Contact 2 - Door-To-Door Meat Sales

Contact 2 - Door-To-Door Meat Sales

There are 114 comments on the MyFox St. Louis story from Feb 6, 2009, titled Contact 2 - Door-To-Door Meat Sales. In it, MyFox St. Louis reports that:

Contact 2 is getting complaints about a company selling steaks door-to-door. Customers spent hundreds of dollars on meat they say is unfit to eat.

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#22 May 19, 2009
anon wrote:
the heck with door-2-door meat salesmen, we need these guys to be selling meat in the bars. our drunks are so hungry they are biting off each other ears.
LOL!!!! That's funny.

United States

#23 Jun 13, 2009
I also sell meat door-2-door in VA have been doing so for 5 years. I feel that some people buy this meat and think it's magical, it eats, cooks, and taste just as good as any meat from any grocery store. I will say that the reason I have survived this CAREER for so long is because of REPEAT CUSTOMERS!!! As long as your not to pushy and DON'T promise anything you can't deliver and have a good product then there is no way there should be any problems. If you want to talk about price gouging then why aren't we talking about Omaha Steaks ($30-$60 a pound)?

Canton, OH

#24 Jun 14, 2009
Randys Mom wrote:
Twyford is German? I thought it was Polish! Polish would explain a lot of things about the "man".
Oh, thank you for the OFFENSIVE remark toward my Polish nationality! What's your nationality so I can come up with some negative offensive remarks about it?

Newport News, VA

#25 Jun 17, 2009
TopMeatSeller wrote:
I also sell meat door-2-door in VA have been doing so for 5 years. I feel that some people buy this meat and think it's magical, it eats, cooks, and taste just as good as any meat from any grocery store. I will say that the reason I have survived this CAREER for so long is because of REPEAT CUSTOMERS!!! As long as your not to pushy and DON'T promise anything you can't deliver and have a good product then there is no way there should be any problems. If you want to talk about price gouging then why aren't we talking about Omaha Steaks ($30-$60 a pound)?
what company do yo represent, i'm interested.
Meat Girl

Davidson, NC

#26 Jun 27, 2009
Listen people, I sell meat door to door for my father's buisness. He sold it all my life and he is a Very good and respectable man. The food we sell IS Quality, USDA Choice Grade A beef. I am Never rude, aggressive, or pushy.
My family has been in this buisness for 15 years and I must inform you that YES, some of these companies are all skeezers, however, Each Company is DIFFERENT. You people should TRUELY CONSIDER that some of these people are GOOD people who are trying to make a living by delivering quality food to your door. THERE ARE PROs and CONs to all things and there are theives in EVERY LINE OF BUISNESS. You can get robbed or ripped off by the guys who clean your carpets, the garbage man, your auto mechanic, or your kid's best friend.

Don't be rude to local people who are selling AMERICAN midwestern beef. Are you rude to the Gas attendant who is selling you Osama Bin Laden's gasoline??? IF YOU WERE A PATRIOT, A CHRISTIAN, OR IN GENERAL A GOOD PERSON, YOU WOULD DECIDE HOW TO HANDLE THESE SALESMEN ON A PER SITUATION BASIS. This is a legitimate line of work , that is why these companies have been in buisness for over 20 years and are still in buisness today. And Be Careful Always in all you do, because yes, the world is a big rat race for us all. Peace and Love haters!!!
Meat Girl

Davidson, NC

#27 Jun 27, 2009
TopMeatSeller wrote:
If you want to talk about price gouging then why aren't we talking about Omaha Steaks ($30-$60 a pound)?
What a brilliant point!!! How DOES Omaha Steaks sell their meat for the prices they do.....Look at their website: It's insane!

Daytona Beach, FL

#28 Aug 10, 2009
anon wrote:
<quoted text>call the cops??? ya pussy dazed and confused, boy you sure are true to your name. call the cops,call the cops, the cops are not there to fix these problem a real man can fix, confront the meat slaesmen yourself you wuss. does your mommy still wipe your bunglehole for you. what aloser. geeez grow up and be a man
I am a door to door meatman!
I have to tellyou that there are a lot of communist, traitor idiots in our united states trying to stop door to door sales. I am so tired of these losers trying to stop legite companies from going door to door.It is our constitutional right to go door to door selling anything wewant to sell.the gov. tries to charge a b fee for our buisness license, soliciting licence, usda licence
and whoknows what else!
I wish all these idiots against door to door salesman would please get out of our u.s.and quit trying to take our god and u.s. given rights away from us. GET OUT! LEAVE IMMEDIATLY YOU COMMUNIST PIECE OF CRAP! WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN OUR U.S.

