junkie thanks them for the ride and gets out there. He walks the other 3 miles home. As soon as he makes a drink he sits down and May and her mom walks in.She first asks about the car Junkie says it's at work and he will get it later. Than she asks about the baby. Junkie forgot to tell her that she went with his parents for a few days.Well Junkie can see Mays Mom is pissed. She had plans on coming and taking May and the baby back to her house.She starts to cuss at Junkie. That when Junkie see's Mays Aunt and Uncle pull in too.Junkie figured they have had this planned for a few days.As soon as the Aunt walks in Mays Mom starts trouble.She comes at Junkie kicking the new coffee table over than smacks him while he is sitting on the couch.Before Junkie realizes he is in her face...

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Well Junkie tells her she will fix her problem and walks out the door.We walks to the store up the street and calls the police. He tells them they have tried to cause trouble the past few days and he wants them out of his house.As he waits for the police he calls the parents. He tells dad what was going on and he needs him to come and pick him up he was done with May.Well the police shows up and he tells them where to go, They tell him to wait til they leave before he goes back home.Well Junkie walks in and talks to the girl working the store til the parents show up.Well Dad shows up and with him is sis and her man Jim.Mom calls and says that May and her Aunt is at her house wanting the baby and they have an attitude. Junkie tell her not to let them get the baby til he gets there. Well he figures since they are in hinton he will go get his things out of the house.They pull in the drive way and Mays Moms car is still there.Junkie walks to the front door and its locked, he peeks threw the window and May mom is sitting on his couch giving them the finger.She laughs at them and tell them they are not allowed in. Well sis is pissed cause she had slapped him and now her Mom is cussing her in the window saying she going to beat her up.As they cuss threw the window Junkie walks around back. Mays mom forgot the backdoor don't lock.Junkie makes it inside and tells her to get her things and leave. Before he could even make it to the living room sis seen the door open and made it inside and pushes Junkie out of her way. She don't take kindly to people smacking on her little bro.Dad comes in and stops the fight as Junkie and Jim grabs baby clothes and toys.Junkie forgets to even grab any clothes for him and they leave.Before they can make it home Dave is calling Junkie. He says he heard that 5 people beat up his mom. Junkie tells him that sis was the only one and it didnt go any farther than what his mom did to Junkie.Well they get home and May calls Junkie she isn't wanting to fight she wants to work things out.Junkie tells her the only thing that needs worked out is custody. He tells May to keep everything that is in the house he was done. Well a week goes by and Junkie recieves court papers in the mail. He figured it was for custody. He opens the papers it is custody paper but also a restraining order and a d.v.p.The same charges that Catfish was charged for when Mays Mom had put him out of his own house.Junkie thinks about having charges against her Mom for assaulting him but he wasn't going to stoop the there level. He will prove it in court.....

