married women going to the clubs look...

Richmond Hill, GA

#21 Oct 16, 2009
I used to live on post and on our street alone.... all but 3 or 4 wives were out fooling around while their husbands were deployed. One of them had 3, 4, 5 men over in one night. She was a regular at Gilley's... everyone knew her... she even had her 4 children taken away for neglect because she'd rather be with men & drink instead of taking care of her children and cleaning her house! Husbands should certainly hear about what their wives are doing while they're fighting for our country.
I am a woman and would most certainly hold down the fort at home, take care of the house & kids and be TOTALLY FAITHFUL to my husband. Any woman who cheats on her husband while he is deployed should be left with NOTHING!... including the children.

Richmond Hill, GA

#22 Oct 16, 2009
please check your wives cell phones.

Glen Burnie, MD

#23 Oct 17, 2009
I dated an older married lady for a while that belived it was perfectly OK for her to date but said that if she ever caught her husband going out, she would ditch him in a heartbeat. He didnt want to lose her so he allowed her to go out with her "friends" when she wanted. Her friends would pick her up at her home and sometimes she spent the weekend with them. She was very dictatorial with her men and they better do what she says or they are out. She controled all her men and this is why I ditched her. She was very beautiful and a tiger in bed but a good way to contact an STD!

Richmond Hill, GA

#24 Oct 21, 2009
these women are just married so they can get benefits and thats all. they dont wnat their husbands thats why they go to the clubs to look for lovers. but they always go back to their husbands because they want their benefits.

Richmond Hill, GA

#25 Oct 22, 2009
tha vast majority of these women are fat and ugly.
Strong 3rd ID Leader

Ann Arbor, MI

#26 Oct 22, 2009
Lets just keep it real people first off I agree what goes around comes around. True its not our place to run and tell what's being said about anyones wife or husband because what is done in the dark will come to the light trust me. Now JUSTICE I feel you I had to experience the whole deal my wife had a man staying in my house her taking him shopping on my hard earned money but in the end I didnt kill her touch her or hell even be mean to her what kills them is 50% of those women will regret what thay have done and want back what they have lost 25% will some how work it out 10% will be killed or beatin or cheated on for revenge and 15% will break down and leave for fear of the consequences of there actions mine fell in that 50% group and now im happier than I have been in years. Inconclusion I say these few old sayings 1) do unto others as you would have them do unto you 2)The grass is not always greener on the other side 3)last but not least do not make someone your priority when your just one of there options.
Strong 3rd ID Leader

Ann Arbor, MI

#27 Oct 22, 2009
justice wrote:
these women are just married so they can get benefits and thats all. they dont wnat their husbands thats why they go to the clubs to look for lovers. but they always go back to their husbands because they want their benefits.
Your right its the benefits and the quality of life they are used to and fact that they know that once they are gone its over and done with cause some women is waiting to step up.

Tucker, GA

#28 Oct 24, 2009
please, i been on both sides, its not about any of this crap they do it out of lonliness most of them and then they go back to life as normal. the husbands were doing it too so whatever.

Richmond Hill, GA

#29 Oct 25, 2009
the majority of these women have a lot of milage just like an used car, but they manage to find an inexperience person and then they just get married just to get the benefits but as far as loyalty for the husband their loyalty is only to their part time lovers. a husband with no guts is like a cowboy with no horse. they both are worthless.

Since: Oct 09

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#30 Oct 25, 2009
people need to grow up.
being gay is NOT a sin...

uhm hello...God didn't write the bible did he?

and if all you "christians" and supposed "people of God" really follow what the bible says you should maybe read all of it

including the part that says you shouldn't judge others. be nice to everyone
and stop being so ignorant.

people like that piss me off.
i'm straight and believe in God but
unlike some of you fakers actually read the damn bible.

Hinesville, GA

#31 Oct 26, 2009
sunshinee wrote:
unlike some of you fakers [I] actually read the damn bible.

You mean the Holy Bible?

It sounds to me like you HATE the Holy Bible. Your obvious hatred twards the bible makes me wonder.

Hinesville, GA

#32 Oct 30, 2009
on paydays these women go out to spend their husbands money going out with their part time boyfriends taking them to dinner and buying them expensive gifts.

Since: Oct 09

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#33 Dec 7, 2009
uhm i don't hate the bible. i hate the dumb people who pretend that they're all christian-like and treat everyone like sh*t.
people are so ignorant. probably more so in this
town than any other.

Sycamore, GA

#34 Dec 8, 2009
Sex is just a physical need. If you remove all emotional attachments. No STD's or Pregnancy who cares. I myself am faithful by choice, married but not dead. I love looking at women, what hetrosexual man doesn't. All women have a unique body. Society here have place taboos on the subject, which is why their are so many with sexual problems. Many fail to realize that women have needs to. Society does not look down on a man that has slept with 50 women, hes a stud right. I wonder if a woman that had slept with 50 men get the same title. Is it right by our social standards, NO. Are we as Americans rule breakers, Yes! I say don't worry about the sex someone is getting, worry about your own!

Savannah, GA

#35 Dec 29, 2009
ho ho ho merry xmas to them hoes!they know who they r n i know some of them!listen bitches if i catch u talking to my man u better run cause iam local n i will f@&% u up!i can tell a local from a military married bitch...

Hinesville, GA

#36 Dec 29, 2009
these women needs to understands that part time boyfriends are more expensive to have than their own husbands. also when something goes wrong part time boyfriends always dissapears while husbands stays with them no matter whats going on. the thing about these women they play angels but they are nothing but trash. they just want benefits. stupid the man that marries them. get ready of the bad ones and look for the good ones. they are good loyal women that will love you for who you are and not for what benefits you offer to them. remember there is 10 women for every man. so you still have nine more to go. and at least one of them should be good. these womens they just want your benefits they dont want you and if they cannot get it from you they will find another one because they are constantly on the looking. they spend most of the time in the streets looking for benefits most of the time is a good looking woman that is always looking for the ugly guy because she knows is an esay catch. but then she always have the part time boyfriend to go out with with the money the husbands makes. this week is payday so they are going to be out with their part time boyfriends using their husbands money.

Knoxville, TN

#37 Dec 29, 2009
well thats some crazy stuff

Moyock, NC

#38 Dec 30, 2009
justice,stfu and mind your own business dog.the women need attention when hubby is not home same as they do when hubby is home.nothing wrong with getting a little strange stuff,,,hell hubbys getting him some while hes gone.leave it alone!

Fort Stewart, GA

#39 Jan 3, 2010
Where are all the sluts at. I am waiting.

Moultrie, GA

#40 Jan 6, 2010
Y'all doing all this talking. I need some names I'm in for a quickie if its there. So who are these Strickland Girls you talk about.... Need names and action not talk.

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