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Moe Lester

Branford, FL

#1 Jan 15, 2013
Roxanne's located at 17964 County Road 137 Wellborn Fl is a purveyor of common street drugs. With a ready supply from all the local medical facilities through a complex network of sworn law officers delivery of mass quantities is easily available! So if you are in need of any recreational pharmaceuticals dont for get to give Roxanne a chance to earn your business!
concerned citizen

United States

#2 Jan 16, 2013
Mr moe lester aka i am troy, how sad is it that u hide behind fake names and web sites to post ur lies. When in fact i had ur own son steal ur wifes prescibed medications take then to school, putting ur son at risk for felony posession on school grounds to support ur own dtug habit. in fact not paying child support for ur own children is no shocker seeing as how ur were not even man enough to support ur family while u were married, mooching off ur wife and her parents just so u wouldnt have to work. what kind of man are u. oh i know, the kind tgst beats his wife in front of his kids on, a real man. then in august drains the checking account right after she gets paid leaving ur wife and kids with 3 dollars to live off of, then pays 190 dollars in child support over a five time frame claiming to be a good dad, when in fact ur sir are the scum of the earth and a burden on society as a whole, a future inmate a a local prison im sure. so keep the slander up keep hiding, but the truth will be known. u sir need to enter a rehab, find ur head, its up ur ass, get a life and clean ur act up. u lost ur wife because u were a failure as a husband and human being. losing ur kids would be the real tradegy , and kids are smarter than u think, and one day they too wil see the truth and want nothing to do with u as well.
concerned citizen

United States

#3 Jan 16, 2013
Almost forgot, for christmas the awesome father u are got nothing for ur children, taking money from ur father for supposed gifts tgat went up ur nose, then got ur sister a diamond neckless fake im sure, but nothing for ur own children. What kind of dad does that. Lets not forget about keeping ur sons rifle and play station 3, or did those get sold for drugs as well. U sir are an example of what not to be as a father and give crack heads a bad name. Mr moe lester, seriously, stop hiding and playing games u inbred cousin effer. Grow up and be a man, to late yo save ur marriage but maybe u can salvage a relationship. With those kids. But that would require u being a man and not the coward u r.
White Trash Attacker

Interlachen, FL

#4 Jan 16, 2013
People who spread this type of filth don't use their name, because if they did, they would have to produce proof. Can Moe Lester produce the proof? No he can not. All he can do is spread lies because there's no truth and he knows it. I envision this to be the back story on this post (and remember, this is just a story I came up with in my mind): A man became heavily involved with drugs. He refused to work for 4 years, he lived off his wife and her family. He involved his own son in his drug traffic endeavors. One day, his wife,(and remember, this is just my imagination) became sick to death of supporting him and kicked him out. After he was gone, the truth came out about the depth of his drug addiction, his child neglect, and his overall piece of crap life. Now, remember, this is just my imagination. But I wonder if this person turns to alcohol and spends most of his time drunk? I wonder if DCF ever got involved and refused to let him see his children except under their supervision? Again, I am sitting here with my eyes closed and wondering, did he ever show up at his wife's house drunk? Did he ever try to physically force his way into her house? Did he threaten her? Was a restraining order ever placed against him because of his behavior? I don't know, I'm just making this up. You can see where this is going, just use your imagination and allow your thoughts to wander. When you read this drivel, did you imagine that this person had an axe to grind? If you think and ponder on this long enough, you'll say to yourself, man this Moe Lester is a piece of white trash. I don't think I can believe anything he says. This is the type of person I don't want to associate with. Just use your imagination. Why would someone post that nonsense? Because he's white trash (just imagining).
im me

Jasper, FL

#5 Jan 17, 2013
I think it is funny that who ever your are .. is playing lik your troy.. hahaha and none of you knbow that facts about his situation.. really do you have nothing better to do ..
concerned citizen