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#553 Mar 23, 2012
Well back to it....Junkie and May goes to court, she wont really talk to him cause her Mom and aunt is there.His paper says that he had beat May the day her Mom came over and started a fight. It said that Junkie grabed May by her arm than threw her to the ground and coked her til she about blacked out. Junkie thinks it's funny that it had went to lying. He did grab May by the arm but it was to keep from being punched in the face. Well they go infront of the judge and the first thing brought up is the fight. May tells her side of the story.Than its Junkie time to talk. He tells the judge it wasn't how she said it was. He tells May to raise her shirt so the judge can see her arm.She has a thumb print just above her elbow.Than he tells her to show her Mays neck. There isn't a bruse or even a mark. Junkie says that all happened the same day so if the bruse was still on her arm shouldnt there be somethin on her neck.The Judge agrees and writes it up like the last one mutual combat. Than May goes to explain the restraining order. Junkie has nothing to say and willing to go with it. He didnt have plans on being around her anyway. She keep on about how Junkie would beat on her. The judge says she dont think Junkie has done anymore than she had. Well Junkie tells the Judge about how her family has tried to start fights at his house with kids there than how they told Junke they will take the baby to OH and he would never see her again.Well the Judge tell them to grow up and quit acting like a bunch of kids. So when it comes time for custody Junkie wants 50\50, since he was the one that done most for the baby.He was the one to get up with her at nights watch her all day unless he was working. He even the one that would cook and fed her.May don't deny it and the judge says she will call them back in when she came up with somethin.As they sit in the lobby the baby keep yelling for her daddy and May Mom tries to keep her from going over.Junkie walks over and picks the baby up.About 10 min later the woman that worked for the judge come out with the papers. She had decided custody without May and Junkie in there.He gets the baby the 1st, 3rd and 4th weekends out of the month and he had to pay only 50 a month in child support. Junkie already knew he would get screwed and told the family it would happen, but they dont like it.Now sis and Mom is cussing the others while Junkie takes the baby and puts her in Mays Moms car.Well Junkie has to deal with it but when he gets home he checks the calender. He gets the baby on all the big holidays.Well Junkie decides he will go hang out with his new girl. She really isnt new its a girl he had chased since his freshman year.He wasn't looking for a relationship just a buddy.He was happy being single, he could do things he wasn't allowed to do before.Amy wasn't nothing like May, she trusted Junkie.Junkie forgot how it was to be able to walk in the mall and not have to stare at the celling cause May thought he was checking out every girl that walked by. She even made a scene onetime just because a cute girl looked Junkies way.It wasn't his fault he can't help he was goodlooking.He can even watch the Transformer movies now. Before he wasn't allowed to watch them because of megan fox.Junkie is starting to wonder how did he stay in a relationship that was that toxic.He heard that May found somebody else, he didnt really care he figured they was talking way before they broke up anyway. May had the monkeybar syndrome she couldnt let go of Junkie til she had her other hand around the next one.He can't blame it all on May that was how she was raised, she seen it done from both parents.She had lived a hard life and Junkie wishes her the best.He would still be there for her and defend her even if she was in the wrong but now he has to defend her from 300 ft....

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#554 Mar 24, 2012
Well back to it.... Junkie and May hasn't seen each other in almost 2 weeks. They do call each other at night saying how they want it to be back to normal.Well Junkie's family reunion is coming up that weekend and he don't get the baby.Well that evening Junkie checks out the computer, he goes to a site that people like to talk about other people. At the top in big letters is his name.So he starts to read it, it goes on how Junkie is in trouble for beating on his girlfreind. It was May's aunt and he over looks it he throws a few hateful comments but thinks its funny. Til he reads a post about his mother, that pisses him off. Mom hadn't done nothing to them even helped them out in the past. So Junkie tells them what he really thinks and adds if they have a problem they know where he will be all weekend.Than they go to say how they going to teach Junkie a lesson.Junkie thought they have done tried that at the birthday party and it didnt get them anywhere,but if they wanted to try it again he would be more than happy to let them.Junkie gets the word that the whole family is in from OH and is planning on it.Well the weekend starts and Junkie goes to the reunion with Big bro.The first day nobody shows.The second day is when Mom has all the games for the kids, after playing a while Junkie and Bro sneeks off and gets drunk.Not sloppy drunk just enough not to listen to anybodies bull.Well Junkie aunt shows up, she is driving a 350Z. Its a 2 seat sports car, that Junkie really wants to take for a ride.As him and bro checks out the car Junkie reconizes the 5 cars coming down the hill. Its Mays family, he notices all the cars are full but May isn't with them.Well they pull in a right beside Junkie and get out ready to fight.Thats when Mike gets out and walks over to Junkie.Junkie tells them if they wanna start trouble at least wait til the kids are done playing and they will settle it in the field where the games was being played.Well mike pulls Junkie to the side and they talk.Junkie explans what happened between him and May.Well all the guys from May family walks up on the hill and watches Junkies family.Well Junkie goes over and they shut down the games just incase there is trouble the kids won't be in the middle of it.Well Dave walks down towards the games when he see's Junkie walking to meet him. He turns and heads back Junkie tells him if they wanna do somethin right now is the time to do it.About that time May pulls in with the baby, she keeps trying to get close to Junkie. Junkie gets his things and gets ready to leave.It was the law he wasn't supose to be 300 ft from May even with it being his family reunion he still had to leave.As he heads to the car Mike stops him, he has the baby.They talk some more and Mike tells Junkie that him and May needs to move back to Cleveland and get married. May starts walking there way and Junkie say he has to go. She gets the baby and leaves.Junkie can see dave and the other guys standing on the hill waiting. Junkie turns around headed back to his side of the field.He can't beleieve what he sees. There are 20 plus guys standing there waiting to help out if anything goes down.After 10 min of waiting for the others to come off the hill they move closer to there cars, just waiting to invite them over for the tea party.Well thats when one the woman from there side comes and gets in a car and takes it up to the top where the guys are standing.Than she comes down and gets the other cars. The guys didnt want to start trouble now.Well they finally leave and one of the guys get stuck in the field right infront of Junkie.He gets nervous Dave had already rolled up his windows and locks the doors.Junkie dont mess with them, he didnt want a fight.Well they finally get the truck out after the entire family come back down to help. They leave and Junkie never has another problem from the family again....

