Christopher Dornor is Most Like... ?

Christopher Dornor is Most Like... ?

Created by John Masters on Feb 12, 2013

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Abolitionist John Brown

Ex-slave Nat Turner

Barack Obama

Charles Manson

Andrew Jackson

James Holmes

Adam Lanza

Tim McVeigh

Luka Magnotta


John Masters

Lexington, KY

#1 Feb 12, 2013
Timothy Thomas was shot and killed in Cincinnati in 2001, and that started massive street riots, which eventually led to significant change in Cincinnati. John Brown, (abolitionist), fought against slavery before Lincoln made it popular to do so. It took John Brown's death, and Timothy Thomas's, before reform came, and this Dornor debacle will be used politically... for many reasons. It's titillating, it addresses several issues, blurs the line of morality, what's right, what's wrong... there's also an air of Rambo quality, of 1 man tak'n on the whole govt... Im not a fan of innocents be'n slayed... but I'm also not a fan of police brutality, and police corruption, and the good guys los'n. Dorner was a happy, fun go lucky guy. He was always smil'n, and believ'd in the goodness of people, and now look... look what u did society. U sabotaged him. Just like Illene Wornos. Just like Charlie Manson. Yall wanna put these folks on a rigged show trial dog and pony show, but really, yall just dragg'n 'em thru the mud, b4 u put 'em to death. Society... yall gotta start tak'n responsibility for the monsters yall keep on creat'n... and I'm guess'n more warfare, more brutality, more fascism... more boots on our throat... that's not the solution... it's the problem.

Means, KY

#2 Feb 12, 2013
He is no Rambo and you probably made him more of good guy than he really was. He handled this situation the wrong way and must pay for it. No justification in killing innocent people. I might add there is no justification for police brutality either. John, keep your rambling where us simple folks can understand.
John Masters

Lexington, KY

#3 Feb 12, 2013
Let's put this into perspective... so, by the numbers... supposedly, the media, and evidently, some of the public, have already condemned Dorner, even though we're all "innocent, until proven guilty"... but let's say the worst. Dorner killed 2 police officers, 2 innocent folks, and injured several others. So overall, the body count is 4. The Iraq War's body count was 1 million dead. So the Iraq War is 250,000 times worse than Dorner... whose responsible for those deaths? Pakistan right now, has predator drones constantly fly'n over everybody, it's commonplace...

So 4 deaths... compare that to Charlie Manson, who killed ... zero... so Dorner is worse than Manson... Luka Magnotta... he killed 1... so Dorner is worse than him... Andrew Jackson... Daniel Boone... George Washington... they've killed lots! Jackson, Boone, and Washington have all killed more than Dorner... so stop idoliz'n those fools... Tim McVeigh... like a 100.. wasn't it? It was a bunch... several dozens... so McVeigh is worse than Dorner... John Brown, justified he was, took lots of lives... he was a soldier, who was used to warfare in the US... so John Brown, Al-qaeda and Adam Lanza are worse than Dorner... let's put some perspective on this. This is some of the most excit'n stuff... this is unit'n America much like 9/11 did... we're all watch'n TV together... just like Christmas time, and family days... let's choose to love each other... our family, friends, neighbors... let's start listen'n to one another... an ear costs nothing. Thank yous are free too.

Louisville, KY

#4 Feb 12, 2013
It looks like he is dead. Right now the cabin is burning and ammo is exploding. The cops are waiting for the fire to burn itself out. I am kind of sad it ended this way.

It looks like a broken axle on his pickup fouled up his plans. They are reporting that he had a .50 cal Barret and a scoped and silenced sniper rifle.

He could have done a lot of damage, had his plans worked out.

Means, KY

#5 Feb 12, 2013
He is no John Brown, he is a murderer. The people I know are united, alright, in feeling that this man needs to be brought to justice. I do not buy his racism crap like the news media has. The media will do anything to get an audience.
John Masters

Lexington, KY

#6 Feb 12, 2013
I think he's dead too. Probably was, 4 hours ago, and now they are burn'n the evidence... whose story we gonna believe now? His? Or the police's? I guess when u just shoot a mofo'er, there's only 1 side anybody gets to hear. Maybe Dorner wanted suicide by cop anyways... or maybe... IDK. Maybe he just snapped. He did say something about his mother and his sister though, which was interesting... there's a guy in N. Ky I know who can't handle his mother and sister... always complain'n about them on fb... I feel sorry for him. Just seems like they dont really like him, and keep want'n him to change... and he just tries to do whatever he can to appease them... for their love... but they just can't see themselves doing that... love... isn't love... gay?

Lexington, KY

#8 Feb 13, 2013
I'm just glad another black man is off these streets.
ha ha ha

Lexington, KY

#9 Feb 13, 2013
Obs... yous so crazy! But that's ok. I like it.

Lexington, KY

#10 Feb 14, 2013
Abolitionist John Brown is winning!

Lexington, KY

#11 Feb 14, 2013
LA is on high alert after LAPD is back on regular patrol:

"I mean, just knowing they’re out there is terrifying—how can I feel safe when these maniacs are on the loose in my neighborhood?” said a visibly rattled Ashley Stillson, 38, who explained that she strictly observed the city’s advisory to avoid the historically violent, unpredictable predators by going out in groups and avoiding the streets entirely after nightfall.“These guys are volatile and, in many cases, mentally unstable. Something needs to be done about them because I fear for my family knowing these sick people are still at large.” At press time, sources reported the tense mood in L.A. had brightened considerably after news of a serial rapist diverted numerous LAPD officers to a sprawling manhunt in nearby San Bernardino."

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