Child Support Fraud
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Since: Dec 07

Delton MI

#1 Dec 3, 2007
So, my daughers mother decided about 12 years ago, to give me the nice little surprise of a paternity order.I wouldnt have been so shocked if she had ever even told me she was pregnant to begin with, or maybe that she had a child, but that isnt the issue. I ended up being charged child support which since the child was mine makes sense, but what doesnt make sense is that over the last three years, my daughters mother has had my daughter living with her less then six months?!? The first place my daughter was "sent" was to live with her mothers boyfriends sister for over a year, now after talking with the woman my daughter was staying with, her mother was providing no assistance to this woman and her husband for taking my daughter in. Just when she gets home again with her mother, I get some legal paperwork in the mail asking me to allow my daughter to live with her mothers aunt and granting her temporary custody. I don't mind this much since my daughter and I had discussed some issues and CPS had been recently called on the mother for supplying drugs to my daughter, heck the girl needs a more stable environment, yet shortly after this, I get a phone call from a state not involved whatsoever demanding I pay the mother child support for a child she doesnt even live in the same STATE with. Has anyone else had issues like this? Or have a reasonable solution? I live in Michigan, my daughter lives in NY, and the mother lives in Tennessee (yes the mother is attempting to collect child support from all three states)
Da God

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Dec 29, 2008
Peace to you
The child support system is a fraud. Its designed to take babies and destroy families. This is a new age profit making scam of the taxpayers sweat by your Gov. Just google child support fraud and a endless list of unfair stories will show up.You will see that the child support system is beyond treason.
Peace to you and your family
Da God
Da God

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Dec 29, 2008
Peace to you
The child support system is a fraud. Its designed to take babies and destroy families. This is a new age profit making scam of the taxpayers sweat by your Gov. Just google child support fraud and a endless list of unfair stories will show up.You will see that the child support system is beyond treason.
Peace to you and your family
Da God

Hickory, NC

#4 Dec 30, 2008
Just let me say that what you eill have to do is forgrt childsupport enforcement because they could care less where the kid lives or who has them.Secondly you are gonna need to seek legal counsel hire a lawyer and if the funds permit it youmay need to also hire a detective because he can look at dates and places and follow the mother so they can see where the child is.Then your gonna have to go before the court so that a judge can assess the situation.If you cannot take custody of the child then you may just be stuck because eaither way you half to pay if it is not the mother then it is whom ever has the child.What I was say to you is petition for makes no sense for someone to be a father to a child he knows is bginneglected by begin thrown around place to place you have a responsibilty to the child as well and if the child is begin done like this then you need to get her out of that situation so she can have a better life and if your not willing to do that then leave it alone because I assure you a judge is gonna ask you all of these same questions.I am not saying that your bad.What I am saying though is as a father you ahve an obligation as well beyong childsupport payments so I suggest that you take charge.A lawyer fro custody is gonna run anywhere from $2000-$5000 dollars but thats asmall price to pay for your childs well begin.
Child Support Scam

Hartford, CT

#5 Jan 10, 2009
Child Support has become of the the biggest money makin' in history. They don't care about fathers, mothers,kids...
hecotr toledo jr

Dallas, TX

#6 Dec 4, 2009
Hello, my name is hector toledo jr, what I saw on you tube shocked me of fathers taking their lives because of chil support,my father is on child support he's been paying child support for the lasst (15) years and he tells me that he only has two years left, my father doesn'tmake much out of his check please any one need help and advice on what to do I worry for my father he's stressd out on not knowing what to do I love my father to death I'm trying to get good information on helping my father.his ex wife had other two life partners my father was the third. Don't know if she's useing the system to gain money my dad daughter is (22) years old alresdy has three of her own and she talks to my father and she loves him,glad to find this sight.

Rosedale, NY

#7 Apr 27, 2010
We should take child support to Washington DC to protest. If you believe in god no way should this be happening. Man is falling hard by great evil that ruins family he will pay he must pay for his actions.
jacob queenan

Greenville, MS

#8 May 20, 2010
i do not think child support is wrong, i do believe in providing for my daughter, but i pay ex-girlfriend support, not child support. the number i pay on 1 girl is so hi i wont tell. and i get my daughter 15 days a mth....DESTROYS FAMILIES AND GIVE DUMB YOUNG GIRLS WANTING TO HAVE 3 BABIES FROM THREE DIFFERENT DADS AND THATS THERE IDEA OF SUCCESS,.. REFORM REFORM REFORM.. WE ARE LOSING OUR HOMES OVER THESE INFLATED JUDGMENTS THEY CALL RULINGS. FEMINIZES STSTEM AND MUST END.
sheiscommittingf raud

Astoria, NY

#9 Aug 12, 2010
my child support payements includes half of the cost of daycare that myson once recieved.... i was unaware that i can modify payments... however she knows that he does not need child care and does nor recieve child care because he's in school.. is she committing fraud by not telling the courts????
Still Married

Delton, MI

#10 Aug 16, 2010
People should step up and be responsible parents. The children suffer in these situations. Think about that!!!

