Mad Hatter Incense/ Cloud 9

Saint Louis, MO

#42 Jan 10, 2012
Most people are smoking it so they can pass a piss test.I like it and I'm a grown ass man so forget what you think.and I'm a father husband and it don't make me mean.if your boyfriend is mean then he was like that before you met him

Trevor, WI

#43 Jan 11, 2012
alrite this is a follow-up on my other post...i just put about one hit in the end of my cigarette and its not too bad when u do it that way

Whiting, IN

#44 Jan 12, 2012
yomomma wrote:
You people r retards. Lets just snort some ajax
Dude my mom been doing bath salts for like 4 months now.. shes freaking crazy now. She is like brain dead but a stupid person the same time.

Whiting, IN

#45 Jan 12, 2012
the pharouh wrote:
honestly it depends on the person last night i ripped two bowls my cousins only took four hits they acted like they were gonna die one did throw up. The new red pack is the legal form it is extremly intense i would only recomend it for those who are pros. Hell it makes sick every blue moon so smoke at your own risk but those who wanna try somthing scary here you go. Also dont go over 3 hits your first time and build an endurence
Dude ive done about 3 bowls and its 5:35am right now and time goes by super slow hahaha.

Hoffman Estates, IL

#46 Jan 15, 2012
This product "mad hatter" I know what I am talking about when I say this. I have been hooked on the stuff since it first came out a while back. All the things you people are saying some true some not. I know exactly what effects it puts on your body and how they are extremely harmful to you. I have discussed the topic with several smokers and all effects are the same. Anger, tired, susceptible to getting sick or Ill easier, coughing up black mucus? No it's probably resin built up in your throat from a year of smoking it. Believe me when I say it it is very powerful and addicting it has over ran my life and permanently disappointed my loved ones. Please for the sake of your own health DON'T SMOKE MAD HATTER!! And on top of all of this. If your money is important to you, I have probably been sucked into spending over about 4,000 dollars on it over my smoking career.

Hoffman Estates, IL

#47 Jan 15, 2012
Lara wrote:
After my personal experience with this product, I would not recommend it to any individual.
I had been using various "spice" products for around 2 1/2 years until I stumbled upon Mad Hatter. I would consider myself to be a pretty seasoned smoker, but the first time I tried this, it knocked my socks off. My heart rate increased, I felt a bit of nausea (which I thought was typical, those who have tried marijuana brownies will understand), my hearing became very sensitive, and within seconds, my whole body felt as if it tripled in weight and went almost numb, however, my mind was everywhere. I had never experienced something quite like that. It was nothing like any other kind of "spice" I have tried
before. It got me higher than anything ever has,
and I'm sure most can agree with that.
It was so incredible. I thought to myself "I finally found it! A convenient, perhaps safer, and
LEGAL weed substitute, and it's even better than
the real stuff."
Was I ever wrong.
I began using Mad Hatter as I would marijuana.
Typically on my days off or before bed for better
sleep, but the more I used it, the more I wanted
it. The amount I was smoking began to
increase, but I didn't think too much of it. I was
just simply building a tolerance to it, and also, I
had been smoking it socially as more of my
friends heard about it. So, I shrugged it off. A
few months went by, and I was completely
consumed by Mad Hatter. Initially, I didn't realize
how bad my problem was. Again I just
contributed the avid desire to smoke to a
tolerance and a little bit of denial. My family and
my boyfriend started to become concerned,
which was odd, they never complained about me
smoking weed. But then I realized it... I smoke
this all day long, every day, and I can't function
with or without it. I would smoke in the morning
upon waking, and continue to smoke throughout
my morning routine. I would smoke on the way to work. Smoke on my breaks at work. Smoke on the way home from work. Smoke when I got home. Continue smoking until I would fall asleep. I would even wake up 3-5 times a night just to take a hit. I entirely stopped caring about everything but getting high. Over the period of around 4 months, I had spent well over $5,000 on smoking Mad Hatter and was going in debt over it. I was entirely addicted and showing several concerning side-effects. The side-effects of prolonged usage included constant abdominal pain, coughing up black mucus, insomnia, difficulty breathing, bleeding of the tongue, twitching of the eyes and face, intense weight and water weight gain, chest pains, heart palpitations/arrhythmia (skipping beats, or beating out of rhythm), bacne, dark circles under eyes and unexplained bruising/broken blood vessels on my body, slurred speech or stuttering, my hair started to fall out, my vision became impaired (my ability to see at night was almost nonexistent, and lights were very bright with alot of 'starring' around them), my teeth had become very sensitive because the Mad Hatter was begging to turn them translucent as if I'd been hitting a crack pipe, and that's just the physical effects. The mental effects included intense paranoia, dementia, hallucinations, ghost pains, apathy, complete loss in motivation, complete loss of ego and self-confidence, bi-polar like mood swings, deep depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, a constant feeling of loneliness, mental sharpness and memory retention drastically decreased. Nothing had ever fucked me up like this. If there's something that can suck the soul straight out of you, this is it. I felt like I was dying.
This is the exact experience I had but I am a male. It ruins lives..

