Some people lie to cheat

Some people lie to cheat

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A Mommy

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Oct 22, 2011
Wow I just found out the most so called abused Mom up and left her kids AGAIN, we used to work and live around this woman who constantly complained about how abused she was every nite at work yet we never seen any marks or signs at all Thought all the flirting she did with certain customers, and Delivery personel was deserved because of the so called abusive relationship she was in Now we find out she's left the terrible life she lived and left the children again, as we see it now, some of us owe an apology to the Dad of these children, and I for one am sorry for misjudging him it's ashamed how people will play another person for sympathy falsely received any man or person for that matter who is raising 2 small children on their own and doing it quietly cannot be a terrible person, and Im ashamed to say i was fooled by this person and kept quiet while i seen her messing around on her man at home with the children she left again What kind of person would you call this, I just hope now that we see the light,We've learned not to be so easily led into false judgement again. I feel bad for the guy now,but knowing what i know about her, he is way better off without her, because she was messing around almost the whole time she worked with us including with a married man like i said every nite we heard how abused she was with never a mark and everytime this man came in she would just act like she loved him completely and all was good with him I'm ashamed to say I fell victim to her lies too. he really seemed to us like a very nice man and we judged him wrongly as we now see for surely a mommy wouldn't leave 2 babies with a mean man and as some of has seen, He's doing the job of a daddy as he's done in all the times shes left him and left the kids I'm very sorry Mr. afew of us will tell you so when we see you again She was doing you wrong, and played us to do it, so we would remain silent I for one am very sorry Bless you for standing for your babies and doing what one must do tells me your not all bad, it was her
so true

Ridgeview, WV

#2 Oct 23, 2011
You know, theres alot of ppl who do this sort of thing. I have been in an abusive relationship for several yrs and have a child by him as well. However, I still didnt feel that it gave me a right to cheat on him. When I married him, it was for better and for worse. I never cheated on him. I did get a divorce and now Im remarried to a wonderful man who knows I would never cheat on him. I personally dont believe a person should cheat for any reason, thats just my opinion. This man you are talkin abt, just remember God is gonna take care of him b/c he's doin the right thing by his children. Sounds to me like hes a good man and I truly hope he finds a woman that will be true to him and his kids.
yesterdays Wine

Pittsburgh, PA

#3 Nov 6, 2011
I know who this so-called woman is ,We're speaking of, I too fell victim to her Lies, and I too wrongly judged this poor fellow, I figured as much, for I never seen him out running around even when she worked, and not because he has disabilities, because he loves his kids,His little boy is his world as his lil girl I know this for a fact now as I do her cheating and lying on him. The man cooked for her and took care of her as well as he did his kids,I hate it when good people get took down like this, and yes true, God will re-pay this man as he will also pay the lying cheater. I have to say I'm sorry to him too.. forgive me. and God Bless You as a Daddy..
yesterdays Wine

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 Nov 6, 2011
I know who your speaking of, I too fell into her front, and I too falsely judged this man, even though I never seen any type of abuse on her for all the times I heard it. I gave her the benefit of the doubt.. I was wrong, I know of men she was secretly seeing behind his back, and I too kept quiet. for fear for her. now I see who the Devil was. I never seen the Man out running the roads always at home with his children Always. what got me was she would say he was abusive and leave for awhile always leaving the lil boy behind, wouldn't a Mother in that situation take the lil fellow to teach him not to be abusive?. she never added up to me and now she leaves the little girl this time, I know the Father of theses kids Loves them with all his heart, He's there for them. says enough for me. you're right true God will repay this man for his pain, as he will pay her for her Lies....
Mtn Dew

Pittsburgh, PA

#5 Nov 6, 2011
I believe I know who this conversation is about too.
Didn't she give up 2 other kids because of their so-called behavior?. Another woman is raising her son from a previous relationship, and her other daughter is somewhere in states custody?. I too Heard all her lies, I also heard her real problem with him is he wouldn't condone her drug and alcohol use. I heard from the son she made the same excuses on his dad, From what I see the man she Falsely accused and used is way better off without her as with the babies she left. Karma's a Bitch like her.. God bless you Daddy keep up the Great work you're doing.. A Friend
She Fooled Us Too

United States

#6 Nov 7, 2011
Iknow this woman too, would love to see her again i would give her a piece of my mind,No woman or Mommy for that matter leaves her babies behind,we fell victim to her lies also, she worked with us in Danville, sameact abused abused abused yet never a mark and when the husband would come in she would do the same have lunch with him smiling acting all in love and 2 hours after he left be chasing our delivery drivers. or flirt with certain customers and we too would stay quiet God I feel awfull I always wondered why he had the lil boy with him, and led us to believe he wouldn't watch her daughter only to find out the girl made false accuasations on him, cannot blame the man for not wanting to be around that.Geez i owe him an apology too and I'd Love to tell her off My day will come as will her hers,very few men will do what he's doing and done and she's persecuted him like this makes my blood boil, she needs horsewhipped...

