Pit Bull Law Bites Down Hard in Desot...

Pit Bull Law Bites Down Hard in Desoto County

There are 61 comments on the WREG story from Jul 27, 2010, titled Pit Bull Law Bites Down Hard in Desoto County. In it, WREG reports that:

Keith Thomas says his mother knows all to well about the pit bulls in their Walls neighborhood.

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Its the Pitts

Memphis, TN

#55 Jul 28, 2010
It sounds like Desoto county has the right idea in dealing with
dogs, which can cause a threat to public safety.
I especially like the Muzzle idea. It at least would protect someone in the event the dogs breaks loose from thier leash. The Micro Chip and Liability Insurance is definately a good idea.
In the event you are attacked and seriously injured for life, Liability Insurance could at least help you with medical bills, and
income when you can no longer work.
Having laws such as these in place would cut down on some of these
irresponsible owners parading thier Pitts all over the place and
terrorising Citizens.

Toronto, Canada

#56 Jul 28, 2010
Houston YOU have a problem! You need to get your head out of the tabloids and BSL Lobby sites that deliberatly put out misleading information and into professional studies. There is NOT one single Professional organization that is behind BSL. WHAT IS A PIT BULL? These days it is any short haired medium sized dog that can in any way be labelled by press as such to sell papers and can one of the "usual" 3 banned breeds. There are 28 different registered breeds of dogs commonly mistaken as them never mind ALL the mixes. Even the PROFESSIONALS say how difficult it is to determine breed or type by LOOKS.

I thought the "human" race was better than this and "witch hunts" were a thing of the past. Reminds me of how a "race" or "culture" of people were put upon at one time and totally discriminated and profiling based on this same sort of thing. For the hundreds of thousands of good, responsible owners throughout the USA of short haired medium sized dogs, protect your family friendly pets and FIGHT those who would lable ALL because of the FEW.

Memphis, TN

#57 Jul 28, 2010
MARS wrote:
@BIG WHITE BOSS, you really want to learn history our ancestors owned yours, you really think slavery started in America, it goes farther back than that, your education and thinking is very limited history did not start in America, it started in Egypt, did you think white people came to africa and took blacks by force oh hell no, they used their financial means to purchase slaves,
so read your history books on the true meaning of slavery and you are slave yourself, if you have a social security number you yourself sir are a slave, think outside of humboldt tennessee idiot,
correct me if i am wrong but it was a black man that brought the slaves over to the united states........

Memphis, TN

#58 Jul 28, 2010
Geez Louise! ENUF already about PitBulls being the ONLY freakin viscious dog in the world! Yes, I own them; Yes, I've witnessed non socialized pits in action BUT NO you cannot ban a whole dog breed its impossible!! Stiffer laws for owners and owning/registration stipulations but get off of this ban crap!!

Southaven, MS

#60 Jul 28, 2010
I am the owner of 3 pitts. The most loving and wonderful dogs I have ever had. They love everyone and even play with my cat and my Shitzu. In fact my cat who is declawed can kick their buts!(lol) However I 2 neighbors, one with a black moppy poodle and the othe with 2 chihuahuas, who never keep their dogs on a leash or even get them tagged...probably because they never take them to get their shots. Those are mean dogs! I have been bitten by the poodle because it was at my fence and I tried to shoo it away, and my son was bitten by the chihuahuas because he was running down our street. Nothing ever happened to those people! They kept their dogs and didnt even get a fine! What a load of crap! I still only take mine out n a leash and I do muzzle them if I walk them in the front if there are neighbors out there. So you see, the point is its not pitts that are bad, its the owners, and not just pitt owners! There are bad pet owners for every breed. I personally feel like its a form of predjudice! When I bitten and filed a report with SHPD, I was laughed at because the poodle drew blood! And about that 300,000 dollar insurance, I was renting a house while looking to buy, and tried to buy renters insurance, but couldnt because of my dogs! So please tell me where I am to get this insurance! Furthermore I will not buy it anyway unless it mandated across the whole board making all dog owners get! If I get grief, I will file a lawsuit! I have had animal control in my home and had them sitting on my couch with my pitts running around playing and jumping in their laps! Can the poodle owners say that? I dont think so!

