Mad Hatter Incense/ Cloud 9

Marion, OH

#62 Feb 3, 2012
pathetic wrote:
I love drugs, they kill people that should never have been alive
I fully agree with you. These drug addicted idiots are no more than human waste. The sooner they die off from smoking mad hatter,the better!

United States

#63 Feb 4, 2012
Phillip wrote:
I've been smoking Mad Hatter for the past year and I LOVE it. it has caused no real problems minus the first time i smoked it, the first time was intense and a little crazy for my taste but all in all its a really nice out of body experience and doesnt take much. Yes, I think it is illegal but im currently looking for it online.
.I just got some the other day in California smoke shop it fd me up still legal in Cali:)

United States

#64 Feb 4, 2012
Just got some like yesterday an it messed me up never been so high u can get it in a California smoke shop!

Valdosta, GA

#65 Feb 6, 2012
I dont smoke this fake stuff i smoke real green and yes this stuff will mess you up and yes it can mess your insides up. Ive had a buddy his lungs went out on him twice and he might not be right from the stuff but he still smokes it. And he loves it says he cant stop smokin it.
Anonymous McPoster

Schenectady, NY

#66 Feb 6, 2012
r u serious wrote:
<quoted text>
All forms of JWH have been removed from the synthetic stuff.
Only SOME forms of JWH have been banned federally. Other chemicals, such as AM-2201; JWH-081; JWH-250; JWH-210 are still perfectly legal research chemicals (for now). The bill that recently passed the House got blocked by the Senate, so a Federal ban is on hold indefinitely. That's not to say it won't happen; however it did suffer a serious setback.

Georgetown, OH

#67 Feb 6, 2012
Since you all will try anything,I have something you can puff on!The more you puff,the bigger it gets!Side effects include very white teeth,sticky/salty mouth,gagging,and smiling like a donut.Free samples!
Truth righ here

Chicago, IL

#68 Feb 12, 2012
Don't touch that stuff people. It's very bad news! I couldn't say it enough. I've been on that stuff for well over a year and was going through a bag a day. It's really done a number on my head! I quit 2 weeks ago and still can't sleep or eat. It's given me anxieties and paranoia that wasn't there before the drug and doesn't feel like its subsiding. Poke fun or say what you want. If one person reads this and throws that stuff away, then I accomplished what I was after. This stuff HAS to be made illegal again before our younger youth starts to feel the affects. 
Anonymous MH Smoker

Gainesville, FL

#69 Feb 13, 2012
No offense Jenny, but it sounds like your boyfriend is just a big turd. I've been smoking synthetic "potpourri" products for about two years daily and I don't have fits of violence or anger, or rage or outbursts of emotion. I smoke it daily like many would smoke cigarettes. I get a light buzz, and the effects are similar to marijuana. It relaxes me a bit. Thats it, thats all. If I smoke it too much, I get some mucus buildup in my lungs similar with smoking cigs too much. So I know to scale back a little bit.
Whadya talkin about

United States

#70 Feb 15, 2012
I've been smoking it and its good times. little anxiety but aw don't be a giant vagina. I need to know what chemical is in it (heard somethin am2201...?) and if that chemical is part of the redneck ban on spice here in idaho. I'm on probation (felony) for growin weed and i enjoy gettin stoned. If this is no bueno, looks like I'm smokin nutmeg mugwort sage combo. Help!

United States

#71 Feb 21, 2012
Ive been reading all these reviews laughing my a$$ off. How many 13 year olds have commented on this? I've smoked spice for about 3 years since I got out of college and got a job with random drug testing. The chemicals in it are synthetic cannabanoids. You people do realize that they just take a certain cannabanoid from Mary Jane and add like an extra hydrogen atom so it doesn't show up as THC. Some cannabanoids are stronger than others. They put a certain amount of this in the herbs to make it more or less potent. It's been about a week since I've been able to get some which sucks, but I'm not freaking out, paranoid, hallucinating or anything stupid like that. Just feels like I've been a week without MJ. I still have all of my hair, my teeth, and my eyesight hahaha. So funny. The only people who have died are the ones who got the concentrated synthetic online and smoked it which is stupid. This stuff is like KB so take it easy, geez. Don't smoke a whole blunt your first time morons. Anyways the bath salts (synthetic meth) is what's really messing people up and the media likes the mix the stories up between the two. Thanks to all these idiots it's being banned now. Thanks noobs
Whadya talkin about

