Any reviews of Convergys? Job Wise?
convergys employee

Davao City, Philippines

#65 Aug 20, 2011
Do not ever waste your time with Convergys..There are alot of good companies out there.. I can honestly say , I never had a good time working in Convergys. I only had headaches. With all those payroll disputes almost every month, schedules that suddenly change and Bosses who will never dare to hear all your concerns unless it benefits them .. This is with all honesty . Just take my word....Godbless

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#66 Aug 21, 2011
convergys employee wrote:
Honestly, I wont recommend working in convergys.. You will have the payroll disputes you could ever think.. It really sucks ..
It figures. I would like to see former employees protesting outside of their parking lot.

Halifax, Canada

#67 Sep 5, 2011
What on earth is going on here? Are you trying to bamboozle me?
Care not to say

United States

#69 Sep 17, 2011
I agreed at first I thought Convergys was a great place to work for and they they were willing to help you out. I was waiting for a phone call to see what my hours for the next week will be and instead it was them telling me they were letting me go. IT was someone not even aware of my situation or what was going on. I try to explain it to her but you know like when you are talking to a customer rep and you can tell they are just tuning you out wishing you would go away. I got that feeling. Then told I got a written and final warning. No I did not and I searched my emails unless they go in a secret spot we are not told.

It was my sales, I was good at everything else and I watched out for the customer first then at the end of the call I would think crap forgot to make a sale and it it is not free they do not want it.
Convergys Toledo Sucked

Toledo, OH

#70 Oct 8, 2011
get fiscal wrote:
You guys should unionize.
Here's the thing. Convergys is vehemently anti-union. If you bring up union in the workplace, you will be fired and management will tell all other employees to stay away from you or they will be fired, too. Also, management will threaten to close the call center if the slightest pro-union sentiment is demonstrated. Scared employees will give in because Convergys' attitude is that they can fire you and easily replace you with someone who is chapter (i.e. willing to work for less pay and less or no benefits).

Sadly, I worked at the former Toledo, OH call center almost 10 years ago. That is what happen there. Of course Convergys got to have its cake and eat it, too. They got their way (no unions), and they closed the Toledo call center a couple of years later as soon as the tax abatements and subsidies from state and local government expired.
Convergys Toledo Sucked

Toledo, OH

#71 Oct 8, 2011
get fiscal wrote:
<quoted text>It figures. I would like to see former employees protesting outside of their parking lot.
If that happened, the Convergys site director will call the cops and oder all protestors away. AT the former Toledo call center about 10 years ago, a disgruntled group of ex-Convergys employees put pro-union literate on the cars in the parking lot. The site director calls the cops. The ex-employees had to leave, and all literate was removed from the car and presumably destroyed.

Mooresville, NC

#72 Oct 8, 2011

Since: Jul 08

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#73 Oct 9, 2011
omg bullcrap

Columbia, SC

#74 Oct 19, 2011
that one guy

Salt Lake City, UT

#75 Nov 21, 2011
I am not currently at this location that is being discussed, i am however a new hire at another location.

So far i have only had interaction with trainers as well as coaches, and from im seeing this is not going to work out well.

I am on the bank of america project and the sheer amount of knowledge we have to obtain in order to be able to properly service credit cards is staggering.

I just recent moved into the OJT (on the job training) And its absolutely rediculous how bad our guidance is.

Our salried trainer as well the 4 coaches in our group sit at the front of the room and talk about football and beer pong while We are thrown onto the phone trying to help the customer with somethign we dont understand ourselves.

When we manage to flag them down they come over sighing and begrudging the fact that they actually had to do thier job.

In fact, the trainees that are actually asking for alot of help (in order to try to understand what they are doing) are actually starting to recieve biased treatment from them in terms of attitude and the way they are treated.

I havent got to production yet, so im holding out hope, but from what im seeing so far, its not looking good

O Fallon, MO

#76 Dec 2, 2011
i am in my 4th week at convergys and totally sucks. their computers are so slow and you have to log in to the computer and let it start up, then wait for the time clock program to open, go get your little token thing with a password that changes each day, then open your desktop, then open ANOTHER program, then log into your phone, so you pretty much have to get to your desk 10 minutes before your start time or you'll be late because if you are scheduled at 8:00am...and you aren't logged into that phone at 8:00am...they come by your desk to see what's going on. and guess what? have to do most of this all over again when you get a break or go to lunch, so that 15 minute break is really about 5 minutes and that hour lunch is really about 45 minutes.

the worst part is the fact that after going through training for THREE WEEKS, it seems like every one in my class including myself is just like "what the F*CK is THIS?" because almost every call we get is someone that didn't get their medication OR their health plan didn't cover their medication OR they THINK they got charged the wrong price for their medication so they are pissed off from the get-go and the software is so slow and so cryptic that when you check to see WHY someone got turned down at their pharmacy for some drug with 17 letters in it, you just 4 or 5 codes like "E7" and "73" and "45" and YOU have to go to ANOTHER page and find out what those codes mean for THAT health plan.