Memphis, TN

#61 Jul 28, 2010
Pits are NOT breed to kill the dumb butt that said is sooo wrong. They are breed to KILL if an OWNER feeds them RED MEAT of ANY kind! I am so sick of hearing crap about pits. I know people that breed them for shows and they have very small children and they play and lay all over those dogs. I know another person that has 2 in there house and is VERY protective of there kids and anyone in the house. Any dog can be a vicious dog...In fact have a friend who just went to court because a dachshund bit her kid! Bet you never would have thought that was a vicious dog uh..get your story straight people..READ more on pits if you don't know crap about them
eer from horn lake

Memphis, TN

#62 Jul 28, 2010
Mars, first you need to stop this racist crap and start listening to what I have to say. What Boss was saying is correct. A dog doesn't make you powerful and yes, his coon dogs can be mean if he makes them mean. The OWNER(WHITE OR BLACK)is the problem, not the breed!!! As for whos the committing more crimes, look at statistics. Last time I checked, whites were getting arrested too. Stop blaming the white man for your problems. Committing crime is a choice. Simple as that!!! Now, lets get off the race issue and focus on solving the problem.

Jackson, MS

#63 Jul 28, 2010
Larry Houston is a uninformed moron.

Collierville, TN

#64 Jul 28, 2010
"The law in DeSoto County requires micro chipping dogs described as vicious as well as having dog owners purchase $300,000 in liability insurance. On top of that, your home must have warning signs and a special enclosure with a wire fence, concrete floor and locked gate. The dog must be handled by someone over 18 years old and have a muzzle fastened when outside the enclosure."

I am not for banning any breed of dog because I feel the fault lies totally with the owners. To date, in Memphis, very few owners have been held responsible for dog attacks. They make dogs mean and train them to attack well...and get away with it. Maybe someone in the royal city of Memphis will read what
DeSoto County has adpoted as law, have a light bulb moment, and do the same. Holding owners responsible is the only answer.
Reluctant Memphian

Memphis, TN

#65 Jul 28, 2010
I don't know why I am surprised by the idiots that live in this area. These animals are tortured - starved, burned, beaten and cut up - doing that to any living think will make it aggressive. Helllooooooooo. Do something to stop the a**holes that use these dogs to sell and use for fighting to make money. Cut them off and there would not be as much of a problem. Spay/neuter programs should be required - prevention! Don't know why I even suggest that - we can do it for teenagers in this city, no wonder we can't do it for frickin' dogs.

Collierville, TN

#68 Jul 28, 2010
I have a friend that has a pit bull and she is very lovinh but don't get me wrong I'm very awhere of what she can do. My friend has been attacked several years ago while she was pregnant but she still says that they are good dogs.

Collierville, TN

#69 Jul 28, 2010
Thomas H Evans wrote:
<quoted text>
So what does all of that do for me when your "Pit Bull" gets lose and hurt somebody. It's to bad Memphis is so far behind the times when it comes to protecting it's citizens from these vicious dogs. Sorry, but you are simply in denial like so many like you. We will see you at the hospital sooner or later. I'm just saying!(THE)

It is people like you who judge the majority by what a small minority does! Anyone thinking a puppy is born vicious is absolutely dense. These dogs just happen to be the breed that slugs and thugs have chosen to ruin. They are a very loyal, people pleasing, breed You wouldn't know that! It is time the law holds the slimeballs responsible for the bad rap brought to this breed. The bad rap is because some young 'DW' needs to feel tough by walking them on log chains or some thug involved in criminal activity needs protection from law abiding citizens. If this breed is not being abused by thugs, it is by thugs/rednecks who get a thrill from dog fighting! DeSoto County has it right...not looking for Memphis to ever catch up...but miracles do happen

Nashville, TN

#70 Jul 28, 2010
Breed Specific laws simply do not work, and only puts further strain on the already underfunded Animal control and govt funded shelters.

If anyone spends any amount of time in the healthcare industry, they would quickly find out dog bites are a common occurrence. Most of them are unreported since its their own dogs that do the biting. And these dog bites are not from one or two specific breeds of dog, it could be any dog. And this is one of the fundamental reasons why targeting specific breeds of dogs by the authorities are ultimately pointless. Say you ban pitbulls, and even if we are to "assume" that pitbulls cause most of the bites, what about the rest of the bites? So only victims of pitbull bites are important? What about the people who get bit by labs? Daschunds?

Simply put, all dogs can bite, and if we are to try to protect the public from dog bites, then all dogs should be included in any piece of legislation. Banning pitbulls or any other breed only stops bites from those breeds, there are still hundreds of other breeds that bite people. Also by legislating on specific breeds, you have only made the jobs of Animal control harder. Now they have to identify specific breeds of dogs, which can be almost impossible, since dogs can only be positively identified with papers, and most of these loose dogs are not registered. It is almost next to impossible to identify a pitbull, 90% of so called pitbulls are not pitbulls at all, a quick browse at the local shelter will prove this point. Many dogs labelled as pitbulls are not pitbulls. But mixes that could be anything. This is the primary reason why dog bite statistics are very unreliable, since no one can identify breeds of dogs for sure, the statistics are based on what is reported, and none of these reports are verified.

