angela michelle lawless case
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Mrs Brown

Lexington, SC

#41 Jun 11, 2012
idfandestin wrote:
i've always thougt it was the abbott brothers,didnt another guy go to jail for it then get released ?
<quoted text>
Not only was he released but when he went up to ask for a new trial the judge just aquitted (sp?) him. Of course if he had been a black boy racisim for the wrongful conviction would have been cried out.

Destin, FL

#42 Jun 11, 2012
Mrs Brown wrote:
<quoted text>
Not only was he released but when he went up to ask for a new trial the judge just aquitted (sp?) him. Of course if he had been a black boy racisim for the wrongful conviction would have been cried out.
Hi there Mrs.Brown, I don't think this case would have been different had it been a black or white or hispanic, the man was falsely convicted based on hear say. Anyone with a decent attorney would have gotten off even sooner. He spent many years for a crime he didn;t even commit and no DNA even linked him thats why he got off with his attorney isnt it?Anyway, I think it was the boyfriend in cohutes with one of the abbott brothers. Any thoughts?

Bellflower, CA

#43 Jun 14, 2012
klaudia wrote:
I am just a big fan of forensics, but after 5 to 7 hours a day,(almost 90%) of my tv activity, and a very intuitive person, I have catch most of my boyfriends lies due body signs, I even saved my life once when I was young, due to just perception, but this is not a perception hunch, this is more a deduction thing, 1+1 =2 kinda thing, the boyfriend , leon lamb, I KNOW Is not a rational option after the harsh evidence on the abbotts twins,(whoever was the one who actually claimed to do it ), but when I first heard him talking there was the sooo usual claim , she had my dna on her nails because we had sex that night, and also has being several years since michelle's dead, but he try so hard on portraying this "i'm in so much pain" attitude, so usual on convicted criminals that keep claiming their innocence after years, whatever it is, I don't think there is a single reason to get tunnel vision on the abbott brothers, after all there is a huge chance that could be one or the other, and we are talking about a non drug user, who study karate, BUT was frequent to her boyfriend which claimed to being with her that night, and common the attack seem very passional to me, oh well I hope is the drug dealing guy, but I personally doubt it, I hope so because after all he is a criminal allready, and behind bars, if its the exboyfriend, HE IS A FREE CRIMINAL.
Are you illiterate?

Bellflower, CA

#44 Jun 14, 2012
Mrs Brown wrote:
<quoted text>
Not only was he released but when he went up to ask for a new trial the judge just aquitted (sp?) him. Of course if he had been a black boy racisim for the wrongful conviction would have been cried out.
One of the Abbott twins actually admitted it at one point on a fishing trip. Good thing is, those two will never be able to stay out of prison anyway due thier inability to lay off the drugs.

Bellflower, CA

#45 Jun 14, 2012
Jennifer wrote:
They said that Matt Abbott actually reported the crime not Mark but when they questioned Mark he said he was the one who reported it. Why lie about something like that unless of course you are trying to cover something up? Maybe Mark killed her and came home covered in blood, Matt would then pretend to report it saying he was Mark or maybe BOTH of them are involved that's why she couldn't get away when she ran. 2 different officers wrote it down that it was Mark and they also stated the boys were always pretending to be the other one since they were identical. Even identical twins can distinguished between. <quoted text>
Its funny that you indicate that becasue this commenter is a "women" she needs to go where she belongs. It is woman* you dumbass. Who is stupid now?

Bellflower, CA

#46 Jun 14, 2012
IDfandestin wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow, u must have just watched it on tv and dont realize the time frame. Go back under your rock caveman or women where u belong.
Its funny that you indicate that because this commenter is a "women" she needs to go where she belongs. It is woman* you dumbass. Who is stupid now?

Oxford, UK

#47 Jul 2, 2012
Maybe the boyfriend did commit the crime but what if he did not and she was the love of his life?He might be having nightmares every day of his life.What confuses me is michelle best friend claims she knew the abbott brothers and found them attractive so it is possible she pulled over for the twins.

Anchorage, AK

#48 Jul 21, 2012
realism wrote:
Well I noticed that it was documented Leon her bf said that he saw her that night riding around in her car with other guys and that it bothered him and then shortly after they were having passionate sex ? Then she is killed on the side of the road all within a matter of what maybe 5 or 6 hours ? That alot to go down in that short amount of time . Kinda hard to believe. Also Abbots DNA was found all over Michelle's clothes - not just on her shoulder . I think that the detectives need to do more work to find out if Leon her boyfriend had known the Abbot brothers or had any ties with him would be the next step . Theres gotta be witnesses that can confirm there is a tie between the two. Hmmm the boyfriend now lives in a different state . No surprise . His relationship with Michelle sounded pretty bi polar and most of the relationships I have seen like that has a world of abuse if not physical - at least verbal . With Michelle almost being a black belt I am sure Michelle had some forms of agression in her approach sometimes so I could see her and her boyfriend getting physical with each other especially since they both fought alot and yet still stuck together . That insane passionate abuse and alot of physically agressive hard sex .
Sorry to correct, but I just watched this re-aired and am scrutinizing it:

**They did NOT reveal what the Dutch DNA analysis found. The Sheriff was saying that IF they found Mark Abbott's DNA in other areas, then he would be in trouble.
The Narrator says near the end, "So far none of the team's findings point conclusively to any one suspect..." and the female Dutch Forensic expert, Selma Eikelenboom, said she believed that the evidence they Did find might help the Sheriff get someone to finally talk.

