The Watchdog: Future of Sauer Castle ...

The Watchdog: Future of Sauer Castle remains a mystery

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Menomonee Falls, WI

#1 Feb 13, 2008
Please help speed up the restoation of Sauer Castle.

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Thanks, Ted

“This town needs an enema!”

Since: Jul 07

Lexington, MO

#2 Feb 14, 2008
It is a great old Place. I hope they do right by it and get it back into good repair before it becomes just an old story.

Kansas City, MO

#3 Oct 1, 2008
I would love to be able to help, but don't know how. I hear the present owner, Mr. Loop, is in New York and was told he only does enough to keep the city off his back.

It would be great to see it turned into a museum and/or opened up for tours

United States

#4 Oct 12, 2009
I broke into this house before a fence was ever up the only way in is through the back their are old doors that can be pried apart with your hands several of us went in and I still remember it to this day it was dark and looked like a dungeon in the basment there was a hole that looked like a well it knew it was deep. I went through the kitchen area into the front hall it had tall a ceiling and seemed as though workers were in the middle of renovating as saw horses saws drills etc were everywhere in the main room. Old doors were open and papers were poored out onto the floor I searched the papers looking for something to tell me how old the house was. I greww up in the apartments behind the woods behind the castle and my apartment faced the tower. I had to go further. I climed the stairs to the second floor and felt the furthur up i went the more freaked out we all got. I heard moans screams. I looked to my left only to see yet another hole that seemed to drop down forever. I reached for the hatched door to the attic and black oil or somecrap ran down my arm. I saw a woman in a white dress and she screamed in terror we all ran out the way we came in the girls were way ahead of us two guys and we worried they might fall in the first hole we saw in the basement. We heard police sirens and decieded it was time to go. This house is haunted believe it or not i dont care either way but devils rock in the woods behind it are linked to the treasue as well as the flat stone they found while building a fence around the property. This stone has 4 arrows etched in it that all point to the southeast corner of his property and one must consider the size his property use to be and the direction of the arrows to find the Sauer fanily valuables. Anton Sauer has wealthy bank owner, slave owner and bussiness owner. I have seen no lil boy but have seen lights come on in the tower and a woman hung heard the moans of a sic man and seen the walls bleed 5 generations of sauers have lived and died in this house most of which were suicides or drownings. There were unmaked graves in the back prior to 1986 but not certain if this is his family or his slaves which it is said he wasnt very nice to.

Kansas City, MO

#5 Jan 5, 2010
idk how much truth there is to your post, but its very interesting non-the-less. i live not very far from sauer castle myself. and would like to see it rebuilt not as a museum or tour place but as a private residence again. anything would be better than the pile of rubble it is. i would like to do some research and investigation myself into this subject. maybe once i find some time.

Lexington, MO

#6 Jan 8, 2010
Speaking of haunted places...who wants to talk about all the ghosts in Lexington?
what castle

Lexington, MO

#7 Jan 9, 2010
Where is this castle?
Interested - YES

Liberty, MO

#8 Apr 27, 2010
I just made my way to the site. Sure wish I had the resources to take care of this place.
Sarah Stueve

Overland Park, KS

#9 May 13, 2010
Kansas was a free state. The Sauer family would not have owned slaves.

Topeka, KS

#10 Jun 1, 2010
Sauers' had servents, all of which were of white decent. The family took part in housing MANY upon MANY men who fought in the wars and also travelers passing through.
Many attempt to claim the mansion is far from being haunted BUT I know for a fact it is.

No restoration has taken place on this amazing beauty for all the 'feak accidents', vadalisim, and insurance issues... PLUS COST~

I have spoken to the grounds keeper many times, he once resided in the house until too many break ins occured, leading to more cost on the mansions restoration and again higher insurance.

In order to restore the mansion to living standards over a million dollars will be required.

The owner does reside in New York but with so many dis respectful persons breaking in and tresspassing, stealing items from inside the mansion and actually hitting the grounds keeper with their cars; The ower makes much more frequient visits.

Sauers Castle is a beautiful beast which has too many stories to contain... much of which has been switched up and arranged to ones taste during stories (naturally how a ghost story comes about)


Mrs Sauers buried children upon the grounds...(later statements claim the infants (died during birth or just after... diseases ect ~ time era) were laid to rest in a family plot... I honestly beleive a couple were left in place If not all the children.

