Kelly Hollan: What Happened?

Irvine, KY

#430 Jun 3, 2012
i believe the email was at they might be able to tell you how to get ahold of the fathers family.i hope this helps.
i do care

Zoe, KY

#431 Jun 4, 2012,was one email i found,bobby hollan has a sister that use to live in jackson years ago,i was told she does have a facebook post dorothy madden she lives in indiana but i'm not sure what city.

Jackson, KY

#432 Jun 5, 2012
i found out that the missing boy that dissaoeared that lived beside judy's parents home that played with judy's kids was a riley boy i am wandering how he was killed could one of these children hurt him by accident and his family member took kelly to get even and conley what did you mean by we need to bring kelly back to the hills of ky sounds like you know something do you and we need to realize if kelly is alive and he knows he was given away he wont wont to come home thats my apoinion and i went through marriage records of judy hollan no records to bobby hollan judy moore 21 and lloyd weeks 34 in breathitt county on oct 4 1974 i read somewere she was married to weeks again after kelly went missing and then i found one judy weeks 29 was married to brian whittemire 23 in breathitt county on june 7 1986 so this was after kelly was already gone were was he from,not ky i searched so the police needs to put a search out for him we need to bring him to justice judy do you have a photo of him to give to the police and let margaret identify him as her rapiest if he is missing we need to know what happened to him who was his parents judy and were was he from you need to tell us the truth on all subjects you are lieing about everything did you send kelly away to live with someone to protect him this would make sense this is the time to just tell it all the lord is leading me to ask you just put it in his hands and let him take care of it he will carry this burden for you and give you peace you say they you are being crusified like they did jesus no jesus never lied about anything he didn't care to die on the cross for our sins.

Jackson, KY

#433 Jun 7, 2012
I have done research on marriages of Judy moore, first I couldn't find a record on her being married to Bobby Hollan, the liberian said only 1973 and up were listed on the computer that she could help me with. Judy Moore 21 and Lloyd weeks 34 married in breathitt county on October 4,1977. she kept her maden name but someone told me they heard that after Kelly went missing she had went back to Flordia and for some reason remarried Lloyd weeks again. A nother marriage record of Judy Weeks 29,and Brian Whittemire 23 in breathitt county on June 7,1986. So now we know that he came along after Kelly we know he didn't take kelly. now we need to find this man and bring him to justice for what he did to Margaret. And her mother needs to be bought to justice for what she allowed him to do to her daughter. margaret you said in your story that you overheard your mom tell her sister that she though you and Brian were involved, and if she found out she would give you to the state. So that tells me she knew so did her sister. And you said you were pergerant and she abandoned you and went back to Flordia and you were afraid Brian would find you. So the Campbells took you in. How could they take you anyway. Sounds like your grandparents cared nothing about you either. What was so important in Flordia that she wouldn't take you with her. She was a very cold hearted mother. Any parent that lets thier husband put a hand on thier child is not a parent in my book. If she didn't protect you honey, she wouldn't protect Kelly either. I use to think she was innocent in what happened to Kelly but now I think she either gave him to someone to raise. Or she knows what happened to him and knows who and she helped cover it all up. If I was you and had nothing to hide I would go to the police and tell them what this man did to you and lock him up. Do you ever wonder if he harmed any other children. Please bring him to justice. You were the one who said he raped and beat you time after time. Was he the one that got you pergerant.

Zoe, KY

#434 Jul 5, 2012
I do believe someone found out the truth.because this thread has came to a stand still.
just curious

Oceana, WV

#435 Jul 13, 2012
who was the kid that died right be for kelly?

Jackson, KY

#436 Jul 14, 2012
i would love to know who the mother was referring to,his name i dont know someone said he was a riley boy that lived beside her parents home in jackson ky,i'm still working on that trying to find out,i dont know why the police dont drag her in and question her about this boy.

Zoe, KY

#437 Aug 18, 2012
I, have been busy in life for a while and here I come back to this post and find it dead, what happened here, some truth had to have been spoken here,to shut this mother up before when someone would say anything she would fight back for her innocents,now she's not,I think she knows we are not giving up on Kelly's story,so we need to work even harder to help find this child,and see if we can find him,and bring closure to this story.if he was found after all these years they would make a movie about his story,If he is alive and I believe he is,he could get rich letting them make a movie about his life.I still working on this.God bless you Kelly were ever you are.

