Try home remedies for neuropathy

Try home remedies for neuropathy

There are 225 comments on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune story from Mar 27, 2008, titled Try home remedies for neuropathy. In it, San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that:

Dear Dr. Gott: I have received information from a friend that you have a theory that spraying nitroglycerin on the hands and feet of a neuropathy patient may be of some help.

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Coatesville, PA

#108 Oct 23, 2011
This is about the possibility of Arnica for those interested in homeopathic remedies... I have neuropathy in my feet that's constant; difficulty walking some days. At night turns to screaming pain with super intense prickling, itching, burning; feet get red and shiny. Underlying cause is being evaluated but is as yet unknown (maybe menopause). It is in my hands as well, and lately has become nearly a whole body thing of pain, prickling, itching, and burning at night. I work with birds and sometimes arnica gel gets used to soothe the delicate skin between toes of some species. So I thought, why not, and tried it on my own feet, and it helps ENORMOUSLY to calm the screaming prickling pain so I can sleep at night. For me I use Arnica CREAM (not gel). For a few months now when I've used it the relief was almost instant; last night for the first time I had to apply it twice about 1/2 hour apart to get complete relief. The cream I get is about $10 for a small tube - not cheap but beats the cost of expensive meds. My other home remedy is foot soaks usually at 2 a.m. using old fashioned Dr. Shoals-type foot soak envelopes and water that I start out hot and stay soaking in til it's completely cooled. Honestly though, anymore I go straight to the arnica. I am hoping that the fact that I needed two applications last night does not signal it will soon be ineffective, because then I don't know what I'll do. I hope this is helpful to someone and wish you all well. PB
marcia lane

Palm Bay, FL

#109 Oct 24, 2011
just a f/u. dr has me on cymbalta now. neurotin hasnt helped a bit. i did have my teeth pulled and was given lortab, WOWO that DID take my pain away!! I was all good, now i have none left so the pain is back! I am not a drug addict. It seems that if you tell the dr this med helps, they automatically think you are. I dont want to get addicted either, but I tell you that was the best med i ever took for my feet neuropathy. BY far.

East Berlin, CT

#110 Oct 31, 2011
kesha wrote:
My feet sometimes seem really red and other times, reaaly white. They burn, alot! I am currently taking Neurontin, but I hear Lyrica is better. I do not have insurance, so believe me I know about expensive precriptions. Pfizer has patient assistance programs, maybe that can help anyone who is stuggling to pay for meds. I had to go to the ER one night , and the dr.I saw has neuropathy. It so helps to be able to talk with someone who understands what you are going through. Sometimes when I tell people what I am experiencing, I feel like a hypacondriac (sp?). Also, I wear Crocs. The nubbies help increase blood flow, therefore creating new nerve endings. Also, Merrells. They provide good airflow. Here lately I have been able to keep lotion on my feet and that helps. For me night time is the worst! When I lay down, my feet have me to the point of crying. God Bless! I am praying!:)
My mother was on Lyrica before she started taking Neurontin. Lyric works on your Kidneys so be careful with that.

Elizabethtown, KY

#111 Nov 30, 2011
kesha wrote:
Thank you so much! As a mother of three, I am not allowed to be "out of commission." I have heard that the Lyrica would help, I guess I just didn't realize how much. Could you feel a change pretty quickly? What you taking before? The Neurontin is all I have taken and it zombifies me. Thanks again! Many Blessings!
I have been taking Lyrica for a month now and I hate it. It has completely changed who I am. I am more angry, emotional and crazier than I was and in the middle of the day I am so tired just physically tired I just can't function and for pain...bullocks does absolutely nothing for my neuropathy pain.

