West Virginia Clothing Vouchers

New York, NY

#62 Aug 13, 2012
Girl wrote:
<quoted text>. The flutter bug lov that store!!!!!
That's it!! Thank you!! Could not remember the name. Going to try and get there again we have a little more shopping to do just a matter of getting time.

Fayetteville, WV

#63 Aug 13, 2012
eff wrote:
what happened to making clothes for your kids?
or working?

Ripley, WV

#64 Aug 14, 2012
word wrote:
<quoted text> or working?
If people cannot support children, then they should not have them. If the children are going to be supported by state, then they need to be in state custody. People need to man up about such things.

United States

#65 Aug 14, 2012
eff wrote:
<quoted text>
If people cannot support children, then they should not have them. If the children are going to be supported by state, then they need to be in state custody. People need to man up about such things.
I am so happy that you have not been affected by the economy and are in excellent health!! You can't put everyone who receives a clothing voucher in the class of a networking bum!!!! What about the people who do work and qualify for a little help? People like you suck.

United States

#66 Aug 14, 2012

Fayetteville, WV

#67 Aug 15, 2012
Someone wrote:
<quoted text>
I am so happy that you have not been affected by the economy and are in excellent health!! You can't put everyone who receives a clothing voucher in the class of a networking bum!!!! What about the people who do work and qualify for a little help? People like you suck.
affected by the economy? The US economy sucks right now, but there is work out there for anyone who is not to lazy to get up and look for it. The economy hasn't affected Hinton, even a couple new shops downtown have opened up. Hinton has the same employment rate it had in the 70's. All because of lazy pill popping drunks. Or just lazy period. Some people have no shame...they're half of what's wrong with our "economy"!

Ripley, WV

#68 Aug 15, 2012
I survived my disability and job loss by refinancing my house and buying it all over again until I got old enough for retirement.

Since: Jul 12

Chicago, IL

#69 Aug 15, 2012
wondering wrote:
Does anybody know if WV clothing vouchers be redeemed in KY?
So... where in KY are you talking about?

Wayside, WV

#70 Aug 21, 2012
jen wrote:
Vouchers are for kindergarten and up. Pre k doesn't get them unfortunately.

webster co. gave our clothing voucher to a four year old who is starting head start.

Wayside, WV

#71 Aug 21, 2012
Webster Co. gave a four year old a clothing voucher for head start.
Imagine this

Beckley, WV

#72 Aug 21, 2012
I am running for president and I say "I want NO tax money to go towards helping children obtain clothes for school if their parents live below poverty level." Do you think I would win? lol.
I am a single mother of one. My child received a clothing voucher. My work is gracious enough to alter my schedule so I may put her on the bus myself each morning when school starts tomorrow. Because I am working LESS than 30 hours a week now I am no longer eligible for any cash assistance. The $300 less a month will hurt - plus I will have less hours on my paycheck.(OMG - you mean that in order to qualify for government assistance you HAVE to work!?- YES) I think it is important to see my daughter out each morning, so I can sacrifice. My food stamps will increase and I am thankful for that. One day I hope to not need the system. For now, thank you fellow taxpayers for what we do and how we help the system to hwlp ourselves. It takes a community to raise a child. If you do not want to be a part of the community and help out then become sovereign. It is actually easy to do. Then you do not have to pay taxes and you are "above the law".
Jen, my child and I went to Gabes in Beckley and bought SO MANY clothes using the $200 voucher. In Princeton there are several thrift stores that accept them too. Good luck to you. I am sorry that asking a simple question on what you thought would be a helpful forum turned into soooo much drama. I wish your child(ren) the best this school year! To the rest of you, learn not to judge and just to answer the damn question and move on. Go to a random chat room to bitch about stuff. This is supposed to be a community forum, where we help each other!!!!!!!!!