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Well a few days go by and everything is normal. Junkie gets his baby on his days, than the parents take her back so he dont have to be around May.That night she calls Junkie they stay up late and talk.Junkie tells her he heard she has moved on, she denies it and tell Junkie that she wants to see him tomarrow.Well the next day come and they hang out again. They are having fun, so may asks if he wants to come spend the night.Well he goes home and tells everybody he is going out with a friend. He walks down the street and meets May and off to princeton they go.What started as a day turns to a week. They talk about having the order dropped and him coming home. Well that friday he was still with her when her mom calls. Her brother steve answers the phone. They talk and May mom hears the baby in the background. Junkie can hear her as she says that Junkie should have the baby and she is going to call the court house and say he isn't doing his part.Well Junkie gets the phone from steve and tells her that he is back over there and he is doing his part. Well May Mom attitude changes and she acts like nothing has ever happened it takes Junkie 30 min to get off the phone with her.Well when May gets home Junkie has her take him home, so she could meet the parents with the baby.The baby tells the parents that daddy was at mommies house all week so when they get home he is caught.Well weeks go by and Junkie is back running around with the other girl but May still sneeks over to see him.She picks him up and she is driving a car Junkie dont reconize. She tells him that her uncle bought her the car but Junkie isn't stupid. He can tell its a guys car,Junkie tell her he knows she is seeing somebody and dont blame her but not to be lying to him.Well they go to town and get gas as they pull in Mom and sis pulls in too. Junkie thinks he is caught.Well he notices May phone keeps ringing and she ignores it saying it was her Mom.So when she goes in the store it starts ringing and wont stop whoever it is keeps calling back. So Junkie answers it. Its a guy he instantly asks who Junkie is. Junkie says u called me so who are u, he says he is may boyfriend and asks where she is. Well Junkie says this is her baby daddy and she will be back in just a second. He hangs up and puts the phone back. May gets in and they go back to doing what they do when they sneek off and see each other.May phone rings non stop but she dont answer.Well as she drops him off Junkie tell May that she better answer her boyfriend before he gets mad. She realizes Junkie wasn't stupid he knew exactly what she was tring to hide.Well a few weeks go by and Junkie ignores May he is ready to move on.Than he gets a call from her Mom. Her mom starts talking about May needs somebody to move in with her cause her boyfriend was hitting on her.Junkie thinks its a little funny it wasn't a month ago she wanted him out for the same reason.Than her aunt calls saying the samething and they think Junkie has better for May than this guy and May needs to move Junkie back in.Junkie tells them her dont believe it cause, Junkie rescued May from a abusive relationship, than he was accused of beating her and now a guy that she might have known for 2 months is doing it too. Well Junkie calls her to see what was going on. He answers with a problem,he admitts to hitting her. So Junkie gets his things and heads to princeton.When he gets to May house the boy is already gone to his moms house.Junkie asks what is going on, she says she wants him out. So JUnkie gets all his things and nicely sits them by the road. He calls him to come get his things. Well he never came and get them but May has charges brought against him that will have him in jail.As May goes and files the paper work the guy calls and Junkie talks to him.They talk til May get back home. Junkie realizes the guy isnt as bad as everybody says he is. He had just been sucked into the family drama too....

