Mad Hatter Incense/ Cloud 9

Cincinnati, OH

#21 Dec 2, 2011
ha wrote:
Its legal I know people who smoke it daily and buy it in Hillsboro
Yeah they took it off the shelf for about 2 weeks. I seen it was back....

Bethel, PA

#22 Dec 7, 2011
Don't no much bout this stuff, except it doesn't show up in a piss test, n u feel like u just smoked kind bud, I'm a little skeptical cause I've heard different thingsboutit, but the bad has only been from people who went from bud to this....n had anger problems, no real proof that this is bad for u even thou it prob is..way to good to be true

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#23 Dec 7, 2011
jerseyjay1278 wrote:
no real proof that this is bad for u even thou it prob is..way to good to be true
There is no proof because they are not tested or approved for anything by the FDA. Things such as ingredients, quality, content and chemicals used during growing are not known . This is prohibition in action, as also seen with 'bath salts', people can't get the real drug so they buy these compounds that are synthesized in foreign countries.

Now I'm not a fan of marijuana, but I have to admit, something grown in your own basement for your personal use seems much safer than these "legal highs". And the "well then, just don't use" arguments have failed.

People have searched for ways to distort there consciousness since the beginning of time. It's time someone takes a serious look at drug reform, until then you will keep seeing increases in these synthetic drugs, huffing and DIY drugs like meth and 'krokodil' as seen in Russia and parts of Europe.

Fort Myers, FL

#24 Dec 9, 2011
ghyujk wrote:
Do not smoke this. Me and a few others smoked this last night but i consumed the most of it. It was awful. Your heart rate speeds up and you litterally feel like youre going to die. Plus you get really sick to your stomach. I thought i was going to have to go to the hospital there for a while, but i just ended up passing out. If he wont stop smoking this, get rid of him girl. You dont need someone who feels like that everyday and likes it.
too much,too fast! maybe try a little fool,since you never had it!it is strong.
the pharouh

United States

#25 Dec 12, 2011
honestly it depends on the person last night i ripped two bowls my cousins only took four hits they acted like they were gonna die one did throw up. The new red pack is the legal form it is extremly intense i would only recomend it for those who are pros. Hell it makes sick every blue moon so smoke at your own risk but those who wanna try somthing scary here you go. Also dont go over 3 hits your first time and build an endurence
recreational user

United States

#26 Dec 12, 2011
Waste of money if you ask me I get bad stomache pain everytime I use madhatter so...ban the shit please
in the know

Chillicothe, OH

#27 Dec 12, 2011
Dumbasses,it's all illegal to sell,have,and use.I've seen people like you seeing things that weren't there,talking jibberish,taking their clothes off.It raises your heartrate,body temp,blood pressure etc.Guess what?That causes heart attacks and strokes.
just smoke it yo

Altamont, IL

#28 Dec 13, 2011
neither i, nor any of the many people ive smoked with, have had a negative reaction to mad hatter, even after smoking larger amounts. i personally think that a small percentage of people have a minor allergic reaction or something like that, and those few people are the reason for all the scare with this product. and the stupid kids who smoke way too much in one sitting are screwing it up for the rest of us who are smart about it.

United States

#30 Dec 19, 2011
i smoke this and other K2 spices and have never once 'freaked out'. use it in moderation until you are comfortable, mat hatter is still available in IN....for now. when my harvest of weed plants comes in, i wont have to worry about this syntheteic crap anymore.