South Africa

#112 Dec 9, 2011
I had burning feet for years and found that too much caffeine was stopping me from getting vitamin B. If you have sore feet, for heaven's sake cut out ALL caffeine!! Alcohol also stops you getting Vitamin B. This means no tea, coffee or fizzy drinks ever again, but it's worth it for health.
Peter Beauchemin

Dover, NH

#113 Dec 17, 2011
Henry wrote:
<quoted text>Hi Kesha...Lyrica does,nt make you feel woozie or out of sorts it,s not a opiate, it works within minutes, I have to take it every eight hours, I take hydrocondone too it helps, it takes the pain away too... hope and pray your Dr. can help....Lord bless you...
Lyrica takes about 90 days because it needs to build up in your system. It does help, but its not a cure. Im wondering if anyone knows of a herbal remedy that might help ?
Peter Beauchemin

Dover, NH

#114 Dec 17, 2011
Does anyone know of a herbal remedy that works?

Swansboro, NC

#115 Dec 21, 2011
Debbie wrote:
<quoted text>
I am taking 900mg of Neurotin and 150 of Lyrica and I haven't seen ANY relief. How much are you taking to get relief? Is there a specialist in this Neuropathy field? My neuruolist is not helping me a bit. Have had Cat Scans amd MRI to see why I have this prolem. Nothng came up to show why:( What should I do next?
Why are you taking Neurotin and Lyrica at the same time??? You are playing with DANGER.... We were told by our Doctor that you CAN NOT take both together cause it will cause you to go crazy and could make you kill yourself. PLEASE take to your Doctor or where you get your meds filled. Good luck

United States

#116 Dec 26, 2011
As a fellow sufferer of the wrath of Zeus I would like to share my myriad of treatments to barely feel decent. First regular compression strength 8-15 I think I don't have the box anymore) compression stockings and sleeves work great for the daytime because the constant pressure seems to confuse the nerve signal. Hot baths with lavender oil (just a few drops will do) work to soothe and relax for at least a little while. The Neuragen ointment does really work but smells strong, I am bothered by strong smells so I can't use it much but it is effective. My medication regimen is Cymbalta 60mg/day, gabapentin 600mg in am and noon then 1200mg at bedtime, meloxicam 15mg in am, and the occasional percocet which after nine years hardly lasts and is no better than a Hershey's kiss. I also have found certain things make it worse like alcohol, caffeine, and anything that constricts the blood vessels. Good fitting shoes work well too I go shoe shopping with my inserts first. I have tried capsacin but I had shaved my legs and it burned so much worse. Alternating ice and heat, plenty of water, and trying to distract your attention from the pain is good. Movies are a lifesaver at times. I wish you all the best as medicine has failed me too and I am rather depressed about it but something will come along. Could always go to the Peruvian Amazon to see a shaman, that is on my list of possibilities.
Gayle Dickson

Ewa Beach, HI

#117 Dec 27, 2011
I have polyneuropathy believed to be caused by lupus... drugs are a determent because of over exposure to chemicals,hair stylest 40 years...I have found a healthy diet,no alcohol,smoking,and limiting anger work. I enclude in my daily diet 2 tablespoons wheat germ,2 tablesoons flax oil and peanut butter and honey sandwish. I watch my suger and salt intake and how generally my pain increases or decreases with what I have recently consumed. I have learned that a few minutes tasty pleasure is so not worth it. With no cure in sight and only progression implyed the ball is in my court. I have had to study the matter myself. Its working,I feel more in control.

Akron, OH

#118 Dec 30, 2011
hyphenate wrote:
There are a couple of other things I would recommend for someone with Peripheral Neuropathy, something I also suffer from.
I've found Solarcaine with Aloe (a green gel, used mostly for sunburn) helps--it has lidocaine in it which helps to numb the skin. And capzaicin, under the brand name Capzazin, helps, too. Capzaicin is a very spicy pepper, which helps to lower the amount of Substance P in the nerve endings, when applied.
Sometimes, the extremely hot sensation from the neuropathy is worse than the stabbing pain, and I've been told that over time, the pain will diminish and numbness will take its place.
I had TarsalTunnell surgery which m foot hurts worse than ever now, the tingling,pain,burning in my toes now, Could be another mortons neuroma,but the neuropathy OMG!they put me on new vitamin called NeuRemedy helps over all but not my Foot

Akron, OH

#119 Dec 30, 2011
Danielle wrote:
<quoted text>My mother was on Lyrica before she started taking Neurontin. Lyric works on your Kidneys so be careful with that.
I took cymbalta didnt help at all, they have me on Neurememdy now vitamin.after surgery its worse had the Tarsal Tunnell done.

