UFO Hvovers over Santa Maria Slow mov...

UFO Hvovers over Santa Maria Slow moving So to No. 8:15PM 1-13-2010

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United States

#1 Jan 15, 2010
UFO Hvovers over Santa Maria Slow So to No. 8:15PM 1-13-2010
Did anyone else on the central coast of CA see the LARGE slow moving object hover over the Santa Maria area about 8:15PM 1-13-2010? It was NOT the US Aurora Project. Hovered with no sound. To ensure you saw what I did am leaving the shape and size out. If you reply with similar description then will respond to them. WE are being watched! People look up and take notice of your surroundings. For MONTHS have you noticed the ill-regular clear shies above the central coast? What about the heavy orange to purple sunrises or sunsets? Created by a break down or hole in the earths electromagnetic layer just discovered by scientists? In perfect clear sky notice the small bury roundish cloud formations sometimes with a short brighter snake like cloud used to hide hovering crafts. DONT BELIEVE?? Start looking up people! Watch the night skies on a clear night. This is not the first sighting in California. Over 100 since 1-1-2010
ufo 2-8-10

Waterloo, Canada

#2 Feb 8, 2010
I saw the ufo hovering over the coast area near guadalupe. I tried following it from santa maria, but lights dissapeared when I got to a view from the south. As if is was flat and upright. I tried following it through hwy 1, but lost it as it traveled north. Does anyone know what it was. Had blinking red lights with glow in the middle

Santa Maria, CA

#3 Feb 8, 2010
Just witnessed a huge UFO object today: 02/08/10. It was incredible. Round and spinning counterclockwise. Many people by Morrinson and the shelter witnessed it and took pictures of it with their cell phones. It was flying low and had green lights on top, with a metal sylver color and red lights on the bottom. Today around 7:20 pm. Santa Maria, CA...Somebody please follow up, I know there is someone else who saw it.
followed it

Waterloo, Canada

#4 Feb 8, 2010
I tried following the object on car. It seemed to be floating north up the coast. I lost it near Guadalupe, but caught up to it, lost it near moro bay. Was it a blimp??? My girlfriend thought I was crazy for following it. Email me if you saw it. 2-8-10 at about 7pm. Ucla2002@live .com

Los Osos, CA

#5 Feb 9, 2010
Me and my buddy followed it last night. It hovered out by avila for a while. Drove down the hill in avila and headed to port slo. By the time we got through avila it had disappeared. It looked like it flew over diablo canyon maybe? But isn't that restricted air space?
girlfriend is a believer

Waterloo, Canada

#6 Feb 9, 2010
Although I thought she was mocking me for posting the sighting of facebook, she ended up seeing the ufo with her child. Now her child is also a witness. She was outside her sisters house, when she called her sister, she also saw it. Although my girlfriend thinks it might be blimp, I have a feeling she knows it is a ufo. Santa Maria has weird activities in the sky!

Waterloo, Canada

#7 Feb 9, 2010
My buddy thinks it was a spiritual object observing human behavior. He has been praying for Jehova to send another message. I think it might be re-fueling at Diablo, no pun intended. Why is the government covering up. I was definitely NOT a blimp,
coast2coast fan

Waterloo, Canada

#8 Feb 9, 2010
I saw a woman ouside of her blue lexus on her knees praying. I pulled over to ask if she was okay, and she just pointed at the sky. She said that in her home town iof Aguas Caliente, Mexico, she saw a similar object.

Waterloo, Canada

#9 Feb 9, 2010
My friend Sandia said she saw the object. She has a Hx of psychosis, so I did not believe her. But reading these posts makes me wonder if she is on to something or perhaps it is a shared hallucination?

Waterloo, Canada

#10 Feb 10, 2010
I saw the object. I think it was a Zeppelin. They have tours that travel up and down the coast. The lights were amazing! Never seen that before.

Goleta, CA

#11 Feb 10, 2010
What the hell are you guys talking about? Must be all the meth.

South Africa

#12 Feb 15, 2010
hi guys.. im from south africa and on the 14/02/2010 my friend and i noticed three moving objects in the sky that looked like stars at around 20:15(cat). we have noticed this kind of activity almost all the time and find it very strange. this star like object was travelling at a very fast speed.

what could it be and can it be linked to you recent sightings??

Redmond, WA

#13 Feb 16, 2010
I also witnessed the ufo over santa maria on feb 8th my mom called me out at first I thought it was a blimp but they dnt go out at night I dnt think. It was kinda like an olvo shape and really bright. Then it almost crashed with like a plane then anothe plane was in its path but turnd right around really fast. Well my nephew took vidio of it here's the site Latest-UFO-sighting.net
I SAW the Triangle UFO

