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Bitter waitress

Benton, KY

#1 Jul 29, 2010
This is a thread for all the servers/waiters/waitresses out there that have to endure day in and day out BAD TIPPERS!! Tell your story, how many people in party, check average and whether they tipped or not. I used to feel really bad if I had a table that didn't leave a tip, but after doing this for years, I finally realized that people from Mayfield are just poor tippers! If the service is sub-par, I understand, however, if service is great and the people still don't tip, call them out for it! If you know who they are, because non-tippers are typically repeat offenders, put them on blast for being cheap!
If you can't afford to tip, then you can't afford to be eating in a restaurant where someone will be offering their service to you!

Benton, KY

#2 Jul 29, 2010
Christine Wall
party of 2
$23.52 check
dont sit in my section

Benton, KY

#3 Jul 29, 2010
Tina Page and her dirty family! This woman typically comes in with her whole family, usually 6 adults and the two bad kids. The kids terrorize the restaurant, tear things up, crawl on the floor, run around and make a mess! They also usually bring in outside food, which has to be a health code violation. They are just generally terrible, awful people and they do not tip. Every server in the restaurant hates these people and when we see them coming, we all just cringe.

Calhoun, KY

#4 Jul 29, 2010
I work in a restaurant that gave away a free lunch promotion to a party of 10. The group came in and bragged and bragged about the service. Tip =$7.40 for a completely free meal. Unbelievable!!!
Bitter Waitress

Benton, KY

#5 Jul 29, 2010
"You are the best waitress we have ever had!"=Kiss of Death!! We always laugh and say we guess the compliment was our tip! It is nice and does make you feel good, but compliments don't feed the kids!
tired of pouring coffee

Pontiac, IL

#6 Jul 29, 2010
Dinger Clark wants to make $30.00 per hour at calvert city plant and tip me 25 cents
Onepercenter for life

Murray, KY

#7 Jul 29, 2010
You want a good tip? Then start by treating EVERYONE that walks in the door the same.When I stop in a place to eat, most of the time I have to wait over 5 minutes just to get a waitress to even notice I am there and to bring me a menu.No they are not busy with another customer, usually they are busy flirting with a coffee sponge "regular".You know the kind they sit for hours drinking coffee only paying for 1 cup.When the waitress does decide to come to my table often times they act like I am in their private home trying to get something for free.When my order comes I have literally had my plate slid across the table at me, and rarely can get a refill on my drink. And you still want a high dollar tip? Try being a little nicer to people no matter how many times they have been there or have flirted with you. I used to go to this greasy spoon place for a burger and a drink, usually was less than 5 dollars, everytime they treated me like trash I left a 5 dollar tip, after the third time of doing that,the next time I came in they were treating me like a king, when I left that time NO TIP AT ALL!!! and I never went back, I doubt they ever got the irony of it.

Mayfield, KY

#8 Jul 29, 2010
What is wrong w/people? Tipping is part of the eating-out expense. If you chose to dine out, the you are, for all intent and purposes, agreeing to compensate your server. For all you non-tippers/poor tippers - GET REAL. These servers are hard-working people. If you can't afford a 15%-20% tip, then go through a drive-through. I typically tip more than 20% if the service is good. Shame on bad/no tippers!
Bitter Waitress

Benton, KY

#9 Jul 29, 2010
Onepercenter I totally understand you, however, I am not that person! I'm don't flirt(sort of past that) and I give the best of my ability to everyone. That's why, in the beginning, I didn't understand what I did wrong and I would literally be hurt if I got stiffed! But you do see a pattern. Sometimes, I want to not give good service, let their drinks go dry, let their dirty plates collect flies on the table, but I simply can't. I'm too much of a perfectionist to let things go. As with any job, I assume there is a lot of burnout, especially dealing with the general public. You never really know what you're going to get from day to day. But, if the service was good and still nothing, it's just unacceptable.
**Some of my best tips come from one person tables** And not everyone is a cheapo, some people are fantastic tippers, I always thank them profusely (and usually want to cry!)because it is just so unexected, you get used to the dollar on the table, and when it's more, it's like a special prize!!
Fran Fine

