do not shop at art van

Since: Jan 07

Ashburn, VA

#23 Aug 1, 2007
Mrs Burkett wrote:
Do not shop at Art Van and if you do PLEASE do not buy the warranity on there furniture, it is a rip off.(STEVE) the store manager would not honor there warranity he basically called me a liar when I told him I used the leather protecter as required,and I believed the chair was never treated in the first place. I purchased a recliner from them with a 10 year warranity on the leather. The leather tore up in 5 years and they refused to repair it even though I used the leather protecter as required. I called corporate and Stacey also called ME a lier and refused to repair the chair and they would not give me a new one although the salesperson told me when I purchased the chair if anything goes wrong with the chair it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to me if I bought the warrnity . I also called the store and pretended to be a customer and they told me the same thing on Nov 24, 2006.
They are still telling the same LIE.
-I don't think I'll ever buy from Art Van again, lied to me about my table being made in the USA, very expensive and found out about 6 months later found out by looking up under the table small tag it was made in some 3rd World country.

Also a person I know puchased a high priced Sofa from Art Van she had it less then 12 months and the seam on the arm came apart, they would not repair it, she has no children to damage it, she will not buy from Art Van again.

Since: Jan 07

Ashburn, VA

#24 Aug 1, 2007
Da Plummer wrote:
Let buyer beware,you get what you pay for. Whats wrong with being rich? Nobody gave it to Art he worked for it. Don't we all want to be rich? We're just to afraid to take a chance.It's easier to work for someone else, no risk.
Nothing wrong with being RICH, did you ever see all the imported junk being sold in our country at VERY high prices, Very high high markups on furniture. Verything is a rip off now days.

Bay City, MI

#25 Aug 14, 2007
Orderd a special mattress set from Art Van. They delivered the frame and box springs, not the mattress, they stated they would deliver the mattress whenever.....A special order is never guaranteed for a certain date. Got called a liar, etc. Made them take the frame and box springs back and cancel the order. Who would want a box springs and bed frame without the mattress.

Art Van cares about sales, not service.
It Is Me

Troy, MI

#26 Oct 11, 2007
Perhaps your Complaint would carry more weight if you could spell!

Grosse Pointe, MI

#27 Oct 12, 2007
Let me tell you something I learned while attending classes to become the worlds first salesman to own the company.
First I learned how to judge people when they walk in the door. Second I learned how to judge people by the way spoke. Third I learned how to judge people by the articles of clothing they wore. My most important lesson was I learned that I have something for everyone. No matter what the cost. A valuable lesson came when I realized that no matter how great I could do my job selling the goods. I needed for people to know about my goods. So I say to you when choosing a product. Remember that marketing was there before I was and it was subplanted in your mind before you even walked out the door. Remember that the product that you see advertised the most is not necessarily the higest in quality. Remember that I am there to assist you in making a decision and that your decision to buy from me equates to the bottom line of my company.


#28 Oct 12, 2007
We have bedroom furniture that is 40+ years old from Art Van and it is still great. Of course, it has been taken care of. We also purchased other things there years ago and they lasted very well. But, perhaps the furniture is not made as well now as back then.

Since: Nov 07

Roseville, MI

#29 Nov 1, 2007
Art Van will always deny warranty claims up until the point where it is clear that it will cost them less to live up to the warranty than they will lose by trying to screw you.

Like any insurance company, if 30% of the people give up on the first try, they save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

So, if you have a warranty issue, first call them. Write down everything. Date, time, name, what they said. You are going to have to call multiple times. They will deny, lie, not call back. When they send someone out to inspect it, they will say it's normal wear, you damaged it, it's not covered, whatever. Then you do the store trick. Go in at the busiest time, walk into a crowd of customers, and demand to see the manager. Speak loud enough for the customers to hear about them lying, not honoring the warranty, etc.

Don't threaten to sue. Take notes, write down everything they say. If you take notes and don't threaten, they begin to get intimidated.

Take note of what the salesman wrote above. Dress like a New York lawyer when you go in there to negotiate.

Make sure that they know you have friends that design websites. Tell them your entire story is documented and will be published.

Eventually, you will get your warranty. If not, you can sue them with your paperwork and notes. And, you can publish it on the web.

That said, never buy a memory foam mattress. Get one that does not have any type of memory foam in it. Even the most expensive ones in the store break down quickly and can cause bad back problems. We went through it three times before finally getting one without the memory foam, and this one will last.

We will never spend another dime in an Art Van store.
John Shetler

Warren, MI

#30 Nov 6, 2007
We vote with dollars don't ever buy from them again.
Mike a carpenter

Detroit, MI

#31 Nov 7, 2007
As a custom cabinetmaker and furniture maker of limited or one up production, yes made here in the USA, I can only tell you that quality is not cheap and cheap is in most cases not good.... yes you can go to wall mart or art van and get some great deals on a lot of stuff. However I cannot and will not compete with child/slave/forced labor from China. Just as others have commented, don't expect cheap junk to last for generations or be repairable. Let the buyer beware! You get what you pay for only if you do your homework and are an informed buyer. There is nothing that cant be made a little cheaper with lower quality materials and made a little worse by another man, and for those who purchase things based on price alone they are this mans lawful prey.

Hawthorne, CA

#32 Dec 12, 2007
First and foremost this is good information to know, when you are shopping for furniture.
So, you know to stay away from these types of retailers who are deceiving. And only have one goal to sell you whatever you think you want, with out really giving you warranty. Do not they know that people will find out sooner or later, and they will loose their business?
We are all concern about the furniture made in a third world countries, as we all know are made of very poor quality materials. So if you ask, they should definitely tell you where the furniture made from. Unfortunately, a lot of times you can not tell where it is made, until you get it delivered. Happened to me also (not at this store), the sales person told me that they use this Canadian Manufacturer who makes this quality furniture; however when I got it, the box said made in China. I was lucky enough to have to be able to return it back to the store. But I understand how you can just get stock with something you did not want!