a lot of the time it's simply that the doctor ordered more doses of a medication than their plan covers, but when you tell a 54 year old guy that his viagra won't be coming in the mail...well...that isn't what he wants to hear, so BOOM...he wants a supervisor...but WE aren't the health plan, we just handle customer service for the PHARMACY part of it.

it just sucks ass. i had 3 calls today that when the "floor help" came over to help me, even THEY had to go get help, so how the hell am i supposed to know how to do this.

i just about didn't come back from lunch today. it's so stressful for freaking $9.00 per hour. just not worth it.

they have GOT to get some kind of REAL training for their employees. i don't need 3 weeks of "your pharmacy and you" and "name brands vs. generics". i need 3 weeks of "here's how you do THIS on a call" and you do that 100 times so when that kind of call DOES come in, you're confident you can do it.

Dallas, TX

#77 Dec 2, 2011
I should of read these reviews before I started...

Mcallen, TX

#78 Dec 27, 2011
dear american wrote:
you obviously have never worked there..... let me put it in perspective for is not that americans mind work. however we want to be told the truth about the work we are doing.
1. when hired you are told you will work 1 sat and sun a week. then scheduled for 3 in a month because they do not fire people for not coming in on weekends. so schedule more and deal with it.
2. we are told we will be not be selling things. lies! everytime someone calls in gotta make that sales offer!
3. something in that place changes everyday! one day you are told to do it this way. go in and the next day you are told to do it completely different.
4. there is no communication from the om, to the tl to the agents...therefore noone knows what the hell is going on!
5. before you go running your should seriously try the job out! and they do drug test dumbass!
I know this is an old post, but he is talking about the Pharr,TX location and there is no drug testing here. We are on the Mexico border.

United States

#79 Jan 5, 2012
I love the verge! Whooaaa! Yal suck!

Holly Ridge, NC

#80 Jan 19, 2012
naa wrote:
I love the verge! Whooaaa! Yal suck!
Who ever loves that s#!+ hole is on crack. I'm at that b.s. job... But don't worry I'm probably soon to be gone. I have managed to survive in that hell hole for too long. The management is ridiculous with their favortism. It is worse than high school half the time. Confidential conduct is completely out the window. Have fun following their policies when their policies don't exist... And some supervisors have no knowledge of that fact. There are not enough appropriate words on earth as to how disgusted they make me feel when I am a mile away when I'm on the way to work. I'm sorry if I have nothing good to say about my experience there other than they taught me how to give people false hopes about "resolutions"... Which is not a trait I would like to have let alone be known for. It's a easy job to do but not worth the headache due to the lack of proper conduct of 97% of upper level staff who let a nothing title go to their head.

Holly Ridge, NC

#81 Jan 19, 2012
Worse Job wrote:
I worked at Convergys near the time they first opened.. I worked there from Dec 08 til the end of April 09. WORSE PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED!!! They blame the employees for everything.. no organization at all. Like most of the others said, rules change so much you never know what's going on. Your TL tells you one thing, and another TL tells you different. They can't wait to fire people, except for the one's who are their favorites; they let them get away with everything. Your break gets cut short because you have to get back and find a computer station to sit at before your break time is up, or you'll be counted late-which gets you points! Bonus??? PLEASE
I was fired because I punched out exactly one minute before my ending time at 7:00pm which put me at 12 points, and my TL couldn't wait to call me in the human resource office to let me have it! Not to mention that most of the points I had accrued was THEIR FAULT! They were so unorganized in the beginning! You would come in and have no station to sit at, so by the time someone got up and you could find a seat, you had to log on, and wait for their SLOW system to come up, before you could even punch in! By that time you're late!! Too much of that you're at 12 points in no time!! It's ridiculous!! Will never work there again if I can help it! I wouldn't recommend Convergys to anyone!
Oh yeah, and several TL's told us not to worry about points. One told me he knew of employees that had 19 to over 20 something occurrences and had not been fired! This was the day before I got fired for having 12! I brought this up to the human resource lady while me and my TL were in her office, and her exact words were "Were not here to discuss other employees, we're here to discuss you and the amount you have!"
WOW!!! Really???
Lol... I'm at another location but was told the same load of manure. My favorite part is that I made it clear I knew there would be retaliation after I spoke out...