Arnold, MO

#29 Aug 11, 2009
Fess up, this guy sold his whole load to Savannah's BBQ, huh....would explain a lot.
meat peddler

Madison, WI

#30 Sep 7, 2009
Dazed and Confused wrote:
AH, you hit the problem on the head: "It's as simple as saying no and closing your door". The ones that were mentioned in the Contact2 article are the kind that don't take NO for an answer and put their foot in the door to keep it from being closed. They are also the ones that return when you're gone and rob you blind. They are the worse kind of theives, the kind you don't expect. They do many scams: roofs, driveways, found money and now meat. That is why you call the cops. They go by many names but they are the same people or groups of people the Police warn everyone about and still someone gets ripped off. It's up to the people who can say no and close the door to protect those that can't.
Not everyone selling food door to door are scammers! look at scwan's foodservice they started door to door 50 years ago. i also have been selling frozen foods door to door for 10 years and i have many repeat customers! there are good and bad people in all markets. so dont say that meat door to door is scam. i know lots of 401k's from employers that people got scammed does that mean dont ask for a pention? i know lots of stock brokers that rip people off does that mean dont invest? ive been to a restaurant and got bad food and service does that mean dont eat out? no its up to each person to decide if they want to take a chance and hopefully they can get good quality and service and then stay loyal to that outfit
joe the former meat hoe

Saint Louis, MO

#31 Apr 27, 2010
i worked as a door-to-door meat guy for 6 years, and most of the time, i'll tell you, the meat is not "tainted." there are what we used to call "independants," people who decide they don't like selling for an actual company and break off to do it for themselves...these are the guys who give the business a bad name because they don't abide by the same standards as a real business. i've inspected "i don't know how many" freezers to insure they keep the meat i was selling at a below zero temperature, and in the 6+ years in the business, had very very few complaints - probably all of which were from people who read online that door-to-door steak sales were all scams. anyone who actually bought from me and tried them always became return customers. another reason some companies will get complaints is because they don't instruct the buyer how to cook the meat. almost all door-to-door companies sell what's called "flash frozen" meat. the meat is frozen at very low temperatures, pretty much instantaneously in order to break the meats cellular structure down and tenderize it without having to beat it with a mallot, sprinkle on the meat tenderizer powder, or let it age (which is the process of hanging meat until bacteria grows on it, then scraping off the bacteria selling the meat to people....yeah, your local grocer does that. pretty disgusting if you ask me, but that's how most stores get their meat tender). flash frozen meat is cut fresh, then instantly frozen. the difference in cooking it is that you HAVE to cook it from frozen, and you HAVE to sear both sides first to seal in the juices and keep it from drying out. in the process of flash freezing it, the meat is tenderized so much that all the juices will seep out and evaporate if the meat is not seared. anyway, i explained that to all of my customers when i was in the business, and none of them were dissatisfied at all. there were some guys that worked with me that would get lazy and just try to get out of houses and on to the next one...and skip explaining the cooking process. these were the guys that would wind up paying back half their weekly pay because of all the returns they'd have. in over 6 years, i had MAYBE 3 returns at most, and they were your average scared individual that believed anything they read in any random forum or newspaper or heard on the news about one person getting a bad deal and how much of a scam the industry as a whole was. i have nothing against people who don't buy from door-to-door salesmen. this is a free country, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. but don't ruin it for everyone else, spewing your thoughts on things you know nothing about, please. if you've ever been in sales, especially door-to-door, you know that it's not an easy job. so if you don't want what's being offered to you, smile and say no thank you. no reason to listen to the idiots who say "call the cops," because i have been pulled over multiple times because of scared people who think the thing to do is call the cops, and all that does is waste my time, because i've never been arrested and never been made to "leave town." it's definitely not illegal to make a living in this country. nobody comes to the grade school and kicks the broom out of your hand, so why make someone else's already difficult job even harder. when you have to pay for your own gas, pay a truck rental charge, and only get paid on commission, it pretty much ruins your day having to spend an hour or so talking to the police on the side of the road with everyone in the neighborhood looking at you like you're a criminal. most of the time when that happens, your attitude is shot for the day, sales come real hard, and with gas, truck charge, and no hourly wage, you end up paying up to a hundred dollars to work a 12 hour day. be nice, people. the economy is bad enough, nobody needs to ruin someone else's living. by the way, i'm now out of the business to be closer to family.
Critical of Critics

