You spread My News~I went to the Pow wow, Knowing Good and Well Billy Rainwater would cause me to not let me in so the truth not be known how he be friends the indians, by his buddy Hunter going arouind crafting with every one to only gain information on what animals they have, so they can sell thru the Lupine Association . i'M NOT THE ONE WHO SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF POW WOWS. YOUR DEAREST MEDICINE MAN, THAT STABS THE INDIANS IN THE BACK,BUT HE SHOULD BE. I GO IN PEACE TO TRY TO WARN YOU ALL.THATS WHY HE DOESN'R WANT ME IN THERE, ALONG WITH THE THIEVES THAT STOLE MY ANIMALS CURRUPTLY.LIE'N TO PEOPLE. HIS LIES ARE GOING TO CATCH UP WITH HIM, CAUSE IM TAKING HIS LIE'S BACK TO COURT , WITH SWORN AFIDAVIDS TO PUT THAT MAN BEHIND BARS FOR PERJURY..FEATHERS TO FEATHERS,HUNTERS IN ON IT, DIANNE ENGELSMAN,MELISSA.SPIRIT WOLVES. WATCH YOUR BACK.