Tucson, AZ

#82 Feb 6, 2012
Unless you desperately need a job, forget it. You will be working in a sweat shop loaded with people who will progress higher than you that don't deserve it while you put your hard work and passion into the job, all for naught. TLs hit on good looking girls and take them off the floor to chat, commission is a joke, raises are non-existent, training is lackluster, HR lies to you, they hire anyone with a pulse practically, and you can't fully assist the customer to begin with because outsourcing merely gives the basics, not the in depth you need to fulfill the duties of the company. The day you leave and get a real career or a better job will be the happiest day of your life.
fighting woman

Hixson, TN

#83 Feb 27, 2012
I worked for this company and let me tell you this place about made me have a mental break down. I have never been harassed and belittled the way I was there. I took it because I had a family to support and I was the only one working. My supervisor harassed me so badly, I finally ended up on anxiety medication. I went through the chain of commands trying to stop this, how did this work out for me not good at all. She took her harassment to a whole new level and got other supervisors to help. When they called me off the phone to fire me, I had no fight left in me. Let me state I met every stat they set out for us. This was personal !!! I know we live in a right to work state, so all they had to do was fire me and not belittle and harass me. Let me tell you after firing me and lying to me about why. They then came outside and kicked me to the street corner after me telling them I was waiting on someone to come get me. Let me tell you I am 50 yrs old, so not like I was a threat. They haven't ever did this before or after me. This according to some that have worked there for over 4 yrs. They were letting me know again that I should have either took what they were dishing out or quit. The stuff they did to me is to lengthily for this forum. Trust me when I tell you that no matter what you think of your abilities to get along with others and how confident you are with your skills, you go to work there and both of those will leave you rather quickly. They have black balled me from other companies, so unless your willing to except anything they might dish out, save yourself the stress. Please find yourself another company to work for. I hate to see anyone else subject themselves to this type of treatment. Good Luck.
Heartsick mom

South Haven, MI

#84 Mar 16, 2012
Hi all I am currently on unpaid leave but have no reason want or desire to come back to work for convergys. They have hidden policies that they don't tell the employees about that now they are saying they do and there is no paper trail. If they cause you stress because of there policies and they cause something horrific to happen to you like the loss of your unborn child....they don't care. I swear the company signed a contract with Satan because they are the absolute unempathetic, morally corrupt, unethical company I have had the displeasure to work for.

Marietta, GA

#85 Mar 31, 2012
Wow, Convergys is the worst excuse for a job I have EVER experienced! I am 51, and have never before seen such unprofessionalism in my entire life! They cram about 6 months of training into 6 weeks and then put you on the production floor for 3 days in what they call OJT which is suppose to be 2 weeks. Then you are suppose to be in 'transition' for a week or 2. Well, my class was in OJT for 3 days and hit transition for 1 week and then hit production. Crazy... More so because once you got to the floor, whether it was OJT or Transition, there was NOBODY to help you or answer ANY questions you had, all the while, having a customer on the line waiting. More than half of what you retained from training class wasn't even pertinent to one call you take. And, might I add, the core trainers are so sorry, they play and text on their cell phones all day, they are very young.. in their 20's and the drama is unbelievable. And... you, at least in Jacksonville, FL, have to use the 'EBONICS' dictionary to even understand half of what they say... CRAZY UNPROFESSIONAL! Then, they assign you to a 'Team Lead' once you hit production, then the next day or two, you have a new 'TL' AND the next week, another. Finally when you get established on a team, they DO NOT answer any questions you have, they only pump you with more information and up-training and refresher courses that you weren't even trained on in the first place. The 'T.L.'s', floor support, chat support and even the supervisors on the sup line are rude to you, condescending and won't answer a question for you, they just take over your computer remotely and do it themselves. Convergys doesn't care about one of their employees. Their main concern is production and keeping the accounts they do have. If AT&T knew exactly how Convergys conducts their business and knew exactly how bad Convergys employees treat AT&T customers, they would most definitely find another call center to manage their customer service. Convergys blames AT&T for their strictness but what is obvious, is Comvergys is scrambling to abide by AT&T standards and because Convergys is so SUB-STANDARD, they stay confused. They drill into your head:'TAKE OWNERSHIP' and they don't display OWNERSHIP. Convergys is the most unorganized, unethical and unprofessional company I have ever experienced! Forget the benefits... and the rude customers... It's not even about that. Customers can always understand if you're honest with them and explain to them. I have never had trouble with customers. It's the Convergys management that is extremely bad. The left had doesn't know what the right hand is doing and so on and so on. It's a snowball effect and you have to first look at the top. I even had met with the 'Senior Manager' of Convergys as well as the gentleman that runs AT&T Uverse Blue in all locations in the U.S. They seemed to be concerned while gathering their information but never did I see any concern about what was going on. Worst thing is, they act like they're your best friend until they turn their back. Why do you think Convergys hires so many CSR's on the daily? I'll tell you why... out of 22 people in my training class, there are maybe 5 left. They all quit, including me... due to the lies Convergys told, due to the drama that unfolds once you get on the floor and most of all.... NO SUPPORT FROM SUPPORT STAFF AT ALL. Believe me when I caution you to NOT WORK AT CONVERGYS. You WILL REGRET IT!

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