United States

#72 Feb 21, 2012
O.K. so no response on what chemical it is (who knows right??? probably a mix of experimental anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds) regardless, my attitude has shifted. 1: I am on probation and my state has a hardcore ban on products like this. 2: I don't want to be a guinea pig and end up turnin my mind to mush because i was lookin for sneaky ways to get high and 3: we do know that this shit isn't natural and the granola man in me says don't touch it. Ordered more. it arrived. I smoked about 4-5 hits over 5-8 hours and decided to just chuck it. Not going to prison over this crap. I suggest to people who want to enjoy mj but can't to get involved in the politics of it. Hold your leaders accountable. Stage rallies in your state. Get petitions to legalize mj signed. It's easy to be sarcastic and jaded about the political process but people all over the world fight and die for that right every day. Lazy stoners everywhere need to put down their doritos, their internet porn and their video game controllers and get involved in the decisions that shape our lives. States everywhere are battling for either medical marijuana or outright legalization (which is the only real solution.) Go to cannabis culture website or NORML and GET INVOLVED!!! Spice is questionable at best and deadly at worst. Free the HERB!!!! Oh and pardon non-violent drug offenders (like myself) so we no longer are ostracized by our families and communities. Legal weed would cost a hell of a lot less too (10 to 20$ an oz. vs. 80-400$ an oz.) We need real change, not sneaky bullshit alternatives.

Tampa, FL

#73 Feb 24, 2012

Jackson, MS

#74 Feb 24, 2012
I have done alot of stuff but Mad Hatter is the best, craziest high i have ever had....up on it is addicting. you can use or you can abuse! 3 hits is all it takes and its careful when u first do it and its better if someone who has smoked it is around before be there with you so they can keep you from freaking the fu$&& out. Its the highest you will ever be.
who cares

Fenton, MO

#75 Feb 25, 2012
wow wrote:
Advise...don't smoke it if u don't know what it is. As far as the effects, you are probably dumber now than u were when u bought it. Idiots
..... Learn to spell, dumb shit.

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#76 Feb 26, 2012
Lmao wrote:
You people do realize that they just take a certain cannabanoid from Mary Jane and add like an extra hydrogen atom so it doesn't show up as THC. Some cannabanoids are stronger than others.
Ok Mr. Chemist, you say that as if adding an 'extra hydrogen' isn't a big deal. You know a SINGLE electron difference in sodium is the difference between it burning through your hand and making it edible? Adding or removing anything is a big deal
just sayin

United States

#77 Feb 27, 2012
I know people that smoke this ans have lots of respitory problemz since they.started. they have stopped a few.times and got better.but two days later they start back. i have never smoked it.but i know its sold in hillaboro and bainbridge.
Nunya Business

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#78 Feb 28, 2012
Really people? No one seems to give a rats ass that what they're smoking is UNKNOWN. I was on it but i quit. the comedown is definitely chemical in nature and I did not enjoy how quickly you get hooked on this. Listen to whadya. Legalize MJ quit pissing your money away on dangerous synthetic designer drugs.

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#79 Feb 28, 2012
Lol ppl are dumb there are side effects depending on the person some of them can be lazy,hungy, angry when out of it depending on how often he smokes. It becomea a habit,it also causes paranoia like social anxeity.. Its pretty bad shit I perfer quit it only takes about 4-5 days of withdrawls then just go back to real bud its worth it.

United States

#80 Feb 28, 2012
It also clogs your Insides and causes chemical damage to your brain
Nunya Business

United States

#81 Feb 28, 2012
O.K. This forum seems to be the only discussion I have seen on this particular product so I'll throw one more bone out there. The side effects range from the annoying to the severe depending on dosage, intervals and personal temperment (like any drug). I was smoking 3g in a period of 1 week over about 2 months roughly. The onset was a jittery, detached mildly euphoric buzz that didn't really satisfy the contemplative, philisophical high I sought. It was more like speed and benozos mixed. The comedown was also similar to the aforementioned. It's been roughly a week since I gave that junk up and i've noticed I'm moodier (gradually decreasing through vigorous exercise) and i can't take a dook properly. I'm a little bipolar but otherwise genial and a solid humanitarian with an open attitude towards drugs. Hope this info is looked at as objectively and not a persuasion toward any stance on legality or personal use. I'm not attacking anyone who likes it just trying to throw out my experience. Some advice to my fellow drug gophers though: learn to take a break. It's the only real way to gauge how a drug makes you feel.

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