Hindman, KY

#438 Aug 18, 2012
Curtis Campbell and Judy know it a child growing up in that hollow around them all.....even I know they were capable of murder! Curtis Campbell treated that little boy like sh*t.....he hated him! The cops need to do a lie detector test on them both!

Jackson, KY

#439 Aug 19, 2012
I will see to it that the police sees this,I was told that the Campbells had money and this is why Curtis was never bought in and questioned.and David I heard hated this child and bullied him all the time,making fun of him I wonder how could Margaret even lay in a bed with someone who would do this to her little brother,and bring 4 of his children into this world.I am going to contact the FBI to see if they can take over this case.Kelly deserves better then this,I do believe with my whole heart the mother and Curtis knows what happened to her son.

Hindman, KY

#440 Aug 19, 2012
I do agree with u....I dont have any proof or know of anyway to get u any.......but I do feel like those two knows everything! I dont think they have any money.......always been poor! Lie detector would help !

Zoe, KY

#441 Aug 20, 2012

Hindman, KY

#442 Aug 20, 2012
I totally agree.....

Jackson, KY

#443 Sep 1, 2012
i think mother and daughter knows what happen to this little boy,and yes the people that lived up there in the hollow and the neighbors were the mother boyfriends family.i think they are all hiding something.the mother,daughter,and the mothers boyfriends family.

Jackson, KY

#444 Sep 2, 2012
I totally agree they have to know something,i ran into a old friend at the honey festival and we were talking about this subject seeing some of Kellys family there I ask her if she ever saw any of Bobbys family she said she runs into his 2 sisters in Jackson from time to time and Bobbys sister Wanda Hollan Kingsaid she has been learning facebook and she has been reading a lot on Kelly,she said that she feels for his family especially his mother,and she said that she believes with all her heart that if Kelly was alive he wouldn't be heartless and stay away from his family knowing how they are suffering.he would remember his mother sister and brother and would let them know hes ok,she said her family always though that maybe the stepfather had adopted him when him and Judy got married and he took coustdy of him.she said they will never give up hope that he will be found,and they are still praying for Kellys family and Kelly.

Irvine, KY

#445 Sep 13, 2012
I read on jackson county that they said the boys name was tommy is this the same boy that is talked about on this post how old was he,what year was this when this happened to him,what happened to him'and did he live in pinetree hollow in hindman,or in jackson ky,I am doing a research on these 2 boys to see if we can find out their connections did they play togeater on the day this boy was found dead,how long was he missing before his body was found I heard he was found in jackson above his parents home beside Judys mothers home is this true.please help in any way you can I strongly believe these 2 cases are linked but I need help with this anything you know will be one can trace you on here.please help these 2 boys we are their voices now.

Jackson, KY

#446 Sep 21, 2012
not jackson county topix the breathitt county topix
Make up your mind

Kite, KY

#447 Sep 26, 2012
A true friend wrote:
I would like to know who the hell you think you are to talk to someone so rude...I am just as rude, you can call me Karma I can be the bitch that Judy doesnt have in her heart to be! Have you not read everything written on here, she knows about pictures and she knows apparently a whole lot more then you she questioned why they did what they did not using Kelly and using others, before you say something about the words idiot look at yourself dumbass!!! She never understood why they used Kelly's step father to do the photo's!! Your a waste of my time now find someone else to talk crap to if you need someone here I am but I suggest you back off Judy!!!
<quoted text>
To "A true friend".....on one post your all sweet and talking about God. The next two posts goes all to hell cursing and vamping at ppl sounds like you two are two peas in a pod. If she (Judy) is such a good friend and you are willing to fight for her etc. take her home(your post says Tn) with you and keep the scared to death and lieing thing and keep her away from the computer when u get her there. Some of her "so called" posts are readable and some are hardly legable and under several different names but all claiming to be her. I don't necessarly think this woman had anything directly to do with Kelly but she does know who did. She is just scared, those ppl in that holler were/are crazy. I'm not saying she doesn't have a right to be scared...THOSE PPL ARE SCAREY!! But,I can't think of anyone I am scared of more than the wrath of God, especially when it came to my baby. Come on out with it...if you(Judy) were threatened and something happened to you, wouldn't it be worth it? It would put their(law enforcement) hands directly on the people responsible for your baby being lost all these years. I don't like living better than I love my child, especially a life of fear.

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#448 Oct 14, 2012
Still waiting on a break in this case. I hope it happens soon.

Pippa Passes, KY

#449 Oct 23, 2012
OneCuriousCat wrote:
Still waiting on a break in this case. I hope it happens soon.
Me too. Praying someone happens soon

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