Interval Realty Services

Greer, SC

#164 Jul 23, 2009
I echo the other people who have thanked the people who have been scammed by this company. I have been getting calls almost daily from Interval Property Management trying to convince them to let them sell my time share. When I asked about their success rate the sales person said 80%. He said the 20% that did not sell was the owners fault because they were behind in payments. Anyway I am glad that I researched and found this website and TUG. Both sites have helped me to know to say no to this company. I hope that the people that did give them money are successful in getting a refund.

Since: Feb 07

West Orange, NJ

#165 Jul 24, 2009
Adam, shame on you.

Orlando, FL

#166 Jul 28, 2009
Adam Wroblewski

Orlando, FL

#167 Jul 28, 2009
Okay folks, itís been a while since I've been on this site so forgive me for not answering your complaints or issues any sooner. Legends owners, I posted a blog stating that I would refund any and all registrations and I'm a man of my word, I did in fact cut MANY checks to owners who contacted me per the instructions on the post. That was over 2 years ago.....

That was then and this is now, so where shall I start? How bout I address the fact that my competition does and says whatever is necessary to put a dollar in their pocket. They lie, cheat and steal, something that I certainly don't promote, condone or tolerate in my office. Iím seeing that people are calling us a scam, a sham, a hoax, Has anyone looked at where we are in the economy? Have you picked up the newspaper and seen that the downturn in the housing market is almost record breaking? How about travel as a whole? How about Appraisable value today versus taxable value 2 years ago? Consumers are very quick to blame the medium involved here which would be us but realistically timeshares aren't selling the way they used to. Can you blame Auto Trader if your car doesnít sell? How about the classified section of your newspaper because a renter wasnít procured with an ad YOU ran? Many well known publicly traded corporations are looking for their way out (See Sheraton Timeshare) of the timeshare business to focus their endeavors on more profitable and practical avenues. You can't blame MY Company for mistakes that were made by both the consumer as well as the resort salesperson. We are marketing, advertising and promoting pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined in all of our paperwork. We DO market FACE TO FACE, We DO ATTEND CONVENTIONS where we push the units for rent and sale similar to how consumers buy them at the resorts. Please visit our website and click "See us in action". We will also be involved with and promoting an additional 6 conventions in the next 4 months. We do what we tell our clients we are going to do. This is what separates us from the other 18k companies who are in business ďattemptingĒ to do what we do. I

I've read some very interesting posts about me initiating comments and answering my own comments, seriously? The post was initiated in my own backyard and seems to be competition driven. If it behooves the author of that post to do real research into my company and person you very well may be astonished to see what work is being done and how many charitable organizations and contributions are given back to society. Of course as the owner of one of the very few legitimate rental/resale firms Iím always going to try to positively promote and decipher friend from foe on a mostly anonymous forum. This being said, I have an active role in ensuring quality in all aspects of the day to day routine. This means that if there is 1 item that is said that negatively effects my company I want to answer it to the best of abilities and come to a solution to the problem rather than harbor on it via a public forum. I donít expect that I can solve every problem every time but at least give me the ability to try or give an explanation to the issue at hand.

Way and Greg, why ďShame on meĒ? If you listed your Legends property and got in touch with me direct per my request to process a refund then why are you angry? Did you not receive a refund? Please let me know so if there was a problem I can fix it.

I have an interest in ensuring that every property that is listed with us either rents or sells. Have confidence that Iím not running away but standing at the front of line in the battlefield showing support for both my company and values that we stand behind. I can be reached at [email protected] if ANYONE has any questions that I may be able to help answer.
Kind regards,

Denver, CO

#168 Aug 7, 2009
BE FOREWARNED!no matter WHAT they say.they attend the conferences...they have people waiting in the wings, its all...well you know.the reps all lie to you and "promise" to sell or rent...and they forget your name as soon as you give them the money. Tell them that if they are so CONFIDENT that they will rent or sell your unit than to put the money in a 3rd party escrow account. The rep will NEVER call you back because they dont do shit. I looked for someone here in salt lake city but unfort their was no-one that handled timeshares. Also - their NEW name is Interval Property Management and from what another owner told me they work hand in hand with Resort Equity Marketing.also known as R.E.M. Be MORE than weery.they "guarentee" to sell or rent, but their CONTRACT sais that they guarentee to do one and only one thing. To continue to throw your timeshare on their website along with 5000 other owners who got suckered just like you. SO if you like to burn money away in this economy - go for it! Sign up tomm!!
Otherwise I would just like to extend a warning from someone who went with them - i honestly dont know how to do it but I would reccomend going on TUGs website to get some additional help. I was lucky enuph to put mine on ebay for 1000 and sell it just be done with it so good luck everyone!
Grace and William Chapman -Salt Lake City, UT
Mr Peyton