A daughter drowned on the property

Suicides occured... some say due to the pains of diseases claiming lives (ending their life to rid themselves of the pains) Others state due to jealous rages sought out by Mr Sauer upon returning back to the states after long trips home to buy more products to sell in the states and build onto the Mansion...
Both claims fit into play in my opinion considering MANY visited the mansion passing through wether Mr Sauer was home or not Leaving his wife entertaining men and women (along with the servents help)... but still one cant put aside a lack or two of trust...

all in all it is a beauty and even if a dollar here and a dollar there was given (change even adds up quite quick...) this historical beauty would once again be loved and enjoyed by a family~ A museum would be interesting BUT a home would be even more so CONSIDERING Sauer built this 'Castle' taking him back to his days as a child growing up in Germany with his family in their home of love
Family friend

Chicago, IL

#11 Jun 9, 2010
I am a close friend of the original owners. And I am here to tell you that a majority of these rumors are false. It is true, and I know for a fact, that yes, several of the family members including Mr. and Mrs. Sauer and others passed away in the home. There was a drowning, a suicide, and some deaths brought on by illness. Any rumors of the home being haunted are obsurd. I myself have been in the home many times in the past. I have never once seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, unless you count a creaking floor joist. You have to remember, this home is almost 150 years old. You would make strange noises if you were that old. There is no secret tunnel In the cellar. There is no secret "treasure" buried on property. It is not a gateway to hell. It's an old house. Nothing more. I understand your infatuations with the idea of the saurers mansion being haunted. I myself enjoy a good ghost story. But all you guys are doing by posting your stories on here is encouraging more lookie loos, more vandals, and more thieves from entering the property without permission. I'm not denying what you may or may not have seen, although the "bleeding walls is ridiculous, but please be mindful and respectful not only of the owner and the family, but of the home and land and neighborhood and it's neighbors when posting your stories. That's the last thing I'm sure everyone wants is for it to become a tourist attraction for vandals.
Golden Key

Kansas City, MO

#12 Jul 27, 2010
I heard this home was torn down years ago. Is this true?? I was out in the late 80's. I took a picture for class, submitted it and won an award (golden key award). In another photo, there seems to be a ghostly figure in the tower however, I think one could easily say this is light and shadows coming in from the other windows. I do hope it still stands and is being taken care of. Such a beauty. Haunted or not, this is a great piece of history, wonderful architecture, and would be great for the KC KS area if ever developed into a museum.

Dallas, TX

#13 Aug 6, 2010
Anyone seen or heard from toad, last seen in the old bowling alley on main street

Peculiar, MO

#14 Aug 6, 2010
He's still there

Oklahoma City, OK

#15 Aug 7, 2010
I am a paranormal investigator and if I ever invest a property and see people on or around the property that should not be there I am calling the cops! There is no reason to break into a haunted place and destory it! Please everyone needs to stop because the owners will never let anyone in if they are disrespectful! I myself use to travel to places before I was an investigator and I NEVER broke the law and broke in!! That is DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!!

Denton, TX

#16 Sep 14, 2010
The Bleeding War of Kansas (between abolitionists of Kansas and the slave owners of Missouri) ended in 1860 with the abolitionists WINNING. And to be sure, there were no slave owners in Kansas by 1867 (AFTER the Civil War had ended) when Anton Sauer first came to Kansas City to establish his business, and definitely not by 1871 when the home was finished. Furthermore, the Sauer family immigrated to the USA via New York in 1858 where they remained until 1867...New York did not allow slave ownership after 1799 and he didn't own slaves in his native Germany either as that country abolished slavery in 1807 (note, Anton Sauer was born in 1826 almost TWENTY YEARS LATER).
You may have broken into (trespassed, committed burglary) the Sauer Castle as many have UNFORTUNATELY. But I'm doubtful about your story since there has been a fence around the property for quite some time and your statements about Sauer's supposed slave ownership are completely false.

Fort Worth, TX

#17 Dec 20, 2010
Anyone have an opinion on my chances of getting permission to bring a ladder and tape measure onto the property one afternoon? It's always been a dream of mine to build a 2nd empire style house, and Sauer's is picture perfect. Since the architect isn't known, I'd have to make my own blueprints. Does anyone know how to get ahold of the owner or caretaker? Please email me: [email protected]

Kansas City, MO

#18 Dec 20, 2010
The architect is not known, but the architecture of the house is Gothic with some Italianate features.

The only way you will find out the information you need is to contact the record of deeds in the county the house sits in. You will need to give them the address.

Kansas City, MO

#19 Dec 20, 2010
If you want to see a great second empire, search The McPike mansion Alton IL. They might let you do what you need to do, if you can make your way to the St. Louis area.

Dallas, TX

#20 Dec 23, 2010
where is the new sonic at

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