Ballston Spa, NY

#11 Sep 13, 2010
to all, if your thinking of having children in this country, think twice, check out the child support laws, they will make you think twice! 50% of all marriages fail

Wasilla, AK

#12 Nov 3, 2010
here is Alaska we have some of the highest amount of federal monies fraud happening everyday.
Here the unwritten law, adopted as a interpretive Opinion is whoever makes the most money regardless of custody will be the "Obligor"Debtor, of course this is opposite of the federal definition and the intent of congress, but since all decisions are Administrative they invoke the "Rooker Fieldman doctrine" to keep the issue out of Federal Courts, another tactic they like to use as a repercussion for seeking a fair and law full trial is Retroactive increases against the debtor which violates state and federal laws, but once again un viewable by federal courts due to the Rooker Doctrine.

Since: Jan 09

Saline Louisiana

#13 Feb 5, 2011
Child Support is a broken and abused INDUSTRY that is used to keep up the entitlement mentality.

The original scope of Child Support was this.
"To provide the CHILD with the same standard of living he/she would have it the non-custodial parent was still present in the home"
Instead time and time again it is used as a paycheck.
I asked my Ex to provide my Daughter with an allowance out of her child support, 1/3 of what I pay,she is a teenager now and I wanted it used for the "stuff" that all teenage girls want/need,I also told my daughter to remind her mother of this every week.
She gave it to her exactly ONCE, the next week she had the GALL to tell my Daughter....."That money is mine,I don't have to give you any of it if I don't want to."
Yet they wonder why we don't want to pay it.
Not all of us are "deadbeat dads",some of us would gladly take full custody or even TRUE 50/50 custody if the system would allow it and never ask for one red cent.
So next time you hear that someone is a "deadbeat" try and remember that most of us only want to be loving caring parents involved in our children's everyday lives, not what the system forces us to be, which are
Twice removed uncles who see our children 4 days a month IF we are lucky.....but by the better keep sending those checks or we will put you in jail.

San Jose, CA

#15 Feb 19, 2011
My daughter is 19yrs old and am still paying child support. My Ex lie about my daughter's birthday. She added one year less on my daughter's birthday so that she can recieve one more year of child support. I wrote to the birth certificate dept. in Houston TX requesting my daughter's birth certificate to prove my daughter's birthday. The court corrected the problem. Can I sue my Ex for child support fraud?
jacob queenan

Lake Charles, LA

#16 Mar 5, 2011
invasion of privacy. this cant be in the constitution
jacob queenan

Lake Charles, LA

#17 Mar 5, 2011
remove my comments you jerks. this comes up everytime someone runs my name. i'm in a legal battle over the issue. respect we the people and report on goods news you demonic freaks

Warrenville, IL

#18 Apr 28, 2011
I am a living witness to the testiment of the fact that welfare should be eliminated. I am married to an Evangelist of Apostolic, Pentecostal Faith and she took our four kids and left the State
Illinois to return to her home state of Louisiana over some marital differences. The main difference being that she admittely cheated on
me with another man and even tho' I'm willing to forgive her and continue our realationship, she still left. She's not well educated and I noticed that she was reading alot of self-help, career changing, self motivated books while she was awaiting a decision from her job approving her to come back and work. However, she lost the job and I
believe that this was the last straw for her, resulting in her conclusion to leave and get on welfare and file for child-support instead of continue to pursue the "American Ambition" of working and raising a family in a UN-BROKEN home. There's no doubt in my mind that the illegitimate pregnancy rate and divorce rate for that matter would go down if welfare was iliminated. People would be forced to take the government's breast out of their mouth and get their damn hand out of
the government's back pocket and work and get along instead of being so DAMN Selfish and LAZY!!

San Antonio, TX

#19 Jun 1, 2011

United States

#20 Jun 11, 2011
I just got a child support case opened up for me...They are gonna take 453.00 a month the child is fourteen years old...Didn't even know about him until a couple of months ago..They didn't even care about me getting to know him and everything they promised me like they did when they first contacted me. I have no choice but to pay what I bearly can. The child is living with his grandma and not with the mother...That's not right,but then, they are the people we trust that they are doing the right things the right way....I don't know if you can trust the government anymore especially these money making child support system....

Cheyney, PA

#21 Jun 14, 2011
I have been forced and harrassed to pay child support for a child that is not mine. My ex knowingly and willingly had several affairs while we were separated and NOT having sex, she got pregnant and after we divorced she filed for child support and named me the dad. This has continued for 9 years and the courts in Pennsylvania justs sides with the whore. I am done! I am ready and willing to go to jail after I put a bullet in her fucking head. I need help ASAP! I've been crying out for help and no one will listen until I am on Action News for murder...please help somebody!
[email protected]

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