Kissimmee, FL

#170 Aug 12, 2009
I have a bit more info and it is this: The "Orange County Convention Center" has never heard of this company. Wow! Shocker right? After the claims that they have exclusive access to these executives that are interested in purchasing or renting timeshare because it cheaper. Yeah right!
Mr W says that it behooves those doubting him to look into his background to find his charitable donations. Well folks the most important charity to Mr. W is the charity that lines his pockets.
Also he realizes that my post occurs in his back yard and can very well be from his competitors. And he is dead on balls(Marisa Tomei, My Cousin Vinny) accurate sort of. I did In fact once work for his competitors only Four years back and my boss claimed to be a former Co-Worker of Adam W. Where they both did the very thing that they are doing now but as phone reps for someone else and they were top sellers(good liars), u see this is not Mr W's original Idea to scam u good folks and I personally take no pride in the money that I elicited from honest folks like you, the fact that I needed the job and the $money$ justifies nothing so consider this a form of redemption if you will. Back to my tale My former boss as well as Mr. W took this quite lucrative Idea to call Timeshare Owners and promise to Sell or Rent their timeshare when in fact all they do is put your property on their website if that but they certainly Charge your credit cards for $825 sometimes more sometimes less. I worked side by side with a slimy bastard who was calling the UK and would charge them as Much as $1225 so consider yourself lucky if all you paid was less than that. I was posing as one of you timeshare owners but that like Mr W's business was a hoax. Yes A Sham. The reason all of the phone calls sound the same is because they are. Everyone has the same script. They all steal it from each other. As a matter a fact two co-workers of mine stole the Idea from our boss at the time and as far as I know did very well. So you see They just take advantage of you. No the timeshare will never be sold or rented by the company that is calling you. Never. Never Ever. Also a bit more info for you is this: while I was working for Mr W's ex-coworker I ran into Existing Interval Realty clients Aka Interval Management or whatever and I was instructed to say "When My company sells the property for you within the 180 days all of the other companys...(yes some folks sign with more than one before they learn: if they ever do learn) that you signed with will have to pay you your money back as it is outlined in the contract" and then sometimes they would proceed to sign with me under the rouse that my fairy tale was true.
So you see the inability to sell is not exclusive to one resort or because of the economy I was doing this over four years ago when gas was Still $1.79 for high grade and way before the Real Estate bubble burst. Let me make it clear just in case it is not so yet. These company's will NEVER sell any Time Share or Camp Ground property that they "Advertise" regardless of location. Never in a million years.
John J

Winter Haven, FL

#171 Aug 16, 2009
The district attorney's office will do nothing to help you because the former district attorney of Orlando is has backed Interval Realty financially for years. They also have connections with the BBB, the 40 complaints you see listed are a fraction of the daily complaints.
John J

Winter Haven, FL

#172 Aug 16, 2009
Comparing Interval Realty to a billion dollar corporation like Wal-Mart or McDonalds is a joke. These people believe they are better and smarter than you and those scammed are simply naive. They will never help you, the scripts are there to hook you and there are scripts just as well to calm you down after your 50 unanswered messages read to you by the "customer service manager" of the week. The owners sell nothing but lies and the only vacations being taken are that of the owners on your dollar. They see nothing wrong with scamming the hard working, the dying, the elderly, they feel a false sense of entitlement. A get rich quick scheme and it has worked. Most of the clients are not local so it is difficult to fight back and chances are it would take years and a great deal of money most don't have to do anything to get justice, so they will continue to profit. You see they also scam the salesmen, they are former addicts and convicts trying to start over and really believe your property will be listed and sold so most of them are pretty convincing. The owners are greedy and do not give a damn, they believe this is okay and will not loose a moment of sleep over the wealth they have gained screwing over innocent hard workers. So be weary of this stuff in the future and feel sorry for them, they are pathetic selfish human beings but holding your breath waiting on justice probably is a pipe dream.

Boyertown, PA

#173 Aug 26, 2009
What a total scam -- now they call themselves Interval Property Management. And they scam older people. These guys need to be tossed into jail!! Any update on legal action??

Boyertown, PA

#174 Aug 26, 2009
Time to put these guys out of business -- type in "Interval" and "Wroblewski" and and con or scam and Google results light up like a fireworks display. Has anyone filed a lawsuit yet? Please post -- thanks.

