I still can't believe that this happened. Heather Mansfield was my best friend. We were friends for 20yrs and we were supposed to grow old and continue our friendship. WTF. How the hell do things like this happen? I really hope that if the guy who did this to heather and her daughter. Jadyn losing her mommie. I hope that he pays. How dare he take a young life. And people always complain about young drivers! Yes I am angry but you know what, it's about time people started talking about the older people like this guy who killed my best friend. If it was a real accident then i appologize, but, if he was abiding by the rules of the road, there shouldn't have been an accident unless something seriously happened with his car or his health when driving. If that's the case, I appologize in advance. Now my niece has to suffer and grow up without her mother. She's only a yr and a half. She wont remember anything. Just what we tell her. Heather was an amazing woman. Great mother and a loyal friend. I just wish she could see how many people miss her.