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#82 Feb 28, 2012
Oh yeah there's also counterfeit versions of the counterfeit weed. So you may end up getting something even wonkier then the original product. Avoid that labyrinth.
imnottellinumyna me

Downingtown, PA

#84 Mar 1, 2012
dont smoke this shit, its made by the goverment i swear my friend took a hit and offered me some and i said fuck tht and he started pukin up blood, the goverment makes cigs legal and this shit legal same with alchahol so you wont smoke weed cuz weeds not bad for you, they want you to die NWO 2012 ILLUMINATI FORREAL SHIT

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#85 Mar 4, 2012
I'm smokin right now....its good shyt!!! It can be dangerous and is recommended not to be smoked. But a lot of us ppl dnt listen:( so I'm telln u if you're lookn for something other than weed...try dis shyt. And Jazz too. These are the best I've smoked

United States

#86 Mar 4, 2012
Anybody ever ordered Mad Hatter from "The Incense Mart"? any reviews?

Lewistown, OH

#87 Mar 4, 2012
DO NOT DO THIS. my friend did one of these drugs once and was fine. next time he went for it he took two hits off it and it caused him to start staring at nothing for an hour. i couldnt get him to move or function an half hour later he was dead. quit risking your life for a stupid high because you are not high off of life and need uppers to feel good or alive. sad. deadly. stupid. pathetic.
p.s i am not telling the drug name to make you dumbasses think about what you smoke and how deadly it is.i have heard other stories since this happening of similar deaths from different kinds of legal drugs. i wish i wouldve known sooner. i wouldve never been around it and couldve warned and save my buddys life.

quit now for your own good and safety. its up to you.

Waynesville, NC

#88 Mar 7, 2012

Your welcome

Waynesville, NC

#89 Mar 7, 2012
I have made thousands. And when I say thousands...I litterally mean it with every bit of a free american citizen I am, thousands of ounces of herbal incense and never seen anyone puke blood or anything else. Granted you go into a ABC store and buy a fifth of everclear and chug it. Yes. You will get sick. Its all about knowing what your limits are and being inteligent enough to google and read about something before you try it. If you get sick. Lesson learned. But I have smoked my own blends. Daily. And never a serious problem arose.

Churubusco, IN

#90 Mar 8, 2012
is this mad hatter showing up in the drug test they are giving at probation dept.s now? i heard they were testing for the ingredients like the jwh... and something else? if anyone is on probation and knows what im talking about please reply, especially if you have had a drug screen that tested for these and had smoked the mad hatter prior to the test... thanks

Mokena, IL

#91 Mar 27, 2012
What wrote:
Just stick with the real thing,It's that simple!!
wish i could smoke the real shit, but some of us with real jobs can't afford to smoke the "real" shit.

Indianapolis, IN

#92 Mar 29, 2012
Randy wrote:
<quoted text>I fully agree with you. These drug addicted idiots are no more than human waste. The sooner they die off from smoking mad hatter,the better!
okay. if everyone has a problem with k2 then why have marijuana legal? if it was legal then people start using that instead of k2. marijuana is natural and healthier than alcohol, k2, and tobacco. how is it a human waste? i guess more than 90% of humans (prob including u guys) are a waste cause they smoke, or drink. A human waste is someone who does NO good in the world like the rapists and killers. Just because someone likes to get high doesnt mean they are a human waste.. there ARE A LOT of people who get high and are still successful.By you saying "the sooner they die off the better" makes u a sick person.

Windermere, FL

#93 Apr 1, 2012
This is about "L". L has been a habitual marijuana user since she was in high school many years ago. L went on vacation last summer and hooked up with some friends. They had Triple X. L had never used herbal incense before so L was a bit aprehensive at first but L tried it. It was great. L was high!! Then L decided to buy some herself since she knew where to go buy it. Life was good with Triple X for L. Then L went home from vacation. She went back to smoking her marijuana but kept remembering the high from the Triple X. Lo and behold the BP right down the road sells herbal incense. L bought some. Life was good for L for a few months. Then L tried Mad Hatter. L quit smoking marijuana. L loved it and smoked it every day. Then more and more everyday. L was up to using 3g a day of this stuff. L was craving the Mad Hatter. She wanted it so bad it made her sick to her stomach. L would wake up 3 or 4 times during the night just to take a toke so she could go back to sleep. So to ward of the sick feeling L started smoking more and more. Now L was getting worried. She decided to quit cold turkey. That was this past Wednesday, L smoked the last she had. She was quitting. Thursday L went to work and thought she was having bad hot flashes. L has no appetite and is sick to her stomach. So bad they she would profusely sweat and face would turn red. Then Thursday night L got home and was looking in the ashtrays for hopefully some that didnt all burn up. Yea....she found a bowl. All symptoms of hotflashes went away. Then L went to bed. She couldnt sleep, legs were cramping up, lots of coughing, hot flashes turn the fan on....cold sweats turn the fan off, get up walk around legs are cramping, start coughing muscles around rib cage cramping. L feels like she is dying, L realizes that she is having withdrawal symptoms. L buys some marijuana to help her cope. It helps aleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms.