United States

#6 Jan 20, 2013
Actually, I'm me, the facts are the facts, and since the coward known as moe lester, I am troy, or what ever name he chooses to hide behind continues to post his dirty laundry and lies, what u call his situation, we call drug addiction, alcoholic, non child support paying , family abandoning, piece of shit. This will stop when he does. When he discovers what being a man is all about, take care if his responsibilities, own up to his mistakes, and just be a man. But make no mistake, I am a close friend of the family, and know both sides, even a retard can look at this and say wtf. The truth will be heard, will be told, and when his dumb ass is sitting in a jail cell for his crimes, and make no mistake, he will. Then, this will stop. Nothing said on this post is false or been a lie. So suck it up like a hick up. And as far as getting a life, I have one and suggest u get one. If Ur his girlfriend, well good luck, I understand u still live with Ur parents, u two make a great pair, yet another burden on society, I bet u voted for Obama too.
concerned citizen

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#7 Jan 20, 2013
Almost forgot, before you chose a side, I suggest you do your homework, pay attention, quite listening to only an intoxicated version of the story. If your his girl friend, when your in the hospital because he got drunk and decides to break your face, or because he was drunk behind the wheel, maybe just maybe then you will realize everyone else was right, until then, if you want to have a battle of wits I suggest you ARM yourself with a brain. Until then, shut the Hell up because you have no idea what the Hell you are talking about.
Turkey on Rye

Alachua, FL

#8 Jan 20, 2013
Speaking of homework... I remember her being a pill head and such way back in highschool. So yeah I bet her side of the story is that she's a perfect angle. What a joke.
concerned citizen

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#9 Jan 21, 2013
Turkey on rye, .or jack ass, never said she was perfect or an angel. Not sure why everyone is compeled to make themselves feel better. But seeing as how everyone wants to attack her and feel bad for troy. Let me ask you this jack ass, on one hand you have a mother trying to get her act together and provide for her children. Wow, and she has a job, and a good one at that. On the other hand you have a person who calls himself a man, still asking his wife for her prescribed medication, in fact asking everyone for that, what money he does make, bs drinks away and spends on his girlfriends and sister it at the bar, not a dime to his children. So no matter how you dress it up, no matter how you attack her to make yourself feel better, fact is he is a dead beat dad. So, jack ass, which would you rather have, a mother who is busting her ass and doing everything she can do make a life for her children, without help from dead beat might I add, or a father who does nothing. Oh, I can hear your arguement now, her parents do everything. Well, then why is she working everyday to put food on the table, paying for real health care , something you toothless cuz effers wouldn't understand, but that's ok. At least she isn't a burden on society. I would choose her as my mother all day. Like I said before bring a brain if you want to have a battle of wits. Otherwise, stop posting your your false BS, and go back to what you do best. Not sure what that is yet.
truth teller

United States

#10 Jan 21, 2013
Here's my issue: By putting a name and address out there for all the drug addicts to see, you have put two innocent children at risk. Do you understand that? How would you feel if I put a posting out there and called it, for example, Kim's free pills, come party with me! How would you feel if I posted your address for drug addicts? Would you be upset and anxious for the safety of your children? Do you not see where your vendetta against your boyfriend's soon to be ex wife is endangering his children? Why hasn't he stopped you? Does he not care what happens to his children? You, misguided one, are the example we hold up to our kids and say, don't be like this, this is white trash.
concerned citizen

United States

#11 Jan 21, 2013
Truth teller, and white trash attacker, thank you. You hit the nail in the head. By doing this, they put everyone in the house at risk, to be robbed, or even worse. God forbid. But I'm going to assume, either he doesn't care or doesn't want to care. For every action there is a reaction. I hope and pray that the courts take care of this. Find him in contempt, for violating every court order, from the restraining order, to failure to pay child support. There will be justice served, the truth will be told. Funny how DCF is investigating sperm donor , the sheriffs dept is da well, but someone feels it necessary to trash other people to make themselves feel better about what they are doing, or to justify why they are doing it. My crystal ball says, he doesn't pay child support, comes up with some wild story or excuse as to why he can't. So to those who defend him, please explain why his children should suffer, because of his lazy ass self. Please explain this one.
truth teller

United States

#12 Jan 21, 2013
This person didn't know the difference between angel and angle. Concerned citizen, don't you realize we're dealing with mental midgets? I bet their high school English teachers cringe when they read the drivel these morons post. Oh, wait....neither of them finished high school. They would be perfect candidates for, "Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader". Oh, wait...they aren't....never mind.
lawyer to be

United States

#13 Jan 21, 2013
Been following this thread. Everyone should understand that should something happen to this family, the person who put this information on the website would be culpable. This web site would also be culpable for not removing this information. If concerns were expressed to the mods about this posting and they ignored the concerns, then the original poster and the web site moderators could be proscecuted under the same statue as the person who actually committed the crime.