United States

#32 Apr 28, 2010
Savannah's sells pork, NOT beef. Bought fresh daily from Tru-Buy. A family-owned
LOCAL business! Thank God for a place in Highland that finally sells GOOD BBQ!!!!
MMMmmm wrote:
Fess up, this guy sold his whole load to Savannah's BBQ, huh....would explain a lot.
highland mom

East Alton, IL

#33 May 2, 2010
I have bought from the cow van and the meat is very good and a good drice! The guy doing it is very respectful and a CHRISTain! Iam sure that is more than I can say for most of YOU.

Ballwin, MO

#34 May 11, 2010
Yes some men came in a white van trying to sell steaks, are they actually selling me or staking out your house?

Pacifica, CA

#35 May 11, 2010
I'm just interested in getting into the business. I think I would like to try to be a "mobile meat man". I live in northern california (the bay area), would any of you know of a company with a good track record (a small or big outfit) in my area, that i can contact about employment? if you do you can email me at [email protected] with the info, THANKS.

Independence, MO

#36 Jun 25, 2010
I have heard of alot of meat companies as such but this is a new one, some are wonderful and some are a rip off, if they dont have an enclosed unit to keep the meat and freezer in (such as a van or a canopy top)then they prob dont have health inspectors license, scarry, also they should have their company name and phone number on their vehicle and dressed in some sort of uniform, also ask for their business license or solicitors/peddlers permit, if all of the above are not met, call the cops, however if they are legit than they have passed a background check and it is safe to buy and the company has nothing to hide, just beware! it is a very conveniant way to buy and you can catch some great deals if you are buying from the right company, if they are not licensed that means they are not paying taxes to the community and their dues to do business and are prob ripping off your community.

Independence, MO

#37 Jun 25, 2010
Diane, I have seen the white vans as well but the ones around here are a legit local company and they have their nam, number and website plastered in big letters on the van, if it is a blank van and they are not proud of their company name then it might be a rip off or someone canvasing your neighborhood, call the local authorities if ANYTHING is fishy, and never buy from the magazine salesman, everyone I know that has done that has been dooped and one even jiggled my friends door knob when she ignored the door, they are on foot and you cant get a license plate number CALL THE COPS EVERYTIME THEY ARE UP TO NO GOOD

Independence, MO

#38 Jun 25, 2010
Meat girl, omaha Steaks is high in price but at least its worth it for the quality and convienance, they are a repitable company and if you have a good product than you have the right to charge a decent price, it cost alot of money to have meat shipped on dry ice overnight(weight, size, hazard fee, next day priority, dry ice) all of those are factored into the price and the meat is top quality,they are not even in the same catagory as a door to door meat company at least they had overhead cost that make the pricing a lil high, but you are paying mainly for quality and convienance, omaha Steaks is a wonerful company and great customer service!!!!


#39 Jul 25, 2010
I once had a problem with those door to door salesmen. Until i came across an Australian site that sells "No selling" stickers. I purchased one and stuck it to my front door and havent had a problem with door-to-door solicitors since! Family and friends comment on it saying "Thats a great idea" and about its nice design. Just sharing my experiences.. check it out im really pleased with the sticker, it worked for me.

Hilliard, OH

#40 Aug 19, 2010
Highlander wrote:
Of course, just say go away, these creeps have already got a look at you and decided whether you were worth burglarizing when you answered the door. Actually just answering the door for them gave them a good idea for what time to not to go rob your house. These creeps sell tainted meat, why would I want to take a chance on my neighbor feeding this to her kids. Call the cops is the right answer<quoted text>
That is one company,do u realy think we only want u to buy it once. If u dont like it and its not a good deal u wont buy again thats not good biz. besides have u herd of the USDA. do u realy think u can sell tanted meat in America. come on be honest everyone is just man about the pounds. we know its a little pricey, but the meat is good.

Jerseyville, IL

#41 Aug 19, 2010
Selling meat door to door is a God and U.S. Constitution given right? Guess I missed that in Bible and Social Studies class

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