DO NOT ALLOW this company near your home or business. I hired them to inject foam in my outside walls and they destroyed my home. Below I listed just some of the things they did to my home. Damage that this company has done to my house. 1. Cut electrical wire in wall and tried to hide a junction box in the wall with electrical tape. 2. Cut holes in heating and ac ducts. 3. Stained vinyl siding around whole house. 4. Spray foamed master closet and bathroom 5. Drilled holes in my walls in my master bathroom and closet. 6. Drilled a hole in master shower wall. 7. Cleaned his equipment on my driveway and left a huge stain. 8. Ruined most of my wife's clothes from spray foaming her closet. 9. Plants that were also ruined by spray foam. 10. Spray foamed electrical outlets. 11. Did $12,000 in damage to my vinyl siding trying to power washed the spray foam stains off it. Watch for a web site with pictures of all the damage !!!!! HIRE AT YOUR OWN RISK THIS GUY IS A HACK!!!! KICKER IS HE HAD THE NERVE TO PUT A LEAN ON MY HOUSE BECAUSE I REFUSED TO PAY. CAN YOU SAY ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!! I am a retired disable veteran. I WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE HIM A SINGLE STAR.