Oxford, MI

#33 Dec 21, 2007
Just wanted to add my two cents. From a fiscal standpoint the cost of providing the reapir/replacement service must be lower than the amount of revenue generated by selling the extra coverage. If it was not the company would eventually go out of business, simple addition. However, being a business owner (real estate), I also understand the value of customer service. In regards to retail items like furniture, I always tell my customers the following: "You can have it fast, you can have it cheap, and you can have top shelf-quality. You cannot however, have all three, so which is most important to you?"
GB in Oakland County

White Lake, MI

#34 Dec 27, 2007
Was that chair made in China. You get what you pay for when you buy the cheapest thing on the menu. I look very closely at where the product is made, that I want to purchase. If it says anywhere in Asia, or an Asain brand name I don't buy it. Only American or European branded and manufactured items for me, thank you very much.

United States

#35 Dec 29, 2007
Art Van Technician Visit
After examining recliner, technician told me to sign his form without giving a reason. At this point no repair was planned. Tech stated that he had to discuss situation with his dept. When I read the text above signature line, it stated to the effect that, all repair work was completed satisfactory. When I refused to sign, telling the tech that no work/repair has been performed, technician became abusive and told me no repair would be done unless I signed the form. I then told tech that I donít blindly sign forms before any work is performed, and to my satisfaction. Tech then drew a line over the text that stated all work has been completed satisfactory and then told me I had to sign form to prove that he was there. I then instructed tech to leave my house, NOW!
I donít like liars and/or deceivers.

At this point I want a replacement recliner, same model. If no replacement is made, I will take case to small claims. The recliner was defective before I received it (Nov 6, 07). Looks like the wooden rocker part had rot damaged. I have witnesses and pics. The way the wooden rocker part slipped over the outer edge of base of frame, there is a good chance that other parts are also damaged or stressed beyond tolerance.
Grand Rapids, MI
Tom Barker

Royal Oak, MI

#36 May 10, 2008
Just had Art Van out to my home to inspect their brand of bed and was told that because there was a small stain on the bed, it really did not matter if a spring was sticking up, the warranty was voided.
Saleswoman never said boo about what could void the warranty.
There are tons of furniture places all over town, why anyone would ever shop at a company that does not honor their warranty amazes me.
Just Thinking

Roseville, MI

#37 May 10, 2008
Their punctuation and grammar could use some work too.
Spell check wrote:
Its hard to imagine so many people spelling liars incorrectly. Its L I A R S not L I E R S. Makes me wonder if the rest of the story is accurate.

Charlevoix, MI

#38 Jun 24, 2008
Linda wrote:
We have bedroom furniture that is 40+ years old from Art Van and it is still great. Of course, it has been taken care of. We also purchased other things there years ago and they lasted very well. But, perhaps the furniture is not made as well now as back then.
Its not I wish i Had purchased antique furniture or amish built furniture we purchased bedroom set last march and its cracking every where and I took great care of it Im so disqusted I want my old furniture back! Keep yours because its not made like it is today or buy amish built !
Maria Dixon Ticonderoga

Detroit, MI

#39 Aug 29, 2008
I really think "Mike" works for Art Van furniture. You can tell because he posts so often and tries to convince you that everyone is being stupid. He doesn't fool me. Art Van shouldn't sell shoddy furniture to begin with! I would suggest to avoid furniture stores like Art Van and Gardner-White. Plus all stores that have television commercials that scream at you.
You just dont get it

Erie, PA

#40 Dec 15, 2008
How about actually reading your warranty before you buy? It's right there in black and white.
How about doing a little research before you buy instead of expecting a salesperson hold your hand and tell you everything will be just fine. "He should've told me it would do that!" No, you should've asked.
How about taking care of your furniture? Don't pee on your mattress and expect a new one. Don't let 5 years of corrosive body oils absorb into your leather and expect the dyes to hold up. Don't expect a $300 couch to last you until you're old and grey. Don't expect a CUSHION to not be soft.
And mostly, don't expect a store to give you free stuff because you spent money there previously. Do you expect a car dealership to give you free tires or a new transmission because you bought the car there?
Believe it or not, there's a thing called personal responsibility. Nothing is perfect and nothing lasts forever. Get over it. Art Van doesn't make the furniture any more than Best Buy makes the products they sell. A warranty covers defects and defects only. In my experience, Art Van handles actual defects very professionally. The place has been in business 50 years for a reason.

New Baltimore, MI

#41 Jan 18, 2009
art van furniture is a great store . their sales are geared and are proven to be a good deal. nothing lasts forever, and people sometimes neglect, abuse and mistreat their personal property. that might be why your warranty was not backed up. also, a good thing to do would be to inspect what you are purchasing before you make a purchase. if it does not meet your quality expectations, keep shoping, or spend more money for better quality . "you get what you pay for" thanks for your consideration.
Just Saying

Little Rock, AR

#42 Jan 30, 2009
Many of the "Tons" of mattress places are now out of business. It does not matter where you buy a mattress, or who makes it, stains void mattress warranties. Just ask around.
Tom Barker wrote:
Just had Art Van out to my home to inspect their brand of bed and was told that because there was a small stain on the bed, it really did not matter if a spring was sticking up, the warranty was voided.
Saleswoman never said boo about what could void the warranty.
There are tons of furniture places all over town, why anyone would ever shop at a company that does not honor their warranty amazes me.

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