Clayton, IN

#31 Dec 20, 2011
After my personal experience with this product, I would not recommend it to any individual.
I had been using various "spice" products for around 2 1/2 years until I stumbled upon Mad Hatter. I would consider myself to be a pretty seasoned smoker, but the first time I tried this, it knocked my socks off. My heart rate increased, I felt a bit of nausea (which I thought was typical, those who have tried marijuana brownies will understand), my hearing became very sensitive, and within seconds, my whole body felt as if it tripled in weight and went almost numb, however, my mind was everywhere. I had never experienced something quite like that. It was nothing like any other kind of "spice" I have tried before. It got me higher than anything ever has, and I'm sure most can agree with that.
It was so incredible. I thought to myself "I finally found it! A convenient, perhaps safer, and LEGAL weed substitute, and it's even better than the real stuff."
Was I ever wrong.
I began using Mad Hatter as I would marijuana. Typically on my days off or before bed for better sleep, but the more I used it, the more I wanted it. The amount I was smoking began to increase, but I didn't think too much of it. I was just simply building a tolerance to it, and also, I had been smoking it socially as more of my friends heard about it. So, I shrugged it off. A few months went by, and I was completely consumed by Mad Hatter. Initially, I didn't realize how bad my problem was. Again I just contributed the avid desire to smoke to a tolerance and a little bit of denial. My family and my boyfriend started to become concerned, which was odd, they never complained about me smoking weed. But then I realized it... I smoke this all day long, every day, and I can't function with or without it. I would smoke in the morning upon waking, and continue to smoke throughout my morning routine. I would smoke on the way to work. Smoke on my breaks at work. Smoke on the way home from work. Smoke when I got home. Continue smoking until I would fall asleep. I would even wake up 3-5 times a night just to take a hit. I entirely stopped caring about everything but getting high. Over the period of around 4 months, I had spent well over $5,000 on smoking Mad Hatter and was going in debt over it. I was entirely addicted and showing several concerning side-effects. The side-effects of prolonged usage included constant abdominal pain, coughing up black mucus, insomnia, difficulty breathing, bleeding of the tongue, twitching of the eyes and face, intense weight and water weight gain, chest pains, heart palpitations/arrhythmia (skipping beats, or beating out of rhythm), bacne, dark circles under eyes and unexplained bruising/broken blood vessels on my body, slurred speech or stuttering, my hair started to fall out, my vision became impaired (my ability to see at night was almost nonexistent, and lights were very bright with alot of 'starring' around them), my teeth had become very sensitive because the Mad Hatter was begging to turn them translucent as if I'd been hitting a crack pipe, and that's just the physical effects. The mental effects included intense paranoia, dementia, hallucinations, ghost pains, apathy, complete loss in motivation, complete loss of ego and self-confidence, bi-polar like mood swings, deep depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, a constant feeling of loneliness, mental sharpness and memory retention drastically decreased. Nothing had ever fucked me up like this. If there's something that can suck the soul straight out of you, this is it. I felt like I was dying.

Clayton, IN

#32 Dec 20, 2011
(Cont.) There are a few other bizarre things that occurred. When I first started purchasing Mad Hatter, it came in a green package. The product itself was unnaturally bright green and orange, very fluffy, and it had pleasant blueberry smell/taste. It seemed like the product was getting dryer and displaying a more crystallized appearance with each package I went though. The crystals started to look more and more like powdered glass. The smell wasn't as strong as it was originally. The colours weren't as bright. I noticed it didn't quite feel the same as it used to in addition. Then, the colour of the bag changed. It was now red. I asked a salesperson why the colour of the bag was different. They claimed it was because of copy-cat products. I'm not sure if it's true or not, because up until the last bag of Hatter I purchased, the product was different almost everytime and you could get green bags here and red bags there all across the state. A friend of mine actually got a Mad Hatter package that contained something that looked similar to K-2 (they look nothing alike), and another bag that had something that smelled like a tea bag in it. We smoked some and nothing happened. She was ripped off. But how? The packages were identical in every way. They were matching colours with real product. They stated the same thing on the back. They even had the same manufacturer/distributors name and website on the back and front. Wtf is up with that? I don't want to get too deep and trip about it, but Wikipedia Mad Hatter Batman Comics. Tell me that doesn't sound strange. I'm not the only one who has experienced all of this. People all over the nation are. People are getting addicted. Convenience stores are getting robbed. There have been numerous reports of people going to hospitals with signs of withdrawal or concern with side-effects. Whats more concerning, there have been numerous reports of people dying because they're smoking this stuff. People are having heart attacks, seizures, sudden death, some are even taking their own lives over it. It's not just 'people' either. Most of these are kids. They're children, and they're purchasing death by the gram at your local convenience store. This is what our parents tried to warn us about. It's time for a reality check.
When I tried to stop smoking it, it gave me withdrawals worse than anything I have ever felt before. I would get the chills, start sweating profusely, and shaking uncontrollably. The only way to describe the abdominal pain is that visceral organs felt as if they were liquefying inside me. Vomiting was abundant, even if my stomach was empty, I'd dry heave for hours on end. I couldn't eat or sleep. I experienced almost uncontrollable and painful diarrhea. My mood was awful and I had constant mood swings. I would do nothing but cry. Again, Mad Hatter made me feel like I was dying. I wanted nothing more than to go to the hospital, rehab, mental health center, ANYTHING! But I knew I had gotten myself into it, I had to get myself out. Eventually, I did. It was a very hard process that took some patience and alot of strong will, but I had alot of support and love that I am ever so grateful for. Over all, it took around a few weeks for the withdrawals to subside, and I've felt fantastic ever since. I still think about from time to time for some reason, but I know I'll never touch it again. It calls your name, you just can't listen. Life is way too valuable. If you or anyone you know has a problem, reach out! There is hope, and there is help! We are all better than this!!!

