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Xenia, OH

#1 Feb 7, 2011
james campbell committed suicide in hillsboro ohio on saturday 2011 he was only thirteen years old went to hillsboro middle school i am one of his friends coment please

Dayton, OH

#2 Feb 7, 2011
omg i saw that in the paper! i wish the family my condolences and hope they find peace
upset parent

Cincinnati, OH

#3 Feb 8, 2011
my son was in his classes at Hillsboro and also a friend to him. It is soooo sad. Everytime I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry to hear of his death... it hurts me deeply to think he felt he had no other option. I went home and gave my son a hug and kiss yesterday and told him how much I love him. Parents need to tell their kids everyday how much they love them and that no matter what the problem is, they need to talk to their kids.

Dayton, OH

#4 Feb 8, 2011
i agree with you upset parent...i didnt even know the kid and i cried over the situation...he was such a young soul...something was wrong with the kid just sad know could tell!

Glen Burnie, MD

#5 Feb 8, 2011
what happened? i heard he was being bullied

United States

#6 Feb 8, 2011
does anyone know how he done it??

Chicago, IL

#7 Feb 8, 2011
My son knew him. WTF is with the world today? It sadden me greatly especially imagining what if my son took that course of action. It made me take a step back and re-evalute how my son really is. My heart greaves for his family and other kids that are affected by this.

Roundhead, OH

#8 Feb 8, 2011
he was soo young too!!! and maybe schools should crack down on these kids bulling others!! if my son as being bullied around i would be having a nice talk with the school and the kids and there parents!! and it may not have been that he was bullied he could have done it bc of reasons we would never know of...this just makes me want to think and watch what i say and do around my kid that can cause him to think he was unloved!
HHS Alumna

Marysville, OH

#9 Feb 8, 2011
Dear Hillsboro City School parents,

I graduated from HHS in 2005. I returned a couple times for some college observation hours (I am a Middle Childhood Education Major in my last year of study). I am gravely concerned for Hillsboro students' safety. PARENTS, PLEASE START A MOVEMENT. The number one idea being taught in college Education courses is this; The school must be a safe place where faculty and staff emphasize creating a safe learning community. If we continue to have ego-centric classrooms where students only care about the success or comfort of the self, they cannot be expected to discover a healthy community alone as they suffocate under bullies, "mean girls," depression, poverty, abuse, pressure to use drugs, gossip, sexual harassment, and the many other tragic conditions Hillsboro students live through day after day after day. As an aspiring educator, my heart is broken to know that a young and precious person from my hometown suffered some of the same things I did, and most likely some even worse things, and lost sight of himself as a child who deserves love and support from his community.


Roundhead, OH

#10 Feb 8, 2011
omg i aggree!!
upset parent

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Feb 9, 2011
sad4u wrote:
he was soo young too!!! and maybe schools should crack down on these kids bulling others!! if my son as being bullied around i would be having a nice talk with the school and the kids and there parents!! and it may not have been that he was bullied he could have done it bc of reasons we would never know of...this just makes me want to think and watch what i say and do around my kid that can cause him to think he was unloved!
The sad thing is that the other kids at school know more about our children than we the parents, teachers and principals do. We often don't learn of bullying until it's way out of control. Our children don't want 'mommy or daddy' fighting their battles at school, they would probably be picked on even worse .... things are way different then when we were in school 15~20 years ago. To all the parents out there, get involved and tell your kids how much you love them and let them know they can tell you anything without getting mad. They need to know they can talk to us...

Dayton, OH

#12 Feb 9, 2011
yes i agree upset parent....put if you talk to the teachers and about this issue...they can thro em in detention...or embarrass them infront of other students...i love my child so much..that i would fight a battle for him even if he didnt want me too...i am not gonna let a child ruin my child mentally or physically...i was bullied n skool elementery thru middle skool that is...and it HURT real bad bc teachers wouldnt stand up for me! or try to protect me and to beat it all i was the one that got punished...and there was times i didnt want to go to skool bc of parents let it go on and i had to go see a councelor because of the issue! i just hope that kids learn from this young boy that took his life...that some people cant be toyed with and pushed around!
Yeah Right

Columbus, OH

#13 Feb 9, 2011
My child went to Rainsboro elementary and was being picked on. She came home one day and was telling me about it. She did go to the teachers and they didn't do ANYTHING about it. It was making her life miserable and since the school didn't want to do anything about it I took both my children out of that school and I am homeschooling them now. They are getting a WAY better education as well as not being bullied. It is a shame that a 13 year old has had to take such extreme measures because of what was being done to him. I hope that whoever was bullying him carries the guilt around forever.

United States

#14 Feb 9, 2011
i agree with ya "yeah right" i know where your comeing from,!
who failed him
#15 Feb 10, 2011
Isnt that what happened. We the loving parents send our children to school. Because its the law they have to go. Well i went to hillsboro, grad in 88. Heres what i learned in school. Low class, middle, and wealthy. isnt that how our own government judges us. and there for our school system does the very same. Labels. everytime i would go to the secretary office, library, councelor, pep rallys, ect. The student helpers who were chosen to help out for the day were aways one of these cheerleader,wealthy, popular, someone very liked by all. never did i see a child with dirty hair, or behavor problems have opportunity in any of those positions. So maybe if the teachers and staff would treat everyone the same, instead of lookin at their clothes or parents or finances. But treat everyone equal. and give the poor, meek people a chance. I mean after all arent they the ones who r gonna b given ever lastin life in heaven. So just keep on doin what ur doing. its gods judgement that counts in the end. So extend ur hands, take ur ear plugs out, and open up ur heart. Our kids r in ur care for 13 years. Treat them equal. Did anybody ever talk to this lil boy? What about the parents, Teachers, anybody? My kids r my life. My son said his parents beat him and home life wasnt good is this rumor or fact?
what the flip chip

