Judge Brian MacKenzie

Troy, MI

#21 Jan 29, 2008
Next election - do not vote for Brian MacKenzie.
Let him "exhaust" in the name of the peace.
Mamboo head like him should not represent the Law and the Constitiusion USA.
My sugetion: send him to Iraq of Afganistan.
I will pay for his ticket. One way only.

White Lake, MI

#22 Feb 3, 2008
If there's any possibility that what Devin says is true about McKenzie, that his wife owns JAMS and that he receives campaign money from MADD, I'd encourage everyone to urge their local newspapers to investigate that blatant conflict of interest. Testing is certainly needed, but I get the feeling he's getting his toast buttered from both sides. Let's hope not, but like Reagan said, "Trust but verify." We need some light shone of this dark little corner of the criminal justice system.

Troy, MI

#23 Feb 20, 2008
But don't you know he thinks he going to save the world. Whatever he's a tool. Don't vote for him!!!!

Sterling, VA

#26 Mar 5, 2008
Mark wrote:
Hello again.
the courtroom belongs to People, not to the Judge.
Judge job is only to judge the event on the base of the evidence and issue the penelty by the verdict, which must fit the crime.
If you do noit agree with the verdict or you are manipulated or discriminated by the judge or prosecutor -YOU CAN REQEST new judge na dnew Court. This is in the Constitiusion USA.
Do not be scare to say what you want to say w/out vulgar names.
Just be free American and you have the Rights to chalenge the Court and the Law.
If everyone had thousands of dollars to spend on lawyers fees, I'm sure they could get another judge, but it isn't very realistic. Welcome to the real world where these judges can do whatever they want and get away with it.
As a side note, I have heard stories about jusdge McKenzie being a huge alcoholic...not sure if they are true, though.

United States

#27 Mar 6, 2008
some of his judgements are not fair, but i can bet you that everyone of those angry drunk drivers will never drive drunk again. hey, his punishments are a lot less severe than having to live with the fact that you have killed someone while being drunk and irresponsible.

Commerce Township, MI

#28 Mar 12, 2008
I ended up doing 90 days for my first arrest, first misdemeanor ever... in front of mackenzie.

Detroit, MI

#29 Mar 12, 2008
Judge MacKenzie's wife does NOT own JAMS. I've heard that rumor before, but it's only a rumor. However, MacKenzie is an arrogant narcissist. I was lucky not to get him, but I've sat in his courtroom and it was obvious he was acting in his own interest rather then the interest of the public. He needs to switch to decaf.

Isle Saint George, OH

#30 Mar 14, 2008
I have the up most respect for Judge Mackenzie. My first charge was in 2005 for disordly person he sent me to jail for the night and gave me a second chance. Well, just like any other kid i thought I could best the system and smoked weed almost every day and passed my drug test at J.A.M.S. Well, when I went back to court to get sentenced he asked me if I smoked weed and of course I lied and said no..apposed to takeing a drug test that morning and passing.. he knew I was lieing and gave me a drug test... What do ya know I FAILED! once again he threw me in jail for the night. After that everytime I disrespected his orders he only tryed to help me and i didnt care. He didnt send me back to jail..... for a while instead after my second M.I.P he sent me to rehab for 18 days. i spent 12 days in jail awaiting to go to rehab. Well that turned in to a whole other story I wont get in to it all but you can probably guess what happened. My 18 days in rehab turned in to 88 days what do ya know looks like i didnt care again. When i got out of rehab i was still on probation and went through 30 days of daily jams. well i didnt blow dirty that time around so he once again gave me another break and dropped me down to Holiday testing. WEll ONCE AGAIN....I got another M.I.P. and possion of maraijuana on April 29th of 2007...now im screwed. I bonded myself out of Milford holding cell for 100 dollars and what do ya know not even a week later im getting arrested for selling "pot" Back infront of Mackenzie I go... so I thought. He took my mist. charges and I got sent infront of Juge Powers for my felony charge. Mackenzie was not so much mad as dissapointed in me. He was going to give me 7 months in Oakland County Jail for another one of my MANY violations. He gave me the benifit of the doubt ONCE again and instead he gave me 3 months in O.C.J. Now im off probation at 52-1 and currently on Felony probation. All that man is trying to do is help,and you need to take a closer look at what he's working for. He may be harsh and crude at time.. how else is he supposed to get it through your head??? Give the man a break and if you dont want to go in front of him THAT bad than heres some good advice. DONT GET IN TROUBLE!!! All I can do is thank the Man for what he has done for me. Yes some of the things he said to me were VERY hurtfull and painfull but like he said to me one time in court. I have the head of a coconut and how else is he supposed to get it through to me? So like I said take a closer look at what hes trying to do.. Thanks