United States

#14 Feb 16, 2010
I SAW the Triangle UFO over Santa Maria California. It makes no noise and is NOT jet powered! This is NOT the first time the TRIANGLE UFO has hovered or been seen over Santa Maria Ca. It is becoming more obvious something is going on. On Jan 13th 2010 just after 8pm after a tv show, I went to take out the trash. I like looking at stars on a clear night and happened to look up. Saw a few planes in the air and then saw a slow not flashing but pulsing red light right over head. Quite large. I didn't hear anything so I watched it. It then became obvious that it was attached to a much lager craft. I saw as clear as day it was a perfect triangle shape with the point of the craft (moving north) with bright white light and then the red light and then the back of craft/triangle with two white light one at each point. You could tell it was way up and large. I ran in and grabbed binoculars and camera to get a closer look. WOW. It was a perfect triangle with no curves of the shape even on the back side and saw it close up. You could clearly see the outline. I could see the under-workings of the craft. The bottom did have some curved structures or something. Because of the lighting on the ufo it was light grayish lit and could see it was not flat on the underside and I could see no markings. The ufo was completely negligent. It flew completely in restricted airspace without concern and crossed paths with several airplanes. It took about 3 minutes from the time I first saw it over head to the time it was out of range. I did grab a camera but gave up trying to take a photo because it would not focus on it. Like it had some kind of electromagnetic field or something. But got a perfect view from binoculars. Since Nov 2009 there has been an explosion of sightings all over the earth. Several sighting around the world each day. So I would have to say we will probably see it again in our skies so look up. If any of you have a standard 35mm camera you can focus you might keep it on hand... with film. Those in Santa Maria, it flew in an area over head South to North between Broadway and Miller. To give example of its large size, those of you that live in Santa Maria and see the jets that are taking off from LA. not the ones way up there but the ones you can tell are still increasing speed and can see the wingspan. Anyway, take about 12-14 of those wing spans side by side. Then make a triangle... OR make an L shape with your thumb and index finger with both hands, put your thumbs together and your index fingers, making a sortive triangle... then raise your hand connected over head and it was about the size of the triangle shape. Big hugh?
Triangle UFO Feb 9 2010

United States

#15 Feb 16, 2010
Tuesday, February 9, 2010
If the link does not work. goto google and type in
Classic triangle UFO over Santa Maria, California
Latest UFO sighting - Classic triangle UFO footage recorded in Santa Maria, California with a cellphone on 8th February 2010 around 7:10 pm. The object was seen by multiple witnesses.
What is going on here??? And why so many UFO's in Santa Maria?
Weird event

United States

#16 Mar 1, 2010
Was out for a walk on Sat Feb 27 2010 about 2pm and a shinny silver streak caught my attention. It was about as high as an jet airplane. I saw it for a second and thought it was a plane but a second later a small streak like dark gray cloud formed right where I thought I just saw the silver object. It now covered the area. I thought for sure it blew up or something and waited for the boom. Nothing happened. Anyway I waited and watched it for a bit and nothing. If it was a plane it should have moved enough to see it continue its flight path. But nothing but the dark gray cloud that formed. All I know is that I saw a silver object that looked like it was moving and seconds later a dark gray cloud came out of nowhere right where it was. Freaked me out a little.

“That's not my bag, baby”

Since: Jan 10

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#17 Mar 2, 2010
See it? I was brought on board for a pot luck dinner and probing! It's hard to say no to a probing after free food.
3-11-10 craft over 101

United States

#18 Mar 11, 2010
weird silent craft flew over head near 101 highway between Santa Ynez and Los Alamos on March 11, 2010. We pulled over to look at it. It was silent had several red lights and a large white. The other person with me commented that it had a strange bottom or haul shape bottom almost like a flying boat... but was not a boat. Just describing that the bottom was not flat or round but similar to a boat. I was fiddling to get my phone from the car to take a photo so I did not see the bottom as close but even from a distance I could tell it was not a normal plane or helicopter... hence the reason for pulling over to look at it. ;) It moved too far over land to get close to it again. It was faster then a helicopter and quiet! Like no sound!
Paula KJ

Porterville, CA

#19 Apr 6, 2010
I have been searching like crazy all day but have found nothing! until I saw the one above here...3-11-10 craft over 101, santa maria, ca...

Last night, I was heading for work at 10:40pm,(april 5 2010 )I entered the freeway in Grover Beach, and immediately saw a huge red light further away in the distance. Some trees were in the way. My eyes never left this red light,trying my best not to have an accident. This red light was very big, fiery red, just glowing, there was no pulsing or blinking....just hovered low over the freeway close to where Walmart and Trader Joe's is. I was astounded and all I could do was stare. I fumbled trying to find my camera in my bag but couldn't, I wanted to pull over but the traffic was crazy and I didn't feel it was safe. By now I was passing this red object who was still sitting very still. I opened my windows and there was no sound, only cars. My first thought was that it was a helicopter, but I have never seen any kind of helicopter looking like this, it was huge and bright red!! No sound! As I was passing this object I looked closely from the side of it...and it looked like something strange was sticking out from the other end/back part? What the person is describing above me here, sounds kind of similar. It had a boat like shape to it, and it looked metal like, the few seconds that I got to see of it.

I also noticed a large white light on the back of it, as the person describes in above post...I saw this in my sideview mirror.

Did anyone else see this???? no one else seemed to pay attention as I saw this, i couldn't believe it!

Awesome sight!

Santa Maria, CA

#20 Apr 16, 2010
Well. I did see a ufo twice last month, near Santa Maria and 1 above SLO. It looked like a blimp at 1st , but was moving faster. I m not sure what it was. but havnt seen 1 after that.

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