Cleveland, GA

#33 Dec 20, 2011
Just stick with the real thing,It's that simple!!
Glitter in the Mad Hatter

Niles, IL

#34 Dec 24, 2011
I found glitter in the mad hatter purple? Real glitter like the arts and crafts stuff. It was in a bunch of them. I went to the site on the package and they blew me off. If you want plastic glitter crap in your stuff go with the Hatter. I also found traces of glitter in the strawberry and the Kush by Hatter. No bs. If they sent me a refund I woudnt care but they just blew me off? How the hell did real glitter like the kids use in arts projects get in the herb? This is in the chicagoland (Skokie,Il) area. Iguess it doesnt matter they outlawed the shit come this new years.

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#35 Dec 24, 2011
Glitter in the Mad Hatter wrote:
I found glitter in the mad hatter purple?
While it is a stupid idea that a manufacturer would do something to the product that would piss off there customers, this kind of thing can happen. Anything that isn't labeled for human use and therefore avoids any type of quality oversight could have literally anything in it.

If they indeed put glitter in it, what kind of stuff are they putting in it that is too small to see with the naked eye? If you want to 'get high', just grow and smoke your own marijuana. I would risk the minimal legal repercussions rather than risk my health by smoking a 'legal' high that could contain any number of things.

United States

#36 Dec 28, 2011
I just smoked some of tht bullshit. I will stay with my mary jane. You are all retarded if you smoke tht shit and or pay the ridiculous prices for the shit. Its not cool and cant be good for you. Wake up b for its to late

Since: Aug 11

Location hidden

#37 Dec 28, 2011
it makes you trip, tell him to smoke half a j at a time. don't smoke it out of a bowl it burns to quick and its a waste. half a j then a menthol and he'll be flyin in a good way. if it makes him angry then he doesn't need to smoke it in the first place.
it makes me geek hard, but its fun.
just have to know when to quit.
Happy User

Fort Wayne, IN

#38 Dec 30, 2011
I've never experienced anything bad using Mad Hatter. You can go directly to cloud 9's website and order from them so you can be sure that you are getting the real thing. You can also order from , where I get it from. I've never been disappointed.

Also, if you are smoking it for the first time, ONLY TAKE A VERY SMALL HIT. This stuff is very strong, and you might feel like you are sick if you are not careful. I usually just use a one hitter. It's easy to load, and keeps you from smoking too much.

After that, turn on the christmas lights and chill out for a while. Take a break for a few days in between packages, though, so that you don't get too used to it. You can build up a tolerance pretty quick.

The first time I used it, I was on a business trip in a hotel room. I remember staring in to the mirror for a long time tripping out. No halucinations.

United States

#39 Dec 30, 2011
DON'T SMOKE THIS! It makes people tweak hard and its extremely bad for you. It makes you feel like your gonna die. My boyfriend used to smoke this but he had like 4 near death experiences sooo..he stopped. That Shit will kill you.
Weeeeeed all day<3

Since: Oct 11

Chillicothe, OH

#40 Jan 1, 2012
Terrifying reasons you shouldn't smoke synthetic weed:

Trevor, WI

#41 Jan 8, 2012
we rolled a blunt of this...we took 3 hits each then had to put it out cause it hit us really hard fast. my heart started beating really fast, i totally zoned out and my hearing became very sensitive. all i could hear was my sober friend trying to talk to me and i couldn't was kinda like i was hallucinating. then after about 10 mins the effects started to subside and i snapped out of it. then my friend who was in the passenger seat started throwing up a lot was pretty funny cause it was his moms car. then i came home and i wanted to smoke a cigarette so i packed one hit of mad hatter in my bowl and smoked it along with my was one hit and my heart started beating really fast and i became really paranoid. i came upstairs and laid down to try to slow my heart a little...but then i went to the bathroom and i threw up...this shit kinda scares me and i dont know what to do with it cause i dont wanna smoke it...and im not a lightweight with pot and synthetics. so dont tell me its cause im not used to stuff like this. i dont recommend this stuff to anyone...its nothing like k2 or pot.

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