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#556 Mar 25, 2012
read the whole thing in about a week and was really good keep it up and hope all goes well for you and may, god bless

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#557 Mar 27, 2012
Well back to it....Well Junkie and May is back to living together even with the restraning order she put against him. Everything is good for about 2 days than its back to the same old agruing.Junkie has had a taste of life without May and liked it. So he packs his things one more time and leaves. As he goes to pull out he notices the other guys things still sitting at the end of the driveway.He gets out of the car picks the things up and puts them back inside. Its his problem now, if he still wants to be around he won't have no problem out of Junkie. Well a few weeks go by and Junkie is still working for the women when May calls.She has moved back to the trailor and the guy is out of jail. They are happy together but May wont stop calling. He tells her he dont wanna hear the bull they have tried and tried to make it work and it never will.Than she asks for JUnkie to pay next months rent.Junkie laughs about it he isnt paying rent for May and her new man to live in the place he had rented. He done let them have everything in the house other than some baby clothes and toys.Junkie figures if he wants to live there he isn't broke so he can work to pay rent.Well a few weeks go by and May and Junkie calls back and forth til it becomes a non stop fight.Well Thanksgiving comes and Junkies buddy came in from Florida.He tells Junkie him and his girl of 10 years has split and he wants to know if Junkie wants to move with him.He tells Junkie that he comes in at least 7 days out of the month and he could get him a good paying job.Well Junkie knows the only way to get away from May is to leave the area. He isnt going nowhere in Hinton, if he wants to be able to give his kid everything first he has to make a better life.He hates the fact of being 10 hours from his baby, but he has to start somewhere. So the next day he see's the baby and leaves that night.Joe lives in the small town of Live Oak in the top part of Florida. It is more country than Hinton just a little bigger.Junkie has never been that far south and its amazing to him. The scenes are alot different than WV.The skies are brighter the temp is higher and not a mountain in sight.He can walk outside in November not wearing shoes or a shirt.Well he walks outside and around the house, thats when he sees an old friend sitting in the bushes. Its the mustang that has caused him so much trouble.It still has the dent on the back where he hit the caddy years ago.This car was one of the reasons Junkie wont have a licence, the same car he fit between two police cars at 120 mph.So Junkie goes and asks Joe how the car is doing. Joe says it sat there for years and never been moved, but if Junkie wants to work on it and gets it running he can use it.Joe tells him that there are not to many cops around there town as long as he isnt doing anything stupid and the car is legal than he shouldnt have any trouble.Well Junkie works on the car til he gets it running.He wants to paint it orange and put the big 01 on the door.Live Oak reminded him of the Dukes of Hazard, he roads was mostly dirt and the folks had that southern way. Even the local liquor store looked exacty like the Bores Nest.Well Junkie decide not to paint it he will leave it purple.So now Junkie has him a ride all he needs now is the good paying job, so that day he takes his general lee and goes looking for jobs...

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#558 Mar 27, 2012
Well Junkie got him a job it isn't nothing special but its a start.Joe's job is farther away and since the mustang was easier on gas he uses it and lets Junkie use the other ride.When Junkie had got a job he told Joe that he will help pay half of everything.The first thing the guys get is a new ride.They go and get a new yukon, it was the biggest one you could buy.It was the size of a school bus.Junkie didnt mind driving it since he didnt go to far. Plus it had 24 inch wheels and 3 t.vs. One of the t.vs was bigger than the one he had in his room.Joe has 4 kids that he keeps most of the time and when he worked threw the day Junkie took care of them so he needs a big ride.Well Joes sister lived close by and Junkie use to hang out with her and her husband alot.So when he is off he goes to there house and plays online video games.The first time he goes there he get nervous. They live in the getto. Junkie isnt racist but some of the people he trys to avoid. Funny thing is he is a little white boy driving a Yukon on 24s listening to rap music.The black guys around there are redneck They do drive escalades with big wheels but not like Junkie's big wheels, they have mudd tires and there rides are 5 ft off the ground.Well after hanging out with Joe's sis he starts talking to the locals. At first Junkie thought they would rob him if he looked at them wrong, but he was way off.Everybody that lived there would do anything for anybody.Onetime Junkie had dropped his new $400 phone.One of the guys seen it laying in the street.Instead of taking it he comes and knocks on the door and gives it back.This is when Junkie starts hanging with those guys.This is when Junkie finds a drug connections.Junkie don't buy dope but talks about it alot. They can't believe that people in Wv are abusing drugs like tabs and perks.Down there everybody had them pills but never thought they was able to be sold.They tell Junkie that the big thing around there is the fake weed that you can walk in a gas station and buy, than there was bath salt people was using.Well Junkie stays off the dope but shares old drug selling tricks.Junkie had no use for dope anymore and since he been in florida he looks at things different. Guess it because he has somewhere new with more things to do.Well oneday Joes oldest girl asks Junkie if he will smoke some of the fake weed with her.He didnt have to work so he decides to see what it's about the first time he hits it and he is done. It tasted like sh*t, he gives the girl hell for smoking it and she says at least Im not chasing the illeagal drugs Junkie agrees and don't give her anymore hell.Well its been almost 3 weeks since Junkie moved to florida and it comes time to go visit the baby for 7 days. He hates the thought of only seeing her 7 days a month but after court he was only supose to get her 9 days out of the month. Well Junkie and Joe come up with the 500 they need for gas and they head to Wv....