Friday morning comes and L is so tired since she couldnt sleep more than 15 or 20 min at a time. L goes to work and it having lots and lots of hot and cold flashes, L gets sick and throws up. L has to sit in her car with the air conditioner on full blast just to get some relief. L had leg cramps before she went to sleep but none that woke her up. She slept about 6 hours. L slept better last night. L took a tylenol pm to help with the pain and the pm to help with the sleep.

Saturday L is feeling a bit better and hungry. L gets a bacon cheeseburger and fries and ate about 1/2 of it. L has realized that just because it is legal does not make it better. L said from now on she is using the real stuff.

L is Home from work and feeling much improved tonight. L had a couple of bouts of hot flashes and feeling sick to her stomach but 100% better than yesterday. L has had a few cramps in her chest area tonight but nothing too bad. L can't wait for this crap to get out of L.

United States

#94 Apr 1, 2012
L, keep us updated

Demotte, IN

#95 Apr 2, 2012
jiggalagjaggaloj uggalobag

Newport News, VA

#96 Apr 10, 2012
yo this stuff is now only packaged with increaced mountsof harmala which its a psychodelic in higher amounts. but this makes anything its mixed with more strong due to how it uses certain parts of chemical chains . take this stuff you smoke for alt weed lightly , its not ment to smoke a blunt with and realy i find a bowl and or vapor or 2 tokes of a joint safe with maddhatter, other blends use less and more good herbs to be more mellow. harmala can be a strange adventure but isnt good in combo with other things they may be useing inthe blends. its simple if you wanna smoke this alt high stuff, smoke out of packages with more info on whats in it and know harmala and its bad relations with some herbs. DO NOT USE HARMALA ON THE REAL GREENIES!!!! what you feel from maddhater isnt nothing in comparison. but if you wanna find out for yourself that i am right. buy some and use very very little on your greenies, just so you know whats makeing these blends more potant w/o sythetics

Demotte, IN

#97 Apr 10, 2012
If it kills all you dope heads then u mite .mite then know its not good for u but I wouldent count on it Your to fu##ed up in the head

Dubuque, IA

#98 Apr 14, 2012
ok guys let get honest. I smoked some mad hatter just a month ago in FL and I got way fucked up!! this has got to contain some JWH. there are 450 yes four hundred and fifty JWH chemicals and they are all synthetic canabanoids. How else would I have gotten high unless it contained something?? I felt exactly like I did when I was stoned when I was a kid. This stuff rocks

Saint Paul, MN

#99 Apr 14, 2012
Dont worry the state will pay to bury you

Saint Cloud, FL

#100 Apr 14, 2012
people have died from hit tell him to stop smoking that shit if he wants to get high and smoke sumthing not saying it cause it illegal but weed will not kill you not anytime soon never heard anyone dieing from that show your man thiss yo listen up stop smoking that shit its an inscent

Groton, CT

#101 Apr 15, 2012
yeah i smoke it in pinches couple hits here and there, a 3g bag will last me about 3 days if i smoke it every day, when i first started smoking it i had a little bit of a freak where i thought my heart was racing but it was really at like 100 bpm and i was just not all there at the time, so far im no dumber or smarter then i was, if its gonna kill me let it kill me, but i think youll be alright, just manage how much you smoke, a pinch at a time

Groton, CT

#102 Apr 15, 2012
i also have not had anything bad, i mean sometimes im not that hungry but i eat my meals, i mainly eat after i smoke it, the only cough i got is allergies, and the only pain i get is in my chest from coughing so much, the lesson of this story, allergies are not neat, but cloud 9 makes milkshakes taste better

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