Cincinnati, OH

#16 Feb 10, 2011
I also heard the home life wasn't great and he was picked on at school but rumors will be tossed around when things like this happen. I have heard this from both my kids that went to school with him. I try not to pass judgment on other parents but you know the ability to have a kid DOESN'T make you a good parent. Alot of these troubled kids act out just for the attention and are NOT BAD KIDS. The thing that hurts my heart is now that he's gone, everyone is like "he was a great kid" "he was 'this', he was 'that', he will be missed, blah blah blah. WHERE THE HECK WHERE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHEN HE NEEDED SOMEONE TO TALK TO? I talk to my kids everyday.. I make them sit down to supper every evening whether they want to or not. I'm not saying I will win parent of the year but I make the attempt to be involved.
Billy McSwaggins

Columbus, OH

#17 Feb 10, 2011
i'm sad to hear this but does anyone know how he did it? a disturbing trend is youth hanging themselves, such as tifani reedy, and just recently a freshman from bethel
R u serious

United States

#18 Feb 10, 2011
What the heck does it matter how r u 4real that just makes me so sick inside just the thought of what brought him 2 that and his final thoughts of his short lived prescious life hes an angel now and in the best care w no more tears hug ur kids know ur kids and most of all love them and if there is torment in anybodys life just reach out somebody does love u and that feels great to know god bless u all and may his tragedy b a tragic lesson 4 all involed
angry parent

Columbus, OH

#19 Feb 13, 2011
it is really sad that this child took his life and didn't think he had any other choice. As far as kids picking on other kids. I blame parents and heres why. I was at my sons basketball game(this is his first year playing) and I over heard PARENTS laughing and making comments about my son with there own children joining in. I am a firm believer that kids pick on other kids because they see there parents doing it. I have step children that think its ok to put others down for clothing and shoes they wear cause they are not name brand and believe me I let them have it but its there mother that is teaching them that. Unless we as parents stop judging others then nothing will change and how many more children will feel they have no way out other then to end there life. So next time you go to judge someone by what car they drive, what clothes they were, think about this in God's eyes it will not matter he says" come as you are"

United States

#20 Feb 13, 2011
Ok, this is just getting out of control. All of you so called "good parents" sitting on a website talking about how kids shouldn't bully other kids correct? Lead by example correct? If that is what you are saying then why are you all pointing fingers? Are you all certified detectives? Did you whitness this kids home life? Did you see him get picked on at school? You are all falling into the definition of harrasment/bullying by causing unjust harm to another via mental abuse. Do you not think that if the kid was being picked on whoever done it probably is heading down the same path due to the fact that everyone is pointing fingers at them? These kids and parents have to live with the fact that they can't take anything they done back now when the fact of the matter is NOBODY is to blame besides the kid himself, now before you pass judgement hear me out. I have been involved in public safety for over 10 years, i have seen people hang themselves, shoot themselves, overdose on drugs, and attempt but fail on many occasions. The job i do gives me the ability to be able to view these things without an emotional attatchment, is that healthy well thats a different topic. Suicide is not something anyone chooses to do in my eyes. Suicide is something that happens when your body and mind have come to a point of no return. If you look at the stats from toxico. reports approx. 75% of people who committ suicide are under the influince of drugs or alcohol. That leaves 25% who committ suicide from hanging, cutting, or shooting (due to a negative drug test overdose is out of the question) Now think to yourself hopefully your not intoxicated while you read this and if your not think hard about all the things that make you mad, sad, or just plain upset to the point of crying and then think should I kill myself? If you feel any urge to want to just think about how you should do it. When you think of how to do it picture it in your head, its a sick and twisted place you will get to but you will realize its not as simple as one might think to just "want" to kill themselves. A 13 year old kid doesn't "want" to die. This kid had extreme issues, could it be caused by a class bully? NO could it be caused by a bad home life? NO! Could it be a combination of the two? NO! The kid was sick, mentally ill it is the only possible way. This rant was due to 17 suicide attempts and one completion over the past 36 days in Brown County alone. People need to wake up and realize no matter how right they think they are, YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWERS! The rest of this will be in bold because i pray to god the parents of this child and the classmates of this child will at least read this part. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT, DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF, DO NOT LET THESE INMATURE ASSHOLES ON TOPIX LET YOU BELIEVE IT IS YOUR FAULT. IF YOU FEEL GUILTY BECAUSE YOU MISTREATED THIS KID, GOOD! FEEL GUILTY AND THEN INSTEAD OF BEING ALL SAD AND DEPRESSED ABOUT IT, INSTEAD OF GOING OUT AND TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF OVER IT, PLEASE FOR JAMES CAMPBELLS SAKE LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST FOR THIS KID. TREAT PEOPLE WITH THE RESPECT HE DESERVED, BE POSITIVE AND MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON SOMEONE ELSES LIFE, THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO REDEEM YOURSELF OF YOUR GUILT, ASK FOR FORGIVENESS TO WHOEVER OR WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE IN AND DO ALL THAT YOU CAN FOR YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND NEIGHBORS.

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