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#559 Mar 27, 2012
Well Junkie and Joe makes the 10 hour trip in. They left around 12 that night and Joe drives 5 hours than Junkie drives the other 5.Junkie talks to May on the trip in. She had lost the trailor and is back and forth from he mans parents and aunts house.She leaves the baby with the aunt if she leaves so that was the first place Junkie stops.He picks up the baby and her aunt wants to talk.This is the woman that cussed Junkie at his house and started the topix about him.She tells Junkie she knows that him and May has been talking and her best bet is to pack her things and move to Florida.She goes to say that she believes what Junkie was saying and wishes May the best and the best for her is to move with him.Well Junkie leaves and calls May at her mans house. They have to talk about what they are going to do for christmas thats coming in a week.Junkie gets the baby for christmas but wants to take her back to Florida. He would have her back on the 7th of January.May isnt having it and dont wanna the baby going.Well Junkie isn't going to miss out on christmas so he tells Joe he might not be able to come back til after the first of the year.Joe hated the thought but it wouldnt hurt him if he didnt.He was making the car payment and paying the rent.Junkie's little bit of money went to help on bills, he just hates the thought of losing what chance he has at doing somethin to better himself.If he stayed he would be have nothing, well he didnt have anything now but was moving forward.Well they stay for a few days and May starts to call when she is at her aunts.Junkie has talked to her from Florida and tells her she would like it there.Well she talks about how she thinks they just need a new start and Florida would be good for them. She didnt wanna stay there for good but she wanted to try it out.Well Junkie didnt like the fact that both of them wouldnt be there for the baby on christmas so he tells her they should have christmas in florida. He will bring her back when he came back on the 7th.Well that night they get ready to leave Junkie goes and mets Tina a friend he known for years but just started talking to since he been out of town.He talks to her while he waits for May to call.After an hour she dont call so Junkie tells Joe that he will have to stay. Tina says they can spend christmas together since he was staying.Well about the time Joe drops off Junkie and leaves,May calls.She was her things packed and ready to go.Well Joe is already gone and his phone dont pick up service til he makes it to Mt Airy Nc.Well She gets mad cause she had got a way from her man just so she could leave to florida. He had no idea and she wanted to be gone before he called her in a few hours.....

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#560 Mar 28, 2012
It's sooooo annoying how you start every chapter with "well back at it," can you please come up with something else?

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#561 Mar 28, 2012
I think your the only one who finds it annoying....its junkies thread and his story I think he can start it how ever he chooses

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#562 Mar 28, 2012
i noticed, but was hardly annoyed. it annoys me when people criticize others on petty, irrelevant things. love the story. i recognize your face, but never talked to you. its nice to see someone own thier problems on a site that is usually used to talk about everyone elses problems.

