y again . I'm also sure they didn't realize that there shot would rain down on a RD let alone a bus . Water fowler hunter help control numbers of geese that are a real problem here in white lk . Home owners will pay 60 dollar or more to have these probem goose removed . Waterfowl hunters pay to hunt geese and ducks and the money goes to research to study and help all migratory birds . Why wasn't the DNR contacted . The DNR only has two officers for Oakland co . The DNR is 100% funded by hunters and fishermans lic sales . There funding keeps them spred thin . This firearm violation could be handle just fine by local police so why have the DNR out when there was no fish or game violation . These hunters where most likely productive members of the twp that just made a stupid mistake and only hope to learn from from that . Duck hunting is not a cheap sport . Things for this type of hunting are not cheap like a boat , decoys , camo , the ammo is a dollar per shot . The lic needed mi small game , federal duck stamp . Waterfowl survey . All these things point to the fact these are people that work and are productive people and good members of the twp but just did something stupid . Shot gun shoot when falling from the sky would not hurt a fly but still no one likes it so there are laws in place . White lk twp needs to watch againts closing areas to hunting like the Rochester hills area . There's a major deer problem there and people dying from hitting deer with there cars . Also people can't grow flowers or even have a garden because the deer just eat everything even the bushes . wildlife control is not cheap when needed on a large scale . Hunter pay to control wildlife