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#48 Jan 16, 2012
Cloudbody wrote:
<quoted text>
Dude my mom been doing bath salts for like 4 months now.. shes freaking crazy now. She is like brain dead but a stupid person the same time.
It would take a stupid person to begin with to abuse a research chemical that was probably whipped up in a Chinese lab in a rushed manner and then sold to Americans under the guise of 'bath salts' that are label 'not for human consumption'

I can imagine the conversations in the lab now,
Worker -"Damn, I put too much of toxic chemical A in this batch"
Supervisor - "No sweat, It's labeled not to be consumed by humans in the first place"

Troy, OH

#49 Jan 16, 2012
Hey kids, ya don't have those problems with good 'ol fashioned, home grown, all natural MARIJUANA!
It's organic, lol!
get a life

Van Wert, OH

#50 Jan 17, 2012
Life is and can be wonderful with no "additives".
I enjoy life as it is, I don't need mind altering garbage to be happy.
Get out and enjoy life without the "crutch", there is a wonderful world out there...... without additives.

Indianapolis, IN

#51 Jan 18, 2012
mad hadde is the bomb i smoke it everyday, in fact im smoking it now surfing the web. its the best thing you can buy right now and its pretty cheep

Indianapolis, IN

#52 Jan 18, 2012

Syracuse, IN

#53 Jan 25, 2012
My husband and I have been smoking Mad Hatter for awhile now and it is perfectly legal it doesnt have the bad stuff in it that K2 and chill spice has and if you look at the package it's the only one that DOESN'T say it's not for human consumption. like I said we have been smoking it everyday for awhile and we go on with our everyday life with ABSOLUTELY NO SIDE EFFECTS... I would smoke it over weed anyday the high is way more intense and it's LEGAL

Cincinnati, OH

#54 Jan 27, 2012
I love drugs, they kill people that should never have been alive

United States

#55 Jan 29, 2012
I love mad hatter! If u cant smoke weed its ur best options!

Cincinnati, OH

#56 Jan 31, 2012
Bomb wrote:
I love mad hatter! If u cant smoke weed its ur best options!
I am very glad you smoke it too. It'll kill you faster than most things. I love the whole no side effects rant I'm seeing. I saw quite a few people nearly die all at once from it, but then you wouldn't be doing drugs at all if you had a brain so I wouldn't expect you "people" to know any better. Just keep chillin in your little trailers sucking up welfare and doing drugs. They are soon to drug test losers before giving out welfare. That will be the day I'm glad I live here so I can watch you all die in the street.

Cincinnati, OH

#57 Feb 1, 2012
It's fine. People who know that know that, and people who don't, only know of people who abuse it. Anything is dangerous when abused.

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#58 Feb 1, 2012
htsdhfdsx wrote:
It's fine. People who know that know that, and people who don't, only know of people who abuse it. Anything is dangerous when abused.
Actually, when you use "Q-tips" you are abusing them. When you read the back of the box you will see they say DO NOT use in ears, they are meant to be used to clean things/remove makeup lol.

Chicago, IL

#59 Feb 2, 2012
recreational user wrote:
Waste of money if you ask me I get bad stomache pain everytime I use madhatter so...ban the shit please
Why ban it cuz you dont like it well then dont buy it you stupid f&*$

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#60 Feb 2, 2012
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
Why ban it cuz you dont like it well then dont buy it you stupid f&*$
This thread gives other significant reasons why it should be banned

Cincinnati, OH

#61 Feb 3, 2012
guest wrote:
<quoted text>
Why ban it cuz you dont like it well then dont buy it you stupid f&*$
I've been told by a guy that owns a smoke shop in the city (not BF Hillsboro)as of THIS FRIDAY OR SATURDAY... IT'S GONE.... they will not sell it or the bath salts anymore!!! Get it while u can...

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