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 Nov 7, 2011
I know who this conversation is about too.. I know for a fact she was chasing and fooling around with that albright guy in the poker room, and they'd sneak off to mifflin pond I heard her stories, but i know people who knew him and all i ever heard about him was good, except for her used him is what I heard and also he wouldn't put up with her kids disrespect and her habits and when he rebelled the lies would flow on him I know he;s raising those babies now on his own and doing a good job 2 little children on anyone is tough their need alone can be tiresome I hope she gets hers and he keeps her far far away from the children and him God Bless Ya Friend
A Mom

Crozet, VA

#8 Nov 15, 2011
I know who this topic is about what shes a mother of 5 and hasn't raise a one of them, I've heard her lies too, but I caught her uo in a few so i put 2 and 2 together, I also know the Man she was lieing on.. He's really a good person, I mean come on like one above said who, would leave 2 small children with a mean man?. she should be brought up on Neglect charges herself then?. I mean Duh, She's just a liar whos looking for fake pity, but i guess only a fake would want fake pity, I know both parties here, I've never seen a mark on the lieing phoney and the man just isn't the type I've heard it's been 5 months and she hasn't tried to see her children, So really whats that tell ya about the so-called Mommy?. and Good ole Daddy's been there for his children everytime the cheater has left for Charleston, The children and him are way better off, she wasn't nothing but a dopehead anyway I seen her flirting with many myself and to be honest she isn't pretty at all but she has what most men want a part time hole to stick it in I pray for the Daddy and his Babies Only good will comwe to them I'm sure and with all her abuse lies?. I hope she finds one to really abuse her, then maybe she'll understand the difference between Love and abuse, as far as I'm concerned she;s just terash that finally got thrown out...Just sayin, Good for the daddy and Children , My best wished to them.....
I Know The Truth

Hillsboro, WV

#9 Nov 21, 2011
I know exactly who this topic is about too.
I'd say if she was ever hit by the man she lied on she deserved it. I've known the man before he ever got involved with this woman,( if you will?). and I KNOW she used the crap outta this man. I'm saying she knew he loved her and used that on him, and that's Sad. Like all has said, why are the Babies with Him ? And she's out single doing her thing Again.. Tells me all I need to Know and It should anyone Else. Like I said I've known this man a long time. and just look at it Now. I just hope he see's what she really is, and takes those children He's raising.. and keeps her sorry Lying ass as far away as possible. He's a Great Daddy and they don't need her. Just Saying
I Know The Truth

Hillsboro, WV

#10 Nov 21, 2011
That's right Miss Oh He Abuses Me.. You're a Liar, and a Cheat, and you, USED this Great Man, and His Love.. and you treat your children like they don't even exist... I Miss ( SPANKY ).there ya go???
Don't forget about KARMA. R. B. Your days coming..
I know some things too

United States

#11 Dec 1, 2011
Wow I just read this topic, I know who this is about I also know the Dad and kids, I also know how she got her bill paid at spruce river market and ole Bug eyed binkie dink, was going to set her up in an apartment lol I hope the ole boy finds out about the bill and knocks ole Bug eyes eyes back in their sockets where they belong Shes nasty, I heard she got std's already while being in chuck towne not long ago. I really am happy the Daddy and children aren't living her lies anymore, I see him out at home taking care of buissness like he's always done.. Hey bug eye ! I hope he finds out you was messing with her while she was living off him, and knowing it, Figure the ole boy will put darker circles under ur bug eyed face for ya, I heard the ole boy can fight like a blackbelt, would serve your bugeyed ass right and anybody that knew the nasty skank could tell her poor I'm abused by him lines were lies she was just another yankee pillhead whore, The ole' boys and his kids are way better off without that sperm dumpster........
Dunkin doughnuts

Secondcreek, WV

#12 Dec 11, 2011
Hey this topic is about stinky steves Mom not his mom Dee. the nasty one that gave birth to him, yeah I heard she had sex with randy laduke now ya know how nasty she is and a man at spruce river market, i heard the tales, I've known the man of the babies all my life and sorry he was the last one to know but he's better off she was one nasty hoebag, heard she got turned down more than she got it lol shes just nasty, sorry stinky no wonder you don't call her Mom
A mother of three

