The 2010 "Run For The Wall" - will be passing Higginsville on 70 on Monday, May 24th just before noon.
They will be stopping in Concordia for lunch at noon until 1:15.
MANY thanks to Larry Jenkins, originally from Higginsville, now in Az., for carrying and honoring the memory of Don Gibler, K.I.A. 18Feb1971 for his 5000 MILE leg of the run.
If possible any who can should see them by the Higginsville exit with a show of support and thanks for all they do to honor and remember their fellow P.O.W./M.I.A./K.I.A. soldiers, IT IS A LOT TO SAY THE LEAST..
And Concordia isn't far to travel for a more personal thanks and show of support, if any are free to make the trip for lunch?
Thanks again Larry and the R.F.T.W.