SB County Recorders workers calling b...

SB County Recorders workers calling boss hostile

There are 121 comments on the San Bernardino County Sun story from Apr 19, 2009, titled SB County Recorders workers calling boss hostile. In it, San Bernardino County Sun reports that:

A half dozen employees of the San Bernardino County Recorders Office who have taken stress leave or have transferred out of the office in the past year have alleged their boss created a hostile work environment.

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Hacienda Heights, CA

#21 Apr 21, 2009
"De Ana Thompson is well known for her arrogant and mean spirited (evil) way of treating others."

Deja Vu

San Bernardino, CA

#22 Apr 21, 2009
Does this sound familiar? Does anyone remember what happened at the Clerk of the Board awhile back? At least someone had the ____ to take care of that situation.
Perris or Mr Tormey

Lytle Creek, CA

#23 Apr 21, 2009
Anyone notice that these complaining county employees are posting during working hours?
Tax payers dollars at work
Everett comments all true ask the staff! You know the number!
Does Crees know that you reported on him goofing off
To Perris or Mr Tormey

Upland, CA

#24 Apr 21, 2009
Good point in Ontario! Let's add up all the tax dollars being spent on this shall we? much is being spent to pay a boat load of high paid, college educated, respectful, honost and hard working people that have walked out the door of this county department because they refuse to be treated like whipped dogs any longer? How many tax dollars will go to defend this woman in what appears to be numerous law suits? And lastly, how much money will come out of my tax paying wallet to settle claims that even the county admits are somewhat true? And you're worried about employees complaining during working hours???? Guess what Ontario?? WE'RE NOT ALL COUNTY EMPLOYEES!!! What I'd really like to know is why the county is wasting money on a Risk Management Department that obviously isn't doing it's job!
Little Stevie Wonder

Venice, CA

#25 Apr 21, 2009
What about HR and County Counsel? No one in management can do their job, even if they wanted to. It would be against established SBCo. administrative SOP that observes the rule of political correctness over reasonableness and fairness (if you want to keep your job that is). Any decent managers have already left the organization.

San Bernardino, CA

#26 Apr 21, 2009
Mr. Alpers you really need to do your homework John and Wendy were the two makeing the vitals dept and records research an hostile work place. Let me start with John first: How can you be a supervisor of a department and you do not say good morning to your staff? How can you stand over your staff and watch them work with your hands folded like you are a drill officer? How can you say WHAT to your employees with they call your name because they need your assistance?. How can you make a joke with your employee and that joke is about that employee mother? How can you try and make major changes to the department that will not only effect the Recorders office but several other County Offices with out bringing this to the Chief Deputy Recorder, Board of Supervisors or the CAO? This may be how John was able to operate in the private sector where he could do what every he wanted and not answer to anyone but you can not do this when you work for the government. Wendy was very hostile with her vitals employees. Just because she came from the probation department she thought that she could talk to her employees as if they were one of her parolees. Well Wendy County Employees and Parolees are two different sets of people. Wendy how can a customer come into the department to purchase his brother birth certificate and you ask that customer why dosen't his brother and him have the same last name. Mr. Alpers if you ask the employees in the Recorders Office Records Research and Vitals Department if they had to make a choice between John & Wendy or De Ana more then half of the department will say De Ana hands down. I have read all of the comments that have been posted and some I do agree with and remember the incidents. Those people are no longer with the ACR Division and they have not been there for years. They have no ideal what John & Wendy has done to Records Research and Vitals. Since the two of them has let on their so call strees leave both departmets have been very happy. One more thing Mr. Alpers please ask John & Wendy and the others that says that De Ana Thompson has made the Recorders Offices an hostile work place when 90% of the time she is always and in her office which is on the Document Recorder's side. Mr. Alpers why is it that just those 4 employees have file a complaint against De Ana and not the several other supervisors that have been working for her for years? Maybe when you come from the private sector to working for the government it takes sometime to get use to> We all know that a lot of what you can do in the private sector you can not do when you work for the government. I wish you all the best.
You make me laugh

Lytle Creek, CA

#27 Apr 21, 2009
What lawsuits, those of these whipped dogs, those lead by an ambulance chaser? Wow people who yell and belittle their employees are whipped dogs. Imagine that, I personally can not wait until you are all in a court of law were the burden of proof will be on the poor whipped dogs. As for tax payer dollars I would rather my dollars went to people who work, not the four people who created a hostile environment for their staff. As for your claim of honest, you seriously must be joking.
Crees left the department on stress leave when Ms. Thompson was on medical leave. Pinckey and Everett left the department on stress leave on the same day. As for your claim against Risk Management they did a complete investigation and all claims were dismissed, why because the complaint was the people were asked to do their jobs, not hold hour long prayer meetings during work time, not take two hour lunches, and come to work on time. Wow, whipped dogs. Seriously Tormey try to realize your blame and move on, accept that you, Crees, Everett and Pinckey were horrible employees and the department is better off without you. I hope one day you will be able to accept your mistakes, let it make you a better person. Nice to see you learned how to hide your location, didn't think anyone was smart enough to put two and two together.
The End!
Good Riddance