Anchorage, AK

#49 Jul 21, 2012
Jay wrote:
Possible scenario: It appears by the facial indicators, the boy friend and the one Abbott twin are lying. The victim pulled over knowing it was her boy friend, they apparently got into an argument and he beat her. When the victim got back into her car, the Abbott boy may have went over to the car and shot the victim. And the Abbott boys twin brother was more than likely there at the time also. When Abbott said there were three male hispanics in his one testimony which was false, but he may have been right about the number three, him, his brother and the victims boy friend. After all, the twins were drug suppliers and users, the boy friend may have been using also.
Interesting:)........Now I'm wondering (just for the sake of wondering, I guess) suppose when she dropped by she found them all together, or caught them, so to speak?? She catches them all using, is shocked, argues with him and them, then takes off for home. The Abbots start asking if she might tell someone, we better go after her, yadayada. They chase her down and they all get out and continue arguing until the attack begins......

I was glad to see someone else mention their facial behaviors when they answered the straightforward questions of their guilt. They blinked a Lot when answering, Abbot could not maintain eye contact as he answered, and the boyfriend's pupils dilated when he answered. He also said she was his first love, but at NO time did he appear the least bit, WTH??
If he loved her, she was his first love, and she was Brutally murdered on her way home after being with him?? A normal reaction would be of feeling guilty over not protecting her, anger, loss, suffering, anguish, ETC
AT No point did he seem emotional in the slightest.
He Also expressed NO concern over finding her killer.

Salina, KS

#50 Jul 22, 2012
Ok I found the court case papers when they filed to get whatshisname declared innocent and it had something I hadn't seen anywhere else. It stated that Mischelle had told Leon Lamb she was pregnant. That kind of blew my mind. If he was upset to see her with other guys just riding around because "they had been together for three years", why was he seeing other girls? It all sounds so crazy especially the guy who saw a guy in a truck there but didn't come forward for years? I would think this would have been a pretty big story in that area??? Mark Abbott is a pretty big liar all around.

Oslo, Norway

#51 Jul 25, 2012
Lorena M wrote:
I just saw this case on tv, like 5 min ago. i was so surprised!! and mad at the sheriff who blamed the guy who was 16 years in prison for nothing..
If she and the bf had sex that night, wouldn't she had sperm inside herself? Anyway i hope they crack the case soon!!
i agree, why didnt they check if she had sperm inside her, that would make it easy to know if the BF was telling true or not!

Euless, TX

#52 Jul 29, 2012
Red Dirt Chick wrote:
Could someone have hidden behind her seat in the car? That might explain why she pulled over...
That is the smartest thing I've heard yet. Great idea, Red Dirt Chick! I can totally see that.
Justice For A Mischelle

Moatsville, WV

#53 Sep 16, 2012
I am a happy stay at home mommy & wife but I always dreamed of being a forensic scientist but that dream never came true.I watch a lot of forensic shows and others to that nature because of my passion and because it had always been my dream.I have also done a lot of studying over the years and I know what is going to happen on half the shows before they actually tell it and it amazes my husband.I can watch a show and then forget about it but this one is different. Idk what I can do but I am not gonna quit researching this case.It is bothering me for some reason and so I cant ignore it.

Brighton, UK

#54 Dec 6, 2012
Just watched the 48 Hour Mystery. There was nothing much in that show that points to the murderer.

Its strange in a TV program which did show how an innocent man was sent to prison on no or very shaky evidence that people here are so happen to convict others where there is less evidence they were involved.


#55 Apr 29, 2013
I think it is time for detectives and police officers need to focus more on what they are doing. Far too many innocent people have spent a large portion of their life in prison unjustly. The murderer of this beautiful young lady is free and Josh spent 16 years in prison. His life was turned into a nightmare and no amount of money can ever change that. Come on guys wake up and pay attention. God bless Josh and the Lawless family.
doubting_the_sys tem


#56 Oct 1, 2013
Sherif knows it...

Jackson, MO

#57 Oct 28, 2013
How did chantelle crider/carlisle get away with the lies she told on the stand?
She just gets to say "oooops" and be on a television show.
Just wanting attention and clearly got it at the expense of a young man's life.
And still no one is held accountable for Mischelle's murder.
Note taker

Springfield, IL

#58 Nov 12, 2013
Her body was dug up a few weeks ago something about new dna evidence ? It aired on kfvs and the entire cemetary was off limits due to the work being done the city was fighting it but i do believe they are getting closer to this now . Sad that she had to be dug up to do so but i truley home this will lead to her familes closer .
Just curious

Saint Paul, MN

#59 Oct 20, 2014
I am a guy and I would have a very hard time stopping on the side of the road at night for anyone. Why would a woman? How do you signal to a woman with your car at night that it's safe to pull over? That's when I wondered why do they assume she was the driver out to that spot? Why would someone take her all the way back up the hill and put her in the car, unless they wanted it to look like she was driving? If she was struggling, that would have been a heck of a climb up that embankment? If she was unconscious, she would have been fairly heavy? They found the shell casing in the car, but I don't remember if they talked about finding bullet holes? Why didn't the assailant shoot her at the bottom of the hill? Wouldn't whoever carried her up the hill be covered in blood?&#65279;

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