Hinesville, Pitch Black At Night.

Hinesville, Pitch Black At Night.

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Richmond Hill, GA

#1 May 23, 2008
during the day, yes hinesville is a great place to live and to work, but once its get dark is so dark at night that only a very poor third world country will looks like hinesville at night, i dont understand why the administtration dont do anything to try to fix the problem,i guess they are to busy reading the cartoon section of the newspapers. leadership is out of the door here. they can see the same thing we see, and that is that hinesville is pitch black at night, so dark that you must be careful where you go. LIGHTS, IGHTS, WE NEED LIGHTS AND STOP READING THE NESPAPERS AT WORK AND START TO WORK FOR THE CITY. THIS CITY IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK AND LIVE, BUT DONT DROP THE BALL, GET TO WORK, I DONT LIKE DARKNESS , NOT IN 2008, THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES HAVE MORE LIGHTS AT NIGHT THAN WHAT WE HAVE HERE.

Hinesville, GA

#2 May 24, 2008
Justice, I wonder what parts of town you hang out at after nightfall?! We have never had any problems with lights. LOL

Richmond Hill, GA

#3 Jun 1, 2008
if you go to a third world country or a very poor country you will see that they have a very or better light system than the one we have here. and this are countries that are almost imposible to live. but here where we have the biggest military instalation east of the missisipi river. and the best overall military post in america, the town of hinesville dont give a single penny about the welfare of the soldiers and their family members. hinesville doesnt want to grow, now we have more people arrriving everyday and hinesville is not ready for. hinesville looks like hurricane katrina just passed by the town, abandon property, houses that needs to be condemmed. it looks like the leadership of hinesville are on permanent vacation on another state. if we have a tornado or a hurricane here with all the debris and trash and all the abandon houses all this combined will do a lot of harm to our area. my concern is for the safety of the people. look at hwy 84 and all the trash and all the abandon property everywhere , and equipment that is not secure in the event of a tornado or hurricane all this will turn into deadly fliying objects. why we are waiting for this to happen? why we dont act now? because the lack of leaders here i dont know what else to say. hurricanes we get advance warnings, tornados only minutes. we should be the best town east of the missisipi river. a good leader doesnt think, a good leader acts.

Titusville, FL

#4 Jun 13, 2008
I assume you are using some sort of computing device to post your messages. Most of these Modern Devices employ what in the new world we call “Spell Check” most free modern day e mail accounts will give you this if you do not already have a spell checking program in your PC/Mac. My advice to you, seek a spell checker, grammar checker or a qualified copy editor.
I understand it is dark at night in the third world where you live, you might not be able to see the computer screen, perhaps you should invest in a hurricane lamp, I believe there is a Wal Mart near you and judging from your grammar and spelling you have located this Mecca of shopping. My next bit of advice, if you’re unhappy with where you live, Move! Or run for local offices,(Of course you will need to locate a good speech writer, who knows what the spell check feature is) stop bitching and complaining and do something about it… Do you offer problems or solutions?

Pooler, GA

#5 Mar 18, 2009
As a delivery driver in Hinesville, I have to admit: The lighting is terrible, street signs are missing.(Rice and West Washington Street to list off the top of my head, even though W. Washington is listed if you go off the main roads.)

Fort Stewart is infinitely better and instead of telling him or her to stop bitching, maybe we should take a step back and think about it.

Hinesville, GA

#7 May 13, 2009
Act, then, if you're such a leader. I agree with the other guy, though-get a speach writer. As for getting money out of military ppl/families- you get no money from us (yes, I am a "military people") because we are not FROM here. We are here temporarily. We could care less about this place...it is not our first home, nor will it be our last. Just be glad that the military IS here, without it this town would die. We buy things, pay taxes, same as everyone- it's not up to us to decide what is done with the money once it's out of our pockets. My advice- don't worry about the lights, worry about your purse or your wallet and the rims and stereo in your car, and just lock your door at night.

Hinesville, GA

#8 Oct 21, 2009
The reason Hinesville is pitch black at night is becuase it's a ghetto.

United States

#9 Oct 17, 2010
Justice needs a hobby all this person does is sit on a computer and complain lol
Sick and Tired

Fort Stewart, GA

#10 Oct 21, 2010
Whats the big deal with lighting? I dont like bright lights everywhere. Most cars have headlights, or at least they did at some point. Maybe you should invest in better headlights for your car. If you suffer from night blindness or some other disease well the soloution is simple, stay home at night. The city does not need to waste energy and money by putting up and maintaining more lights. You have the discretion of adding more lights to your property if you are scared of the dark.

United States

#11 Oct 22, 2010
At night people sleep you don't need bright lights everywhere gosh you are annoying the the things you say justice
Sick and Tired

Hinesville, GA

#12 Nov 11, 2010
Grammer, sentence structure, and punctuation are wonderful things! Perhaps you should have paid more attention in your GED classes! Why you choose "justice" as a handle? Are a security guard at Wal-Mart or maybe Fort Stewart?

United States

#13 Nov 27, 2010
XXXXX wrote:
The reason Hinesville is pitch black at night is becuase it's a ghetto.
When did it become a "ghetto"? I left there in 1997 and I thought it was a safe place to live. I would hate to hear that it isn't so anymore.

United States

#14 Nov 27, 2010
Oh u got out of this place way before it got full of crime my sister was here in 97 but we been here since 2001 but the crime really got bad the last few years there have been so many killings in this town alone its crazy now I'm ready to get out of this town

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Nov 28, 2010
armywifey wrote:
Oh u got out of this place way before it got full of crime my sister was here in 97 but we been here since 2001 but the crime really got bad the last few years there have been so many killings in this town alone its crazy now I'm ready to get out of this town
Wow, that's crazy. I am glad I got out of there then. I wonder why the city has let the town get that way?

United States

#16 Nov 28, 2010
Yes you are lucky I will be so happy when we leave this place but I think the town got all out of control when the soldiers leave they let whoever and whatever move in the homes that the familys move out of not on post of course but hinesville it self I think we got 5 more months here and I'm counting down everyday lol

United States

#17 Dec 2, 2010
Is your husband getting out or he is getting new orders?

United States

#18 Dec 3, 2010
Orders to go to a new post. We are going to tx not foot hood but the other one I think its fort bliss witch is good cause its time we get out of this place he's been here since 2001 the same unit and all.not many army familys can say that all 3 of their kids were born at the same hospital staff calls me by my first name lol witch I don't made fortstewart is not such a bad post its the crime outside of post that's getting out of control
Sick and tired

Hinesville, GA

#19 Feb 24, 2011
Good luckk on your travels. As nuts as it sounds you will miss Fort Stewart once youarrive at Bliss. That place is a freaking dump!

Columbus, GA

#20 Mar 26, 2011
Pitch black? Yes I agree. I have lived here for eight months and had to call the police four times for attempted burglary. MY closet door was ripped apart,my back door was jammed as though they were trying to pry there way in and finally they were successful in taken// STOLE//my custom GIXXER right off my front porch. LIGHTS SUCK. WAIT!! THERE AREN'T ANY!!! VERY SELDOM SEE THE POLICE patrol this area. WHY!!! several neighbors report the same issue of larceny and grand larceny but nothing is done to ensure that our property is safe while we sleep. It will be to late when hinesville citizens in this neighborhood start taken matters into there own hands to protect there property.. PITCH BLACK!!!! YES!!!!

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