Costa Mesa, CA

#28 Apr 21, 2009
Hey guess what? To all those reading this, you are currently supporting Mr. Pinckney, Mr. Tormey, and Mr. Crees as they probably basque in the sun or skiing in the Alps, doing nothing while collecting a check. Ms. Everett has been offered a “sweet” deal and has been relocated to a different department within the county, while collecting a paycheck that is coming out of the Recorder budget. There is much more to this fairy-tale than was written in this slanted story. It would take a professional journal or a book to write out every exact detail and to interview the appropriate amount of people to get an accurate version and to give justice to this “story.” One major thing that was omitted from this story is how the members of this “clique” did not state how they treated others. They did not once mention that in this interview about how some of them, such as, John Pinckney and Wendy Everett, themselves ruled by fear and intimidation, did they? Let ME give you, my fellow citizens, a few examples. Mr. Pinckney was one of the most bad-mannered, reclusive, impolite, members of management I have ever witnessed and met. I know that managers generally choose a role such as being an “intimidator” or “coercive,” but as a courtesy to all others, when someone in the line staff would say hello or good morning to Mr. Pinckney, he would stare right through them, downright ignoring them, myself included. I guarantee he would not ignore Ms. Everett or even Ms. Thompson, would he? Mr. Pinckney did not even have the common courtesy to inform his staff that his staff supervisor had been seriously ill and would be out medical leave. When this supervisor returned is when the staff found out and were terribly upset that they apologized for not having sent a get well card at least. Mr. Pinckney knew it was “ok” to let the staff know about her condition, and as a manager it would have been a nice gesture to have let the staff know she was ill.
Good Riddance

Costa Mesa, CA

#29 Apr 21, 2009
Then there’s Mr. Crees, some people just “give up” on the job,“call it quits.” Mr. Crees blatantly did nothing at work, constantly complained, used county equipment such as his computer and internet all day every day for personal use, he basically lacked any respect for Ms. Thompson as a supervisor. He didn’t disrespect her, he lacked respect. How? He did not assume his job role, of which I might add he was/is getting paid pretty darn well, that’s how, by you my fellow citizens, you footed the bill!
Good Riddance

Costa Mesa, CA

#30 Apr 21, 2009
Ahh Ms. Everett, where do I begin? What good does being a church going citizen, prayer meetings before and after work (Mr. Crees and Mr. Pinckney included in these prayer meetings), during work as far as I’m concerned, when your staff was treated like criminals, like children, like the mentally impaired? Yes, I said it! I witnessed with my own eyes how Ms. Everett once shadowed an employee all day long, she literally “dangled” over this poor employee’s shoulder, as far as I’m concerned she may as well as gone into the bathroom stall with the employee, but then THAT WOULD have been crossing the line, right? From what I understand there is no quota to be met, but there she was, looking over this employees shoulder, intimidating, hmmm, sound familiar Ms. Everett? Ms. Everett displayed photos and possessions at her cubicle, showing off on her professional achievements. As far as I know, one does not learn those types of disciplines in a personal, professional, or any type of institution. A church going person treats others how they would want to be treated, at work and outside of work, right? If that’s not the case then don’t pray before, after, or during work and don’t post words of biblical inspiration on your (county property) workspace, but that’s just my opinion, right? Do the members of this clique realize that they were even out to get each other? Did they know such a thing? It’s such a “dog eats dog” world people!
Good Riddance

Costa Mesa, CA

#31 Apr 21, 2009
Mr. Tormey “monitored” aka “snitched on” Mr. Crees’ work habits and reported them to Ms. Thompson, and now they (Crees/Tormey) are members of the same coalition, go figure! Ms. Thompson has a reputation that stands for itself. Larry Walker and Betsy Starbuck would not stand behind her if it were any other way. Many people are probably intimidated by her (Thompson), but she has experience and the analytical skills to back her up, period. This person asks a lot of her employees streaming from mail couriers, line staff, to her supervisors and managers. The department is a successful one, and as with any department, not everyone is going to be happy with a particular member of management. Not in one circumstance have I witness Ms. Thompson instill fear and intimidation directly. I am sure she has done her job as Chief Deputy Recorder that some have not been satisfied with, but that is her job, and no one has to fully agree with any consequence dealing with job performance. What I have seen is how staff cannot handle such high demands, not by the Chief Deputy, but by the jobs they take on.
Good Riddance

