Car insurance under mums dads name.?
I ve just passed my driving test and am really confused about how to go about getting insurance under my mums / dads names.

The car would be under their name but i just want to be the main driver of it.

My mum rang up tesco for a quote on how much it would be, but she said under my name and on my own insurance. So now she doesn t want to ring up coz it s on computer and the guy on the phone who she was talking to said it would be classed as fraud if she insured me under her name and she didn t drive it.:S This can t be right right?

also my dad has 6 points on his license will this effect me if the car goes under his name then i get insured on his insurance? since his insurance went up when he told them he had points.

i got a quote for £1934 for my own insurance as the car under my name. I just need the best way to get under my mums insurance. cheers :)
SOLUTION: You can compare quotes for free from different companies at: INSUREFOREVERYBODY.INFO