Instead of targeting specific breeds, its better to target dog owners, and make them solely responsible for their dogs. Strictly enforce a leash law and increase fines for loose dogs in public. The root of the problem is bad owners, and they should be part of any solution. Trying to legislate the dogs themselves does not solve anything, its like putting a bandaid on a gun shot wound. Target the owners not the dogs.
Thomas H Evans wrote:
<quoted text>
It's to bad Memphis is so far behind the times when it comes to protecting it's citizens from these vicious dogs.
The city of Memphis should protect its citizens not just from "these" so called vicious dogs, but ALL vicious dogs. And vicious dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds.
Big White Boss

Humboldt, TN

#71 Jul 28, 2010
Hey Mars. Take a chill pill. I was pulling your string. It worked. You were easy. My ancestors never owned anyone. No one should have. Where I come from, we don't think that way. My ex wife owned me. She still has a chain on my bank account. She used to beat me when we had sex so I learned how to act so she would do it more often. Oh well, she is beating someone else now. Fun while it lasted. Oh yea, leave the pit bulls alone. Leave them in Memphis with the brothers. They like them. I don't trust them myself. I don't trust women either.

Collierville, TN

#73 Jul 28, 2010
Big White Boss wrote:
<quoted text>The truth hurts doesn't it. We didn't run ****. We stayed and protected our country from people from Mars. Just like you, and when it becomes necessary, we will do it again. By the way, my ancestors owned yours. Are you for sell ?
Are you for real? I sure feel sorry for your kids that is if anyone was dumb enough to have any with you. I bet you thought that was a funny comment, well the joke is truly on you because you sound like a redneck fool which I have no doubt you are!!!!

Columbia, SC

#74 Aug 11, 2010
This law makes a great deal of sense, unlike this stupid referendum that Memphis is debating over about sterilization of large dogs over 30lbs. Totally an idiotic idea!
Not all dogs over 30 lbs are dangerous, and should not be neutered or spayed.
I have known of a recent attack involving two neutered dogs, that attacked my neighbors Chihuahua and ripped it apart in front of my neighbors 7 year old Daughter. it was her little dog.
So the notion that a nuetered dog is somehow less prone to attack is ridiculous
some sense

Oxford, MS

#75 Aug 11, 2010
It's so wonderful to see people like Thomas Evans and Don from Mississippi spreading their wealth of knowledge!(note the sarcasm) I have relied on experts like the American Temperment Testing Society, the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club, and my veterinarian for information. They all agree that pit bulls (and AmStaffs) are not vicious or crazy. Oh, by the way, they are experts! They know what they're talking about! You do not! It's sad how some people are just stupid and choose toremain stupid!
Walls Resident

Kathleen, FL

#76 Aug 13, 2010
OK people, can anyone do research and read before jumping to conclusions. The Aggressive Dog ordinance in Desoto states that Animal Control must deem the dog (no breed listed) aggressive. After the dog is proclaimed aggressive is when the other part of the ordinance is enforced. Just because someone owns a pit bull means nothing unless that pit bull is said to be aggressive. The ordinance is for all dogs, not just pit bull. This ordinance would also applies to a Puggle. Here you go listening to the Media. When is everyone going to learn that the media does not tell you everything?

United States

#77 Dec 29, 2011
Don in Mississippi wrote:
Way to go Desoto county!!! One day possibly other counties,cites,and even states will wise up and protect all the other pets as well as the people from these viscous breeds.
all pits are not vicious and if they are most cases you can thank there owners. If you never owned a pit you wouldnt know how sweet and loving they really are. So discriminate against them.

Since: Apr 12

United States

#78 Apr 24, 2012
Ok for 1, i would never muzzle my Jubilee. She is a full blooded blue pit. I use to be terrified of pits when i was younger because a man had been fighting his left his gate open one day and i was the perfect target. I changed my mind pretty quickly when me and my fiance found a black pit in our front yard not ever 4 months old starving to death and scared from head to toe. We took her in and named her. She usually would sleep with my 10 yr ld son. The owner came and took her after a month. My fiance got me jubilee and the man we got her from made us sign a contract that if we fought her, tried to sell her, or showed any sign of abuse he could come and take her with no refund and no questions asked. thats how it should be. I hate the fact i take her walking and everyone runs from her. She has growled only once (other than someone knocking) and thats because a guy threw me on the ground. Protective instinct. Why doesnt anyone post about dalmations? or chows? theres a history on them being violent just as there are pits. Dont judge the breed judge the owner.

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