Costa Mesa, CA

#32 Apr 21, 2009
The jobs of the Deputies are not easy ones, there are three seats. Those who fill those seats must be of a certain breed I suppose. Those who fill the jobs of supervisors in this department must be of a certain breed, they all must like to be on time and like to work as a team. Those who are familiar with management or who have a high level of top management experience can probably relate to what Ms. Thompson is probably going through. Managers are entitled to have a bad day, perhaps more than one bad day, just as all employees are. Names such as Patrice Tucker and Stephanie Henson, before they complained, they should have worked, and the list of past staff goes on and on. It is amazing how much money this department has lost on employees who have not worked, and the burden is put on Ms. Thompson’s shoulders for fear and intimidation? To the contrary! There were piles of untouched work that I saw with my own eyes. Ms. Thompson vowed to turn the department around and knew it was not a task that could be dealt with overnight or in a year, nor two years. People have come and gone and probably the most valuable and dedicated employees are the ones who have stayed, the ones who appreciate the work. I say good riddance to those who have gone on those terms. We all have flaws and make bad judgment calls because we are human beings, and I know Ms. Thompson is the first to admit her errors and and any bad decisions she has ever made professionally. Anything Ms. Thompson has ever told me outside the context of work during work hours she has admitted she was not telling me as a “boss” but as a “friend” or as a “mom” for example, and made it very clear. I see this entire situation and hoped that it could have been delegated around an open forum with all the members involved around to discuss and eventually to have come to a resolution, but unfortunately that was not the case. It is sad that names had to be dragged through the mud and emotions, jobs, energy, time, and money, had to be spent on such a vicious story. Hopefully in a few months things will settle and everyone will have learned a valuable lesson no matter what side everyone is on. To all the fanatics, Crees, Everett, Tormey, and Pinckney, thank you for leaving this department on behalf of the staff and the public, it is a much better place thank you for saving the county and tax payers our hard earned money! Good Riddance!
To Perris or Mr Tormey

Upland, CA

#33 Apr 22, 2009
If there was one shred of truth to what Good Riddance is saying, then it would be another glaring example of what a horrific manager De Ana Thompson is. If everyone of these people are so evil and such monsters, why didn't she do something about them? Why would she allow this sort of environement to exist in her department? Isnt' she in charge? Funny thing is, I don't believe that anyone went to Mrs. Thompson to complain because everyone knows that these people were mere puppets being made to do her dirty work. On the other hand, how many people have complained about De Ana Thompson? How many former employees have left scathing exit interviews?? C'mon Joe Nelson...don't stop with just these currently seated deputies...go find the old ones. Or were they all evil and hostile as well? I seem to remember an article printed in the "Voice" years ago about what a horrifc place the Recorders Office was to work. Hmm...funny thing, the only person in this whole mess that was working there at the time was the common denominator in this whole thing. De Ana Thompson. Or was that everyone else's fault too?
Why only mention 2

Upland, CA

#34 Apr 22, 2009
Most of the people commenting that are in favor of Mrs. Thompson pretty much keep focus on 2 people, Everett and Pinckney. A few mention the other 2 men, but what about the other 2 ladies that signed the letter to the Board of Supervisors? Are they crazy and hostile too? Is the department glad to see them gone as well?

Green Valley Lake, CA

#35 Apr 22, 2009
Yes Good Riddance you seem to be well educated in the field of the Recorder's office then why hide your name if your so proudly supporting De Ana then give your name so she can thank you. Did you ever think that these 4 employees were forced to treat their employees as they did. De Ana was always in her office...what about the phone calls to these supervisors questioning why their phone is not turned on, why so and so are not doing this or that. She micromanaged without looking over the employees shoulders, she did it via telephone, emails and through her assistant. She's a time bomb that has had her fuse lit too long.
John Pinckney

Victorville, CA

#36 Apr 22, 2009
Hour-long prayer meetings during work time-never happened. Two-hour lunches-never happened. Pinckney and Everett left the department on stress leave on the same day-factually incorrect. I'll leave it to you, the reader, to decide how much of the rest of this garbage to believe. Posting anonymously or behind a pseudonym sure is fun, huh? I hope you are enjoying yourselves.
Patrice Tucker

Loma Linda, CA

#37 Apr 22, 2009
We need to keep focus on the problem and that is mistreatment of people. Again I left ACR years ago and I went through HELL!!!! This is not a random incident... ask anyone who's ever worked there especially personnel on the first floor. Vital records, Land Records Mailroom, FBN and Recording. I know people who still work in that environment also people who have transferred out and even people who were unfairly fired. This department really need to be investigated and people need not to be afraid and speak out. That’s the only way it can truly be dealt with.

Lake Elsinore, CA

#38 Apr 22, 2009
This is a classic case of the pots calling the kettle black.
Lose the Att

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#39 Apr 22, 2009
If you go in with an attitude problem, perhaps you will receive the same attitude back, it's the nature of the beast. Play the victim card, but don't play if you can't hang. Everyone likes to put blame, point the finger. Just go to work and do a good job, the bosses will see, and leave yo alone. Don't like it, get out, but lose the attitude, it gets you nowhere. You don't need to be on the defense, you just need to be a team player. I agree with Good Riddance!

Hacienda Heights, CA

#40 Apr 22, 2009
Amazed and Anon wrote:
I think that you are dazed and confused. Employees like you are the problem. Take your whining and go somewhere else! Wendy is not the problem, you are. Do you your job and shut up!
You sound like the person that they are complaining about.....

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