Halifax, Canada

#120 Jan 4, 2012
I have been suffering about a year with a horrible burning sensation in the back of my upper leg. To sit on any surface is excruciating
and my doctor has done nothing. I really need something to calm my symptoms, any suggestions.
Ed Hershal

Charles Town, WV

#121 Jan 9, 2012
The ReBuilder has been working great for my neuopathy..both the pain and the numbness. Medicare and AARP paid for it. Http://
Ed Hershal

Charles Town, WV

#122 Jan 9, 2012
I just posted a brief article about it before i figured out how to reply. I hope you mom has tried this. Worked great.

Brannon wrote:
my mom is suffering from neuropathy
i have been looking all around the internet and found this:
i can make no claims about this product, but it might be worth checking out...
my doctor and a few specialists were not able to cure me of prostatitis, but i was able to do it myself by researching (for months and months) online- so i'm a big believer in not giving up until SOMETHING works
good luck
Hershel Dutton

Wheeling, WV

#123 Feb 27, 2012
diabetic neuropathy pain relief:
I am on tegretol, lyrica metformin and glipizide and 12 units of injectable insulin. I have trigeminal neuralgia and now suffer from neuropathy in my left thigh area and some numbness in my toes. The neuropathy in my thigh is extremely painful and even makes it painful to wear pants.I have tried capcasin and otc muscle rubs with little to no help. I recently tried a home remedy a neurologist created and at first I thought it sounded crazy but it works.You crush up a few aspirins (4-6)in a bowl and add nail polish remover to the mix until it is like a paste (pancake mix texture). I apply it to the thigh over the painful area and as the nail polish remover dries it leaves the aspirin residue on the painful area.Some relief is immediate and very welcome. As time goes on the pain diminshes and with each treatment the pain gets less and less until it is tolerable. We first tried this on my wife's "shingles" and it helped her immensely. She reminded me of how it helped her and suggested I try it on my neuropathy and it works. I have not tried it on my feet because the pain hasn't been that bad yet, only tingling and numbness. You may think I am crazy and not try it and suffer or give it a try and get some relief, please! Good luck!

United States

#124 Feb 29, 2012
Aspercreme helps the pain a lil that's what my mom says I feel so bad 4 her cuz she's in pain sometimes she can't walk very good I pray God will heal u all or relieve some of the pain 4 you

United States

#125 Feb 29, 2012
Aspercreme helps the pain a lil that's what my mom says I feel so bad 4 her cuz she's in pain sometimes she can't walk very good I pray God will heal u all or relieve some of the pain 4 you oh there's generic brand of aspercreme so it'll b cheaper 4 u
Ed LaFosse

Minden, Canada

#126 Mar 17, 2012
kesha wrote:
Mine has gotten worse! My feet hurt so bad lately, that I can't even walk! I go to the doctor on Wednesday. I have also noticed that the same shooting pain that I feel in my feet, I also feel in my finger tips. Please just pray for me. Sometimes I feel misdiagnosed. I was giagnosed with Diabetes and Neuropathy at the same time. There for a while I thought that maybe I was battling depression, but I am not a depressed person. Then I began to think that maybe the neurontin is messing with my emotional state. Is anyone else feeling this? Neurontin does NOTHING for my pain! Thanks for all the input. It helps to know that I am not the only one experiencing all of this! Many Blessings!
I have the same problem and after 3 months of Lyrica there has not been any relief
Ed LaFosse

Minden, Canada

#127 Mar 17, 2012
I have recently completed 6 months of chemotherapy following colon cancer surgery and have severe neuropathy as a side affect of chemo treatments. I have recently completed 3 months of Lyrica treatments without any success, I have done tons of research via the Internet and found there is very little help for this condition and there is no known cure at this time.

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