Detroit, MI

#10 Jul 29, 2010
I am a great tipper -when I get good service. My family went to Pizza Hut last week with our daughter and two of her friends - all three were 10 years old. It was the slowest time of the day - there was only one other table with customers in the entire place. Please explain to me why we waited for nearly five minutes for our drink orders to be taken and 10 more minutes to get those drinks? Oh yeah, that's because our waitress was too busy leaning up against the counter texting on her cell phone. We didn't get offered a refill until we were all finished with our meal. In general the service that day was the worst I'd ever had. And no, I did not leave any tip - tips are earned, not automatic. If you are a server - and expect to be tipped - try paying attention to your customers and staying off your cell phone. I only tip for good service, I see no reason to reward poor service. And yeah, I've been a server before, I know all about how hard the work is and how little you get paid..... if smiling and keeping our drinks fresh is to much effort, you might want to consider applying at walmart.
hard workin girl

Cunningham, KY

#11 Jul 29, 2010
I work very hard for my money as a waitress to support my family and people that wanna run u to death and leave no tip its just not right!! Learn how to tip a waitress people it is what we live off of not our paycheck like everyone else!!
Its About the Service

Mayfield, KY

#12 Jul 30, 2010
I expect good service for a good tip. Take the drink orders as soon as you can. I know you have no control over how busy the place is. I WILL understand that.

Bring the food when it comes out, not five minutes later. Come back to ask about a drink refill and comeback one more time to take the dirty plates and ask about dessert. Be pleasant. I will leave a nice tip time after time if you can do this.

However, if you flirt with my husband even ONCE and I think you really mean it - you will NEVER get another tip EVER. Just ask the girl that bent over in super short daisy dukes to clean a table top behind me, swaying back and forth. He nodded that way and I looked. I stuck out my foot and tripped her when she turned around. That was my tip to her - back off - so don't flirt. It's not Hooters and you are making yourself look bad, not me look bad.
Need a chisel

Benton, KY

#13 Jul 30, 2010
Margie Silva and her teen daughter who apparently cannot order for herself. Keep telling yourself that eating grease won't make you fat. Spend a little less on all that makeup, hair dye and be a better role model for your kid. TIP YOUR SERVERS!!!

Wingo, KY

#14 Jul 30, 2010
Theres a BBQ, Pizza, biker hangout just off 119 hwy prior to paris landing called B&D's. All of the workers are between 40 and 50 years old. They understand what good service is, the younger generation should just stop in and watch and observe they would learn a great deal on proper customer service. Oh by the way they do very well on tips!!!!

Madisonville, KY

#15 Jul 30, 2010
I pay 10 percent of my ticket PLUS every refill I get I give a dollar. So if I have a 10 dollar tab and two refills, the waitress will get 3 dollars which is very legit for a 10 dollar meal. BUT most waitresses in Mayfield are too busy talking to friends and worrying about what guys/girls are looking at them so the neglect their customers and show up towards the end of the meal in attempt to revive their tip. To hell with that. If you want a tip, do your job or shut up. And if you do your job, you will get a good tip from me :).

Martin, TN

#16 Jul 30, 2010
One place we were in, the server showed up at our table every 3 minutes or so. We couldn't take a bite or have a conversation for more than a minute or two because we were interrupted so many times. We finally gave up and got out of there. That was not a pleasant dining experience.
On the other side of that coin, if I order coffee and have to practically beg for a refill, that's crappy service, too.
Flirting with my boyfriend won't get you a tip if the service is bad, either. Bad service can be showing up at the table too much, or not enough. Servers can keep an eye on their customers without hovering like a helicopter... and they can't just wait on them one time and disappear for the next half hour, either.
Been there

Dunmor, KY

#17 Jul 31, 2010
I have waitressed for over 20 years and I love what I do. I appreciate the good tippers, sure. And I guarantee that I give good service to everyone. I've chosen my profession and I could've been anything I wanted to be, but what is important to realize is that we have to EARN our tips. Not take them for granted!!! Customers don't owe us anything except to pay their bill. Which IS what keeps your restaurant open. There are 2 sides to everything! Keep up the good service and you will be rewarded. I guarantee it!!!
shawna t

Murray, KY

#18 Jul 31, 2010
detective m from mayfield i guess he thinks flirting is a tip
Parties stink

Benton, KY

#19 Jul 31, 2010
Michelle Richardson,friends and family
8 ppl
BAD TIP!! Your drinks did not go dry, you got everything you requested, to go boxes, to go cups, etc. etc.
im surprised nobody

Richmond, KY

#20 Aug 1, 2010
Has said why should customers pay the servers salaries anyway. With the prices the places charge they should pay the servers a decent wage anyway. I have never understood it even though i have never stiffed any server i always tip just dont understand how the owners get by without paying a decent wage. Bash your bosses not me they are the ones that make the money.

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