Who are the gays in Hillsboro?

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#66 Sep 19, 2012
What is their to know ? he is a p.o.s!! That about sums it up
front porch view

Cincinnati, OH

#67 Sep 19, 2012
snakey old man wrote:
jason seward is highland counties b@^ch while he's getten it in da pokey and sucking off all the D!!ck he wants his woman is getting herself filled full of da old man she calls up and jason likes da taste of that n his mouth hahaha jason does he taste as good as da guys n jail??? Ba^ch [email protected] PUNK there ain't nothing u can do about it take it like a man..hahahaha an old man gives what u can't cause your so butt ugly only the queers want your ugly a@@
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Virginia Beach, VA

#68 Sep 19, 2012
Brittany who ? Long??

Cincinnati, OH

#69 Sep 21, 2012
Alawetta wrote:
<quoted text>
Omg, Your a stupid idiot!!!! Chris LaPrairie isn't gay!!! Chris is a married man. He has been with his wife for 4 years and, has a little girl. Whatever the hell you've heard don't know who the hell Chris LaPrairie is!!! Chris doesn't like that gay a** sh*t!!! This is probably one of the nasty skanky Greenes running their mouth off!!!!! Yeah, you guys wouldn't say sh*t to his face though!!!!! The Greenes are nasty and, skanky!!!!!! Chris and Brandon Greene are so ugly and, skanky to get some they have to fu** eachother in the a**!!!!!!!!
Looks like you just had to get your little jab at the Greene on there. lol. Why the hell would one of them say this? That would be saying Chris G was gay. Chris L is hated by a lot of people so anyone could of said this. They wouldn't say it to his face? Haha ur funny.

Cincinnati, OH

#70 Sep 29, 2012
Its showtime..queerbait alert....hahaha go on taste it ya know its ripe for hunting season..the rut is on and leftovers is waiting
Ray Doss

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#71 Jan 24, 2014
Noneya wrote:
<quoted text>
You better back the fu** off of the Gibsons....Trust me, you will get fu***d up in a heart beat!!!!! ;)

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#72 Jan 25, 2014
Gays that are born that way should not be singled out. If you want a long list of grayish acts from choice, start listing all the meth heads who are doing anything and everything to get a fix. They are the ones who should be singled out. I'm a hater! I have no sympathy of any kind for dumbasses who poisons themselves and becomes a burden to society.

Dayton, OH

#74 Jan 29, 2014
It's funny how the bible gets thrown in on this. Technically according to your bible it is your business because according to Leviticus You kill them. Not to mention that the "good" book is also OK with rape slavery and murder so we should do all 3 to these guys because God is so just!

Xenia, OH

#77 May 11, 2014
Ummm who cares who is gay or not? They're not doing anything to hurt you redneck.

Cincinnati, OH

#78 May 11, 2014
Tyler hunley

Cincinnati, OH

#79 May 17, 2014
Truth wrote:
Find Bob Lambert and they wont be far from him, not all of them of legal age...that's a headline waiting to happen.
okay I work with bob and I live just down the road from him and we do not have gays hear us and who are to judge who's gay and who's not

Toledo, OH

#80 May 17, 2014
If you're looking at the younger crowd of gay people, the ones in high school, you have about 2 options of gay guys who are out and proud.

Kobe Ford:
Kobe is a sophomore this school. From
What iv heard he is an alright guy, not too flamboyant, but still pretty fruity. Iv seen this kid have some pretty crazy hair (the boys had bleach blonde hair) though I have heard he has a little bit of a wild side too him, iv never seen him at any of the big party houses. He is kinda a surprise gay person to people who didn't know him personally, just knowing his family. He has a star athlete brother who couldn't get any straighter. And a drug dealing hood father. If your a younger gay guy in Hillsboro (or from what iv heard an older one looking for a younger guy) Kobe is probably your best bet

Jarrett Fittro:
Jarrett is more of the flamboyant gay. By that I mean he is reallllyyy flamboyant. He is the kind of gay guy that as soon as he walks in the room you can instantly tell he is super gay, just no questioning about it. Going along with the super gay stereotype Jarrett is heavily involved in theater. He is in about every school play or musical, he even had ventured out to plays at the southern state community collage theater program. And seem to hang around the choir/theater geeks strictly, they're the only people I ever really see him with. His voice can (will) get pretty annoying, it's very high pitched and whiny. I have nothing against gay people what so ever, love that they can be who they are, but I wouldn't see myself spending more than 5 minutes with Jarrett. He would just kinda annoy me and get on my nerves really quickly.

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#81 May 27, 2014
Judy Taylor

Cleves, OH

#82 May 27, 2014
Jamie hawes is the biggest dick taker but I don't think he is gay he does it to get his drugs

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#83 May 27, 2014
Craig Dawson makes his old lady watch him having booty sex with boys. I'm pretty sure that qualifies as gay.

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#84 May 29, 2014
Who cares who is doing what with whom? Is this really an issue in 2014? Love all people.
chuck jackson

Portsmouth, OH

#85 May 29, 2014
gays are satan worshipers.
soooo done

Mountain View, CA

#86 Jun 1, 2014
Are you literally stupid? Since when does a person's sexuality matter? This town is full of homphobic old white men and I am absolutely fed up with it. This whole thing about God saying gays are sinners or whatever is completely irrelevant. Okay, first of all, God doesn't exist. Secondly, if you believe he does (and I do respect that opinion, no matter how stupid it is), the bible says nothing against gays. It speaks for slavery, though, and since we're living by the bible now I suppose we should have slaves, right? Fucking no. But most of you would probably agree, because most of the people here are racist fuckers. Religion teaches to love everyone no matter what, right? Do it, then, if you believe in it so deeply. I'm going to thank the people who do have some common sense on here and have also defended gays. But to the people here posting people's personal business, have you got nothing else to do? It's not something we all need to be made aware of, unless it threatens our safety. Half of you sell drugs, then come here and talk about how your neighbors sexuality is threatening your child. You know what's really threatening? That meth lab waiting to blow up somewhere in this town. Focus on important things rather than the personal business of others. Especially if you're only going to be rude about it. Have some respect.
What Even

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#87 Jun 1, 2014
Okay literally just because you hear something about someone doesn't mean its true. Get your facts straight before you start throwing peoples names out on the internet. These kids go to my school, I know who you're talking about and where you're talking about, and frankly i don't like the way you're are speaking of my school. We have groups yes as in, the athletic people, and the theatre kids but we don't call anyone geeks or nerds because they do what they love. Let people be. Everyone has people the don't typically like and or talk to but all in all this school doesn't really separate people. So the people you're talking about such as Kobe and Jarret yes, are gay but they're welcomed into our school, not discriminated against.As well as the other people in this town such as Charlie, I suggest you actually get to know him,instead of going by 'what you heard' bc he's not gay.

And Mr. Chuck Jackson -'gays are satan worshipers' I'm just assuming here that you are either christian or catholic but either way dont throw your religion out her because no one gives af. The damn Bible does not say that gays worship Satan or that gays are horrible people, that being homosexual is a sin. So take your religion is shove it back down your throat.

Atheist out.

Taylorville, IL

#88 Dec 28, 2014
c-green wrote:
Im gay
How old are u

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