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#563 Mar 28, 2012
WELL BACK TO IT..May has just called Junkie and ready to make the trip to Florida, but Joe had already left.Junkie tells May that just talk to her man when he calls and act like everything is fine,he will figure somethin out.Bout an hour later Joe calls his phone got service as he passes Wytheville.The first thing out of his mouth is are u ready for me to come get ya yet.Junkie tells him that May had just called and had her things ready. Joe tells Junkie is is turning around and will be there in an hour.Well Junkie call May and asks if she is still wanting to go.She does and still has her things ready. Junkie tells her that he will pick her up around 12. He would keep the baby awake til than so she would sleep most of the trip.Well joes shows up and they load up and head after May.Junkie calls her and tells her to be ready. She tells him not to say anything to her aunt or mom cause she told them they was renting a room for a few nights.Mays aunt knows what she is doing but goes with her story.Junkie picks her up at 1 and they head south.Mays man knows somethin is up and rings her phone every 30 min.She ignores it til they make it out of WV.Well Junkie starts on his 5 hour of driving cause Joe done drove two hour before he even picked them up.Bout the time they pass Wytheville Mays man calls again. She answers it, as they talk the baby wakes up and start to cry.Mays man knows Junkie has the baby and he starts cussing.He says he is on the way to find them. Junkie gets on the phone and tells him he can look all night but he wont find her unless he heads to Florida.Well he dont believe them and May hangs up the phone. He rings it non stop til they enter S.C.They finally make it to Florida, May cant believe they left 3 inches of snow to weather that is over 70 degrees. Junkie is worried the change will make the baby sick.Well they get there and the baby is awake and ready to play. Joe has a little girl not 3 months older and she shows up hours after they get there.Well Junkie wants to take May and show her the sites.First place they go is to the river. They lived next to the Swuannee river. That where they was filming the movie Ax Men, where the guys takes boats and pulls logges out of the water.They go to a place that was built back in the 1700. It was an old plantation and next to the river was a hot spring.The water stays 70 degrees all year round, it has a rotten egg smell but most water in Florida has that smell, it the sulfer in it.May reads the plaque. It says the water was used to heel the sick it even says it would cure marriage problems.They play around it and May wants to push Junkie in, maybe it would help them out.After playing around they both end up wet and wonder if it did help.May loves the sights she cant get over how big and pretty the trees are.All the trees are covered in Spanish moss. It looks like a canopy over top. May always said she wanted to get married under a weeping willow tree but these trees she thought was perfect.They even pick out a place to get married.Well after that Junkie takes her to the thrift store they always go to.The place is called the Boys Ranch.The things was made or fixed by the boys that had been in trouble and sent to juvie.They could furnish a home with less than $1000, and everything is nice stuff.As they check out may spots a ring she really likes. It wasn't an expensive ring but she wasnt into the expensive jewelry. She was still wearing the ring Junkie found her the first week they met.The day he introduced May to his parents the was walking in the yard when Junkie seen somethin shiny. He digs it up and its a pink and silver ring. JUnkie cleaned it off and if fit her finger perfect.She never took it off after that even her other jewelry she bought she made sure it matched that old ring.Well Junkie gets the ring and as he goes to pay for it the woman gives it to him because he always would buy sommething.As they leave May spots a car she likes....