Brownsburg, VA

#13 Dec 27, 2011
I know who this topic is about too rebecca blomlie, gee i think we all heard what a poor abused person she was, and i seen with my own eyes to how fast she would jump on a man, i know she was acting slutty with the pepsi delivery driver in jeffery i overheard her talking to him one afternoon while working at giovanni's I also know Bob the Builder, I know who raised the kids hers and his, she's a lieing dopewhore alcoholic, I told bob alot of times about her messing around on him and he always forgave her and kept supporting her, Isn't that what Love is?. Now the nasty hoebag is off again and he has both children has for 7 months now, I just hope he's over her, i also hope he finds a woman to love him like he did becky he does deserve that, i mean 7 months later and his concern?. his kids, never seen him with another woman when she left and he's really kind of a cute man with a humorous personality, he shouldn't have any problems I know he's kinds shy but his day will come just like hers will God Bless ya Bob, there's men that could learn from you... I told ya she was no-good, you got it now though Baby full steam ahead... good luck my friend

Charleston, WV

#14 Jan 24, 2012
i guess the apple don't fall far from the tree i heard stinky left or got kicked out from them people that was takin care of him or should i say was livin off of and is back down this way dealing. is this true? he had hsi chance for a good life i guess but blood is thicker than water. i heard them people treated him like there own thats what they get i guess

Charleston, WV

#15 Jan 25, 2012
Another dope dealer in boone county. Just what we need.
In the Family

Reno, NV

#16 Jan 30, 2012
Unfortunately, I too know who this topic is about, my sister (R.B.). I love her dearly, but I truly hope sometime in her life she actually wakes up and gets help. I pray for her every night that God helps her realize what she has done to the people in her life. I know the daddy too, and yes he has found a wonderful woman who will treat him with love and respect the way it should be. I am trying to be the best aunt that I can be to my handsome young man-my nephew, and my beautiful princess big girl-my niece. Sometimes I am greatly appalled at the behavior of my sister. She has hurt so many people including her family and mostly all of her children weather they know it or not yet. I hope she gets help & stops swimming in the river known as 'DENIAL"
Yesterdays Wine

Kimberly, WV

#17 Feb 25, 2012
Well I got to say I was sorry to Bob the other day for believing in a lying scumbag and mis judging him. You know what the man said to me?. It's ok everyone is Human. There's the kind of man he is, and where is she?. said he really didn't know or care, the children were happy and looked great, Becky used to take the little girl out and she'd be not cleaned at all but she sure had her make-up on like it helped?.Bob's a Great Dad, and Becky? you're a F*&^k'n P.O.S. heard ur Little beck was knocked up another case for the state to care for.. and wheres super dick?. looking fer a new place to live shame his mouth aint tough enough to support himself I see karma is already at work on u 3 hope it hits hard you 3 deserve it. Bless you Bob hope 2 c you again when you come in...
Darn Right

Saint Albans, WV

#18 Apr 15, 2012
Glad the Ugly scum finally gave the man his life back. I too heard her and her blomlie offspring were at their best LMAO. way to go Bob Villa Love them kids hard and leave old Bumlie and her baggage way behind ..God Bless Ya Brother !!
I Know Things

Princeton, WV

#19 Dec 28, 2013
I know the facts on this woman too. see her all over Charleston and even in ohio. I hear Bob's children are going on 3 years without any contact from the lying cheat. I heard her story about how bad she had it. the reality of her having it bad?. she couldn't help ole Bob cook, clean, and take care of her kids. But she sure could consume his meds for him Becky ,Bob's a Great man, and youre nothing but a liar... how many lies are being told to hl ur welfare daughter ?. and does ur numerous men know about ur 2 children Bob is Raising ?you should be ashamed of the lies you've told. your day will come Trust Me..

Amigo, WV

#20 Apr 4, 2014
I know who this conversation is abi out too.
Didn't she give up 2 other kids because of their so-called behavior?. Another woman is raising her son from a previous relationship, and her other daughter is somewhere in states custody?. I too Heard all her lies, I also heard her real problem with him is he wouldn't condone her drug and alcohol use. I heard from the son she made the same excuses on his dad, From what I see the man she Falsely accused and used is way better off without her as with the babies she left. Karma's a Bitch like her.. God bless you Daddy keep up the Great work you're doing.. A Friend[/ iQUOTE]I also know This woman and she is amasing any one who really knows her knows all the above comments are nothing but lies. And sound like they are coming from the same person with differnt user names ..a big lmbo AT you.

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