from your statements here,you and calvin washington are the problem.along with your ex police chief who you have rehired as a police officer,and that tiny worm of a cop is evident that you as the mayor cannot and will not or may not be able under your lack of mental stability to be able to know the truths from the is apparent here that you have no ability as a leader of forest heights to stand for all the set the bar when as a council member as to your actions and it is very apparent here as to your own statements that you have before and still condone all of this misconduct,malicious prosecution,false charges,and all under the guise of the police force that you are in command have identified yourself as the mayor and saying that everything that those police officers have done and will do is have also encouraged the actions of washington,webb, and lewis .we do not know stewart russell and do not want to because his actions from what i have seen here have already spoken for themselves because you and and dirty police officers have gotten in his underwear mayor, who is cyberbullying who here? just got thru telling everyone,accept this,cause you are the mayor.we are not afraid.see you in and your police force are accessories to all of this criminal actions.even attemtped murder.