Snowshoe, WV

#564 Mar 28, 2012
Well Junkie tells her that he dont have the money for the car and plus it had almost 300,000 miles so they leave. Junkie tells May they could do so much better in Florida.He says if they cant make a good life in Florida they couldnt do it anywhere. Jobs was easy to find and they all paid good.They could go right up the street to a cash advance and barrow money anytime unlike in Wv. He even tells her that cars are easy to get. So they decide to go look at cars. Junkie had already had them a car but it needed some work.She didnt like it because it was a big suv and the lasttime she rode in a suv was when they went out to eat and Junkie buddy about rolled them on the interstate.Well they go to a pawn shop up the road to look at the cars.Junkie finds a car for cheap, it a 2001 caddy. She says it's an old mans car but it's nice. It is white with leather seats and navigation.He could get the car for 2 grand and for another 500 he could get the 24 inch wheels to go on it.Well she really isnt into the car so Junkie tells her they will wait til they know if they are going to stay.Well as they head home they talk about going to the beach Junkie tells her that St Augustine isn't two hours away and he will take her and the baby there for christmas eve.She says she dont have any bathing suits and she was pale white. Well Junkie tells her it is still too cold to be in the water so she really didnt need a suit.She talks how she dont wanna go being as pale as she was.Than she asks how Junkie was so golden brown.Well when they get home JUnkie shows her how he got so tan. He has a tanning bed in the bedroom.( I know I catch hell for using a tanning bed, but Junkie wasn't going to a beach with white legs and a tan chest. Plus it is relaxing.)Well Junkie tell her she dont have 4 days til they go so she better start tanning.Junkie had been laying in it for 15 min a day so he starts her out at 10.May is so pale he had no idea 10 min would burn her.Well when she get in she get in naked. As she gets out Junkie can see she is burnt. Her butt is so red and she can't even sit on it.So she spends the rest of the day in the pool even with it only being 70 degrees out, she had to do somethin for the burn.Well the day before Christmas eve they head to the beach, they even decide to christmas shop there.This is the first time Junkie has ever been to the beach, it amazes him. Well he takes May and the baby and they walk out on the pier.As they look over the water they see 3 whales jumping out of the water, it was breath taking.Well they decide to walk the beach, as they do the kid runs ahead chasing sea gulls. She stops and comes running back, she says she seen patrick but not spongebob. Junkie wonder what she is talking about, than they walk up on it. Its a starfish that has washed up on the shore.At 2 1\2 years old she knew what she was talking about.Well after there walk they decide to check out the rest of St Augustine. The first place they go is to the lighthouse, they have seen on the ghost hunting shows that it is haunted.So they go and check it out. From the top they can see the huge cross, its so big that an airplane flies circles around it. Than they see the old Spanish fort. So they go and check it out, the baby dont know what to think about the people dressed in old spanish clothes. As they get on the top they start looking at all the cannons. One of them points straight up and wasn't 3 ft tall. So Junkie picks the baby up and puts her in it. All you can see is her pretty little face sticking out so Junkie had to take a picture.After that they walk to town. Junkie is into History and loves walking around and finding all the old houses. They find the first house ever built there in 1682. As they walk around Junkie remembers the fountain of youth. So they get on the little train and ride over to check it out...

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Well they make it to the fountain of youth. The grounds are beautiful it's covered in huge trees and pretty flowers. Peacocks run all over the place they even have a sign to watch for rattelsnakes. The year before they found a rattlesnake that was over 7 ft long, the head is the size of the babies,it's fangs are longer than Junkies fingers.So now the baby cant chase peacokes cause Junkie wont put her down. Junkie keeps looking for the fountain. He figures it was like a pond with a fountain in the middle. He was way off, they walk into a old hut and there is a bronze hole in the ground that was the fountain. (check out my pics on facebook under St Augustine)They talk to the man in charge and he offers them a drink of the water.He hands May and Junkie a cup it has that sulpher smell but he tries it. Its so nasty he can barely keep it down.After that they walk over and watch the Indians, the baby wants nothing to do with them so they move on.They go into a hut that had an old spanish ship wreck, Junkie is amazed with the craftsmenship of the ship they even let them hold silver and gold peices from the 1500s. As they go the leave the guy gives May and the baby necklaces.Well the baby is getting sleepy so they do some christmas shopping and head home. As they make the drive Mays man starts calling he says he is on his way to Florida. May tells him he is waisting his time she wasn't leaving. Junkie can't believe this guy is still chasing her after she had moved Junkie in and put him in jail and not 2 months later run off to Florida with him.He won't stop calling so may takes her phone and tosses it out of the window.They finally make it home May and Junkie puts up the tree and wraps the presents this will be a christmas they will never forget....

Snowshoe, WV

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I just want to send a shout out to a friend I have made because of this story.We call him Yankee at 88 years young he isn't feeling so good the past few weeks. He should be back to it in a week or so, but right now he is unable to get online and give his two cents.Just wanna ask my fans to keep him in your prayers, so he can hurry up and tell me what his view on the subject. So hurry up and get better Old
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#567 Mar 29, 2012
Get better soon Yankee ill keep u in my prayers

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