Boyertown, PA

#175 Aug 26, 2009
They refund money so so nobody takes the action further of the legal chain. Typical con - - stay one step ahead of the law. But everybody gets caught...

Boyertown, PA

#176 Aug 26, 2009
Interval Property Management or whatever it changes its name to in the future -- beware!!!!! Watch out for this scam. Wroblewski claims to be an honest business man.

Waterloo, Canada

#177 Aug 26, 2009
What are these people talking about? We've had great luck with this company!
Marissa from Norwalk

Pomona, NY

#178 Aug 31, 2009
Wow I am soo glad that I found this site. John Paul called me and wanted to rent my timeshare for 3500 a week. I kind of figured this was a scam especially when he was offering discounts to military vets and quite frankly in this economy who is going to spend that kind of money. He wanted $552 up front I told him I have to do some research and I told him it sounded like a scam. Watch out!

Hoosick Falls, NY

#179 Sep 9, 2009
Unfortunately, I didn't see these posts until after I had authorized my deposit. I am trying to get a refund by Andre Louis who called me. He refuses to return my phone calls. I have called him 5 times and sent him two faxes. I wrote to Adam and will reserve judgment on the quality of this company until I see how he responds.

Maitland, FL

#180 Sep 21, 2009
I have had nothing but great luck with this company. Like a further poster mentioned that he thought someone from Interval was making the positive comments. I feel that a jealous comptetitor is forever posting negative comments about Interval on here. If you read thru the posts you clearly see that the ceo Adam has adressed all concerns so wouldnt it make more sense to adress your concerns with him directly instead of slinging mud in an arena such as this one.....maybe if you spent a few more minutes off the computer and a few more mintues thinking things thru clearly you might have a little more happiness in your life..just sayin
Mr Peyton

Kissimmee, FL

#181 Sep 27, 2009
Hey smart guy Say hi to Adam for me Does he still have the Audi that was a sweet ride. Anyway If you read my quotes you'll see that I speak ill of all of those Timeshare resale folks not just Interval W/e you wanna call it. Also you are very believable He is smarter than I imagined this just goes to show how far his reach goes. I am scared now to piss him off really I am. He can crush me with his wallet.
Alex wrote:
I have had nothing but great luck with this company. Like a further poster mentioned that he thought someone from Interval was making the positive comments. I feel that a jealous comptetitor is forever posting negative comments about Interval on here. If you read thru the posts you clearly see that the ceo Adam has adressed all concerns so wouldnt it make more sense to adress your concerns with him directly instead of slinging mud in an arena such as this one.....maybe if you spent a few more minutes off the computer and a few more mintues thinking things thru clearly you might have a little more happiness in your life..just sayin
Adam Wroblewski

Orlando, FL

#182 Oct 13, 2009
So...."Mr. Payton", why don't you give me a call to discuss your issues with me and my company instead of hiding behind a fake name? Lets make this thing right....
Evelyn Rossi

United States

#183 Oct 14, 2009
I just had IPM help me rent out 3 of my weeks that were listed. I don't understand why so many people are angry with them, they did exactly what they told me they were going to do. I agree that the first offer wasn't as much as I thought it was going to be but the second offer was exactly the amount that I requested! Thank you guys, keep your heads up!
Mr Peyton

Kissimmee, FL

#184 Oct 26, 2009
Adam Wroblewski wrote:
So...."Mr. Payton", why don't you give me a call to discuss your issues with me and my company instead of hiding behind a fake name? Lets make this thing right....
I have already discussed my issues with you and your company by means of this forum. My anonymity is for my protection from you and the potential damage that you may do to me for blowing the whistle on your organization. I'm sure you realize what can be done through the use of computers and how easy it is to purchase information on anyone. Why don't you have your employees use their real names? Is it not for the same reason? I would never contact you unless I know that it was safe; in this world and with your connections it is not safe for me. Now I have a question for you. I am certain that you are a very intelligent man so why don't you use your abilities to assist others instead of just lining your pockets? I am certain that the riches that would come to you from a positive per suite would multiply ten fold by comparison. Or are you content in being the "Lex Luthor" in this tale that is your life? Don't you agree that its within your power to make things right? Now, I have posed more than one question but I believe they must be asked.(As an example of how easy it is to find any and all information of someone on the web I could post your home address her but I wish you no harm and I am sure that those you have crossed could use that information against you[what if the address(es) I have belongs not to you but a family member or "friend" instead?])

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