Live Oak, FL

#14 Jan 21, 2013
Well that shouldn't be a problem at all. Why with all of the law enforcment stoping by for a pick up they should be safe. Everyone seems to forget the fact that the so called "mother of the year" has been selling from that house for years and has been putting her own children in danger since the first time she started. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
concerned citizen

Lake Wales, FL

#15 Jan 21, 2013
Wow, I'm shocked that the father of the year finally had the balls to use his own name and quit hiding behind false names. And yes, I know what that tiny brain is thinking, but my identity will be known in court. When it really counts. And your right, she should get a mother of the year award for getting herself and kids away from you. For getting her act together, for being honest with everyone at her own risk. And when all the smoke cleared who is it that DCF, THE SHERIFFS DEPT, and The Court is after,,,,,,wait for it.......yes if you guessed Troy, man of the year, poster child for everything a man and father is not, then you guessed correctly. If not, well, put in your application for I'm not smarter than a fifth grader, because you sir, are as worthless as a box of rocks, oh sorry, a box of rocks has a purpose, and if you think being a sperm donor is a purpose, you are mistaken. So keep bashing the only person in your children's lives that is doing anything for them. Because in the end, your children will know the truth, and not because of anything anyone says, but all by your actions or lack there of. And kids are smarter than you think and see what is happening. And they will remember. Even if you don't through your drunken, pilled up life. maybe, if you spent just part of the time you spend bashing her, finding excuses to not pay child support (based on minimum wage might I add) and find ways to take care of your kids, maybe even go to a rehab, offered to you for free, this would all stop and you would be able to see your kids. But that would be too easy, and no fun, not to mention I love making you look stupid on here. So keep up the good work.
lawyer to be

United States

#16 Jan 21, 2013
I'm very proud you finally came out and put your name on the garbage you put out there. More importantly, I feel you need to provide proof of your accusations. Where are the police reports? Where are the witness statements? Where is the under cover surveillance? How far along is the states attorney investigation? Have you been called as a witness? When do you testify against your soon to be ex-wife? You have no proof of any of your allegations. The bottom line is this: Do you hate your soon to be ex-wife so much you're willing to put your children in harms way? What's the matter with you?
concerned citizen- lawyer

Hawthorne, FL

#17 Jan 21, 2013
Let me just prove a point to you retarded people. I can put whatever name I want on here and be whoever I want and you dumb ass people will believe it. I'm not the troy you think I am. None of you know me but I know her. So shut you holes and keep on trolling the internet for your information. And as far as witness statments and police reports and blah blah blah... that goes both ways for the man you are bashing. You don't really think that what you know is the only side of the story do you??? Nooo... you can't be that stupid.
lawyer to be

United States

#18 Jan 22, 2013
You start a thread making false accusations and putting innocent children at risk and now you're outraged because we've shown to the world how vindictive you are? We're able to produce police reports, DCF reports and restraining orders and the best you have is to call us stupid? Debating you is like shooting fish in a barrel. Do you have an sibling you can send in to take your place? An intellectual challenge would be nice, we certainly won't get that from you
lawyer to be

United States

#19 Jan 22, 2013
Lesson to be learned: You bash one of ours and we will bash back. You started this by posting mean and hateful comments. You say we don't know both sides of the story. Do you? It appears to me you feel it's okay for you to defend your point of view and put slander out there for everyone to see, but you get offended when the favor is returned. Is the soon to be ex-wife perfect? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. Is she a pill head and drug dealer? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. This is what you need to understand: This is a divorce. There are three sides. His side, her side and the children's side. I choose the children's side. Bash her all you want. She's grown. I would hope you would use only those facts you KNOW to be true, and not make things up or exaggerate. Leave the children out of this. Don't do anything or say anything to put them in harms way. The fact that you are willing to put these children in a situation where they may be harmed tells me volumes about your morals and integrity.
get a life

West Palm Beach, FL

#20 Jan 22, 2013
all of yu postthis crap about troy and rox, need to get a life.. its neither of them posting this stuff.. just others who think they know there buisness.. get a life and get out of theres .. this crap has went on too long and is going too far..

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