Point Pleasant, WV

#73 Jul 14, 2013
Has anyone received their clothing vouchers this year??
Prepare for butt hurt

United States

#74 Jul 22, 2013
Heart Breaker wrote:
<quoted text>
All I hear is excuses to get a free handout. My mother worked a job, cleaned houses, did washingironing and babysitting when she could get it to help support us and NEVER took a dime of public relief money. She did however haunt thrift stores, yard/garage sales, etc. to keep us -4 of us- in clean, not new, wearable clothes. She also made sure we went to church every week. I am proud of Mom, she worked hard to keep her head above water and to raise 4 children who use her as a role model for their lives. Then I see you use feeble excuses to TAKE what you can from the taxes we pay. Do you think someday your children will be as proud of you as we are of her? Probably yes as you are raising the next generation of suckers and leeches to our economy which is hanging on for dear life because of TAKERS like you. They will know no better, because of you. Proud of yourself?
Again,get out of this present welfare generation. Takes some pride in yourself. Yes, I do admit you do work, but you're not using your talent, time and money as you should! Use all the excuses you want, it still winds down to you and your inability to be an adult.
ANYONE that WORKS (obviously she does -did at time of post-) PAYS TAXES. TAXES are what HELP is paid FROM. So TECHNICALLY, it's HER MONEY ANYWAY.
Just because your mother lived in a thrift shop, and did everything under the sun to support her children (who knows what she was doing late at night for extra cash) back in the dang 70's, doesn't mean that a person can survive the same way nowadays. Prices are way higher now. And didnt you read?- her baby daddy's are worthless. So I say a big KUDOS to you Jen, you do what you gotta do, there is no shame! Now "Heart Breaker", where were alla ya'll daddy growin up? I bet he was a hard worker and paid a ton for child support!

LASTLY, why are you even looking up this thread? Why would you want to know about vouchers?? You are the lazy, hypocritical one!
Prepare for butt hurt

United States

#75 Jul 22, 2013
tammy wrote:
Has anyone received their clothing vouchers this year??
I just did today, 7/22
Be a Parent

Lewisburg, WV

#76 Jul 23, 2013
Who ever told you it takes a community to raise your children? only if you are to lazy or ignorant to do it yourself. I worked in Hinton for thirty years and raised mine without any help from the government or the community even sent them to college. Get a job go to work and get off the welfare rolls, and most of all raise your children not to ask for government help Teach your children to get a job and work. Be a damn parent !!!

Stollings, WV

#77 Jul 25, 2013
when did u turn it your application
tammy wrote:
Has anyone received their clothing vouchers this year??

United States

#78 Jul 28, 2013
Heart Breaker wrote:
Hey, losers! Get a job and work for your kids clothes just like the rest of us who support your lazy but. All stores take MONEY!
wow, I bet we all wish we were rich like you! Must be nice sitting up on that high horse. You do not know everyone's situation and if your to good for clothing vouchers then why are u even talking to us "lazy butts?"

Oak Hill, WV

#79 Jul 30, 2013
Wondering wrote:
Does anyone know what stores take them in Princton. I know of Walmart, and thats it. So does anyone know of some others?
Before you go out of town check out Magic Mart- they have cute clothes and a lot of them are on sale.

Newark, NJ

#80 Aug 1, 2013
My husband almost died in a motorcycle accident, when a car hit him, and 3 other bikes. Our friend did pass away. It had been a very difficult 9 months, trying to nurse him back to health. I couldn't work for over 6 months... And am now only able to work part time. He has obviously not been able to work since the accident.

If it were not for wonderful friends, savings, and public assistance.... I do not know how we would have made it. My children, luckily, were able to recieve the clothing vouchers this year. Is this what I have to look forward to? Stares, ridicule, judgment??? I agree that people abuse the system, but not everyone falls under the same category. I made all the plans for our lives... And guess what... Things didn't go accordingly! We pay a small amount in to contribute to the bigger picture... So that people in need, get some help. I am getting the help I need... And I am thankful!

If you feel so strongly, I can appreciate your passion... But verbally attacking a stranger and spewing such disdain doesn't solve or prove any point. There are stories and reasons behind every person.... Take a second to just realize that. You don't need to intentionally put someone down... Just be happy and fortunate you had a wonderful mother. She obviously taught you some wonderful things... Including great work ethic. You're very lucky... But there are good mothers and good lessons being taught by others also... Regardless of their station in life. Just be happy... Just be nice... Just be thankful!

Oak Hill, WV

#81 Aug 1, 2013
There are different situations, and in your case I truly understand you needing help and agree you deserve it. However, there are so many people out there abusing the system. Certain people are out for every handout they can get, to the point they actually have more and more kids just to recieve more welfare. IT'S NOT RIGHT!!! They get everything free from food, clothing, cell phones and even their vehicles worked on. People do get tired of "carrying" these people through life while others work their butts off. Most of these people sit back and laugh because they have it made. They don't have to lift a finger to do anything. I fully understand someone in your position needing temporary help, but I also understand the anger people have toward these welfare families who make it a way of life generation after generation!

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