Farmington, MI

#31 Apr 14, 2008
Ron wrote:
If there's any possibility that what Devin says is true about McKenzie, that his wife owns JAMS and that he receives campaign money from MADD, I'd encourage everyone to urge their local newspapers to investigate that blatant conflict of interest. Testing is certainly needed, but I get the feeling he's getting his toast buttered from both sides. Let's hope not, but like Reagan said, "Trust but verify." We need some light shone of this dark little corner of the criminal justice system.
In fact, the judge's wife does own a JAMS facility. I'll clarify. She doesn't own the entire system but owns one of them. This judge does get MADD money for his political campaign. This judge does have a history of a drunk driving arrest in the 80's. I know a young woman that occasionally meets the judge and has a liquid lunch with him and according to her he puts them away. I also used to work out with a Novi police officer who knows how much he drinks during and after his golf outings before he gets behind the wheel.

This judge is not the first person to abuse his power and get a sense of "entitlement" for doing what he does. The Detroit mayor and NY governor come to mind. I really don't find this stuff surprising.

As far as being a low-life scum? No. I did something out of character, following my divorce. I accepted my punishment and fullfilled all my probation requirements. I did not repeat the offense. Does the judge go overboard for first time offenders? Yes. Punishments should fit the crime. I saw this judge up before other types of offenders; he was easier on the wife-beaters. As I said before, he's a MADD show trial judge who commits the same crime himself.

Erie, PA

#32 Apr 18, 2008
Guy probably thinks he's a media darling. I have nothing against a judge who wants to do the right thing and dispense justice fairly, but his guy gets carried away with his own bloated ego. Plus, attorneys have to love him when he feels the need for a 45 minute sermon to one of their clients when their time could be better spent elsewhere....like covering their overhead.

Erie, PA

#33 Apr 19, 2008
Sounds like those in praise of Judge Roy Bean-brain have been duped by his methods.
Regular Joe

Cincinnati, OH

#34 Apr 27, 2008
I've had the misfortune to sit in front of this Napoleon and witness his bullying first hand. All of you who think this egotist is within his limits by slam dunking first time offenders, are most likely the same sheep that stand by while your gov't tells you what to do, when to do it, how much of it to do and how much it will cost you. This man is OUT OF CONTROL. I watched him send a young lady to jail for missing a JAMS session on her wedding day. He asked her if she drank at her wedding. She said "yes, your honor, I can't lie. I did." Well, off to jail for her. Are you KIDDING ME?

If you drink and drive, you deserve to be punished. You are NOT however, automatically an alcoholic that has to stop drinking.

So - without ranting on and on about examples I've seen/heard about, let me say this. From a legal standpoint, there are sentencing guidelines for each and every crime. The reason that he is able to fine people ridiculous amounts and order them into these religious based programs is that he is in Oakland County. Most of us here HAVE jobs, houses, families and such. We know we've made a mistake so we do what we've been told we should do. We hire legal representation and ask for some kind of leniency based on the fact that we are law abiding people who have made a mistake. Well... let me tell you all something. A lawyer does NOTHING for you in his kangaroo court. Lawyers? Love to hear from you on this point. I've decided that if I ever have to face this jackass myself (no I've never appeared myself - just in support of someone who was SLAMMED by him) I'll go in alone. I think the best course to get him railroaded out of here is to stand there and just say NO.

No, I'm not going to pee in the cup. NO, I'm not an alcoholic and not going to AA meetings. No, I'm not picking up garbage on the freeway. No, I'm not going to watch slasher films disguised as driver alcohol awareness. I'm not going to refrain from drinking because drinking is LEGAL you idiot!! I know you know this because I've seen you hanging your hat on the bar in my hometown.....

So - no lawyer, no jerkoff programs, no explanations, no excuses, no JAMS, no anything. Sentence me to jail. Go ahead... I dare you. Then we'll get channel 2,4 and 7 following your arrogant ass around hounding you like you deserve... and you'll be OUT OF HERE. You are a judge - you produce nothing - you are a public SERVENT paid for by us. Do you get that? I'm happy to have found this blog by accident. Now that I'm all fired up about this guy again, I'm going on a campaign to rid us of your Nazi tactics.

I hope you read this Judge MacKenzie... I am going to get you tossed. We deserve better than you.. and If normal, taxpaying, law abiding citizens have anything to say about it - we're going to get it.

Rochester, MI

#35 Apr 27, 2008
Is it really true that he incurred a DUI or is it just rumor? If so, where can we see some proof? It should be on public record somewhere. Hypocrisy sucks, but I guess he is entitled to make mistakes too. Rumor has it he is up for reelection this year.
start a campaign. D.A.M.M. drunks against mister Mackenzie

Erie, PA

#36 Apr 27, 2008
I've never witnessed this guy's demeanor in court although judging by the airplay here, he sounds like quite a piece of work. Wonder also what's in his past. He ever picked up for anything before taking on the pious disposition?

Rochester, MI

#37 Apr 27, 2008
Background check anyone? Someone with ten extra bucks run one on this guy. All my funds go to 52-1
Bruised Booze Cruiser

Rochester, MI

#38 Apr 28, 2008
You all make fine points, but with respect to DUI there is no excuse. None. Hypocrite or not, he is doing his job. The goal is reform. Once one drinks and drives it shows that the individual is not "responsible" enough to drink alcohol and therefore should not consume it.
Now, this irresponsibility may be due to alcoholism, in which case reform is the only hope. If it is just an isolated irresponsible, misbehavior, then the lasting impression left by the the classes, the meetings, the fines- the apparent rigmarole will have served its purpose. Tell me this: How is he supposed to differentiate between the alcoholic case and the aforementioned isolated incident? It is difficult, so he treats each case like an alcoholic one, since the behavior is awfully symptomatic of an alcoholic.
note: I made the mistake of DUI, and am currently jumping through his flaming hoops myself; however, I will not gripe, complain, or feel sorry for myself. And no, I am not under his spell, or the spell of AA, I am just a reasonable dude.
Bart- Novi

Palo Alto, CA

#39 Apr 28, 2008
Judge Mackenzie is the best judge this city has ever had. Marlene from the UP...GIVE ME A BREAK!! You obviously are a complete loser or have more "skeletons in your closet" to get what you got..And you know what? You were in an accident and WERE DRUNK! Regardless if it was your fault. You should have went to JAIL.

Mackenzie' wife doesn't own JAMS and he's never had a kid killed by a drunk driver..If you obey the laws you wouldn't be there to begin with..Guess what?? It's an election year and Mackenzie is up for re-election..Guess what? Not single sole is running against him. It obvious 3/4 of this board is a bunch of drunk, stoner , idiots who broke the law...DO THE CRIME FACE THE TIME!!! Get a life losers... Marlene, Let's hear the truth please.
Bart- Novi

Palo Alto, CA

#40 Apr 28, 2008
Devin- Do us a favor and STAY IN SOUTHFIELD..Better yet head further south into Detroit..

You are an idiot...Someone should track you down for posting false information about a judge. His wife does NOT own ANY part of JAMS and newsflash:ALL JUDGES GET MADD MONEY...

Sorry about your bad luck pal.

Erie, PA

#41 Apr 28, 2008
Bruised Bone Cruiser - You make some legitimate points and I agree...No excuse for anyone caught while DUI and they should face the consequences. I think where people get irritated though is with his Judge's posture/demeanor while dispensing justice. Hardly a humane soul by most accounts and although fishwraps like the Novi News gush praise on the man for his fair minded and compassionate approaches to those before his throne, he still comes off as a pompous/abrasive arse.

Auburn Hills, MI

#42 Apr 28, 2008
Learn to spell "carl" its offended

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